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6.09% The Might Of A True Uchiha / Chapter 5: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5

[What do you think your chakra affinity will be?] questioned Alex. He started a conversation in the awkwardly quiet room.

[Ill at least get Fire. But I hope I can get lightning as well. If I can get those 2, I don't care what my other affinities are.] said Itachi. He looked like he was in deep thought. He suddenly snapped out of it and questioned Alex: [What about you?]

[Me? Well, I'll be fine with anything, really. But I hope I fire and lightning too. If I were to push it, I would say wind too.] said Alex

[But it doesn't matter. We have to have a second chakra nature change to become a Jonin, so if it isn't already fire or lightning, I will do wind. I already got a few combinations in mind.] said Alex

[Hey, wanna spar?] questioned Itachi after a while. Alex looked around, went to the door and opened it. He saw no one. He then pointed to an open window and signaled to follow. Itachi nodded and followed him through the open window. They headed to the forest they were just at and when they got there, they picked up 1 kunai each and then headed to opposite ends. Alex flicks his wrist, showing a second kunai.

[When this kunai touches the ground, the match will start.] said Alex while flinging the kunai into the sky. It falls down onto a stump as instantly, Itachi and Alex charge each other. Just when they were about to collide, their kunai's fly away with a third figure in the middle. He looked the same age as Itachi and Alex

[Why are Uchiha's fighting against each other?] he questioned. Alex finally saw his face and then sighed in defeat.

[I believe you are called Shisui. Why are you here?] questioned Alex while going to a neutral pose

[I saw you fighting, so I came to stop it.] he said

[We were sparing.] added Itachi. He was left dumbfounded Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[But you looked so serious—]

[Thats just our faces. That's kinda rude.] interrupted Alex

[... Then how about this. You two versus me, and if I win, you won't spar again until you are at the academy age.] he said while throwing 2 kunai's at Itachi and Alex.

[Ok then.] said Itachi as the twins catch it.

[Ill do it in your style.] said Shisui while throwing up a kunai. It touches the ground and Itachi charges forward while Alex does 2 hand signs.

[Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!!] he screamed out as Itachi parried his kunai with Shisui's kunai. Itachi jumps out of the way and throws his kunai at Shisui. He was in a fixed situation. He either deflects the kunai and gets hit with the fireball, or jumps out of the way and gets hit by the kunai. He chose to dodge to the side and tries to hit the kunai away. It fails as it hits the wrong spot and makes both kunai's fly away. Just when the fireball ends, he sees Alex charging in with a kunai in a dagger style. With Shisui's attention fully on Alex, Itachi releases a fireball Jutsu. Alex fakes his rush and backs off while throwing the kunai. He was in another fixed situation. Either he dodges backwards and gets hit by the kunai or dodges sideways and gets hit by the fireball, but he couldn't dodge diagonally because he simply didn't have the ability to.

Just when he was about to brace for impact, a kunai flys in and goes through the hole of the first kunai. It knocks it off trajectory which makes Shisui able to dodge backwards without harm.

[We win.] said Alex while still in a throwing motion

[The winner isn't decided ye-]

A small shine appears behind his neck which appears to be Itachi with a kunai to his neck.

[*Sigh, I lose. What do you want?] questioned Shisui while raising his hands

[I know if you had more kunai and shuriken's, you could of have easily beat us, so train us in shurikenjutsu.] said Alex

[Fine. I'll be here tomorrow at 2 PM. Come if you want to.] said Shisui before disappearing through the forest.

That was the end of the day for Alex and Itachi as he was caught by Mikoto.

And so, we are brought to the next day, which happened to be the weekend.

[Itachi, wanna come with me to the library?] questioned Alex

[Why should I?] he questioned

[I mean, you can learn more Jutsu's, you can learn history, and so on.] responded Alex

[Then why not. I'll start with the history.] said Itachi as the both of them accompanied their father to the library. This was their routine, on weekdays, they would train their shurikenjutsu and train with Shisui, while on weekends, they would go to the library and read for 8 hours straight. By the time they were 5, they were already sparring with their father. Itachi had already awakened his Sharingan, so Alex decided to also show his 2 tomoe Sharingan, which greatly surprised Fugaku.

