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43.58% The Novel's Extra's Extra / Chapter 68: CHAPTER 65 – Midnight in Paris (Part 3)

Chapter 68: CHAPTER 65 – Midnight in Paris (Part 3)

"Was that truly necessary"-Hajin asks me while we were looking for monsters to hunt on the Field. Today was probably the last day we could hunt in a little while during the weekdays.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what… That thing with the magic instructor."

"Oh! That? No, not really."-I answered while shrugging.

"Then? I told you… He's considering making a contract with a Devil… If you push him too much-"

"Then let him make it."-I interrupted him. "That guy's a true prick. I'm a jerk, and I act like an asshole from time to time just to be one. But for him? The little bitch couldn't make anything for his life, has a severe inferiority complex and he even got the balls to start preaching about how his S.T.U.D.E.N.T.S are making things worse than he's able to. Heck, he'll surely have some balls and start touching the female students later because he can't find anyone of his age that treats him seriously. Didn't that even happen with Chae Nayun in your novel?"-I ask him the last part whispering.

"Well… Yes... But-"

"Let me tell you something."-I interrupted him. "People have the idea that Devils, demons, and other creatures of 'darkness' are evil, but hell, I've seen humans make atrocities for mere fun. I've seen angels act like total scum and devils act like saints."-I said while taking out my sword. "For me, that so-called instructor isn't any different from a Djinn or a Devil already, he turning into a Djinn would just give me a motive and an excuse to kill him without consequences. And yes. That could sound bad or wrong, but honestly, I don't care, scum like that doesn't deserve to live, at least in my eyes, you can have your own perception, don't let mine affect yours."

After that, I pointed towards somewhere around some trees, where there was some rhino-like monster.

"Now, let's go. We're here to hunt. And there's a monster there."-I said to him while walking towards the rhino.

It seems he stayed there pondering something because he just looked down with a pensive face.


That day, after hunting for a bit, we went back to Cube, and before I had to go to the training center with Olivia, I prepared my bag for tomorrow's trip.

For what I would take there, well, just the same mask I used during the Djinn attack on the museum.

"This just looks too good. I think I'll start using it after I leave Cube."-I said while looking at the demonic mask, before putting it inside my backpack. "Well, I guess that's all I'll take there. Mm… Maybe this, who knows, could come in handy."-I said while picking the Tear of the Ice Wing Queen. "After all, it's just an earring, it's not heavy to carry around."-I said before leaving the earring over my night table, so I can take it with me tomorrow morning.

"Well, guess that's everything I'm taking. Mm… I don't know if I can take my sword… In the novel, Yoo Yeonha takes her whip with her… But… Oh well, I'll leave it. It doesn't matter too much."-I said before letting my sword on the table in front of the couch. "Mm… Now that I think about it, I should probably find a better sword. Maybe next weekend I'll find one in the dungeon I'm planning to go to. Man… I miss my weapons…"

With everything ready, I went out towards the training center, so I could train myself and then train with Olivia.


"Great, now everyone's here!" Oh Hanhyun said once Hajin and I got to the meeting place of the club. "Let's draw lots so we can make the pairs that will travel through France!"

"Lots again…*sigh…*"-I sigh again.

"Mm? What's wrong with them?"-Hajin asks me.

"With my bad luck? Everything. You're good because you have a good one."-I said while frowning at him, totally not jealous of his luck.

"Oh, come on… It can't be that bad..."-He said while turning his eyes.

"Well, Kim Suho-ssi. Come here and draw first."-Said our club instructor.

"He should be paired with Yoo Yeonha…"-Hajin whispered so only I could hear.

"Mm? It's Yi Yeonghan."-Said Kim Suho.

"…"-I glared at Kim Hajin, knowing what's going to happen next.

"… It's statistically impossible for you to be paired with the same person twice."-He said while averting his eyes.


Paris, France.

We stepped out of the Portal Station, and I looked around, taking the view of Paris. Honestly, I love the French language, but Paris wasn't one of my favorite cities, though, it's music, that was totally another thing, it was really great.

"Korean cadets, over here!"-A man with a butler's outfit suddenly called for us. He was beside a limousine.

{Such a nice reception.}-I thought to myself with a lifted eyebrow.

"Man… It's not that bad…"-Hajin suddenly told me beside me.

