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80% The One Day Bet (Reconstructed ver.) / Chapter 8: The One Day Bet (8)

The One Day Bet (8) - The One Day Bet (Reconstructed ver.) - Chapter 8 by Icychica_ full book limited free

Chapter 8: The One Day Bet (8)

"When you trust someone that person makes you feel safe, to you they can do no wrong. Trust is very hard to earn and even harder to regain when broken, for your opinion of that person changes. Once broken you can never get it back." —Icychica_


As I ate and watched boys play football on the field in front of me, the conversation I overheard then crossed my mind. I suddenly thought about how Baekhyun had taken me to an amusement park with just the two of us present and that there was no explanation for how he was able to do so.

"He probably knows someone." I mumbled, but even if he did that didn't explain his expensive car and clothes, not to mention how he conveniently told me that his last name was indeed Park.

Could it be possible that he was the heir they mentioned?

No matter how much I thought about it, it just didn't make sense, he never acted as though he had a rich family or an entire company to inherit, he was just as worried about his future as the rest of us, so I knew it couldn't be him. 

Then again, that's none of my business.

The ringing of my phone awakened me and I reached into my pocket, the number was one I didn't recognize, "It must be him, Baekhyun." I mumbled as I looked at the vibrating phone in my palm.

There was no one else who would call me like this, I can't believe he was still trying to contact me after everything; I ignored the call, turned the phone off and placed it into my bag.


"By the way, where's Siyeon?" Luca asked after we were settled and he noticed she wasn't with us.

"Come to think of it, I haven't seen her all morning." Kehyun added.

The rest of the girls —Joey and Sua— stopped eating and looked at me and I at them; I swallowed my food nervously.

"She's busy with a lot of stuff so she won't be joining us right now." I answered, not wanting to get into the details, they all nodded and dropped the subject.

"Hey guys, did you hear about the boyfriend who cheated on his girlfriend with her bestfriend? The whole school's talking about it." Chan said suddenly.

What he said made me choke on my rice, I ended up coughing like a mad woman. Joey noticed and slapped my back to assist me —she seemed to be the only one who noticed I was dying right beside her since the rest of them continued on. 

"Yeah! I heard about that, they fought this morning, I heard there was blood everywhere." Luca exaggerated and I silently glared at him.

"Aww, I wish I was there to see it." Chan expressed with a disappointed sigh and I sent daggers in his direction which went unnoticed as they continued to gossip about the false information.

"The jerks! They deserve whatever they got for doing that to their friend." Euno commented.

Joey and Sua both looked at me noticing my distress over the conversation.

'Those damn rumors!'

"Aye, come on that's just gossip, we shouldn't talk about that without knowing all the details."  Joey said trying to make them stop talking about it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"She's right, we don't know if any of this is true so you guys should stop."  Sua tried to assist her.

"We should stop? You're telling us to stop gossiping? You guys were always the most eager to gossip, why the sudden change of heart?" Euno asked and Joey swallowed awkwardly avoiding his gaze.

"Well... well... well ya' know there can be misunderstandings... and it could really hurt the person... so you shouldn't gossip unless you know all the details." she stammered but managed to get her point across.

"True, but I still say they deserve the worst and what's mo—"

"OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY!!" I angrily shouted abruptly standing, interrupting Kehyun. I was so feed up with their words I couldn't take it anymore.

"Jeez calm down, why are you getting so worked up? Someone might think that you're the accused." Chan giggled.

I remained silent as I avoided his gaze, "But... how did you get that head injury?" Luca asked looking up at me, drawing everyone's attention, as they stared at my now prominent feature, I subconsciously touched the area.

I grunted loudly, "I'm leaving." I gathered my things and stormed off the roof.

"What's wrong with her?" I heard someone —Chan— mumble behind me.


I walked through the hallways after lunch ended, after everything that happened my entire day was messed up and I couldn't remember what class I had next so I decided to check the schedule on my phone.

The moment I turned my phone back on that number called me again.

