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52.54% The Ordinary Bitter Sweet Life Of Ben / Chapter 31: Chapter 25: Early Arrival

Chapter 25: Early Arrival - The Ordinary Bitter Sweet Life Of Ben - Chapter 31 by Fireces full book limited free

Chapter 31: Chapter 25: Early Arrival


When I returned to my house, it was after midnight. All was quiet but there was a light on in my bedroom and the door was open. Great. Someone was up.

I walked to the room and looked over to find my mom sitting on my bed, holding my cell phone. She first looked at me with a withering gaze and asked in a deadly quiet voice, "Where were you?"

I had never, ever, once managed to lie to my mother's face. She always knew when I was hiding something. So I truthfully told her, "At Adrienne's."

Mom blinked a few times and nodded, expecting that answer.

"Were you doing something naughty?"

I didn't answer verbally, but I nodded.

"Did you have sex with her?"

I raised my eyebrows and took a deep breath, firmly answering, "No."

Mom's eyes narrowed as she went through her Mom-Lie-Detector-3000 routine. She waited me out until my guilt kicked in and I clarified, "Not quite."

She bit her lip and nodded. "Do you know why I'm holding your cell phone?"

I sighed and remembered how I had left the last conversation. If I were in Dawn's position I would have called and called and called. "Probably because it was ringing constantly."

"Quite right. It woke up the whole house," Mom sighed as she handed the cell phone back to me. I cradled it and automatically thumbed over to the missed calls list to see how many times Dawn had called me.

"I sent Brooke and the twins back to bed already," Mom sighed. "And then I answered Dawn's next call. She's quite distraught you know."

I sighed, feeling some of my old anger coming back to me. "Well, she deserves to be."

"DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT," Mom glared at me with wicked venom in her voice. She had gone from maternal to terrifying in a split-second, and frightened out of my wits I took two steps back and bumped into the dresser drawer behind me.

I blinked rapidly, not understanding. "She said she cheated on me! That's why I went to Adrienne's!"

"Dawn was RAPED, Ben," Mom said coldly.

"Excuse me?" I asked in shock, my jaw hitting the floor. No, it couldn't be.

"It's true. Her father's got the kid right now."

"Wait, WHAT?" I practically yelled.

"Calm down, Ben or you're going to bring your sisters running in here again."

"WHAT?" I yelled just as loud as before.

Mom held her hand up while she worked out how to explain to me. "I talked to her mother. Deanna said Dawn's ex-boyfriend Mark brought her home from a party. She was passed out and Mark said she'd been drinking. Later that night, Dawn woke up and started screaming your name so loud she woke up the neighbors. Jack and Deanna quizzed her about what happened and found that her memory was fuzzy and she had semen in her vagina."

My teeth started grinding at the thought of another man's spunk in Dawn's pussy. But as my eyes narrowed, Mom held up a hand to keep my quiet while she continued. "Dawn thought she'd had too much to drink and that's why she couldn't remember everything. Jack Evans demanded to know where Mark lived and the three of them drove to the boy's house. They suspected nothing more than a teenager taking advantage of a drunk girl. Mark was home alone and once Jack started threatening him to explain everything that had happened, the poor boy cracked and admitted he'd drugged Dawn with rohypnol and raped her while she was half-passed out. Apparently, he's been quite obsessed with Dawn ever since she broke up with him."

I staggered back again, and this time when my back hit the dresser drawer, I just collapsed flat on my ass. "No ... No..." I breathed in disbelief while sitting on the floor. Not Dawn. Not MY Dawn. Oh, hell...

The anger was back in me. I'd wring the little fucker's neck until it SNAPPED. And all of a sudden I was back on my feet and racing down the stairs.

"Ben!" Mom yelled after me.

I ignored her. I flew out the front door and didn't even bother to shut it behind me. Ten seconds later, I started the engine on my 11-year-old Corolla and shifted it into gear. With burning rubber, I peeled out and raced off down the residential street at 50mph.

I was approaching the freeway on-ramp when my cell phone lit up and shaking my head, I answered it. "What?"

"Where are you going, Ben?" Mom asked.

"To Dawn's. And to find this Mark sonovabitch," I barked coldly.

"You don't even know how to get there-" Her voice cut off as I hit the END-button.

Ten seconds later, my cell phone rang again. I ignored it and merged onto the mostly empty freeway, quickly accelerating up to 80. The phone rang again.

I was on the 5 zipping through the Orange Crush towards the 22/57 ramps when I finally started to calm down a bit. My mom had been repeatedly calling me and this time, I answered the phone.

"Ben, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to Dawn's."

"You have school tomorrow."

"I don't care."

Mom sighed. There were several seconds of silence and I took the time to check my mirrors for cops and to pass the walnut geriatric Cadillac doing 65 in the fast lane. What was he even doing awake at this hour?

I heard Mom inhale then and she asked, "How's the battery life on your phone?"