"Stop."-I put my hand up. "I don't want to hear even a word about it."

"…"-He shrugged. "Okay… Just think that I probably have it worse…"

"As if… *sigh…*"-I sighed, before having a great idea. "Hey? Don't you want a double date?"-I said with a smirk.

"…"-He looked at me with wide eyes. "Mm… E-ehem… You know… We probably should go our separate ways…"-He said while averting his eyes.

"What? Want to be alone with your crush?"-I whisper to him while lifting my eyebrow.

"…"-He just frowns. "It's not that… It's just that I'm quite scared of what would happen with two dynamites like Chae Nayun and you close to each other."

"…"-I look at him while pondering. "You're right… It wouldn't be a good idea… Oh well, whatever. I can always ditch her."

"Can we drop off our bags really quick before we take a look around the city?"-Oh Hanhyun asked the butler dressed guy, whose name was Raymond from the conversation they had previously while Hajin and I were talking.

"…"-He didn't say anything, but did smile while nodding. So, we all dropped our luggage inside the limousine so he could take it towards where we would be staying that night. I, of course, kept my backpack to myself, as I had my mask there.

Just for the record, I was dressed in black denim pants, black mountaineering boots, a white undershirt, a white T-shirt with a closed neck, and my usual black hooded long-coat. Black and white always make a great combination, and they match with my weird hair color and the slightly whitish-blue earring I had on my right ear, the Tear of the Ice Wing Queen.

"Well, now we'll travel in the pairs we formed."-Our club representative said. By the way, the reason we came here, was basically because this guy was been used. But that's a story for later. "Alright, it's 1:00 PM, we'll meet back here at 7. Okay?"-He said, right before leaving with his girlfriend, who wasn't from the club but he used the club leader's authority to bring her.

After quickly thinking how our club leader's heart would suffer soon, I turned and walked towards a black-haired beauty dressed in a black skirt with length to the knees, black blouse, and wearing some killer heels.

"Hey. Guess we've been paired again."-I said while raising my hand towards Yoo Yeonha.

"Yes… I guess…"-She said while slightly evading my eyes.

"Mm?"-I raised my eyebrow. "It's something the problem?"-I ask while she still has a little bit of problem looking at my eyes.

"No… There's no problem!"-She suddenly moved her hands around as if denying the idea. "He-Hey… Why don't we talk with Kim Hajin and Chae Nayun so we can all go somewhere?"-She said, slightly nervous.

"Right? I had that idea… But that asshole told me that he didn't want me close to Chae Nayun. *sigh…*"

"Mm? He… Didn't want you… Close to her…?"-She said with a slightly incredulous face as if she was discovering something amazing.

"Hey. Earth to Yoo Yeonha."-I waved my hand in front of her face. "Stop thinking anything weird. It's just that she and I have a little temperamental attitude, so being together would be like putting two bombs together, not knowing when they were going to go boom!"-I said to her, clarifying whatever misunderstanding she may have from my previous words.

"Ah… AH! Sorry… It was just that you said it as if he was jealous or something…"-She said with slightly red cheeks.

"No. It's not because of that."-I said while turning my eyes.

By the way, I could see Chae Nayun getting close to Hajin, and a smirk formed on my face.

"Why are you smirking like that?"-She said while slightly frowning. "Maybe… He was indeed jealous!"-She exclaimed.

{Girl… All that stress is taking you down the wrong path…}-I thought to myself.

"*Sigh…* I already told you it's not that. Either way. I guess you're leaving somewhere else right?"-I said to her while looking around, thinking where should I go.

"Mm… Not particularly, no… I mean… Last time I had something to do… But here in Paris, I don't have anything to do…"-She said while looking elsewhere.

"Mm? Oh well, suit yourself, I'm going to eat somewhere."-I said while walking without a destination, and turning on my smartwatch to look for places to eat.

{Now that I think about it… Hajin will go towards that supposed elite restaurant which is supposedly the best of this world and that's so famous that you have to wait months to even have a reservation… Man. Fuck him. I want to taste that supposedly godly food from that Food Hero or whatever.}-I thought while texting Hajin immediately.

[Cristopher: Hey, man. Hack me a reservation for one into Goût Céleste at my name. Could you?]

[Kim Hajin: Goût Céleste, why? Is it good? The Book of Truth also recommended me that one.]

