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90.47% The Legacy of the cursed Family / Chapter 19: Fun Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Fun Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg - The Legacy of the cursed Family - Chapter 19 by Garvita_Kushwaha full book limited free

Chapter 19: Fun Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg

One of the mannequins had come alive! The mannequin was walking like a bot in its black gown rapidly. It was reaching for them!

They weren't sure if they should call it or her anymore.

"The hell's happening right now? You sure it's not a dream?" Sam asked while running.

Sam looked back, and the mannequin was getting closer by the minute. He kept running and running.

"Yeah. I'm 100% sure, let's not talk much and hide somewhere, dummy, it will outrun us" Adaline acted wisely.

The shop had a lot of hiding space, they should pick the right place. One mistake equals a hundred of them.

The exit door was far away from their reach, that was the problem, there was just one. The staff members disappeared, they must've been out or something.

But, Adaline and Sam didn't waste their time thinking about it. They just decided to find a safe passage out of the store.

They locked themselves in a staff room, it would be hard to find them from there. Adaline cautiously peeked out to see where they were.

What she saw, drained the color from her face, but she tried to stay calm in a situation like that.

The store was full of walking mannequins, they all were roaming here and there like zombies ready to bite the first human they find.

"Listen, Sam. We gotta do this carefully and very wisely, the store is full of walking mannequins," she whispered.

Sam took a deep breath and tried to stay brave, Adaline was doing the same. The kids knew that panicking or hiding there won't help.

There was no phone, and the door wasn't in the best condition, it was just a matter of time before they get caught.

"Let's grab some weapons, in case, we've to kick those plastic asses," encouraged Sam.

"Yeah, sure," she said.

There weren't guns or any serious weapon, but there was enough to hit those plastic dummies.

They took two strong baseball bats ad were ready to hit them.

"We can do it because we're only human and that's enough to beat the crap out of those mindless pieces of plastic," Adaline smiled.

Sam opened the broken door slowly and they both bent down so that it would be hard for them to find.

They were going from corner to corner, and they did it pretty well. But, the hard part was still left.

When they reached near the exit door, they stopped. It was swarming with headless, armless mannequins.

The one with the corset gown looked like the leader of them, they had to show it her right place, in the non-living world, not in the living one.

"We'll go on one, two three. Okay?" Adaline asked scared.

"Yeah, like I've another choice," he replied.

"One, two, three!" she shouted on three.

They ran and hit every mannequin their way, some were strong, while some were weak and fragile.

"This is fun!" Sam screamed to energize himself. He hit one of them and it quickly fell lifelessly on the floor.

They were doing pretty well fighting them, but there were too many.

One of them grabbed Sam's leg and started to drag him away. His bat fell while fighting. Adaline quickly went to rescue him.

She hit hard on the arm of the mannequin, it left Sam instantly. Sam picked his bat as soon as he got free.

"Back on back, Sam. Fast!" Adaline shouted.

They stood there on their backs, ready to hit more of them. The mannequins were easy to hit, they didn't really fight back.

But the problem was that every time they hit them, they stood up so quickly. They had to get out of there, it was the only solution.

"Leave me alone! You blood-sucking bitch!" Adaline shouted.

The queen bee of the mannequins gripped Adaline by her throat and lifted her upwards, she tried to break free, but this piece of plastic was too strong.

Nothing made sense anymore. Sam saw it and quickly went for her rescue, but he was occupied by another one.

"I'm coming Adaline," Sam shouted and shoved the dummy back.

"What do you think, kid? You can fight me? Huh?" The mannequin said in a croaky voice.

It started laughing a burst of maniacal laughter with a wide grin on its face.

Suddenly, Sam hit it on its arm so hard, that it fell apart. The mannequin screamed. Its arm rolled down the floor lifelessly.

Adaline landed on the floor with a thud. She was relieved to be free.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked and helped her to stand on her feet.

"Yeah, I have a plan. But first, let's hide," Adaline said.

Then they both hid behind clothes. Their heart was beating so fast, Sam thought it might explode.

"I have a backup plan, the light switches are behind me, I'm gonna turn them off. We'll slowly crawl out of here," whispered Adaline.

"Sure, one thing more. I just realized that I've got a lighter in my back pocket, that could be helpful," he whispered.

Adaline switched off the lights, they could listen to the angry roar of the mannequins.

"We gotta get out of here, I know we can do it," encouraged Adaline.

"Yeah, how hard can it be?" said Sam unsure.

They slowly knelt down and started crawling without making a sound. It was so quiet that they could listen to their own heartbeat.

The exit door was not far away now, they were sure that they were gonna succeed this time.

Suddenly, the same old mannequin appeared from nowhere! It stared at Sam with the same evil grin.

"You thought you could get away with it? Babe, life's not fair," it shrieked.

While its whole attention was on Sam, Adaline quietly took the lighter from Sam's pocket.

Before it could do anything else, Adaline burned its vintage dress. It was cotton, so it caught fire easily.

It screamed and screamed. This was their chance to run away, they both ran as fast as they could. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When they were running, the mannequin screamed, "You think it's over? The surprise is not over yet!" and started cackling.

They didn't care to look back, it was too dangerous. Both of them sighed when they got out of those glass doors.

They looked behind. All of the mannequins knelt down and then fell to the floor one by one.

They saw the one they burned, it was still laughing its maniacal laughter. Even though they got away, they didn't feel good.

Then, within a second, they all disappeared into thin air.

Garvita_Kushwaha Garvita_Kushwaha

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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