I checked it and then put the handset to my head again. "It's fine. I put it in the charger as soon as I got home from school today."

"Do you have your wallet?"

I patted my pocket and felt the familiar bulge. I didn't remember grabbing it, but I must have scooped it up subconsciously when I grabbed my car keys. "Yes."

"Okay. Don't let your tank get too empty. Gas stations can be few and far between. Stay on the 5 until you get to the 152 and head west to Gilroy. Be careful. That road is winding and there aren't any lights. Then take the 101 North. Call me in about 5 hours or so when you get to the 101 and I'll give you more specific directions and their address, okay?"


"I'll call Dawn's parents to let them know you're coming."


"Drive safe, Ben."

"Bye, Mom."

Hungry, exhausted, and with my car doing its best to melt down from overheating, I pulled up outside the Evans' house just before 7am.

The front door opened before I got to the doorbell and Deanna Evans ushered me inside. "Hi, Ben."

I didn't bother with pleasantries. "Where is she?" I asked, my voice cracking.

"In her room." I looked up the stairs and felt a wave of nostalgia come back to me. It was the same house Dawn had grown up in when we were kids, and while everything looked a little smaller to me now, it was still familiar.

I started for the stairs while Dawn's mom touched my shoulder. "You must be hungry."

"Grabbed a snack at a gas station," I bit out and turned for the stairs.

"You should clean up. I'm sure some of Jack's clothes will fit you."

Feeling the weight of true love behind my eyes, I slowly turned towards Dawn's mother and stared straight at her, the intensity of my gaze giving her all the answer she needed.

Deanna Evans bit her lip and nodded, and I went up the stairs.

Dawn was still asleep when I pushed her door open. She looked so small and frail, curled up into a little ball. Her slumber was fitful as she twitched and shivered, her eyes squinting shut and her lips curled into a grimace of fear.

I sat beside her on the bed, reaching out to touch her. No matter what expression on her face, Dawn would be the angel of my life, forever beautiful. But then I saw the grime on my hand and realized I must stink. I hadn't showered and I'd sweated for the six-hour drive, and all of a sudden I was afraid to touch her for fear of marring her beauty. So I looked over to see where the bathroom was so that I could at least wash my hands and face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But Dawn sensed my presence anyways. Or maybe she smelled my foul odor. Whatever the reason, she stirred awake while I was looking towards the bathroom and softly asked, "Ben?" Her voice was ethereal and sounded as if it was coming from the dream world.

I turned quickly to her and dirty hands or not, I cupped her face in my palms. "Dawn!" I gushed with worried eyes.

"Oh, Ben!" She reached for me and hugged herself to my torso. "How are you here?"

"I drove as soon as I found out," I husked.

Dawn's eyes looked at me in disbelief and then she looked over my shoulder. Both her parents were there and Deanna Evans explained, "His mother called us but we wanted to let you sleep. Better to wake up to him already here than stay awake for hours in anticipation of his arrival."

Dawn's mom then tsked us and stepped forward, grabbing my hands and rubbing them vigorously in a damp washcloth she'd brought along. "Of course, I'd hoped to get him cleaned up first."

"Sorry," I stammered.

Dawn's mom then smiled at her daughter. "Well, we'll leave you two then. Ben, please don't pester her with details right now. For her sake, okay? I'll answer all your questions when you want."

I nodded and the parents left. And then I swept Dawn's face into my arms as I kissed her with long-buried passion. I'd been dreaming of doing this for months, and from the ferocity with which Dawn kissed me back, she seemed to have been longing for this just as much as me.

"Oh, Dawn, I love you," I gasped and broke for air.

"I love YOU, Ben!" she whimpered and started crying as I bear-hugged her.

And as I lost myself into the sheer bliss of feeling my Dawn in my arms, all the tension and worry and angst of the past dozen hours started melting out of me. Suddenly I felt the exhaustion I hadn't let myself feel. I felt the aching muscles and growl in my stomach. I got a little dizzy from the sudden lack of adrenaline pumping through me. And I sighed in fear for the immediate future.

Just hours before, I had nutted my load down Adrienne's throat and Dawn had taken some other boy's cum into her pussy. As happy as this reunion felt, it was brought on by some very serious events; and if I was right, neither of us was entirely innocent.

Our story was far from over.

If it were up to me, I would have stripped and showed Dawn just how much I missed her. But even a horny teenage boy can be felled by an all-nighter trying to drive unfamiliar roads without crashing. I wouldn't have been able to get it up if Dawn, Adrienne, and Felicia Clarkson had all stripped together and begged me to fuck them.

Instead I settled for holding Dawn firmly, rocking her slowly until she'd finished crying. And then after a few more teary expressions of our love and desperate kisses, Dawn wrinkled her nose and said, "You stink."

I barked a short laugh and smiled wryly. "Sorry."

She managed a smile of her own and remarked, "I still can't believe you just ran to your car and drove up here with nothing but the clothes on your back."

"I had to. I was YOU," I said sincerely while holding Dawn's chin in my hand.

