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Chapter 137: Chapter 137

|3rd POV|

Ryan arrives at Dawnstar before the sun goes down, and he has a couple of hours to visit Restleif's Blacksmith. So Ryan walks toward the blacksmith and sees Restleif hammering what looks like a sword on his anvil.

As he gets closer, Restleif says without looking at him.

"Please wait for a moment. The sword is almost done."

Ryan smiles a little and lets the older man finish his job. After a few minutes of hammering and putting the sword into a barrel of water, Restleif looked at him and saw the older man widen his eyes in surprise.

"Ryan! Why didn't you say anything? I would have welcomed you."

"You are busy, my friend. I don't mind waiting."

"Hahahaha! Then I thank you. That sword needs to be done by tomorrow."

"Oh? Who ordered that sword?"

"One of the Stormcloak Soldiers orders a sword and pays a premium fee."

"Ah. I see. Anyway, I came here to see if you have any breakthroughs with that bone."

"Of course! Wait for a second."

He enters his house and returns a few seconds later. I blink a little when he brings out a pitch-black armor, but I can see a slight gray color above the black. However, it is so thin it will not be noticed from far away.

"Is that ebony armor?"

It is the same armor as the one in the game.

"Oh? You know your armor, huh? Aye. This is an Ebony Armor set. However, they are not your regular armor set. It is already coated with a bone powder from the dragon bone you gave me. I cannot use the bone directly to make armor, but I can turn the bones into powder and coat the strongest armor in my possession with it."

He puts the armor set on the table and says.

"Ebony armor is known for its durability, but also its lightness. It offers high protection from all kinds of attacks. That includes magical attacks. However, that magical resistance increased significantly after coating the entire armor with dragon bone powder. Not only that, take a look at this."

Rustleif takes the chest plate and throws it to the forge. He increased the heat of the forge, and Ryan watched as the chest plate did not melt or even change color. After a few seconds, he takes the armor and lets it cool down.

"As you can see, this thing has a high resistance against fire or any heat source. Even the clothing underneath the armor has that resistance after I coat it with the powder."

"I wonder if a bone from Ice Dragon will result in a high resistance to cold and ice-based magic attacks."

Rustleif lights up at those words and says.

"I hear you already killed a few more dragons after departing from Dawnstar. It looks like that rumor is true, huh?"

"Yup. Do you want some?"

"If you are willing to give it to me, sure. Think of that as a payment for the armor set."

"Eh? Are you sure? Ebony armor is expensive, no?"

"It is, but you gave me something even more valuable than ebony armor, boy. You provide me with experience, and there is nothing better than that."

After a few minutes of talking, Ryan decides to give him some of the Ice Dragon he killed and five hundred gold coins as compensation.

"Anyway, you should ask Madena to enchant that armor set. I don't like magic, but with dragons roaming the land, we need her to survive the dragon, and I can say that she is the best enchanter in the Pale."

"I will ask her."

"And if you want the best enchanters in the world, you should go to the College of Winterhold. It improved since the Dragonborn took over that place, and people started changing their views. It is slow but changes nonetheless."

After saying goodbye, Ryan walks to the White Hall, where the guard greets him.

"Good evening, Thane. What can I do for you?"

"I come here to ask the Court Mage, Madena, to enchant my armor."

"Of course. Please wait for a moment."

Ryan nods and waits for a few seconds before the guard returns.

"Please follow me, Thane Ryan. Court Mage Madena will see you."

The two of them enter White Hall, and Ryan sees that Jarl is not there.

"Is the Jarl busy?"

"Hmm? Ah, yes. He is currently having an important meeting. Because of this meeting, you will not see him for the rest of the day."

"I see."

The two of them walk to the second floor, where they see Madena currently brewing a potion.

"Court Mage, I bring Thane Ryan as you instructed."

She stops grinding the potion ingredient and says.

"Thank you for taking him here. You are dismissed."

The guard nods and leaves Ryan and Madena alone.

"So, you are the one that requires my service, huh?"

"That's right. I hear you are the best enchanter in the Pale."

"Well, I will not call myself the best, but I am a master of enchanting."

"Good, because I want to ask if you can enchant my armor set with your best enchantment."

Ryan takes out his armor set and places it on the empty table. Madena looks at the armor and inspects it for a second before saying.

"Ah, ebony. This will be a quick job, then. What kind of enchantment do you want? Also, will you provide the Soul Gems, or should I be the one providing it?"

"I want something that will help me fight dragons. That armor was already coated with a dragon bone powder to increase its fire resistance. However, dragons can use other elements. So I want elemental resistance as the main enchantment as for the rest… I will leave it in your hand."

Madena thinks for a few seconds before nodding her head.

"I will take this job. Ebony is the easiest metal to work with in enchantment. You can get your armor tomorrow morning. As for the payment… Leave some of the dragon bones and seven hundred golds as payment."

Ryan nods and takes out some of the rib bones and seven hundred gold coins before giving them to Madena.

"Here you go. How early do you think you can complete the order?"

"What? What is the hurry?"

"I need to go to Riften and depart early to reach Whiterun before it gets too dark."

"Why not go to Winterhold first?"

"And got through the mountain? In this weather? No, thank you."

"Fair enough. You can go here before the sun goes up. Your armor will be ready."

"Thank you."

"Think nothing of it."

After giving her a nod once more, he leaves the White Hall with a smile on his face. He finally gets a set of armor for his requip magic.

Ryusenka Ryusenka

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