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Chapter 136: Chapter 136

"With the permission from Akatosh–"

"–We require your help, Dragonborn."

I blink a little at their words. First thing first, they ask Akatosh about asking for my help, huh? Does that mean they know that I came here because of Akatosh? Wait. He said something about protecting me from other beings in this world, right? Does that mean his mark is on me?

I will think about it later.

"What can I do, Lord Orkey and Lord Arkay?"

Orkey nods his head and says.

"Necromancers have been going too far lately."

"They taint the land with their corrupted magic."

Arkay finished the sentences.

"Do you need me to take care of it?"

Orkey nods his head and says.

"Yes. Alduin resurrected one of his dragons from the Dragon Burial Mound to the Southwest of Riften."

"Do you need me to kill that dragon?"

Arkay nods and says.

"Yes and no. Killing that dragon will do you good, but that dragon is not the main problem."

Arkay snaps his finger and shows me an image. I widen my eyes at the sight in front of me.

"As you can see, there are ten thousand undead in that place. All of this happened because Alduin not only resurrected one of his followers but also resurrected a Lich."

Orkey nods his head and says.

"The image in front of you is the result of his magic. He died while trying to raise an army to conquer the Rift. He died because he was running out of Magicka. His heart stops beating after he uses the last drop of his Magicka."

"However, after getting resurrected by Alduin, he became a lich as he did not retain his normal body and only got his skeleton."

"Sadly, this is a problem. Without his mortal limitation, he can use his Magicka without worrying for his heart to stop beating again. He wants to raise all the skeletons in that burial ground, and as you can see, he managed to create an undead dragon."

Yeah. That is bad.

Orkey looks at me and says.

"We want you to put an end to this madness. Kill the dragon that is guarding that area and kill this lich. We already prepared a perfect place for him."

"Do this for us, and you shall be handsomely rewarded, Dragonborn."

"However, you must address this problem in two months at the latest. The fate of the Eastern Region of Skyrim is in your hand, Dragonborn."

After saying that, the entire place starts to change. Colorful light blinded me, and the next thing I knew, I was staring at the ceiling of my room. Another mission, huh? Urgh. Well, I cannot complain. Getting a new power is something I want, and Akatosh approves of it.

I get off my bed and do a small stretching before walking to the bathroom. This is a luxury in this world, but having a bathroom is the norm back home. I heat up the water and take off my clothes.

Today will be a long day. I must tell the other Vigilants of Stendarr that I must go to Riften and then go Southwest from the city to care for the undead problem.


The news of my departing to Riften spread across Solitude. Because of my charity work of healing the people of Solitude, people gather around me and give me all kinds of things. However, most of them are booze, as Nord needs to be Nord.

After a few minutes of thanking all the people giving me parting gifts, Ivedir walks toward me and says,

"The people truly love you, huh? I never once get this many well-wishers come to me every time I leave Solitude."

"I don't know what to tell you, brother. It is my charm."

Instead of laughing at my joke, Ivedir nods his head and says.

"That must be it. Chosen ones are known for their charm, after all."

Right. He still believes that I was the chosen one of every Nine Divines. I did not—only two of them, Akatosh and Arkay, with Orkey to the side from the Nordic Pantheon.

"Right. Anyway, is the carriage ready? I want to reach Dawnstar before the sun goes down."

"Don't worry. I already hired one of the fastest carriages in Solitude for you. The coachman is a follower of Stendarr, and I have already paid for his service."

"You don't have to, brother."

Ivedir shakes his head and says.

"You don't know how much you are helping us, brother. Not only are you helping us get rid of a powerful necromancer, but you are also increasing the followers of Stendarr."

"Do I?"

He chuckles for a second before saying.

"Of course. Showing kindness to others while wearing the Vigilants of Stendarr uniform helps get people interested in our cause."

"I'm just healing people, though."

"And that is enough for them. Anyway, you did not need to take care of anything. I have already given him the payment for the ride and his food on the journey to Riften. However, I need to inform you that he needs protection against bandits."

"Ah, that I can do. Don't worry. No bandits can harm him as long as I am with him."

"Great. Now go. I can see people walking toward you with more gifts. I will hold them for a few seconds."

I nod and quickly leave Solitude to walk to the carriage already waiting for me outside the city. I walk toward the carriage and say.

"Are you the one who will take me to Riften?"

"Of course, my lord. The name is Gudrid. Climb on the back, and we will be off"

I nod and climb into the carriage. As we depart, I can see people walking out of the gate, and I give them a small wave. I can hear the coachman chuckle and say.

"The people truly love you, my lord. I can understand why. You save my daughter from that nasty cold, after all. If not for Ivedir forcing me to take the money, I will take you to Riften for free."

"Then I am thankful that Ivedir forced you to take that money. Anyway, what can you tell me about Riften?"

"Well… You can get a room at The Bee and Barb, but mind your coin purse–"

And I depart for another adventure.

Ryusenka Ryusenka

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