She blushed and then paled in rapid succession. Memory of WHY I had so urgently raced the five hundred miles to see her must have come to mind and Dawn's eyes tilted as she quailed in fresh fear. "Ben, there's so much I have to tell you," she whimpered.

I touched my finger to her lips to silence her, briefly thinking of Brandi as I did so. "Not now. We have time. And I've got a lot to tell you as well."

Then I picked up the front of my shirt, lifting it to my nose and sniffing it for the sweaty, grimy smell I knew would be there. "Let's get me cleaned up first."

Dawn giggled. "Can I help?"

Dawn was more afraid to be further than a couple of feet apart from me than she was feeling frisky. She sat on the toilet outside the shower, watching me through the plain, clear glass as I soaped away the travel grime. I showered quickly and then stepped out. Dawn's mom had set out a comfortable pair of Jack's sweat pants and a T-shirt for me.

After I dressed and Dawn had freshened up as well, we headed downstairs where breakfast was cooking. Deanna Evans looked up at us with a smile and gestured to the breakfast table. Jack and DJ were already seated.

I sat down beside Dawn's father and immediately turned to him, all business on my mind. "Where is he?"

"Who?" he asked.

"The fucker that did this?" I growled. Dawn's dad winced at my language but I didn't care. My eyes flared and I tightened my hand into a fist. Dawn quickly covered my hand with her own and squeezed gently.

Jack Evans sighed and then informed me, "You're not going after him, Ben. You're exhausted and it's a police matter now."

"Where is he?" I gritted my teeth.

"I don't know. I assume he's still in custody because the last thing I heard was that they were trying to locate his mom. She's out of town on business or something. Now Mark is denying everything. He claims that he never admitted anything to us and that if there are any drugs in her system, she must have been drugged at the party."

"Motherfuck-" I was cut off when Dawn squeezed my hand again and Jack Evans raised his hand, shooting a warning glare at DJ who just observed us silently.

"Please stay calm, Ben." He gestured to his middle daughter. "Dawn's had a rough night, okay? She was up until early in the morning having tests done at the hospital. The police were sent to Mark's house to look for evidence. It's all being taken care of. All you can do is be here for her, okay?"

Dawn whimpered and clutched my arm. I sighed and glanced over at her, instantly feeling both angry and sad as I looked at my girlfriend's sweet face. She needed me now, and nothing else mattered more. For now, at least, I'd have to trust the system to do it's thing. "Okay," I said while squeezing Dawn's hand back.

We ate our breakfast and then returned to Dawn's room. She'd only gotten two hours of sleep before I arrived and we were both dead tired. And for the first time since summer camp, I fell asleep with the love of my life nestled in my arms.

The clock read 3:05pm when my eyes fluttered open. I didn't need to move to see the digital readout; it was in my line of sight just past Dawn's right ear. My arms instinctively tightened as the tingling sensation of awareness spread throughout my body, and I realized that not only was my "morning" wood pressed into Dawn's panty-clad asscrack, but I was also cupping a very round, very firm breast.

Reflexively, my hand squeezed the boob and Dawn moaned lightly. My mind was a blank slate. I'd been so exhausted that I slept deeply and soundly through the middle of the day, a dreamless sleep that was entirely about recovery. I didn't know where I was or why. But I knew I was holding my Dawn in my arms and nothing else mattered.

I continued rubbing Dawn's breast until I heard the barely noticeable change in her breathing. I stopped rubbing just then, but Dawn began taking longer and deeper breaths and presently she began turning her head towards me. And as the afternoon light shone down brilliantly on her angelic face, my stunningly beautiful girlfriend lit up in a wide smile and exclaimed enthusiastically, "Ben!"

"Hi," I grinned.

She twisted and rolled right into my chest while moving her arms to wrap behind my head. She threw a leg over my hip and pulled me even tighter against her while she planted one of her trademark volcanic kisses on me. I felt like she was going to suck my toes back through my feet it was so intense.

"Ohmigod! I thought you were a dream!"

"I'm right here."

My dick was iron-hard, a fact that Dawn soon discovered when she began rubbing her crotch against it, dry-humping me by continually flexing her leg. I could scarcely breathe from our kiss, as she maintained a frantic liplock like she never wanted to let me go. And with a surge of adrenaline, I rolled us over until I'd pinned my Dawn to the mattress beneath me as I stared adoringly into her eyes.

It was just a small flinch, barely lasting a microsecond. But it was there. Dawn flinched and like a tidal wave, everything came back to me. Adrienne. The call. Hearing about her ****. And everything leading to me arriving in this bed this afternoon.

"Oh, Dawn," I whimpered and looked at her with all my old worry coming back to me.

"Make love to me, Ben," she gasped and tried to kiss me again.


"Please. Fuck me, Ben. Fuck me and cum inside me," she husked with an urgency I couldn't believe. Already she was lifting her pajama top up her body.

