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Chapter 61: Taking Advantage

Kang-Ho advanced forward carefully trying not to alert anyone, he didn't want to let the people gathered here know he was here. He first needed observe the situation first and then think of the action he should take. Right now, the market was filled with thousands of hunters, Kang-Ho knew he couldn't fight them all. There were limits to his power he knew that.

Kang-Ho didn't want to put himself in this dangerous situation, even if most of the hunters gathered here had the average level of 20, if he were to get surrounded by all of them escaping would be near impossible. His speed was main cause of concern for Kang-Ho, with his current body and stats he was not able to unleash his foot works he developed during those 400 years. He knew if he tried to move with his technique now with his current body, the pressure would surely crush all of his bones and tear all of his tendons.

Kang-Ho quickly found an abandoned building, and he hid himself on the dark corner of the balcony. From the balcony, Kang-Ho could clearly see and hear the conversation that was going on between the leaders of both the side's leader. At least he thought they were the leader as no one dared to make a single noise as they spoke.

Kang-Ho tried to identify the groups and find out who they were, every hunter presents there had an insignia on their chest. One of the guys who was speaking had Choi written in Korean on his insignia, he then quickly glanced at the people standing behind him there were a lot of people wearing different kinds of insignia, Kang-Ho took note of all of them. Anyone supporting Choi guild were his enemy, it meant he would kill everyone of them. If they were pointing sword at him, he didn't care of the circumstance they were in, all he knew was that they were his enemy and Kang-Ho had no mercy for his enemy.

Kang-Ho then looked at the person wearing the insignia of a Crow, it seemed the other group was led by that guild. he then took note of the insignias his sides were wearing. Kang-Ho still didn't know if they were his enemies, but he didn't really care. Even if they were Kang-Ho didn't really care, even if he might not be able to face them face to face in bathe, he could still use different types of tactics to separate them and kill them one by one. Although doing that was a little difficult, he, Kang-Ho didn't care he wanted to kill Choi guild completely, and he wouldn't let anything stop him.


"Crow guild Huh? Chu Kong the guild leader, I didn't think spineless fools like would have the guts to organize this kind of attack. Were you the ones who hired that masked person to attack our market? Even if you did, it would be just waste of money, if he dared to show up here, we will surely kill him. After that Choi guild is planning to kill all of you, none of you would be spared we will kill you. You think we the Choi guild are pushover?" said the man with the Choi guild insignia. The man was carrying a Bow, it seemed he was a ranged fighter.

"Kim Min-Soo You think Choi guild would exist after today? Even if we die today, mark my words we will take down Choi guild with us." Said Chu Kong, the man was carrying a sword.

Kang-Ho listen to the two man for a while and he found out what had happened when he was on his way to wards the market. Kang-Ho was little surprised, he didn't think his action would cause a chain reaction so big.

From their conversation it seemed that these guilds supporting Crow guild had grievances with the Choi guild. After Kang-Ho took out one of the markets and killed the hunters there, it seemed to have motivated them to take action now and uproot Choi guild once and for all. Even so their armies were not on equal footing, the Crow guild's group didn't have the same number of hunters that the Choi guild had. Even so that didn't stop them from coming here to attack.

When they were having the conversation, basically mocking each other suddenly Chu Kong��s phone started ringing, so he picked up the phone. after the conversation Chu Kong had a smile on his face.

Seeing the smile Min-Soo had a bad feeling, he tried to negotiate a deal with the Crow guild.

"If you go away now, the Choi guild would not hold grudge against your guild." said Kim Min-Soo, he knew he had to fight the masked person too, he was their main target, so fighting with Crow guild now would be disadvantageous for them right now.

"Its too late, ATTACK!" yelled Chu Kong while he pointed his sword towards Kim Min-Soo.

After hearing the command, Kim Min-Soo was enraged but he didn't say anything more, he quickly backed away to take his position.


After witnessing the turn of events Kang-Ho realized that this situation was advantageous for him, so he decided to take advantage of this situation fully. Kang-Ho didn't move, he still hid where he was. He was looking for am opportunity to attack, he wanted to do huge damage with less efforts.

Both the sides started fighting, although from numbers standpoint Crow guild seemed weak but when it came to battle, they were more organized and well managed. All of their attacks were precise and accurate. They managed to take some of the enemies down just when they collided. Hunters with high defences were on the front line, they were taking on the spells, arrows and attacks from melee classes head on. From Kang-Ho's point of view it seemed like they had extremely well teamwork.

Once the ranged attacks stopped or took a pause, on that moments the tank classed gave way to the melee classes, they went out of the formation and dealt heaviest damage possible on the enemy. This let to death of some melee class players on the frontline. Of Choi guild. after dealing the damage the melee class players quickly entered the formation again to brace for the range attacks once again.

They continued this tactic for quite some time and managed to kill some of enemy hunters. After seeing this situation Kim Min-Soo was enraged, he knew their side didn't have that much of combat experience but he didn't think it would be this bad.

"Healers start providing heals to the frontline troops!" although Kim Min-Soo didn't want to use these hunters right now he was left with no choice, the enemy were well trained and had combat experience so he had to use them to help the frontline troops. Kim Min-Soo knew with even if the healers they had weren't high level, these healers could change the tide of the war in just seconds.

With the support of the heal provided by the healers, the frontline troops of Choi guild were empowered again, this time when Crow guild attacked the Choi Guild didn't back down rather, they came forward like an unstoppable force. Seeing this change Kim Min-Soo was extremely happy.

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