'The 9 tails attack will start in 4 days since Sasuke is being born in 4 days. I'll have to take advantage of Sasuke being young so I can take some of his Indra chakra. But even when I get both reincarnation chakra, I will have to wait a few years until I awaken the True Rinnegan. But its ok, since the plot really starts to pick up at shipudden. Madara faced Hashirama when he was in his peak condition. I'm guessing about 10 years later he awakened the Rinnegan and started to plan his motion. So, Ill absorb chakra, and when I'm 15, I'll probably awaken the Rinnegan. That is also the time when Naruto will be 12, which means around the time Tsunade will become the 5th Hokage and Naruto goes on a time skip. I personally don't want to go on a time skip, so ill just do something else. The 4th Shinobi war will start when Naruto is just about 17, which means I got an additional 5 years above the original 10 years to awaken the Rinnegan.

One thing I have to note is that a person cant simply transplant 2 mangekyou Sharingan's from a blood relative, otherwise, Obito, Shisui, and Itachi would most likely have the eternal. Only Madara and Sasuke ever awakened the eternal, and what do they have in common? Indra's chakra. So ill need to take both Indra's chakra to awaken the eternal, and Asura's chakra to awaken the Rinnegan. And in these 5 years of new life, I can successfully and flawlessly say that my seals are much better than Hagaromo's. If Grand Master is the peak, Hagaromo would be a Sovereign, and I would be a Grand Sovereign. I can easily undo and redo the chakra seal. But the question is, what is my Mangekyo pattern gonna be? Sasuke transplanted his eyes with Itachi's, so he gained a Choku Tomoe Sharingan pattern of Itachi. However, I will straight away awaken the Eternal, so what is it gonna be?' Questioned Alex Rhetorically.

(A/N: Just realized that Mangekyou is without the U, so don't mind that mistake, ill be using Mangekyo from now on)

{The answer is that you will awaken a pattern that you want. You can already awaken the eternal because you don't have the curse of hatred, but if you get Indra's chakra, you will definitely gain Itachi's Choku Tomoe pattern. But if you don't, then your normal Sharingan will have the same pattern as a Mangekyo, but it will be Black with a white tomoe pattern. But if you want, you can still have the Blackeye, white tomoe pattern even with Indra's chakra.} answered Lucy

'Great. Wait, I still need to check my chakra affinity. I can't just reveal I have every affinity without testing with a chakra paper.' Thought Alex before continuing

[Oh yeah, father, a few years ago, you said you would test our chakra affinity.] said Alex

[I did? Yes, I did. I happen to have the chakra papers from that time ago, so here.] said Fugaku while giving a chakra paper to both Itachi and Alex.

[You go first, Nii-san.] said Alex. He changed from saying Itachi to Nii-san, and with that, Alex's whole family, besides Sasuke is at 100 trust.

Itachi nods and then his paper splits into 4. The first bit burns, the second one wrinkled, the third became wet and the last one glowed a light blue color.

[If I am correct, that is Fire, lightning, Wind, Yin, and water. I got.. five affinities?] questioned Itachi in disbelief. Fugaku was also in disbelief as well.

[It's my turn.] said Alex while putting some chakra into the paper. It is split into 6 parts. 5 of them showed the 5 attributes, and the last to glowed a black color and then a white color.

[I seem to have gotten every element. And I'm guessing my affinity with Yin is better than Itachi's since it became white instead of blue. And the black is probably Yang. Lucky me.] said Alex without a hint of amazement. The truth is that with the use of Yin-Yang, he was able to hide his attributes, at least the important ones. Because he used Yin and Yang, it showed Yin and Yang, and the 5 basic attributes were just there because he wanted the freedom to show every element.

'What does that mean? I can pretty much form every Kekkei Genkai. Wood is Earth and water, boil is fire and water, explosion from Earth and lightning, ice from water and wind, and like, so much more. Except for Dojutsu. If Dojutsu could be made from elements, I'd be pretty strong. But it's not like it matters since I can get the Dojutsu from the shop and I already have an affinity with every Kekkei Genkai.' Thought Alex before deciding to put the effort to make a shocked face.



Name : Alex Uchiha

Age : 5

Race(s) : Human

Bloodline(s) : Uchiha (2 Tomoe)

Natural Chakra : 500,000

Chakra : 15,003,550,000,000

Jutsu(s) : 194

Affinity : All

STR : 75

DEF : 60

AGI : 90

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