[Cristopher: The Internet says it's the best place in the world, but needs reservation. Do me that favor.]

[Kim Hajin: Sure. I guess I'll also give it a try then. Just, let's stay far away from each other, would you.]

[Cristopher: Don't worry, I won't interrupt your date.]-I said with a smirk.

"H-hey! Wait!"-Suddenly Yoo Yeonha shouted at me.

"Mm? It's something the matter?"-I ask.

"W-well… We have to be in pairs… So… I just thought it would be kind of sad for me to walk alone, and I'm also a little hungry… And so, seeing as you were going to eat, why don't we go together? After all, I did take the paper with your name…"-She said while averting her eyes.

"…"-I look at her. "Oh, well, sure, whatever. Come on."-I said to her while continuing walking.

[Cristopher: Hey, change of plans… Reservation for two…]

[Kim Hajin: What? Who are you coming with?]

[Cristopher: … You know who.]

[Kim Hajin: Pfft… I thought she'll dump you. By the way, I'm already inside the place.]

[Cristopher: I thought the same, but she just said something about her not wanting to be the only one without a pair and being hungry and whatnot. Don't worry. I'm not enforcing the double date.]

[Kim Hajin: Reservation's done under your name. And I'm not on a date.]

"Mm… Who're you talking to so much?"-She suddenly asks while coming closer.

"Mm? No one important. Just getting a reservation for someplace."-I said while shrugging.

"Huh? Okay… So, where are we going?"-She said while looking around, we've been walking for a little while.

"There."-I said, pointing at our destination. Goût Céleste, the best restaurant in this world, probably.

"Wh-wh-what!?"-She suddenly shouted.

"Hey… Calm down… Don't shout."-I said while picking my left ear, that was pointing at her shouting.

"B-b-b-but! That's Goût Céleste!!!! That's De Jubon's restaurant! The main one! He cooks there!"-She shouts at me.

"Mm? So?"

"Don't 'so' me! How do you expect us to eat there!? Forget the money, you need to have a VIP membership to even try and reserve with a week of anticipation! How do you think we'll be able to enter there!?"

"If you don't want to come, don't come. What's the fuss about? *sigh…* Crazies I tell you…"-I start to walks toward the place.

"W-wait!"-She followed me.

Once we entered the really fancy and elegant place, a man in a suit came towards us and stopped us.

"Avez-vous une réservation? (Do you have a reservation?)"-He asked us.

"Huh?"-Yoo Yeonha didn't know what to say, but before she could ask what he meant, I answered.

"Oui. Au nom de Cristopher. (Yes, under the name of Cristopher.)"-I talked back in French.

"Attendez un moment, s'il vous plait. (Wait a moment, please.)"-The man in the suit said while looking through a list on his smartwatch. Probably looking for my reservation.

"Huh!? Do you know how to speak French?"-Yoo Yeonha asked me then.

"Mhm."-I just nodded.

"Oh, oui, voici son nom. Avec un compagnon. (Oh, yes, here's your name, with one companion.)"-He said after confirming my 'reservation.' "Bienvenue à Goût Céleste. (Welcome to Goût Céleste.)"-He said.

"Merci (Thank you.)"-I said before leading Yoo Yeonha inside.

"…"-She didn't talk at all, she was just with her mouth wide open in surprise while looking at me and then glancing all around the place. As I said, it was truly fancy and elegant, what one would expect from the so-called cooking hero's flagship restaurant. There was classical music resonating inside the place, and everyone was wearing dresses or suits, which contrasted a lot with my clothes, not that I cared.

It was then that a waitress came to us.

"Hello, please, follow me to your table."-She said, I don't know if it's in English or Korean, as she probably noticed that we weren't from here and that Yoo Yeonha was Korean. Waiters and waitress do have keen eyes in this kind of place.

"Oh, yes, thank you."-Yoo Yeonha answered this time, so I guess it was Korean.

{Sometimes this auto-translating setup is kind of a pain…}-I thought to myself while following the waitress towards our table.

"Here you are."-She said while showing us a table for two.

We sat down and she gave us our menus.

"Do you need help with the menu?"-She asked.

Looking through the menu, it has every plate written in French, English, and Korean. Which denoted the importance of Korea in this world, and that somehow English keeps being an important language too, probably because of the US.

