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Chapter 20: Jörmungandr

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In front of the stall owner, there was a sign that read: "Selling one-star young earthworms. It can use the Earth-Flipping skill. It's a must-have for life-type construction!"

Price: 100 Crystal coins


Andrew looked curiously at the young earthworm that was placed in front of the stall owner.

In the incubator, he could see a small thing twisting its body. It was about the length of a finger. 

It was indeed a young earthworm.

Earthworms were also considered the most common type of one-star Beasts.

They were earth-type Tamed Beasts. When they grew up, they could use earth-type skills.

Of course, there was only one earth-type skill. That was the Earth-Flipping skill.

This skill was very useless in actual combat.

However, it was a very good Beast for life-type Beast Tamers.

After all, no matter what era it was, there would always be a lot of construction work.

If he raised an earthworm, he would at least not have to worry about work in the future.

However, what Andrew cared about was not the earthworm.

Instead, it was the series of information that the system had just given him.

[ Earthworm ]

Aptitude: one-star

Status: healthy

Atavism status: Able to undergo atavism. The final form after atavism is the Snake of the World -- Jörmungandr!

Ability: Earth-Flipping

Atavism requirements: at least three-star Snake-type Venomous Fangs, at least three-star Snake-type Crystal Nucleus.


The Snake of the World that destroyed nine worlds in the mythologies!

Andrew was extremely surprised.

Another Mythical Tier Tamed Beast!

Just like Nidhogg, Jörmungandr was also a powerful Beast in the mythologies.

In the legends, Jörmungandr was thrown into the endless deep sea because it was too dangerous. Jörmungandr was trapped by the endless deep sea and its own weight.

Because of its huge size, it was also known as the 'Snake of the World'. Legend has it that its body was so big that when it stretched its body straight, it was large enough to touch its tail from the other end of the deep sea.

Furthermore, because of its huge size, it could only circle the world once. It embraced the world within its body.

Therefore, it was also known as the giant snake around the atrium!

Although these legends had some exaggerated elements, they also showed Jörmungandr's strength.

In the later legends, Jörmungandr fought against the Gods. Its venom and poisonous blood stained the entire world and even the entire universe.

All of these showed that Jörmungandr was definitely not an ordinary Beast.

It was a Mythical Tier Beast!


Andrew suppressed the excitement in his heart.

He pretended to hesitate in front of the incubator for a moment, then said, "Boss, can you lower the price for this earthworm?"

The stall owner was a middle-aged man who looked to be in his early 30s.

He glanced at Andrew and Amy.

Then he said with a smile, "Young man, the price of this earthworm has been marked. It's a total of 100 Crystal coins, not a penny less."

Andrew wasn't surprised by this at all.

Generally speaking, these kinds of individually traded Tamed Beasts were sold by private Tamed Beasts breeders. Therefore, the prices were set rather rigidly.

At this moment, it was time to demonstrate Amy's role here.

Andrew pulled Amy, who was behind him, to the front. He said to the stall owner, "This is the daughter of the Wolf Wind Expedition Team's captain, Amy. She likes this earthworm very much. If you're willing to give her a discount, she'll definitely be very happy."

The Wolf Wind Expedition Team had very high prestige in Alice City.

Many Beast Tamers were proud of the fact that they were able to join the Wolf Wind Expedition Team.

On the other hand...

The daughter of the Wolf Wind Expedition Team's captain, Amy, was also the focus of many people's attention.

At this moment, Amy was still in a daze, unable to react in time.

When she was pushed forward by Andrew, her face was full of confusion.

The stall owner was also stunned when he saw this.

Then he rubbed his eyes and looked at Amy.

"Are you really Amy Lawson... Miss?" the stall owner asked carefully.

Amy looked at Andrew and then at the stall owner. She had no choice but to nod.

"Yes, I'm Amy Lawson... Haus Lawson's daughter."

The stall owner was pleasantly surprised and said excitedly, "Your father, Haus Lawson, has always been my idol. I really like him."

Andrew saw that the time was right, so he went up to Amy and stopped her.

"How much discount can I get for Miss Amy's sake?"

Then things became much easier to talk about.

After knowing that she was Haus Lawson's daughter, the stall owner's attitude made a 180-degree turn.

Then, after Andrew expressed that Miss Amy wished to have an earthworm, the stall owner almost gave the earthworm to Amy for free.

In the end, Andrew declined and gave the stall owner 50 Crystal coins to pay for the earthworm.

After getting the earthworm, they continued walking.

Walking on the road, Andrew couldn't help but sigh, "Amy, your father's name is really useful."

At first, Andrew thought that using Amy's father's name would at most give them a 20% discount.

However, he didn't expect the stall owner to almost give the earthworm to them for free. It was simply terrifying.

However, it was normal when he thought about it. The Wolf Wind Expedition Team was the largest expedition team in Alice City.

The captain of the team, Haus Lawson, was a five-star Beast Tamer. Haus Lawson was the pillar of Alice City.

It was also because of Haus Lawson that there were almost no high-star Ferocious Beasts around Alice City.

To put it bluntly, Haus Lawson was considered as Alice City's guardian angel.

Hearing Andrew's words, Amy glared at him unhappily.

"If my father finds out that you used his name to bargain, things won't end well for you!"

Andrew shrugged, "As long as you don't tell him, your father won't know about this."

He didn't care about that.

After all, Haus Lawson wouldn't find out even if Andrew used his name once or twice.

Besides, what was the big deal even if he did find out?

Amy's eyes suddenly lit up, and she said slyly, "That depends on what you do. If I'm not satisfied, I'll definitely report you to my father."

Andrew put on a solemn expression and pretended to be serious. He said, "Miss Amy, we're friends. We're very good friends. Telling on your friends to your parents is not the way to treat your friends."

Andrew's sudden seriousness caught Amy off guard.

She had no friends since she was young, so she was very simple-minded. She didn't realize that Andrew was pretending to be angry.

"I'm... I'm sorry, Andrew. We are friends, of course. I won't tell my father about this..."

The young lady was so anxious that her eyes were a little red. She stood there, somewhat at a loss.

Seeing this, Andrew couldn't help but laugh.

'This young lady is indeed very simple-minded.'

As long as he played a little trick, she would obediently listen to him.

Thinking of this, Andrew smiled.

"Don't worry, Miss Amy. As long as you help me keep this secret, we will always be good friends."

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