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The lost son of Lilith. The lost son of Lilith. original

The lost son of Lilith.

Author: Highelder

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Remnants  

They say, one day the infinite universe will finally be snuffed out, as there will always be a moment where everything comes to an end. There will always be a due time for everything to reach its last breath. Like the many celestial stars and planets. After living eons and eons of life. It would eventually die out one day. Leaving nothing but its destroyed remnants.

With zero sign of life remaining within the dark void, where the last remaining stars had turned to black holes, gravitating every crumb of the planetary object to its core. There was still some life left.

Not entirely life but remnants. Remnants of what existed before. The first beings who were ever created by 'his' almighty hands. Watching as their number dwindle, to ever reaching extinction.

A being with mighty horns scuffed his dark hair, gazing at the horizon, an enormous black hole, slowly coming near the planet. Or the planet he was staying was gravitating towards its end.

"so, this planet is also reaching its end…" he said in melancholy. Dropping the ancient books of the past, on the side of his bed. "My dear, we should go…" he said, scuffing off the bedsheets away from his legs.


What was below his sheets was a single woman, a woman who was gorgeous beyond belief. Her silky white hair, escaping the comb of her ear as it came near her neon blue eyes. with her head bobbing up and down. Why wouldn't it, her pale body half-naked, only leaving a small golden skirt be.

Watching her back, where her four wings were trapped within the sheets, he scuffed it away, giving her some room to free her feathers.

He smiled, bringing his hand, near her hair, sliding it to her ear once again, as she deepen his hard staff all the way to her warm throat again and again.

He started feeling the rush within his body, his inner lust slowly coming to its final stage. His thick rod, feeling the tight rub within her throat. He couldn't help but feel his body tremble from her mouth and hands gently rubbing every inch of his unholy sword.

"….ummm….i am cumming...."

With his last moan, he couldn't help but pull the head of the heavenly angel all the way to the end, forcing her to swallow his long and thick staff even deeper within her warm and celestial mouth.


From her mouth to her throat, she felt his delicious staff throb, again and again, pumping his white seed into her like a stream of holy water enter her inner body.

Even though it was just her mouth, she felt the pleasure. Her body, tasting the forbidden juice. She gulped it, she gulped it all, taking every drop released from his pipe like a drug addict hungry for more.

She gradually released his ten-inch meat from her mouth, her tongue still scrapping every inch like the nectar she just tasted wasn't enough.

"haaaa….I taught you well Serahill." He said, his voice not matching the likes of a demon, echoing like a sweet song, seducing the angel before him even more.

He brought his palm on her head, patting her for her great blow job. He was impressed in many ways. How she was learning well. Reaching such a level that his many wives couldn't reach.

The seraphim gradually turned red, she was given many compliments for her genius in battle skills and her unlimited knowledge in the field of eternity, but this was her first for being treated so well in the arts of sin. She paced her hands near him, reaching to his irresistible and charming looks. Even though the man before her was a demon. The way he talked, the way he touched her. Not just her skin but her heart. She wanted him even more. Carving out her lust which she didn't know existed.

"you have really entrapped me." She whispered her red lips which she would normally breathe holy fire, kissing the sinful lips of the demon before him.

She would just kiss, a bit ashamed of using her tongue but he was relentless, driving his slithering tongue all over her mouth, as he pulled her slim waste, towards his own. Letting her soft and thick thighs sit on his lap.

"…ummmm…kraner…kraner." She said, saying his name, again and again, letting him kiss and bite her sensitive neck.

"….Kraner, son of Lilith…. I, Serahill, the warrior of eternity. give myself, to you." She said, gazing at his gorgeous dreamy eyes, shining with a blue hue like the young blue stars which had existed once in the past.

she had resisted before but not any longer. She finally decided in heart and soul that she would fall, fall for the demon before her. Giving her complete self to him once and for all.

Gripping his hard staff, she pointed it to her forbidden valley, she let the golden skirt be, as it turned him even more. She could feel it, its tip touching her wet hole.

"you are sure?" he asked, a sign of concern on his face. He knew and she herself knew, what it really meant to be with him. Being one of many lovers. She would have to share him, share his love, but that glance of concern was all she needed. To calm her worried heart. Escaping from all the pressure she had suffered in the heavens. Being with him was truly her heaven.

"yes…." She answered, letting her bouncy hips down, letting the spear pierce to her virgin cave.

"ahhhhhh!" she moaned, her celestial voice echoing around the planet.

Kraner smiled, his decades of seduction finally coming to fruition. As the blood of the virgin angel dripped on his hard cock.

