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65% The Lazy King Of The Monsters / Chapter 26: Chapter 26 So… what happens now? Part 2

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Chapter 26: Chapter 26 So… what happens now? Part 2

"You and I both know that self-centered idiot is going to look for this Village for answers to why one of his generals is dead" said Esma.

"Don't worry I already talked with the chief I have an idea how to end this problem" answered Unknown as he springs himself up from the ground.

They continue to argue as they walked towards the mist dome.

"What!, are you stupid an entire Village" said Esma,

"You got a better idea I told you their plans. You do you know who we're dealing with so you know this won't end nicely for the villagers, besides I've gotten rid of all the witness no one sending back a report" replied Unknown. But as they were talkin,

(Sfx Zap-zap Roar)

A powerful bolt of yellow lightning, bursts from inside the Dome up into the sky. Has they both took notice of the lightning going up, out from the side of the Mist burst a dark silhouette the two of turn around. To see a Waolf Rider, A wolf type manabeast the size of a horse but twice as fast coming out of the mist with its Rider wearing a villager's clothes.

(Beretta favorites land messenger manabeast huh… so they did have a few spies inside the Village) he thought.

"Gotten rid of all of the witness did you now" said Esma in a mocking tone,

"Really that what you're getting from this" he replied.

(Sfx Poof)

Out from within the mist was Ulia hovering over the Dome in the air with flames from her feets.

" He's moving fast" she said to herself,

Has she looks down she notice unknown and Esma arguing.

"So what were you saying about no witnesses" Esma said hand pointing towards the soldier fleeing from the Dome.

"Wait that doesn't count I meant outside, I have no responsibility for what happens inside the dome. Why do you want to blame me for something those two are responsible for" Unknown replied.

"Simple my children do no wrong" Esma counter him with.

As Ulia looks at them from above bickering with each with a disappointed look on her face,

"Oh right" as she remembers, that person's getting away she shouts.

"Hey!… can I get a little help please, he's getting away". They then looked at each other, "

Your child needs help",

"You said you don't want me to be involved",

"I said I don't want you to make a mess up the place",

"You know very well that I have no self restraint",

"Fine then let me do it" Pushing their faces closer and closer to each other.

They both turn to direction of the escaping soldier.

"Wow… he's gotten pretty far" said unknown,

"And whose fault do you think that is" said Esma,

"It's both your faults!" shouted Ulia.

They looked at each other awkwardly again,

"Well?" said Unknown,

"Well what?" Esma. As he holds out his left hand,

"I need a spear",

"Nah I'm thinking more bow" Esma.

"What are you talkin about he's too far for that" unknown,

"It's not my fault you've been getting rusty" Esma.

"Are we going there are we really going there" unknown,

"Can one of you guys just do something already, he's already 'Way Beyond' my range" Ulia shouted out of frustration has the fire started to flicker beneath our feet.

"See what you've done you're making a pervert, of all people scold me" unknown.

"Well fine then" Esma.

Esma then holded out her right arm,

(Sfx Spurt)

Out from it came a long harden spear of slime, unknown takes the spear.

"Oh he really has gotten far" Esma, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"That's why I bow won't work, but with a spear" unknown says has he throws to spear effortlessly in to the air.

"But with a spear…what" Esma reply,

"Wait for it" unknown said has the target miles away,

Gets skewered from the head down by the spear.

"With spear the further from the target you are more damage you can do, with accurate precision" unknown said pointing his thumb down towards the body while looking at Esma.

She then pointed her hand out, fingers open.

"Tsk, show off" has she clasped her hand slowly.

Then spikes started to protruded out of the body from the sprear embedded in it. As the body was riddled with spikes it fell off the Waolf onto the ground, the spikes then started to revert back into its gel slime form slowly devouring the remains.

"No evidence rights" Esma ask in a condescending tone,

"No, I'm fine either way…see sarcasm goes well with condescension if you're trying to be a jerk" reply unknown.

"Ulia get down",

She flies down towards them noticing that he had a serious expression on his face.

"We have fully secured all the villagers, and eliminated all foreign threats to the Village" said Ulia,

"Good ask Rizette to bring down the barrier".

"Yes master" has she flies up and in to the mist,

"Now we have to focus on what happens next" he said has he made a loud exhale.


As the Mist slowly started to dissipate "Oh, Esma",

"Yea" she reply.

"I'm going to use that spell, get ready".

(Sfx Sigh )

"I didn't know you were really serious, fine me a few" she replied as her autumn colored form change to black and turn into his shadow.

The suit that he was wearing also reverted back into his old shabby wardrobe he had before, and extra slime went back into his necklace reforming the crystal. Now finally the mist was gone, but while all this was going on the waolf that the rider had was wounded but still able to continue its journey. And unbeknownst to them, was that it had a special gift left behind from the soldier in its fur.

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