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The Moonlight Swordsman The Moonlight Swordsman original

The Moonlight Swordsman

Author: Mahaksh

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Chapter 1: So it begins

In the morning, at 6:30 am, the alarm clock rang loudly. Aizel woke from his drowsy sleep, still thinking about his awful memories. He sighed, recalling all those memories, and stood up and went straight to the bathroom to take a bath to relieve his stress.

After a good wash, he brushed his teeth while staring in the mirror and attempting to smile, only to appear as an idiot smiling at another idiot.

Then, after putting on some clothes that were lying on his chair, he headed towards the kitchen to make the same old breakfast. He was really tired of eating it, but he had no other choice; if he didn't eat, then there would be nothing left for him to do later. After a few minutes, he finished preparing breakfast and ate alone, continuing his usual routine.

It was now 8 o'clock in the morning, and he was late for work. The streets were quite busy because everyone was going to their workplace like a herd of sheep. Despite being late, he took his time to observe the daily hustle and bustle around him as he slowly made his way to the office.

When Aizel reached the office, he noticed that someone had opened the door before him. So he stepped inside, greeted his fellow colleagues, and headed towards his desk. There, he placed his bags down and sat on his chair.

He works as a web developer, occasionally doing some design work as needed.

His job is basically coding things online. He also helps to make websites for people who can't do it themselves. Aizel spent most of his days working for various companies, such as small businesses and large corporations alike.

Aizel is quite skilled at what he does and earns quite well.

While sitting at his desk, he turned on his computer and began typing away, checking the emails and reading through them one by one.

"Hi there, Aizel"

The melodramatic voice of a fairy abruptly jolted him out of his daydream. Aizel turned to face his manager, only to be captivated by her. He had never seen a more stunning woman in his life.

When it comes to her manager, there is no comparison, even in the manga, anime, or novels. Is Aizel fascinated with her? Only an idiot would disregard such beauty.

She is 30 years old. Her eyes are blue, and her hair has silver streaks in it. Her skin is porcelain white, smooth, and firm, and it seemed to glow under the light. She's wearing a black dress, open from her neckline, showing her entire back, which is bare and flawless.

"Hello, Irene." His lips curled into a genuine smile.

"So, how's your therapy going? Is everything okay?" Irene asked.

Hearing the word "therapy" hit him like a blow to the head. He sighed heavily, not wanting to answer the question.

From the beginning, Aizel's life has been difficult. First, he lost his memory up to the age of ten, and he had no idea who his parents were. Later, he was merely considered an orphan who lived alone.

When he tries to recall his lost memories, he feels pain in his head, as if tiny needles are poking him. He was also tormented in school since he was always a loner from the start; the only good thing he ever had in his life was that he was brilliant and handsome.

He is about 6 feet tall, 28 years old, and attractive, with an appearance that could make him stick out in a crowd. He has fair, almost pale white skin. His unfathomable deep dark black eyes stood out against his light skin tone. His eyes were as deep as they were expressive, and you might get lost in them if you stared long enough. His clean and silky black hair, somewhat messy hairstyle, and athletic body

Despite his good looks, nothing went smoothly for him because he is shy and antisocial. The only thing he enjoys is comics and novels, which also help him deal with his despair. Even if a girl struck up a conversation with him, he would become so shy that he would barely look her in the eyes and hurriedly try to think of something foolish or useless to say.

"Everything went well. Dr. Shelly told me that everything was fine, suggested some ways to deal with stress, and asked me about some favorite novels and stories that I am now reading," Aizel stated.

"That's fantastic," Irene replied with a smile. "If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Even if you feel lonely, know that I and Dr. Shelly are here to help you at any time."

"Okay, continue with your work; I'll see you later."


The full moon shines brightly in the night sky with stars at 8:00 p.m., as Aizel sits beside the lake.

This was one of Aizel's favorite places since it gave him with comfort and quiet away from the stress and headaches caused by his despair.

Aizel sipped from the beer can as he reflected on his life: who his parents were, why they abandoned him, where his childhood memories are, why his life is so boring, why he is always alone, why he is not mentally stable, and why his life can't be like the main character of some novels, who has everything: power, fame, and women.

He dreamed about magical and fantasy realms filled with dragons, fascinating powers, and magnificent scenery. Only novels can relieve his current stress.

He sighed while suddenly making some strange expressions.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, why does this beer taste like piss? Wait, why did I think about piss? Have I ever tasted it? What am I thinking? Ahhhhhh, I'll go insane like this. Goddamn, I also forgot I had to sum up the project this weekend, and I have not even started yet."

After cursing and drinking beer, Aizel became drowsy and thought about returning to his apartment, but he fell asleep right there near the lake under the dazzling moon, spreading its light over him like a warm blanket.

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