I couldn't help but second-guess this. I mean, Dawn was gorgeous and I certainly wanted to, but so much had happened to us. "Are you sure?" I asked. "I mean, you were just raped."

"I don't even remember it and I don't want to," Dawn grabbed my head and looked at me clearly. Her crystal blue eyes bored straight into the back of my skull. "All I want to remember is feeling you inside me. YOU, Ben. My love. My true love. I need to feel you. NOW."


"FUCK me, Ben!" Dawn pleaded. "Make my last sexual memory that of holding you in my arms while you practice giving me a baby."

I knew we were still way too young to think of having children. But at the same time, the thought of starting a family with my Dawn held great appeal. I knew without a doubt that if she and I got married tomorrow and started having kids, it would not be an unhappy life.

But we weren't there yet. Right now, all Dawn wanted was my love. And I intended to give it to her. I would drown her in my love and affection so that all traces of Mark or the party or whatever would be distant, fragmented memory. And so seizing my love's face in my hands I did my best to replicate her volcanic kiss.

I wanted to make this a sweet session of lovemaking. Yeah, I was extremely horny for my girlfriend but I felt an obligation to take things slow and give her all the pleasure I could. But that wasn't what Dawn wanted. When my hands inched their way up her sides too slowly for her taste, she reached down and ripped her pajama top over her head to bare her glorious tits to my gaze. When I went to gently nibble at her neck, she roughly tugged at my boxer shorts.

"Fuck taking your time, Ben!" she whimpered. "I need you NOW! Can't you feel how wet I am for you?"

I moved my hand to her panties to find the crotch soaked. Truly, she was just so revved up from finally having me in her bed that she didn't need to wait any longer. So getting up to my knees, I shucked my shorts and also tugged her panties off her legs. At last, we were fully naked with each other.

The rest came naturally. Dawn took my thick cock in hand while spreading her legs. And after guiding me into position, she slipped her hands to my biceps and simply held on while I rammed my hips forward, burying my dick into my girlfriend for the first time in WAY too long. At that moment, my head flipped straight back and I gasped in relief from an agony I didn't even realize I felt, as I was swallowed up by the heavenly warmth of the young woman I adored more than anyone in the world.

Dawn similarly gasped as I skewered her, and then all four limbs came up to clutch at my body and trap me against her chest. With my cock seven and five- eighths inches inside her, the rest of our bodies were pressed together skin-to- skin as she whimpered and moaned happily. "Oh, Ben ... oh, Ben..."

"Oh, Dawn," I started crying. I couldn't forget what had happened to her or why I was here. If it weren't for the ****, I would never have driven up on a random Thursday morning at 1am. But as wonderful as this felt, I would have given it back in a heartbeat if it would have meant Dawn had never been violated in the first place.

And I felt like it was my fault. She was my girlfriend. She was my love, saving herself for me. I hadn't been able to protect her. And I hadn't done enough to quench her teenage lust either to prevent her from getting into these kinds of situations. "Dawn ... I'm so sorry..."

"Shh ... Ben ... It's not your fault."

"I'm sorry..."

"It's not your fault. Please, just love me now. Just love me." Dawn suited words to action by rolling her hips, stimulating exquisite feelings in both of us as her tight, slick pussy squeezed and caressed my throbbing cock. "Just love me."

"I love you," I sighed and pumped. "I love you."

"Nnnghhhh," Dawn moaned as she clutched me even tighter and bit her teeth down against my neck. Her fingertips dug into the grooves behind my shoulder blades as my body rose and fell above her.

I winced in mild pain as Dawn dug in a little deeper, her fingernails etching into my sweaty skin as our bodies flushed with arousal. But I didn't care. To feel that tingle of pain reminded me that this was real, that my Dawn really was beneath me. I covered her mouth with my own and moaned as she clenched her inner muscles around my invading rod. Her knees and calves scrabbled to grip my ass and tug me into her with every thrust. And thrust I did.

"Fuck me, Ben! Fuck me!"

This wasn't a gentle lovemaking of healing; this was fucking. Dawn wanted to feel her boyfriend taking her. She trusted me. She had no fear of me. She wasn't afraid of sex. And I did my best to literally fuck Mark out of her mind. By the time I was done all she would know was that Ben, the boyfriend who loved her so dearly, had thoroughly fucked her.

"Oh, fuck, Ben! I'm cumming! You're making me cum, Ben!" Dawn grunted and tossed her head side-to-side. I felt the tension in her hips as they started jerking out of rhythm against me. "Cum with me! Cum with me!"

"Ugh, ugh," I grunted and put my head down on the mattress beside Dawn's head, concentrating on ramming myself into her without restraint.

"Unnngh!" Dawn moaned and then turned her face to mine, latching onto my lips and kissing me fiercely while she tightened up and came. Her back tried to arch up as she pressed herself against me, and I felt her pussy muscles quivering as the climax spread throughout her body.

