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The Journey of Rock Lee The Journey of Rock Lee original

The Journey of Rock Lee

Author: Abyssuit

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: System

A green figure flashed by in the thick, rustling bushes.

"Is this really normal? Does this really happen to everyone? Damn, why am I not dead at all but ended up in some random and unfamiliar body?!"

A twelve-year-old boy sat on a futon in the cross-legged position with his shiny, pitch-black hair pulled back into a ponytail.

The room was simple, with wooden floors and shelves against the wall that held real kunai and shurikens.

He has thick, dark eyebrows and too-round eyes with visible lower lashes.

He wore a white kimono shirt and dusty pants to indicate his taste for traditional attire.

"I distinctly remember the heavy cabinet falling on me..."

The boy muttered to himself as the last memories from his previous life flashed through his mind.

He had been interested in martial arts masters from movies and cartoons ever since he was a child. 

Bruce Lee, Po, Jet Li, Jakie Chan, and many other actors and courageous figures inspired him to start training and delve into martial arts. 

He wasn't particularly talented, but he worked tirelessly until an unfortunate accident fell on him...

On one weekend day, the young man was practicing strikes in his room.

Unfortunately, he randomly hit the nearby old cabinet, which he always hesitated to throw away. 

Afterward, the old cabinet staggered and fell on him, causing the bewildered him to lose consciousness and wake up in a stranger's body.

Clearly, this means that no more home workouts are allowed!

"My hands, my hands... so thin, calloused, and small! And what a high-pitched voice!"

The boy whimpered with a tremble in his throat while staring at his palms illuminated by the morning sunlight streaming through the open window in the room. 

The boy's muscles hurt as if he had been beaten with sticks a while ago and left lying under a car. 

However, he quickly got used to it as he often pushed himself to the limit during workouts in the past while feeling his bones creak.

"Alright! Pull yourself together!"

He slapped himself sharply on the cheek and rose to his unsteady feet, and closed his eyes with a sigh.

It's important for a martial arts master to stay calm in any situation.

"First, I should figure out how I look and then find out where I am. It is important to make thorough observations to prevent drawing rash conclusions. What if I'm behind enemy lines and have been captured? However, the scattered kunai and shurikens suggest otherwise... There's something fishy here... But I still don't want to immediately label myself as a victim..."

He couldn't finish his thought due to a sudden full-scale collapse in his mind. It was as if someone dropped an information bomb on him. 

He literally trembled when memories began to appear in his mind!

He was a freak in his own class, and that's Rock Lee.

A boy who is not given the opportunity to become a full-fledged Shinobi in a world where children are trained to be cold-blooded killers from an early age in academies. 

There were a lot of dangerous training sessions and constant despair over Lee's failure to use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

In addition, he is frequently humiliated by other children because of his personal weakness. 

Lee was given no choice, and he simply didn't have one.

In the end, Rock Lee couldn't take it anymore.

Rock Lee really wanted to show everyone that with Taijutsu, anyone could do great things as a Shinobi, but he pushed himself too hard and ran out of life force...

"Lee! You're a true man! It would be disrespectful if I ignored your dream! I'll become a Taijutsu master in your place, Lee! I'll achieve what you've desired all your life! That's a promise!"

The new Rock Lee clutched his fist to his chest and didn't mind if someone else saw him sigh or even shed tears.

Why should he? 

He had never dared to think before that a character from "Naruto" went through so many psychological issues before showing everyone a smile. 

Lee's memories deeply touched him.

They don't notice the problems of the supporting characters when they're children watching the adventures of Naruto.

Their agony, defeats, and difficulties on the path of a Shinobi. It means nothing to the viewer, but now everything is different...

He found himself after he died in Rock Lee's body!

He himself is now Rock Lee!


Following the sound, the newly minted Rock Lee's ears rang loudly.

He was startled by this and quickly looked around while assuming a fighting stance and feeling tingling in his temples.

However, Lee couldn't find anything until a robotic and cold voice sounded in his mind.

[Hell Exercise System loading. Wait for interface connection: 1%... 5%... 15%... 30%... 60%... 80%... 95%... 100%...]


Lee questioned himself in shock.

[Name: Rock Lee]

[Shinobi Rank: Academy Student]

[Health: 100%]

[Stamina: 90%]

[Chakra: 100%]

[Taijutsu Rank: C]

[Ninjutsu Rank: —]

[Genjutsu Rank: —]

[Inventory: Empty]

[List of hellish exercises: 1]

After only one second, a holographic icon with different kinds of information appeared in front of his eyes.

It displayed both percentages and alphabetical rankings of abilities. 

The "list of hellish exercises: 1" hinted at the purpose of the system and its main functionality.

"Oh God... I isekaied, I have a system, and I'm stuck in the body of a loser who can't use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu... What a cliché crap?!" 

Lee marveled at his thoughts while feeling a shiver down his spine.

However, who is he to refuse a pocket and his own cheat?

After all, it's worth mentioning that while the original Rock is a cool Shinobi even Might Guy didn't help him in the battle against Gaara.

In fact, Lee believes that the author of the Japanese manga "Naruto" just screwed Lee over to showcase the horror of the Shinobi from the Sunagakure.

"Alright... First, let's see what these hellish exercises are all about... I have a feeling that the entire system is based on them..."

Rock Lee first whispered the command and then said it out loud. After not noticing any immediate results, he repeated the same mentally.

Then the system responded:

[List of hellish exercises: 1]

[Do 10 push-ups]

[Reward: Bronze Chest]

"Pfft, that sounds too simple!"

Lee scoffed, still unaware of the sadist behind the creation of a merciless system...

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