"Mm… I'll want gratinated potatoes, merlu a la beurre blanc, and ratatouille."-I ask her. "Also, bring me one of your recommended white wines. If you have Domaine Huet, I would prefer that one. Also, add French fries there if you can."

{I don't know if this place would be the kind of places that doesn't have anything 'common' like fries, but, nothing wrong in asking.}

"Sure, sir. And the miss?"-After writing my order, she turned to Yoo Yeonha.

She ordered something that was quite… Elegant, but somehow, I have the impression that she wanted to order some fries too.

After the waitress left, I was just looking around the place. I did saw Hajin, but I told him that I wouldn't force any double date.

"So… How did you do it?"-Yoo Yeonha asked me.

"Mm? Do what?"

"How did you get a reservation here!?"-She said in a slightly muted exclamation. "I've been trying a lot to reserve in this place before coming to this trip, but even with a VIP Membership I needed at least a week!"

"Oh, well, I had some connections. {Connections in the form of a friend who can hack into this place reservation list.}"-I said while shrugging.

"Just… What kind of connections would you ne-?"-She suddenly stopped. "Wait… When you said you were making a reservation… it was for this place?"-She looked at me with a slightly opened mouth.

"Mhm…"-I nodded. "I told you. I was making a reservation."

"Just… How… It should be… Impossible… Unless you know De Jubon himself…"-Her mind suddenly started going somewhere else.

"Stop. No. I don't know him. Just keep quiet and enjoy the moment, would you? I wanted to eat here since some time ago."-I said, not strictly lying, as I did want to know how good the food was when it got mentioned in the novel, after all, having a Gift perfectly matched for cooking had to be something else.

"Um…"-She nodded.

*Vrr… Vrr…*

"Huh? Wait a moment, please."-Yoo Yeonha said as she looked at her smartwatch that was vibrating. It was Chae Nayun. "Mm? It's Nayun… What would she want.? Maybe something happened with your friend…"-She said before accepting the call and a holographic screen appeared.

[Hey, Yeonha… What are you doing?]-Asked Nayun.

"I'm waiting to eat, why? Something's wrong?"

[Oh, you too? Are you with that guy? With Cristopher?]

"Yes, I'm. So? Did you need help or something?"

[Oh… Well… I just wanted to know if you've heard something about Kim Suho.]

{Oh, right, she kind of had a crush on Kim Suho at this time.}-I thought to myself while hearing the conversation, and looking around, finding precisely the one girl that was calling, and smirking.

"Mm? No, why? He'll probably go with everyone else to that Masquerade Party we were invited, remember?"

[Nothing, just, you know, curious, that's all. So, can we all go there?]

"Yes, Oh Hanhyun told us, don't you remember?"-She asked while lifting her eyebrows.

[Oh, right! I forgot… Well… Mm? By the way… Yeonha… Where are you?]

"Mm? Oh, I'm in Goût Céleste, De Jubon's restaurant. Why?"

[No… It's just that… It seems familiar… Hey, raise your hand.]-She suddenly asked.

{Oh no…}-I thought.

"Mm? Why?"

[Come on, just raise it!]

{Well… Bad luck man. I didn't have anything to do here. Destiny followed its course…}-I said.

"…"-Yoo Yeonha raised her right arm.

[*Gasp* I can't believe it! You're in the same place that I am!]

"What? You're here too?"

[Yes! Look at your right!]

Yoo Yeonha turned to her right, and there she was, right on the next end of the place, Chae Nayun, raising her own right arm.

"*gasp*"-Yoo Yeonha was just too surprised.

[Wait a moment! I'll go there!]

"No… Wait…"-Yoo Yeonha tried to stop her, but Chae Nayun already hung up. She then looked at me. "Sorry… I didn't know she was here…"-And she said apologetically.

"Mm? Why are you apologizing for? It's not like we'll start fighting out of the blue… And I already knew she and Hajin were here. Just that we agreed on stay away."-I said while shrugging.

"Wait… What? You-"-She tried to ask something else, but was interrupted.

"Hey! Yeonha! I'm glad I called you! If not, I wouldn't even know you were here too. Also, it's that true? That this is De Jubon's restaurant?"

"Hey, Nayun, yeah, who would know you were coming here too."-Said Yoo Yeonha while glancing at me. "And yes, this is his flagship restaurant, so he should be the one cooking."