He felt it, a sudden surge of power welling inside him. His body, feeling the condensation of wave magic in his heart. His blue eyes sparkled, as they gradually turned purple. "thank you, Serahill." He said, hugging her whole, letting her chin rest on his shoulder. As he slowly moved his waist.


Her wings flapped, feeling the stimulation of his rod pumping her insides. She thought it would hurt but no, he was using his staff in such a way that, the pain only lingered for a bit, pleasing her with only pleasure from the get-go.

'ahhhh….so this is sex...' she thought in ecstasy. 'I am glad…..I found love…ahhhh…before the end of the world…' She thought, her hand carving her mark on his wide back, as she could only moan and fall within the sin of lust. The driving sensation of pleasure and ecstasy further numbed her mind more and more as he plowed her like a lustful fiend.

"oh my god….ahhh!!!...ohhh!!....yess…..ahhh!!...fuck me!..fuck me! …Kraner!" she shouted.

Kraner would have continued further, plowing her for months until the end of the planet came near, making her body cripplingly addicted to his staff of lust. But he felt familiar waves. And magic waves could only belong to certain individuals.

'Angels...' he thought, irritated that his session was disturbed. 'I have to end this quick.'

If angels have wave magic upon their leash, demons had Etherium magic. Weaving with the many sins and darkness channeled from their core. And with his specialty being lust, blessed by his own mother, Lilith herself. He was adept in using it with potency. Garnering respect from the mother of demons herself.

His staff hardened even more, as it coated itself with a unique purple aura. He gradually stood up, carrying the lustful angel in his arms, his waist not stopping for a single second.

The seraphim didn't know what he was doing but she liked it even more, as somehow felt the pleasure intensify to another level.

"Ahh!!! Ahh!! Ahh!!....Kranor!!"

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!....

With the rapid sound of skin colliding, he turned, letting her back, rest on the wall, as her wings scraped away the paintings of some human prince far away in the corner.

"do you want more, do you want more of my dick?" he asked, thrusting within her as he permeated his purple aura within her.

She wasn't one of those who talked dirty, as she was an angel herself but his lustful staff of pleasure compelled her so, as her body jerked with his every thrust. Slapping her valley so hard that the wall behind her started cracking apart.

"yes! I want your dick!....fuck me! Fuck me hard Kraner!" she shouted.

She felt it, his dick getting a bit larger, she was a bit pleased that she made him bigger, but her peace of mind didn't last as it was again overwhelmed by pleasure. She didn't know if size mattered at all but the feeling was indeed different, driving every corner of her insides to mush. Pleasing every corner like he was born to do so.

"ahhhh…..Kraner…something…something is coming." She said, feeling something overwhelming inside her.

He smiled, increasing his pace even further. He didn't know he could compel the body of a seraph to cum but his centuries of research finally beard fruit. The angels, the creation of eternity who were made with only loyalty and hard disciplined. He finally cracked their race.

And not to mention a seraph among them. 'ohhhh….she is soo tight, I didn't know if a virgin seraph pussy would feel this good.'

"yeah…take my dick, and all the seed with it." He said, thrusting even deeper. The pleasure aura which he manifested was his final creation, which he made specifically for the women before him.

Serahill, opened her mouth wide, feeling something coming out from her valley, something scary, something enormous. But her lustful mind only wanted more, his thrust, his cock. Pumping her to no end.

"Kraner!!!" she shouted in orgasm. Finally Letting what she build-up to come out.

Her tight cave caged his staff even further. Forcing him to cum inside her right then and there. He thrust even deeper, all the way inside her inner folds. Letting his white seed flood, the whole of her insides.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" she moaned again, having another orgasm right after, feeling her insides filled with warm liquid. Her eyes, looking up as her tongue gagged out from her mouth.

Her body jerked again and again, like a jolt of electricity running across her ample and pale body.

"you are now mine…." He said, proud of his accomplishment. He slowly pulled out his now twelve-inch sword from her cave, as loads of white liquid came out. Her hands twitched, trying to cover her cave, in the hopes of letting the liquid of her beloved warm her stomach.

But she was feeling weak, as she had the biggest orgasm of her life. And couldn't help but watch it leak down. She felt his warm hands, holding her weak body, gently placing her on the bed.

"…. did I…. satisfy you...?" she asked, her body and wings still jerking from the continuous pleasure she was feeling.

Kraner gave a kind smile as he covered her body with the new sheets, he materialled. "yes, yes you did." He said, kissing her forehead.

