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62.96% The Lovely Villainess / Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Grim Reaper

Chapter 17: Grim Reaper - The Lovely Villainess - Chapter 17 by Dania Zaga full book limited free

Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Grim Reaper

That evil bastard father! Why the hell does he hate me so much?! This must be a punishment for pranking him!

Diana kept talking to herself in the back of her mind and kept cursing Duke Erwin as she was oblivious to how her face looked so irritated, not until Devin spoke up.

"Is this fate?"


"Well, I knew that I would meet you again eventually, but to think that we'd meet during our training... what a nice surprise." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Diana couldn't think of a reply as she half-heartedly laughed and just agreed with Devin's words but Devin wasn't going to keep her silent along the way.

"Are you going to give me a laugh that is full of lies? That hurts, you know? Just after you told me to smile at you genuinely."

Eh? I never said a thing! Did he not get it? I just told him not to keep up the facade since it's troublesome.

Devin glanced at her and suddenly chuckled with how she looked so confused, "Anyway, I'm really glad to see you again. I felt relaxed when I saw you earlier."

"I see... I'm glad that I can be useful to you, your highness."

Diana felt somewhat relieved that the pressure disappeared for a bit but the fact that Devin was treating Darius like air made her feel uncomfortable once again.

The awkward and silent atmosphere continued until they reached the training grounds.

While Darius walked forward without stopping and saying something, Devin on the other hand, faced Diana and slightly bowed as he said his short farewell.

"Then, we shall be in your care for today, Lady Diana."

"Ah... yes, please take care of me as well."

With the training going on, a few moments later, Diana is sitting on top of a huge rock as she supervised the men with her intense stares and arms crossed, just like what Duke Erwin told her to.

Although she positioned herself in an unusual place, fortunately, men weren't able to see her unmannerly figure due to trees covering her presence but Eva sighed with her odd actions and at this point, she wasn't surprised anymore.

"Lady Diana, do you honestly have to supervise them up there?"

"Of course! I'm certain that the yummiest person is here somewhere but this is hard... they're all too yummy." Diana muttered to herself as she sits down with her legs crossed.

"They could all be a model for the shop but something's missing. Among all of them, Devin and Darius are the ones who've greatly caught my attention..."

...Ugh... why does it have to be the both of them?!

Diana suddenly stands up and naturally slides down the rock. She tries to get a closer look at the knights as she observed them intensely.

I can't use those two guys... it'll be awkward. Maybe if I could just take a closer look at the other guys...

At the same time, Eric, who finally came back from his errand saw Diana slowly walking and passionately staring at the knights which made them feel quite uncomfortable.

"What's with her now?" Eric asked annoyingly as he saw Diana grinning and nodding like a pervert at every man she stares at.

"Sir Eric..." Eva greets him with a bow before answering his question, "I also have no idea. I'm sorry to say this but your sister has gone insane."

Eric scoffs at the word Eva used and responded, "Diana's insanity doesn't even begin to cover it."

Meanwhile, Diana, who had no idea that she's being talked about behind her back has mindlessly shifted her gaze at Darius, who's sparring with another guy as close as she could be.

It wasn't a problem... not until Diana's thoughts leaked out...

"Wow, he's great. How could he swing the sword so easily like a wooden stick? No wonder everyone's afraid of him. He's like a tiger torturing cute little bunnies... No... not even a tiger could describe his demonic presence."

The men wanted to laugh at Diana's absurd comments but wouldn't dare to do so as they were afraid of Darius.

They were amazed by how Diana could openly gaze at him but they also felt pity and fear since Darius might suddenly harm her. On the other hand, Devin was once again astonished by her brave remarks and glanced at Darius, who expectedly gave her a stern look.

Devin wanted to anticipate Darius's next move but before he could do so, Darius's sword was already placed on Diana's neck that made Diana instinctively froze and stop breathing for seconds.

Everyone was downright surprised and Eva ran without delay as soon as she saw the sword being placed on her neck but before she could even reach Diana, Devin already interrupted with his clear and powerful vocals.


Diana snapped out of it as she heard Devin's voice and slowly displays a composed look but even with Devin's warning call, Darius wasn't budging at all nor Diana.

Diana slowly steps forward that made her come in contact with the sword and blood slowly flows down her neck.

Everyone was startled as they felt panic and the urge to stop Diana from moving forward but seeing how she looked so composed they become hesitant.

"What a familiar situation, isn't it? Go ahead. Kill me." Diana said softly with her charming smile.

Although they didn't hear Diana's words, everyone was stunned... How could one still be sane and smiling with a sword on their neck?

Exhilarating chills were felt by everyone, a fragile-looking lady had the guts to confront him directly without batting an eye. She looked so cool and intimidating with her fierce crystal eyes.

Devin was amused and grinned but he wondered what Diana meant about the familiar situation.

He decided to make a move and get in between them as he faces Darius, "Stop it... before things could get worse. This is my final warning."

They both gave menacing looks for a few seconds until Darius eventually puts his sword down and immediately walks away as if nothing happened.

With Darius gone, the men finally had breathing of the fresh air as they couldn't bear the suffocation of the atmosphere.

"Lady Diana!" Eva yelled as she ran over, "Lady Diana, why didn't you budge away?! Are you crazy? You even had the guts to confront him?! With his sword on your neck?"

"It's fine hahaha he wouldn't be able to kill me with people around," Diana responded as she laughed it off.

Devin steps in and gives her a warning, "Diana... this is no laughing matter. What you said is true but what if there was no one around?"


Diana was silent as she thought of how it already happened before.

"Take her inside and treat her wound... although she looks well, she may be putting an act..." Devin told Eva with a subtle concerned look.

"Your highness, I'm truly fine..." Diana softly said but Devin gave her a pleading smile that made her accept with no choice.

On her way to her room, Diana had a composed look but a fierce expression that can be seen in one glance. Instead of feeling frightened, Diana was mad and frustrated.

One of the reasons was because Darius stopped halfway through and the second was because of Duke Erwin. By the time when Devin was between them, Diana noticed that Duke Erwin was already present and was simply staring at them.

Her daughter was on the verge of getting killed and he was just staring like he was watching some show, it drove Diana mad.

Suddenly, Diana noticed Darius's familiar figure from behind and gathered up the courage to yell out his name without second thoughts, "Darius!"

Eva was speechless as she felt that Diana was completely a crazy fool.

Darius slowly turns around as he gave off a dangerous aura, telling Diana to stay away from him, but Diana does the opposite and goes forward as she faces him eye to eye.

"Bastard...Go fucking die, you asshole... why the hell didn't you continue?"

Eva was so speechless that she wanted to hit Diana so bad for being the first crazy fool that she had encountered in all of her life.

".....You're seeking death?" Darius asked with his deep and alluring voice.

"Yes. Isn't it obvious?"

Eva was surprised to hear Diana's straightforward reply but even so, for the time being, she was ready to intervene at any moment before Darius could even lay a hand on Diana.

But fortunately, he didn't do anything to her and instead gave Diana a vile smile.

"Fine. I'll be your very own grim reaper and today is not the day you die."

Darius swiftly walks away, not intending to sweet-talk Diana any further while Diana frowned, grimacing at the pain on her wounded neck once again.

She glared at him as he coldly walked away but then, she saw a sudden image of her mother through him as he walked further away.

Diana was lost for words...

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