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The infamous Dark Alpha is my bodyguard The infamous Dark Alpha is my bodyguard original

The infamous Dark Alpha is my bodyguard

Author: Author_Zia

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Chapter 1: The nightmare

A king-sized bed was situated in the very spacious room, a woman was lying on it, her golden brown hair was sprawled on the pillow, and her eyes closed shut as she inhaled and exhaled loudly.

Her delicate hands began to clutch the sides of her dress in trepidation, and a deep frown could be seen on her temples. She moved her face from right to left in intense anxiety. She was having a nightmare.

In the dream...

Today, the moon was at its fullest, shining brightly over the kingdom of Neblon, the human citizens of Neblon knew what this auspicious hour was to the night creatures. Consequently, they stayed inside to prevent being killed by these animals.

In the middle of the night, a fair delicate woman slipped out of the back door while holding her dress. A crown was on her head which indicated that she was royalty, and a bright smile was laced on her lips as she headed toward the direction of the woods.

Behind her was her maid who was looking around them, her heartbeat was loud in her chest and her eyes were fearful, if a mouse were to run past them, she would jolt in fear. She didn't want to partake in the princess's plan but because she loved the princess and didn't want anything to happen to her, she decided to tag along.

"Your Highness" Helen called from behind as she looked back, then to the princess. She saw the princess turn to her side, "Hmm?"

"Are you sure about what we are doing, I mean the king would kill me if he found out about what is going on" She whispered, her voice sounding fearful.

"Do you trust me, Helen?" The princess asked as she gazed into the eyes of her maid, she saw her nodding frightfully. "Yes I do, your highness"

"Good, now follow me without saying a word, if we get caught, I'll explain to Father, you don't need to be scared of anything" The princess spoke bravely. Helen nodded in obedience; she did not know what else to say to discourage the princess from going outside the palace this midnight so she just shut her mouth and did as she was instructed.

They came to the stable and the princess entered to bring out a beautiful white horse, she caressed its mane and a sweet laugh escaped her lips. Having ordered her maid to place the saddle on the horse, she mounted it, "Come" She stretched out her hand for the maid to take.

Helen gulped nervously, nevertheless, she slipped her hand into the princess's soft hands and she was pulled up. She sat in front of the princess.

"Hyaaa" The horse galloped into the dark.


When they reached a smoke-filled area in the wood, they got off the horse. The princess went ahead to tie it down while Helen just stood, watching with her two hands intertwined in front of her.

"Your Highness, aren't you scared?" Helen inquired from the princess, she was aware that they weren't supposed to come out that night, and here they were, in the woods, without a torch and the place was smokey and dark. She wouldn't be able to see anything if the moon wasn't there.

How was the princess able to see in the dark while riding she wasn't even scared of anything, her bravery never failed to baffle her.

A smile appeared on her lips, and she looked over at Helen, "No I'm not" She said softly and slowly rose from the ground, she clapped her hands to get rid of clouds of dust.

The Princess looked ahead of them and saw the dark stream, oh, she loved taking a bath in there. The water was so cool and soothing, like nothing she had ever felt on her skin before. Wasting no time, she hurriedly ran toward it and began to strip her dress.

She dived into the water.

Helen chewed her bottom lip as she looked around, "Your Highness?" She called when she didn't see any sign of the princess emerging. Invisible dark clouds covered her head when she didn't receive any response, "Your Highness" Helen called out loudly.

The water was still and there wasn't a sign of a ripple. "Oh God, this is what I was scared of" She breathed out nervously, her fingers clenched as she kept her gaze fixed on the water to see if her princess was still going to come out. Nothing happened.

Reality dawned on Helen, and tears began to form in her eyes as she called her princess's name. "I can't swim," Helen told herself because she was so close to jumping in the water, she didn't want to drown. If she drowned, no one would be available to help her or the princess.

"I must inform the king now," She said determinedly, turning swiftly on her heels, she approached the horse and let loose the rope that held it down. She mounted it and ran off from the place.

Shortly, the water began to form ripples and the princess emerged from it, her green eyes were looking at the horse which was now trotting into the woods at speed. "Pfft, Helen is such a worry wart" She mumbled while swimming out of the cold water, she has had enough of it for today.

Collecting her clothes from the ground, she slid into them and tied her damp hair. "Now I have to walk back to the castle" She complained with a slight frown.

Blair was about to take a step forward when she heard a loud snarl from her left side, her large green eyes darted to the side, and behold, she saw a big wolf with red eyes. It looked extremely angry as it continued to growl and swivel her, what was that? she asked herself. For the first time, Her legs trembled in fear. Being an omega, she was almost compared to a human who could do nothing to protect themselves from beasts.

Her eyes followed its movement, and when she saw it charging toward her, she screamed out loudly, "W-what are you after?"

Expecting it to jump at her already, she opened her closed eyes to see it standing a few meters away from her. "D-do you want my treasures? I've got plenty of them, you can take my crown first and I'll go and bring the rest" Blair spoke frightfully.

The wolf cocked its head to the side and gave her a nasty look, the look of- 'I don't need your obsolete treasures'

Blair was stunned at its arrogance, "W-what do you want then, food?" She questioned, she saw an evil glint in its eyes as it scanned her. It brought out its large tongue and ran it across its mouth, she gulped subconsciously. Before she knew what was going on, it sharply opened its claws and slashed her neck.

"Ahhhh" Blair shrieked and abruptly sat on the bed.

Author_Zia Author_Zia

Hi guys,

This is my first werewolf novel and an entry to the WSA contest, I hope you liked the very first chapter of it. Kindly read the synopsis of this novel to know if you'll continue in the long journey of this book. Your silence wouldn't do anything to favor this book so I need all the supports you can give.

check out my other book: Enslaved by the vampire prince. If you like it, kindly add it to library and vote for it.

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