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100% The Lich King / Chapter 5: Chapter 5 [+18]

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5 [+18]

Author note:

This chapter has a sex scene, let me make one thing clear he will not fall in love for love is a foreign emotion to him now.

But he still has basic desires and will fall for them every now and then until he decides to rip his heart out.

If he ever decides of course.

He might even kill the ones he consider will bring him weakness.

With that out of the way this sex scene is purely that.

Sex, nothing more, nothing less.

You don't fall in love with your hand. :v






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The true north was mine; there wasn't anything but my domain; I could feel Tormund and Mance hunting the remaining tribes.

Soon everything would be mine.

'Raven help my hunting group to find the remaining wildings,' I ordered him, with his help, the task would be completed faster and more efficiently.

'As you wish, my king,' Raven answered solemnly.

My builders had already started building my castle, and they had already finished the throne room and my chambers, for me to rightfully sit and rest.

They were at the moment, mainly focusing on my ships to cross the sea and conquer the outside lands.

"Bring me, Val," I ordered a mindless undead.

I wanted to see her and test what I felt seeing her; a carnal desire was a weakness, one that I couldn't allow.

I couldn't let myself be softened by human desires and emotions, but the only way to erase those emotions was to rip my heart out, and that didn't end up well with Arthas.

I had to find another way to shackle the weak side rising inside of me.

"You called my king?" Val entered, fear of death troubling her mind, I could see it clear as the day.

"Yes," I said with a cold tone.

"How may I be of assistance?" Val inquired.

"Get naked," I wanted to see how far would this banal desire would push my emotions.

Val nodded, and while she didn't want to obey, she was afraid of what I might do if she refused.

Once she was naked, I found myself marveling at her body, for head to toes, her breasts, ass.

"Put your clothes back on," I ordered her.

Val sounded relieved that I didn't do anything else.

But I didn't really care; perhaps I would need to consume more souls to shut this human side of mine off.

It was indeed carnal desire; I wanted to fuck her, I even when as far as to put guards on her to avoid her getting another man.

This was utterly ridiculous and humiliating; perhaps if I killed her, this would fade, that was probably the best path of action, eliminating what makes me weak, was the answer.

But killing her would make me a liar, and lying was beneath me, she had surrendered under my rule.

For now, I would have to find another way.

"You may leave," I ordered her.

Maybe I just needed to embrace this carnal desire until I got tired of it, I didn't experience it much when I was a weak-minded mortal, so perhaps I need to push through it until it becomes dull and boring.


I can't let my body tell me what I want or not; I am The Lich King.


[Val POV]

That monster was eyeing me with desire; he wanted my body, I could feel it, freezing my bones, he was having a struggle of some kind.

Like he wanted not to want me.

But he was a man; deep inside, he was just a man.

Perhaps I could use this to help my people if I find a way to do it without dying.


[Back to The Lich King]

My human defects would have to wait; sooner or later, I would find a wait to kill my lingering humanity.

For now, all I had to do was wait for my ships and conquer.

With that in mind, I decided to retire to my recently created chambers to rest.

My room could use some improvements, but considering the materials available for it, they did a great job.

Taking off my armor, I started to ready my bath, but I heard the door of my room being opened.

Someone was breaking into my room, but who would dare to interrupt me.

"Do your best mortal," I said coldly; however, it was, would die is the cruelest manner possible.

"It's me, my king," Val said, her voice being easily recognizable.

Regardless she made my choice easy; she would die for this; she had crossed a line, one that she would pay in life.

Turning around to deliver her punishment, I find that she was naked standing close to my bed.

"Explain," I ordered her, but I already knew very well what she was doing, she noticed my weakness and wanted to exploit it, even more reasons to kill her.

"I notice how you saw me, and I can be yours if you—-" Val said, but I stopped her rushing to her putting my hand to cover her mouth.

"Don't mistake your position, you are mine, you don't have a bargaining ticket or anything, all you have belongs to me including your body," I wanted to kill her, she had dared to try and use my weakness against me.

"Then, use my body as you please, punish me, master," Val said as soon as my hand dropped her mouth.

"You are playing with death, child," I said, getting away from her.

I wanted to fuck her; I wanted to kill her; I wanted to do so much, damned human side, perhaps Arthas was on the right, as long as I had a human heart beating inside my chest this will happen, weaknesses would arise.

"Make me moan your name, my king," Val said, fingering her pussy.

"You do realize you have nothing to gain here, I want to kill you, and if you keep pushing my buttons, I will kill you," I said in a cold tone.

"If it pleases you," Val said still masturbating, I could feel her fear, fear was her main emotion, so why was she pushing herself so hard to do this.

