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Chapter 53: Chapter 53: Sunny skies brings forth a forgotten word, Hope.

"Superman, don't you see the utopia I have created, join me in my cause, with you by my side" The small, flying robot got destroyed before it could finish its sentence.

Superman was not in the mood to entertain Ultron.

He flew past all the tall buildings. In one of the buildings, a young teenager was sitting and looking out the windows.

She suddenly saw someone she had been saved by once before, flying by in his white and gold suit.

Even though it was dark outside, he was like the rising sun, that made her doubt her eyes.

"Hes.. alive.." She whispered.

"HES ALIVE!!!!" she suddenly shouted, scaring her family.

"What happened, is everything alright, her older brother rushed towards her, with their parents following.

"SUPERMAN IS BACK! He's alive I saw him fly past our building!" She shouted in bliss.

Her family stopped in their tracks. Realising that she must have been half sleeping and daydreaming as she looked out the windows.

They hadn't seen her this happy in a long time, which made her parents feel very sad. Her .other suddenly hugged her.

"It's okay honey, we know how you feel." She said trying to calm her daughter down.

She had been save by superman once when she was younger, and grew up adoring him. He was her idol, so when he died, she took it the hardest in their family.

The young teenager pushed her mom away.

"I know what I saw, he's back!" She said almost annoyed that they didn't believe her. Nonetheless, she knew that sooner or later, the world would become saved once again.

Superman flew past many buildings, and he saw lots of people just sitting by their windows and sky gazing, it seemed as if not having phones really made people bored to death.

He even found a 2 year old kid, sitting and sucking his thumbs looking at hi with his big and pure eyes. He lifted his chubby baby hand and waved at Superman.

Superman stopped in his tracks, and waved back with a bright smile.

Suddenly someone opened their windows and shouted "Superman, is that really you?" Loud enough to cause a commotion.

Suddenly many people started going to their windows to catch sight of what was going on.

Superman turned towards the window that was slightly open, and smiled.





More and more people started shouted at him, as if they couldn't believe he was real.

Superman Smiled at everyone and flew away. He could still hear them chanting as he flew away.

Superman flew above the central park and saw a big statue that had been put in place, he recognised it as he landed Infront of it.

It's was a big, 20 meter tall, diamond shaped stone, with his "S" symbol on it. And the feet of it, was a tombstone with his, Kevin face on it.

"Superman" it said.

Superman walked forwards and saw that countless, colourful flowers were growing there, it seemed like people were still taking care of his grave.

He went forward and read the rest on his tombstone.

"Kevin B. Collins, a beloved Son, brother, friend and hero, died 20XX-05-XX"

Superman felt surreal seeing his own grave.

"Phantasmagorical, is the word that would describe what you're feeling." A robotic voice said from behind him.

Superman turned around, he knew that Ultron had arrived but he couldn't care less.

"I allowed them to take care of your grave." He continued, as if Superman should feel pleased.

Ultron also walked forward to his grave stone, bent down and picked up a flower.

"You should have stayed dead. It would have been better for the people." Ultron said as he looked at the red rose in his hand.

"Better for the people, or better for you?" Superman countered.

"Better for the people, you see, my existence, is only to protect both the planet, and humanity from any danger, and I will go as far as I need to, to make sure I succeed." Ultron said as he stood up.

Superman didn't like where this was going.

"Like chess, I'm even willing to sacrifice a few pawns, to make sure that humanity is safe. You only bring disorder and chaos. People were under my perfect rule, but just by showing your face you've already cause a commotion. Nonetheless, this is a perfect way to not only subdue their bodies, but also their hearts, by taking you down right Infront of them." Ultron said as he walked closer to Superman.

"From now on, my bodies will kill 1 person every minute until you surrender yourself to me!" Ultron said as he raised the rose towards Superman, asking him to take it.

From his robot arms came smaller arms holding a Vibranium shackle, ready to cuff Superman, should he accept the rose and give up.

Ultron had secretly filmed everything on video, to use later as he wanted the world to see how he broke down their hope.

Superman started looking around, his sight allowed his eyes to see very far.

Millions of Ultrons, just in New York. even he can't find everyone in the world and stop them before Ultron kills hi hostages. As soon as one of the Ultron's are taken down, the others will know as they are synced.

He might be able take down the majority of the Ultron bodies in New York, but then he has to move to every other city in the world, find their locations and do it again.

"Either you accept, or people will die in less than 24 seconds." Ultron reminded.

Superman stood there, looking at the rose in Ultrons hands.

He knew that vibranium shackles couldn't hold him, and there's nothing Ultron can do to actually harm him, but he can harm others.

'No, I'm not alone in this. I have teammates, I can trust them.' Superman thought.

Superman reached his hand forward, allowing Ultron to shackle his hands.

Superman Smiled at Ultron.

"This won't work, the avengers will bring you down." Superman said with such conviction, that is seemed as if he had seen the future and only spoke of facts.

Ultron was not ready for this response and was happy that he didn't live stream this on the news, because even he felt slightly worried at superman's confidence.

"Follow me"Ultron responded emotionlessly as he cuffed Superman.


So even though I started another fanfic before this, I barely got anywhere as I didn't like that one.

So this is the first real fiction I've written, and I learned so much, looking back I would change a lot of things and correct many mistakes.

And with your comments and feedback, I think I've understood a few other points as well, thanks guys ☺️

So I have one question, would you guys rather see me write a new, Naruto story (Which I've already planned out the storyline for) or an One piece fanfiction?

Someone reborn as a never before seen genius, clan leader of the top 3 clans of konoha,( original clan)

with unlimited chakra as his cheat.


Someone reborn into one piece with the combined Haki and physical abilities of all the yonko?

Don't worry, I'll finish this fic first before starting another

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