"Wow! To think I would taste the food from the famous cooking hero!"

"You really didn't know where you were, right?"-Yoo Yeonha asked with an awkward smile.

"No, the name's weird, and I don't even know how to pronounce it."

{Pfft… Such an idiot…}-I thought to myself, trying as much as I could not to laugh on her face. It was getting harder and harder.

"Oh, hey…"-She suddenly said towards me.

"'Supp?"-To which I only nodded.

"Right, where's Kim Hajin? Weren't you with him?"-Yoo Yeonha asked her, trying to take back her attention, I guess.

"Oh? Him? I don't know… He said he would go out for a moment before ditching me on the table, that's when I called you…"-She said while looking back at her table where the food was already being served. "Oh! The food's already on my table! I'll go and ask if we can eat together!"-She said, before rushing towards her table.

"… No… Wait…"-Said Yoo Yeonha while stretching her hand, not making it on time.

"Pffft… hahaha… Ow man… Fate is such a funny thing sometimes…"-I said, finally laughing when she left.

"… Why didn't you tell me Chae Nayun and Kim Hajin were here too?"-Yoo Yeonha slightly glared at me.

"You didn't ask."-I just shrugged. "Oh, nice, there comes our food."-I said while looking towards our waitress, who was coming here with our food, being helped by a waiter.

"…"-Yoo Yeonha, just glared at me, but the call of food was too strong for her to hold on, making her turn towards them and slightly salivate.

{Pfft… No matter how she tries to act like an adult woman… She's still a kid sometimes…}-I thought to myself while looking at her.

"Here is your food, hope you enjoy it."-Said the waitress after putting our food on the table with a smile.

"Um… Hello, I'm sorry, but the lady over there would like to eat with you."-A waiter suddenly came and said while nodding towards Chae Nayun, who was waving her arm here, while Kim Hajin, who already came back, was facepalming.

"Um…"-Yoo Yeonha slightly hesitates.

"Sure, why not? {At the end, you didn't save yourself from the double date, man.} We know them after all"-I said to the waiter with a smile.

"Great, then we'll arrange for a table for you four."-The waiter said while nodding towards our waitress, who sent the other guy to fix a table for four.

{For being a place that needs so much time of anticipation to make a reservation, they sure have a lot of tables available…}-I thought to myself while I'm being guided towards the new table.

Once there, all our food got there, both Hajin and Chae Nayun's food and ours.

"Hey man, sorry to disturb your date."-I said towards Hajin with a smile.

"It's not a date."-Chae Nayun was the one to answer.

"Sure, whatever. Well, if you excuse me."-I said while grabbing the wine to open it.

"Sir! Wait, I'll do it."-The waitress that attended us said.

"Don't worry, I can do it."-I said while smiling. Quickly opening the cover of the cork and using mana to extract the cork from the bottle. "See? Everything's good. Thanks."-I smile towards her, who was slightly surprised.

"Oh, okay then, I'll take my leave. Enjoy your meal."-She finally bowed and left.

"Sure, thanks for the food, it smells amazing."-I said while nodding towards her.

"… Who are you?"-Chae Nayun frowning at me after the waitress left.

"Mm? What the heck do you mean?"-I ask while serving myself the wine. "Everyone else's want some?"-I ask.

"… You're not that courteous!"-Chae Nayun kept babbling.

"Of course I am. So, are you getting wine or not?"-I ask again.

"No… I don't like wine."-Said Hajin while looking kind of worried.

"*Kuhum*… Just a little bit… I forgot to ask something to drink…"-Yoo Yeonha said.

"Oh, sorry, that's probably my fault. When I asked for the wine the waitress probably thought we both would be drinking from it, so she didn't ask you for a drink."-I said while serving her a little bit of wine.

"Stop that!"-Chae Nayun said while embracing herself. "You're giving me the chills here, acting so courteous!"

"*sigh…* You'll want wine, or don't?"-I ask her while frowning.

"No… I have my drink here…"-She said, still embracing a rubbing her arms.

After that, we did have a tranquil lunch, eating and doing some small talking. Yoo Yeonha seemed like she had something she wanted to ask me, but didn't, probably because we were in front of other people. Hajin and I did talk a lot more, but he kept it safe to just talk about theories from our classes in school, while I just mainly answered him with what I've learned from cheating my way through the exams.