I was just a few seconds behind her. In the end, it was her internal muscle spasms that set me off, and Dawn's womb was flooded with wave after wave of hot semen. Only this time, she welcomed it with full awareness and delight.

"Oh, Ben..." Dawn whimpered, her crystal blue eyes glittering as she felt the hot wetness splashing against her innards.

"Unnngh," I grunted as my hips jerked and I spat out another wad.

"Oh, Ben," Dawn sighed, tracing her fingers along my cheek as she searched my eyes, soaking in all the love I felt for her. "Whatever the reason, I'm so happy that you're here."

After enjoying the post-coital glow in each other's arms for a while, Dawn and I eventually left the bed and cleaned up. There was a connected Jack-and-Jill bathroom between hers and Dayna's bedrooms and we slipped in to take a quick shower together. Lots of touching and caressing ensued, but we felt better just holding each other in the warm spray rather than doing anything kinky.

While we were dressing, I marveled at how completely normal Dawn looked given everything she'd just been through. Gently, I asked, "Aren't you traumatized a little bit?"

Dawn smiled at me while pulling a shirt over her head and removing my wonderful view of her bra-supported breasts. "To be honest, I barely remember anything. They said that's one of the drug's effects."

I winced at the thought of anyone using a date-rape drug on my Dawn.

"Really," she hugged herself and looked at me with sad eyes. "I was more traumatized by the thought of losing you, Ben. That's what made me scream and that's what brought my parents running. And since I haven't lost you, Ben, all I can feel is relieved happiness."

Dawn eyebrows furrowed and she stared at the floor. Then taking a deep breath, she exhaled slowly and admitted, "Ben, when I woke up and found the sperm inside me, I assumed I'd gotten drunk and done something stupid. There was this guy at the party, Ben. And I was tempted. I'm sorry but I was sorely tempted. I missed you terribly and I hadn't gotten laid in so long..."

I paled and bit my lip. I knew the feeling.

"It's weird," Dawn continued while looking me in the eye warily. "I can't help but think that in the state I was in, with how confused I felt, I might have just tried to clean away the evidence and pretend nothing had ever happened. And then Mark would have gotten away scot free."

She then took a breath and stared longingly at me. "But all I could think of was you. All I could think was how I'd betrayed out and had to talk to you. And when you hung up on me it destroyed me. I screamed, my parents came, and the next thing I knew Mark was confessing to the ****. In a weird, roundabout way, you saved me."

I wasn't sure how to respond to that. My brain was still trying to comprehend what she was telling me.

"But Ben, I'm so sorry." Dawn's lower lip quivered. "I never should have had so much to drink or gotten into that situation in the first place. I've ... I've done some things in the past month that I'm not proud of. Some things you might not have been happy with if you knew. Ben, I-"

"Shh..." I soothed and took my love into my arms, hugging her tightly.

"I need to confess these things, Ben," Dawn whimpered. "There's this guy I've been hanging out with. And we haven't done anything ... really. But ... but ... I'm..." She sighed. "I'm afraid you'll leave me when I tell you."

I bit my lip and thought about what Brandi had warned me. Eleven months is a long time, and I knew the temptations as well as anyone. "I have some things to confess myself, Dawn. Things that worry me about whether you'll still love me."

"Ben, nothing you could say would make me stop loving you," Dawn gripped me fiercely and held on for dear life. "You're here with me, now. You dropped everything and drove through the night to be with me. That's all I need to know. You can confess whatever, and I'll still love you. You're my Ben."

I smiled and patted her back. "And I heard the pain in your voice over what happened last night. I feel it in your arms as you're hugging me right now," I reassured her. "You regret everything you've done, and that's all I need to know. You can confess whatever. I may not be happy about it but I'll accept it. Okay? You're my Dawn."

She nodded and then held herself at arm's length from me. Then taking a deep breath, she nodded us over to the bed. Instead of sitting beside each other, though, I moved my back against the pillows and the headboard and pulled Dawn against my chest so she could rest her head on my shoulder and cuddle up to my side.

And then we both confessed our sins.

Dawn went first, explaining about her best friend's boyfriend's best friend, Ryan. I felt a knot in my stomach as she admitted that he was very handsome and how she found him quite attractive. She'd kept him at bay for a long time but he was always around being attentive, and she admitted she liked the attention, even letting him kiss her. She'd stayed steadfast in her loyalty to me but things had come to a head on Halloween night at the party. She'd gotten drunk and they'd started to get naked, but before he got her panties off she'd told him to stop and while her memory was fuzzy, she was certain that was as far as things went before Mark got a hold of her.

Dawn was distraught and while I wasn't exactly thrilled with her, I wasn't angry either. I certainly understood the temptation and how hard it must have been for Dawn without any dick. At least I was getting pussy from my sisters and really, when Dawn had told me she needed to confess, I'd been anticipating something more terrible.

I soothed her for a bit, and then I think I scared her when I admitted I'd done a little bit worse than she had.