"So be it," I would kill her after she quenched my carnal thirst, she would suffer for her sin.



you might skip this if you like]

Without a word, I pressed my lips into Val's, she in response moaned softly, closing her eyes and letting me take the lead, she's afraid and excited.

True to her word, Val makes it clear that's she's all mine, not resistance at all as it should be.

Moving my hand down her pussy a hot wetness soon welcomes and coats my fingertips, leaking freely from her.

I can't help but wonder how is she feeling so horny with so much fear inside of her; she will die after this, so why is she enjoying it?

Breaking my train of thought, I notice that Val was moaning at my touch; she's so soft, so easy to sink my hands into, that I can't help but slide my fingers into the ever-warm welcoming embrace of her pussy.

It's smooth and wetter than the sea, clenching tightly around my probing fingers.

Her back arches up off in response to the pleasure she feels in the bed as I slide my fingers into her.

It's like her cunt wants me to find her G-spot, clenching, and contracting around my fingers.

I rubbed and pressed, making little circles inside her with my fingers until a spasm of pleasure makes her arms clench tight around my back, her pussy clench tight around my fingers and her legs squeeze my hips.

All of a sudden, she lets loose a gasping cry of orgasm.

Squirting all over my hand and legs, while I keep fingering away at her, working that pussy all the way through her climax.

Why am I working so hard to please her is beyond me, but soon this mortal thirst will be quenched, and I will end her.

When her orgasm is finally over, Val's is breathless, gasping.

"Your duty is yet to be fulfilled, woman," I said coldly.

I draw my wet hand out her pussy leaving the welcoming lips of her pussy for my use.

The wilding girl follows my every motion with her eyes, watching with now only excitement fear mostly gone my actions, with a deep breath I push her legs open around, as

I let my shaft fall into the wet gulf of pussy.

My thirteen-inch dick kissing lightly her labia, waiting, eager to defile her.

A push of my hips is more than enough to enter breaking the ground, making Val moan with the lingering overstimulation from her first orgasm.

Her juices coat my cock after just a few good pushes, surrounding thirteen inches cock with all the lubricant I could ever need to fuck her pussy.

But it is still not enough; it is clear she hasn't fuck someone my size.

So I take my dick in hand, pushing the cock-head down against my fuckhole.

Val grinned at me, pushing her hips against my dick, helping me defile her.

And with one slow and steady push, I bury my member deep inside her, fully filling her pussy with my throbbing erection.

Val moaned as she started groping at her tits while pushing her hips against me, letting me know just how much she's enjoying every inch of the cock I feeding her, her last meal.

As you settle inside her, making sure her pussy is accustomed to my shape Val leans in a while, not stopping pushing her hips and kisses me.

"It's time to please me, mortal," I tell her, grabbing her ass and giving her a rough flip, still impaled on my dick, putting her in all fours like the bitch she is.

The feeling of being dominated pleases her, and all of a sudden, I feel right contractions twisting around my cock in a sublime manner her pussy incredibly wet, making me feel my cock is drowning in a pool of female cum.

Her squeezable ass sways heavily before me, begging for my touch.

So I complied, squeezing her ass and spanking it until making her pussy response with pleasured clenches around my dick.

Val moans, shoving her hips back into my cock make a loud and wet sound as she shouted. "Give it to me, King !"

I don't know why but the fact that she asks for me that she's calling my name turns me on even more.

After her moans of my name, I let my wild side take control, giving that juicy pussy a relentless pounding, thrusting my hips against her ass, making wet sounds fill the room, hard enough to drive her down into the wall breaking the bed in two.

Making sure to deliver a rough spanking every time I thrust my hips, keeping her moaning non-stop while I defile her.

"King !" Val cried, her fear and excitement gone and turned into pure pleasure, clutching at the pillow under her.

That's it! This is what I want! I want to hear this slutty human screaming my name to the heavens, the whole of the scourge needs to hear that she's getting plowed by me, that she belongs to me.

Between balls-deep thrusts, and spanks and amidst the orgasmic series of cries from Val, I feel the weight of my m cum building up in l balls, ready to overflow.

Ready to finish, I shoved Val down to the mattress pillows roughly and thrust my hips as deep as I could.

Filling her with my thick and massive load, I continued cumming for a minute, overwhelming her pussy before I pulled and turned the wilding girl around.

Slapping her tits ass with my still cumming member, and letting the squirts of spooge fly and splatter across her tits and face, but I still felt I didn't have enough so in a rush of excitement I grabbed her head and pushed my dick down her throat finishing my load deep inside of her.

Making sure she swallowed every last bit of it.

I had filled her pussy and throat with my cum; I had covered her body with my seed; I had defiled her completely.

Now it was her time to die, wasn't it...

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