She gradually closed her eyes, as a purple mark of a star inside of a circle appeared on her neck. gazing at the mark, he couldn't help but sneak his smile, a smile much different than his former, a smile only containing a devilish intent of his own.

"I didn't know my technique worked this well…" he said with pride.

But his happiness didn't last, feeling the disturbance of wave, coming closer.

"just in the nick of time." He said, wearing his dragon leather clothes and mithril armor. He again gazed upon the gorgeous angel. "…. she isn't worth it but still…." He said, reaping out his amulet, throwing on the sleeping body of the four-winged angel.

Like a spark of blue lightning, the amulet started flashing current, as a purple hue of a transparent dome covered the whole of the master-size bed. his symbol of stars appearing at every corner, circling the dome as it shinned brighter.

"This will do…" he said, combing his dark hair with his hand. He passed to the balcony, walking past the broken door. The view of the collapsing planet flashed before him. And for him, it was indeed a great view. Watching the writhing black hole slowly swallow the whole solar system.

And standing from high above the mansion. The view of the devasted planet pleased him even more. He gazed at his side, a part of the broken door, leaning on the sidewall. He looked at the small broken mirror, fixing his hair. "I guess, it is time to cut it a bit." He said.

"...why don't I cut it for you?" somebody said, his voice greasing with a growl. "adding your neck, of course."

Kraner didn't look back, familiar with the voice, what he was surprised was about the wave in his presence. 'what is happening? My brother is here, and so are the angels.' He thought.

"oh dang! you really fucking did it!" The growling voice said, stepping near the room, gazing at the sleeping women within the purple dome.

"if you take another step…..your hands won't have the capability to even touch my hair brother" Kraner threatened. His senses, counting the ever-increasing numbers, appearing, all around the planet.

'…74….all of my dear siblings are here. How interesting.' He thought, looking back.

He gazed at his fellow kin, his appearance much different than his. His reptilian eyes not matching his gray skin, his armor rusted to a degree that it seemed useless.

"so you jealous bastards really decided to join hands huh.." he said, his purple eyes gradually turning red, like a devil thirsting for blood and carnage.

The reptilian eye demon had already stopped his steps, he wanted to retaliate. Not giving a fuck about his threat but demons were such creatures. When faced with a stronger being their instincts churned to follow the words of the strong. As he could clearly feel it, his ethereal aura, forcing his body to stay still.

"being the youngest amongst us…and dare." He said with a growled, trying to resist the force of command. He gradually turned his neck, trying to gaze at his eyes.

But his wits turned down, feeling a sudden pressure throwing his body down.

"I said not to move…." Kraner bellowed, his red eyes burning brighter.

Flap! flap!

"oh….my dear Kraner, why are you bullying elder brother?" asked a female voice, its voice enticing like a succubus. And succubus she was.

"sister….surprised to see you here…..or should I say the same to all of you," Kraner said, turning to her stunning sister. His red eyes, gazing at the empty space beside her.

Clap! Clap!

Another woman appeared, clapping her hands, but like the sister, before her, she didn't have her bat-like wings, her foot chained with magic circles of her making. "Bravo brother. You don't sully the name of the Favorite child. When did you realize we were here?" she asked, her tone much mature than the siblings before her.

She snapped her fingers, one by one, many one-of-a-kind demons appearing one after another, all flying with the space where there was no air from start.

"When you laid your filthy hands on my wives," Kraner replied. " and you couldn't do that properly, could you, big sis." He said with a mocking smile.

The woman contracted her eyes, her eyes shining red like her brother before her. A symbol of their mother which only a few of them possessed. It was said, Lilith, the first woman and the mother of demons, manifested those eyes to match the glare with eternity and only a few among her children could possess them. Giving them a class of their own.

And she, the first and eldest child didn't like the youngest of them holding those burning eyes. "smile brother smile, your wives must have escaped, but you won't, not from us. You could have beat most of us but not all of us at onc…."

"hahahahaha….." Kraner laughed. "oh sis, you really didn't learn from your 100th or so defeat, did you?" he asked. "what? My dick didn't plow you enough, you want my hands to do it."

"…puff…." the succubus beside her couldn't help but cover her mouth, before her laughter came to fruition. But it came to a hold, as her elder sister, glared at her with her crimson eyes, forcing her to shut.

Not just her, every one of the seventy-four siblings felt her ethereal aura, native from her rage towards Kraner. Forcing everyone to take a step away, except Kraner, gazing back at her eyes. like her aura meant nothing. She said nothing, summoning her molten ax, which was double the size of her own six feet tall hourglass body.

"come!!!!!" Kraner Bellowed.

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