For the record, the food was indeed something amazing. I didn't believe it when I tasted it. It was really great. So yes, I'll give the place five out of five stars. It deserves it.

It was when we already went out of the place that Chae Nayun suddenly asked me something.

"Hey! How did you make that thing yesterday?"

"Mm? What thing?"-I ask while lifting my eyebrow.

"The Light Sphere, or well, Spheres… How did you make it?"

"As if I would answer you."

"What? Why not!? Come on! We just had lunch together, can't you be a little more friendly?"

"That is that, and this is this. I won't be telling you whatever you ask me just because you happened to be in the same place I was while eating. That's called coincidence. Not going to eat lunch together."-I answer her before turning to Hajin. "Are you going to the Masquerade?"

"Huh? Oh… No, I'm not. There's stuff I have to do."


"What about you? Are you going?"-Asked me Yoo Yeonha.

"Nope. I also have things to do."-I answered while shrugging.

"Hey! Why do you answer her questions but not mine!?"

"…"-I glared at her, making her flinch. "First. That was kind of a normal question considering we are from the same club, and almost all the club's members are going to said masquerade. Second. You don't know if it's some kind of secret about me or my Gift, who would tell everyone about his or her Gift? That's like asking to be countered in a fight. And third. You're annoying. Which, honestly, is the main reason."-I said while shrugging and stopping my glare.

"… If it was the princess, you'll surely answer her…"-She mumbled.

"Mm? What does Rachel have to do with any of this?"-I ask while lifting my eyebrow.

"Come on! I saw you both in the forest at night! You two are surely something!"-She pointed at me.

"…"-While Yoo Yeonha was looking at me with incredulous eyes.

{Oh, boy, this is going south.}-I thought.

"First. I'm training her because she's paying me for it. Second, we were there because that's the best place to train her. Stop assuming things on yourself."-I turn to look at Yoo Yeonha. "And I'm talking about you."-I flicked her forehead.

"Auch."-She held her forehead. "Don't do that!"-Before shouting at me.

"You're training Rachel!? Train me too! I can also pay!"-Chae Nayun said.

"*sigh…* No. You're annoying."

"You!"-She got furious.

"Okay, okay, calm down. I'm sure you both have things to prepare before the Masquerade, right?"-Hajin suddenly intervened with a tired face. "We're going, we'll text the club president to tell him we're not going."-He said to them before dragging me out of there.

"Bye, bye!"-I said with a smile while waving at them. With Chae Nayun glaring at me, and Yoo Yeonha looking at the air, as if imagining things.

{Hope she doesn't think anything weird.}-I said while walking beside Hajin.


"You sometimes act like a total kid..."-Hajin asks me while we were walking. "So… What are you doing?"

"Mm? Well, helping you?"-I said to him.


"You're going to steal that ring, right? The one that's going to be stolen from the Masquerade."

"How did you know?"

"Remember that I read your novel. I know there was going to be an event now, so I imagined that you were going to try and steal it."-I said while shrugging.

"I'm not going inside. I'll just wait for the ring to appear and then steal it from afar with the help of Arachne's Thread, Aether, and my stigma."-He says.

"Oh well, I'll go with you just in case something happens."-I shrugged. "Maybe I'm lucky and I find some Djinns to kill."

"Right… Well, let's prepare."

"Sure, I already have my mask here with me."-I smirked while pointing at my backpack.

"Oh, right… I'll have to buy something for covering my face… Tell you what. I'll go see what I can find and see you later close to the place of the Masquerade. What do you say?"

"Works for me."-I said while shrugging. "Well, see you then. I'll see what I can do meanwhile."

"Don't forget to text the club's president that you won't be attending the party!"-He says to me while going away.

"Sure, sure, whatever."-I waved at him. "Well… Guess I'll have to do something meanwhile."-I pondered. "Oh right, let's go to some bar."

With that said, I went to a bar so I could drink some beer before I had to meet Hajin.

dvelasquez dvelasquez

Well, I tried to play a little bit with the language here, as I know a tiny bit of French. So... Well, if it's good to write things like this (Except those that need another type of alphabet, like Cyrillic or Japanese or Arabic.), tell me, if it's annoying in some way, also tell me! Thanks for reading, and any feedback will be well appreciated.

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