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Chapter 6: Chapter 6

[N-Nani?!?! All elements!!] said Fugaku in shock

'The best part is that there are only 28 Kekkei Genkai, and 8 of them are Dojutsu. Meaning, there are only really 20 Kekkei Genkai someone can get that has all affinities. The real best part is the fact that it is only 20, plus 6, for the basic and Yin-Yang. The other Kekkei Genkai number all the way to 108, of which I have an affinity with. Things like space, time, and the sort, I have an affinity with. But chakra paper cant handle the power of these, so it won't show it. I should have thought about this when I was using the Yin-Yang release to hide it.' Thought Alex

[Well, let's go.] said Itachi

[What do you mean let's go? Go where?] questioned Alex while walking away with Itachi. They left their father in shock at that spot.

[Minato-san. I wanted to congratulate him.] said Itachi

[You know him?] questioned Alex while following him. Itachi nodded and pointed at a house.

[Creepy...] said Alex while backing away from Itachi.

[Just kidding. Let's go inside.] said Alex while knocking on the door. The door opens to reveal Minato

[Hello, Minato-san.] said Itachi while waving.

[Whos this you brought, Itachi?] questioned Minato while letting the both of them in.

'It seems I've influenced the timeline too much. Itachi shouldn't know much about Minato, nor should he even know him on a personal level. However, he does. The same applies to Shisui. We met Shisui when we were 3, but we were supposed to meet him when we were 5, like now. I've royally fucked the timeline up. But it shouldn't matter too much. Shisui will still die, and the same with Minato and Kushina. I'll let them die for the plot. However, I won't let Danzo take Shisui's eye. I refuse that.

Even though this is an anime, I'm expecting to stay here my whole life. So I made personal bonds with the people here. Since I now know that I can travel worlds, I won't be expected to stay here until I die. However, I remembered that too late, and now I believe that Fugaku, Itachi and Mikoto are my families with Shisui my friend. I've.. forgotten this feeling. But I should act normal now. It's not the time to be sad.. maybe I can save Shisui's soul to revive him later. I do have an affinity with the soul element after all.' Thought Alex while entering the house with Itachi.

[Hes my younger brother I've been telling you about.] said Itachi

[Hi Itachi!! Who's this with you?] questioned Kushina. She was wearing an apron that was begging to be set free because of her abnormally large stomach. She was pregnant with Naruto, which was quite obvious.

[This is my brother, Alex. Alex, this is Minato-san and Kushina-san.] said Itachi

[Yeah, who wouldn't know the Hokage and his wife? Anyways, what are you going to name the baby?] questioned Alex while pointing to the obviously large stomach. It was getting closer to him until he felt a familiar sensation he did all those years ago. The feeling of a pair of breasts.

[So cute!!] said Kushina while hugging Alex pro-furiously. It hurt Alex inside for being called cute instead of handsome. He had asked Alex, the god to make him really handsome.

[Aren't you guys twins? How come you look so different?] questioned Minato while closing the door.

[We are twins, but more like twins that are a brother and sister. We look different, but we are in fact twins.] said Alex while being pulled back into paradise.

[Back to my question, what are you going to call the baby?] questioned Alex while breaking free. He was then pulled back into heaven.

[Naruto. That's what I've, no, we've decided, as his parents and his God-father.] said Minato

[I think MMMM!!! I have read a book MMMMMMMM!!!! By one of the Legendary Sannin MMMMMM!! That has a character called Naruto..] said Alex while repeatedly being pulled in and pushed out of heaven.

[Kushina-san, could you let him go... now?] questioned Itachi while getting a death stare. He was then pulled into Kushina as well. He dug his own grave that led to heaven

'Talk about Deja Vu. Wasn't I like this when I first got breast milk?' Thought Alex while rolling his eyes

[I think that's enough now, Kushina.] said Minato while hoping to get the same treatment as Alex and Itachi. He received a death stare and nothing else. He went into a corner and contemplated about life for several minutes.

After 10 minutes, she finally let go of Alex and Itachi, with the latter dreading it and the former loving it.

[Well, ill go and set dinner... OH NO!!!] screamed out Kushina while seeing that the kitchen was on fire. It was quickly put out with the use of water release. And then the water was evaporated thanks to fire release thanks to Alex.

[So... what are we going to eat?] questioned Alex. He got heaven again

10 minutes later and he was let go.

[You should stop doing that. Otherwise, something like this fire will happen daily.] said Alex. He earned another hug.

10 minutes later and he was released.

[Woman, this is the third and last time you do this to thy venerable me.] said Alex while pulling out a JoJo's face.

10 minutes later and he was next to Minato, contemplating about what is real and what is fake. Itachi who witnessed this whole development decided to give up and join the pair. Kushina was in the kitchen continuing to cook.

[Guess who's back baby!!] screamed out someone as an old man with white hair appeared through the window.

[Its ya nigga, Jigen!!]


(A/N: Sorry, had to do it.)

[Jiraiya-san!! Haven't I told you to stop that?!] said Kushina while releasing her Adamantine chains. 3 minutes later and the trio upgrade to a quad.

'But now I've confirmed it. If before I suspected that the reincarnations of Indra and Asura were different, I'm now certain it is Naruto and Sasuke. I had sensed 3 chakra's inside Mikoto and 4 chakra's inside Kushina. Mikoto has her own chakra, Sasuke's chakra and Indra's chakra. While Kushina has the 9 tails, her own, Naruto, and Asura. Now I can fully activate my plan.' Thought Alex while getting up. The quad degraded into a duo of Minato and Jiraiya.



Name : Alex Uchiha

Age : 5

Race(s) : Human Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Bloodline(s) : Uchiha (2 Tomoe)

Natural Chakra : 500,000

Chakra : 15,003,550,000,000

Jutsu(s) : 194

Affinity : All

STR : 77

DEF : 61

AGI : 99

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