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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Unlocking Nodes, Territory Buildings

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Ji Chen suppressed his excitement.

He scrolled down the military talent tree.

He found that other than these four nodes, the rest of the talent tree was shrouded in a layer of fog. He could not see the nodes further behind.

After pondering for a moment, he decided to unlock the node for the River Murloc immediately.

There was no other reason.

The River Murlocs were really too weak. If he brought them out to fight monsters, they might be killed instead.

Losing their troops was secondary. It would not be worth it if they lost their lives.

He opened the territory interface and looked at the basic resources he had.

Apart from the Stones, he had already used up a portion of the rest of the materials while recruiting the River Murlocs.

Now, he had four nodes to unlock.

However, he could not unlock node D-1 because it required too many resources. There was not enough wood and iron.

Now, he could only unlock the first three nodes and try his best to increase the strength of the Murlocs.

Without hesitation, Ji Chen's fingers swiftly tapped and unlocked each node, one after another.

" Consumed 200 units of wood and 100 units of clay to unlock node A-1. "

" Consumed 200 units of fiber and 100 units of clay to unlock node B-1. "

" Consumed 300 units of crude iron to unlock node C-1. "

" The River Murloc has met the requirements for advancement. Do you wish to proceed? "


"River Murloc (Tier 1, 2 stars) has advanced to River Murloc (Tier 1, 8 stars)."

The shape of the River Murlocs in front of him had undergone some visible changes.

The scales on his body became even and thicker, like the armor of ancient soldiers.

The spines on their back were also much more orderly, giving them a faint streamlined sense.

The large bone club in his hand had also turned into sharp bone spears, looking rather sharp and sturdy.

And those dead fisheyes, hmm…It was still a very iconic dead fish eye.

It was a racial characteristic, after all.

Well, he didn't really mind this. As long as he was strong enough, it was fine.

He checked their interface again.

[River Murloc]

[Level: 1]

[Tier: 1, 8 stars]

[Skill: Murloc Body (Green characteristic, neat fish scales, and sticky body, can deflect attacks to a certain extent, increases a certain degree of defense)]

Diving (Green characteristic, when moving in the water, it can reduce the movement when swimming and increase the swimming speed)

Bone Spear Equipment (White characteristic, uses a sturdy bone spear as a weapon, with higher lethality)

[Military characteristic: Cowardly (Murlocs are timid by nature. When they encounter strong enemies and danger, they may be afraid and even run away.]

The original two skills had been upgraded from white to green, and there was also a new white skill.

After unlocking the first three nodes, the River Murloc advanced from Tier 1 2-Star to Tier 1 8-Star.

As long as he unlocked the D-1 node, he could truly become a tier 2 soldier.

The tier of the army was very important.

Other than representing the strength of the army, it also represented the upper limit of the upgrade.

Tier 1 soldiers could only be upgraded to level 9 at most, while tier 2 soldiers could be upgraded to level 19, and so on.

With every tier up, the strength of the army would increase by a little.

Although there was no definite change in attributes, the difference in strength was real.

The higher the level, the greater the difference in strength between different levels of soldiers.

After unlocking the three nodes.

The fog on these three lines on the military talent tree dissipated a little, revealing more nodes at the back, but unlocking them required more resources.

Ji Chen closed the talent tree panel and turned to look at the military recruitment camp.

[River Murloc Statue]

[Tier: 1, 8 stars]

[Type of soldier recruited: River Murloc (Tier 1, 8 stars)]

[Number of recruits per week: 14]

[Current Recruited]: 0

[Recruitment cost: 15 units of wood, 15 units of fiber, 15 units of clay.]


Not bad.

It seemed that the talent tree had been lit up, and even the military recruitment camp itself would change.

The advanced Murlocs were clearly very excited. They could feel the changes in their bodies, and they all looked at Ji Chen with admiration as they croaked.

"Croak? Croak!"

"Croak ~ Croak! Croak ~"

He looked at the murloc's dead fisheyes and had a thought.

As a lord, he seemed to be able to understand the language of these Murlocs.

What were they saying?

Great ... Salted Fish Lord?

Damn it.

I'm the man who wants to become the Lord of the Sea, so what the hell is the Salted Fish Lord?

He told the Murlocs to wait outside.

Ji Chen, who was in a good mood, leisurely walked into the Lord's Manor.

Although it was called the lord's manor, it was just a slightly larger, simple, high-legged wooden house.

The wooden floor was elevated half a meter from the ground, with a wooden step in front of it. The roof was made of straw boards composed of fiber.

This type of structure was well-suited for the humid and hot jungle environment, as it provided ample ventilation and helped to keep the interior relatively dry.

There were basic beds and furnishings inside, and while it wasn't luxurious, it was sufficient for comfortable living.

After taking a casual look inside, he walked out to check the Lord's Manor's interface.

[Lord's Manor]

[Level: 1]

[Area: 10×15 (m)]

[Effect: 1. Slightly speeds up the recovery of energy and physical strength. 2. Slightly increases the labor efficiency of the subjects.]

In " Lord of Glory ", the classification of buildings and construction in the territory was very strict.

The territory was divided into seven levels: Village, Town, Nation City, Domain City, Giant City, Capital City, and King City.

Each major level was further divided into five minor levels, ranging from Level 1 to Level 5.

Every time he leveled up, he could expand the size of his territory. He could also spend a certain amount of resources to expand a piece of land that was separated from his territory.

If the player wanted to, they could create a Territory in the shape of an Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon.

Then, he looked at the other buildings in the territory.

Other than the lord's manor, there were only two types of buildings in the territory: simple dormitories and tool rooms.

[Simple Dormitory (Tall Wooden House)]

[Level: Tier 1 (300 units of wood, 300 units of fiber, 300 units of clay required to upgrade to level 2)]

[Area: 8×10 (m)]

[Living capacity: 7[Comfortable]~10[Congested]

[Effect: 1. Slightly speeds up the recovery of energy and physical strength. 2. Reduces the desire to give birth. 3. Long-term residence reduces labor enthusiasm.]

There were a total of five such simple residences, which could accommodate 42 residents. There were also a few empty spaces.

Among the three effects, the last two negative effects were worth noting.

It seemed that they couldn't live in such a simple house for a long time. Otherwise, these residents wouldn't work hard.

How could he exploit them… Ahem, how could he let them live a good life?

With him providing food, the citizens would not go hungry. The population was a valuable resource, necessary for construction, planting, and resource collection. 

Without enough people, nothing could be accomplished. Furthermore, on this isolated island, replenishing the population was a major challenge, so it was important to value these citizens.

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