The look on Dawn's face when I said that almost made me chicken out. But like always, my conscience wouldn't let me and I told her that at the same time she'd called me on Halloween night, I was about to call her to come clean.

Dawn bit her lip and let me explain about my ex-girlfriend Adrienne having severe trust issues dating back to her childhood, without me going into specifics. I explained how I'd worked hard to develop friendships with my exes and how Adrienne had been coming over every week to hang out with my family. And I told her about how Adrienne was coming off a string of failed relationships with boys she couldn't trust and how she'd thrown herself at me, giving me a blowjob and me finishing in her mouth. I couldn't read Dawn's expression at that point but I plowed ahead, wanting to quickly get to the point where I'd walked away and gone to call Dawn and confess all.

When I finished Dawn sighed and rubbed her temples in resignation while asking, "Is that everything?"

I blanched and shook my head. Then I explained how I'd gone off the deep end when Dawn called me to tell me she thought she'd cheated. In typical Ben- fashion, I'd marched back over to Adrienne's house to get my revenge fuck, Adrienne declaring her love for me. But then I hurriedly explained to Dawn that I once again couldn't go through with it and came home. That's when I found out what had happened and I ran to my car.

Dawn was quiet for a long while, clearly lost in thought.

I was quiet myself, not only considering the things I'd done but also the temptations Dawn herself had gone through.

Dawn broke the silence before I did. "Okay. I've made mistakes. You've made mistakes. But I knew we would make them. I know the kind of boy you are, Ben, and I have to admit, I'm actually surprised you haven't had even more close-calls with the girls down in Orange County."

I bit my lip and thought of Megan's lingerie-seduction, Heather Wilkinson's blatant offers, or the other girls around school who constantly flirted with me. "I've been tempted..."

"Me, too. But I still love you with all my heart, Ben." Dawn then smiled and threw her arms around me.

I sighed with obvious relief. "I love you, too."

We were quiet for a few minutes, simply holding each other and reaffirming to ourselves that we were a relationship that could last the ages. Yeah, we were still teenagers and teenaged romances rarely worked out. But then again, we had more than seventeen years of partnership to build from, dating back to our infancy.

Still... "We still need to talk about the future, Dawn. It's been three months and look what happened to us," I sighed. "Eight more could actually kill us."

"Yeah, about that Ben," Dawn began. But before she could finish, the bedroom door banged open.

"DAWN!" Dayna Evans panted in the doorway, leaning against the doorknob with her eyes wide. And in a whirlwind of blonde hair and scattered limbs, my girlfriend was practically tackled off of me as Dayna scooped up her younger sister and bear-hugged her fiercely. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Dawn tried to proclaim while Dayna did her best to squeeze her lungs out.

"Oh, gawd. I drove down as soon as Mom called me. Why the fuck didn't she call me earlier?" Dayna screeched. "And where is that little motherfucker who did this to you?"

"Relax, relax," Dawn tried to calm her. "Ben's here and everything is okay now."

"Yeah. Hey Ben," Dayna glanced at me before immediately returning her attention to her sister. She held Dawn's shoulders squarely in her hands and scrutinized her little sister's face. "You sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine."

Dayna scrunched up her forehead, examining her sister and then looking over at me. "Wow, you really ARE a magic cure-all for Dawn, aren't you?"

The girls decided to return downstairs. In addition to Dayna arriving from college, my sister Brandi had come along to lend her support. DJ had also just gotten home from school and the three girls circled around Dawn to ask questions as well as offer their condolences and advice.

I returned to Dawn's room with my cell phone plugged into her Nokia charger and checked in with my mom. "Hey, everything's okay up here."

"How are you?" My mom asked. "They fed you and cleaned you up?"

"Yeah. Dawn's mom cleaned my clothes. They're lending me some T-shirts and my jeans will last until Sunday."

"So you're staying through the weekend?" she queried. "You could still get back in time for class tomorrow."

"Not happening. I'm not leaving until I'm sure that Dawn's alright," I said firmly. "Even if that goes past Sunday."

Mom sighed through the phone line. "Okay. I talked to Principal Hsueh about the situation. She's remarkably understanding and she already granted you a leave of absence today and tomorrow. But she expects you to be back on Monday."

"I'll try," I agreed. "We both know this isn't just about me missing school."

"I know, I know," Mom sighed. "Is Brandi there? When I talked to her she said she was driving down with Dayna."

"Yeah. Is there anything you want me to tell her?"

"No, just wondering. Look, you take care, Ben, and let me know what's going on. I understand what you're going through but you're still just a teenager and this is the farthest and longest you've ever been from home alone."

"I can handle it."

"Okay. Call me tomorrow."

"I will."

When I got downstairs, Brandi was holding Dawn's hand on the couch while they talked in quiet tones. DJ sat across from them, wide-eyed and a little in shock. I think the youngest Evans sister was young enough and naïve enough about sex that the idea of date-rape completely terrified her, more so than the others.