"Ahh seriously." I mumbled in annoyance.

With my attention on my phone and being the clumsy person I am, I suddenly found myself stumbling over my own feet and heading towards the floor when an arm comes around my shoulders stabilizing me.

"Thank you so much I—" I paused as I looked into the eyes of my savior. "You." I breathed out looking at Seol as she looked at me as well.

"Yeah, it's me.... are you okay?" she asked as we stared at each other, my eyes subconsciously searched her face, seeing the bandage on her forehead I was overcome with guilt, her eyes looked genuinely concerned as they looked at me; I almost felt sorry towards her.

She's helping me even though I did that to her?

I pushed her away suddenly, avoiding her gaze and I walked on, not uttering a single word to her.


"Class dismissed!" Were my teacher's final words as the students all eagerly rushed out of the classroom as school ended for the day. I soullessly walked through the door and proceeded to make my way to the car park to await my mother's arrival.


I heard Joey's voice, I turned to see her happily waving at me her elbow interlaced with Sua's and they were accompanied by.... Seol.

Our eyes met and as they came closer to me she stopped walking and said something to them before going in the other direction.

"I see you haven't made up with her yet." Sua said.

I sighed, "No. We haven't."

"I hope you will soon." Joey said with a smile. "Oh, my mom's here!" she expressed as she saw her pull into the drive way. "We have to go." she informed as they both hugged me before they left and I was all alone once more.

Within the flood of students who exited the building, another familiar face greeted me and came towards me. The person I was mad at the most and had no intention of speaking to. Ever.

Why does it feel like everyone is attacking me right now?

I prepared to make a run for it.

"Wait, five minutes— no even one minute is enough, please Siyeon." he begged as he held onto my wrist.

I hesitantly made eye contact with him, "Fine. One minute, so make it quick."

"I never intended to hurt you, yes, at first maybe I was just doing it for the money—"

"30 seconds."

"—but I really grew to like you, my feelings for you are real, I meant what I told you that day."

"5,4,3,2,1. Your time's up, now I'll tell you why I don't believe you..." I removed his hand from my wrist aggressively. "...we had already met at the cafe, which couldn't be a coincidence, you had everything planned since then, didn't you? I bet you spilled my coffee on purpose too. Maybe, just maybe, if you hadn't plotted and schemed against me like that and messed with my emotions, I would have forgiven you, but you're a jerk who hides his true intentions behind a sweet smile, I was almost fooled by you. I wouldn't even be surprised if you were behind that monster appearing at the cafe. What, did you do that so I'd trust and like you quicker?"

I knew the last part was impossible since he couldn't possibly have known what Sin-jae looked like or anything about him for that matter, no matter how ridiculous Seol was she'd never go that far and tell him. If I was wrong and she had then... our friendship was officially over.

"Of course I didn't! When we met for the first time it was really a coincidence, I swear! I admit, I did use that as a reason to get closer to you but my feelings are sincere."

"Did you have fun laughing at me behind my back? Do you know what the worst part is? I trusted you, I, like a fool believed your every word, I even told you my past and considered giving being with you a try because I thought you were trust worthy and would never hurt or lie to me. But how oh so wrong I was. I'm starting to regret not slapping you when I had the chance."

"Then slap me, do it, if it makes you feel better. As hard as you can I deserve it so..." he came closer closing his eyes as he waited for me to hit him, I swallowed hard and clenched my fist as I stared at him.

Oh! How badly I wanted to hit him, how badly I wanted him to suffer, I wanted him to experience the pain he caused me. But no matter how hard I tried, my body wouldn't cooperate. I just couldn't hit him, I couldn't even lift my hand.

Instead my shoulders relaxed and my fingers unclenched and all I did was sigh, I was tired and it was beginning to show, I lost the will to argue with him any longer.

A throbbing pain shot through my head and it made me so dizzy that I lost my balance, he ended up preventing me from tumbling to the ground. That headache had to be from all the stress I was under. I was relieved that my mother arrived just then saving me from this tiring situation.


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