Dayna was futzing around in the kitchen and as I heard her rummaging around, I felt my own stomach growl. I hadn't eaten since 7am, which was an eternity for a 17-year-old boy.

The sound of my stomach growling alerted the girls to my presence and Dawn turned around with a smile on her face. Brandi also looked up and smiled, "Hey, bro. Long drive, huh?"

I sighed. "You wouldn't believe. Six hours is long enough without panicking over something like this. I spent the entire drive wondering how the girl I love was coping."

Dawn smiled sweetly at that and she scooted over on the couch to let me slide next to her and wrap my arms around her waist. She sighed and leaned against my shoulder. Our sisters just beamed at us.

"This'll sound really bad at a time like this," Brandi began while looking proudly over the two of us. "But you two are sooo lucky to have been born with a ready- made soul mate."

Dawn and I both blushed and I kissed her forehead while clutching her tightly. Then Dawn sighed, "I still don't know what I'm going to do when he's gone though. I'm convinced that the minute he drives away, I'm going to go completely to pieces."

Brandi pinched her lips and nodded sympathetically. And then something else hit her head and she gave me a stern look. "Did you, ah, have THE talk, Ben?" my sister asked me.

I knew the talk she was referring to and shook my head in the negative. "But I think we were just starting when you guys arrived."

Brandi nodded and Dawn looked at me. "What talk?" my girlfriend asked.

I sighed and glanced at first DJ and then back to Dawn. Twisting my mouth up for a moment as I tried to figure out how to answer, I finally just said, "About sex, needs, and openness, Dawn. About how we're going to get through the next eight months without destroying ourselves or our relationship."

"Ahh," Dawn nodded knowingly. "THAT talk."

After dinner with the Evans family and Brandi, Dawn and I decided to get out of the house and be alone for a little while. I took her out to my car, at which my girlfriend pointed with a little smile. "That piece of junk made it all the way up here?"

"Hey, don't knock the car," I protested. "It's MY piece of junk and without it, I wouldn't have been able to come up to you so quickly."

"Okay, okay," Dawn grinned. "How did you hook up with eighteen girls last year driving that thing?"

I rolled my eyes and ignored chivalry, getting into the driver's side. Dawn laughed and let herself into the passenger seat. We started off, with Dawn pointing out various landmarks and places we used to visit when we were kids. She also pointed out how some of our favorite restaurants and playground areas no longer existed. Case in point: a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place our parents brought us to ALL time as kids wasn't there anymore. In fact, the entire strip mall was gone, now the parking lot for a Home Depot.

Eventually, she led us to a frontage road against San Francisco Bay. We were only a mile or so from the 101 ("Just '101'," Dawn pointed out. "We don't say 'the' before a freeway number up here"). And yet despite the close proximity to civilization, it was near dark as we looked across the vast expanse of water with the San Mateo Bridge lights off in the distance. It appeared to be a moderately popular place at night, as I saw five or six other cards parked at discreet distances away from each other.

The moment I turned off the engine and plunged us into darkness, Dawn quietly asked, "Do you miss it, Ben? Hooking up with eighteen different girls at school?"

"I didn't hook up with eighteen different girls all at school," I clarified. "You, Dayna, Brandi, even Brooke were counted in that number and they all weren't-"

"Whatever," Dawn waved me off. "The number's not important."

Feeling rebuked, I frowned. "I'd give it all up in a heartbeat to have you next to me. I DID give it all up."

"But when I'm not next to you..." Dawn sighed and looked down. She wrung her hands and bit her lip. "Girls are still flirting with you and making offers, aren't they? Brandi told me about the reputation you've got at that school."

I blinked a few times and nodded. "A few."

"And you're tempted, aren't you? Not just girls like Adrienne, but girls who just want to hook up, right?"

"I suppose," I answered carefully, not quite sure where Dawn was going with this.

"Ben," Dawn began, biting her lip and wincing. "Listen very carefully and think before you give me an answer. Could you sleep with them and still love me?"

I wanted to blurt 'of course' as I latched onto the reassuring phrase that I would love Dawn no matter what. But I bit my tongue and considered her question. As requested, I thought about it before giving her an answer, now certain where she was going with this.

"Dawn, I don't have to. I love you and only you. I made a mistake with Adrienne the other night, I know that. But when push came to shove I stayed loyal, and if I can resist her I know I can resist anyone."

"Ben, this isn't a question of faith. I know you love me and believe it or not, I think you really could keep it in your pants if you really needed to, eight months or not." Dawn sighed. "But ... but..."

My girlfriend winced and pinched her eyes shut. I reached my hand out to touch her shoulder and Dawn tilted her head down, inviting me to cradle her cheek. She let me caress her smooth, soft skin for a moment before turning her head and kissing my palm. And then with tears in her eyes she looked over at me and said, "Ben, I'm sorry, but I don't want to have to go celibate for the next eight months. I'm asking you if you believe I can have sex with another guy and still love you."

Reflexively, I jerked my hand away from her. For what little a relationship we'd had, I'd shown an unusual jealousy over Dawn that I hadn't felt over anyone else. I'd had three girlfriends in my life, one of them a habitual flirt in Adrienne. And I'd never felt the slightest jealousy at any of them getting male attention. But the thought of Dawn with another man turned my stomach.

Dawn sensed my unease and she grabbed my hand with both of hers, looking at me intently. "Please, Ben. It doesn't mean I love you any less and if we were together, this wouldn't even be an issue. If it really bothers you then we can go on having a long-distance, monogamous relationship and I'll suck it up. I will."

Her lips pressed together tightly and her eyes looked at me pleadingly. "But Ben, I think we do need an open relationship. You were boyishly idealistic that a couple of horny teenagers could be apart for eleven months without being tempted. But it's harder than that. I've been tempted. You've been tempted. And it physically hurts sometimes to be that horny without any way of getting release."

"You've got DJ and Dayna," I whined.

"They don't have a dick, Ben. You've got pussy at home. But seriously, if Brooke hadn't been fucking your brains out every few days, would you really have walked away from Adrienne that night?"

I blanched and turned my head.

Dawn let me stew for another few seconds before she squeezed my hand. "Again, if I have to, I won't. I'll love you forever, Ben, and if it hurts you I won't. But don't you think this would be better? For both of us? I told you before that I can live with sex for sex's sake. It's not ideal, and if we were together I wouldn't even look at another man. But we're not, and we both have needs, Ben."

I frowned. I had to admit, being given permission by my girlfriend to get laid with other girls held a MASSIVE appeal to me. Megan and Cassidy together had provided me with variety. Adrienne let me bone Mizuho and party with girls like Candy, Summer, and Lynne. And Dawn had brought sisters from both our families into our sexplay.

I loved Dawn, and I loved Brooke, but I had to admit that even I was getting just a little bored of screwing only my sister and Brooke herself was starting to show signs of taking interest in other boys. I didn't know how much longer we'd hold each other's attention for as regularly as we had.

But could I handle Dawn with other guys? It was only fair, wasn't it? I still didn't want to think about it, but as long as she loved me, didn't she deserve a little freedom? And hadn't Brandi warned me that my girlfriend was going a little stir- crazy without me?

"Please, Ben. Is it really so different than last year? When we were sixteen, we started to build this same sort of connection. But in the end, we parted and let each other do our own thing because we both knew we'd see each other again. I loved you then, Ben. You went out and had your eighteen girls and I still loved you when you came back to me this past summer. And I'll still love you next summer, no matter what. And after that, we'll be in college together and we'll never again have to be apart."

"You hope."

"We'll both get into Cal, Ben. I already know it."

"How do you know?"

"I just do. And..." Dawn took a deep breath and looked away.

I blinked a few times, momentarily surprised by her abrupt silence. "What?"

"I'm sorry, Ben. But I have to admit that I'm a little curious," Dawn said quietly without meeting my eyes. "You're the only man I've ever had, except for Mark; and I don't even remember that."

My heart went out to Dawn at the mention of Mark and her ****.

"I'm curious, Ben, what another man would be like. I KNOW it wouldn't change how much I love you, but I AM curious," Dawn looked at me with an apologetic expression.

I just nodded in understanding. Curiosity, I understood. And even though my gut didn't like the idea, I knew it was only fair. So trying to do the mature thing, I said, "The last thing I want is for you to forever wonder what it would be like. I suppose if we got married and you still held that curiosity, it would only hurt us from the inside-out."

Dawn, sensing the turn in my opinion, nodded agreeably.

I sighed. "Look Dawn, I have been around a few times and the one thing I'll warn you is that it's impossible to sleep someone and not have it ... change ... things."

"I'll love you forever," Dawn insisted.

"And I believe you," I held my hand up to her. "But you start developing feelings for these people. When you get that close, that intimate to someone, there's no going back."

"It's just sex, Ben. Not love. Surely you know a little bit about that."

I sighed and nodded. "Yeah, I do. And it's great sometimes, but it's still complicated."

"More complicated than trying to maintain monogamy from 500 miles away?" Dawn asked. "More complicated than fighting your instincts and suffering the torture of having these urges and desires and not being able to act on them? I love you, Ben, but like I said, eight more months of this will kill us."

I exhaled and nodded begrudgingly in agreement. "Probably." Monogamy sounded nice and seemed right, but the past few months trying to resist my natural impulses had been miserable. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Will you still love me in the end?"

I nodded confidently. "Forever, my Dawn."

She leaned across the seat and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Then yes. I think this will be good for both of us."

Dawn and I stayed out at the local Lover's Lane until almost 10pm. Once we'd made a decision to make ours an open relationship until we reunited in the summer, we desperately felt the need to reassure the other that our love would remain true and that we would hold each other above all the rest even while we were apart.

Verbal reassurances turned into physical affections. Physical affections turned into sweet kisses and tight hugs. And this led to us getting naked in the reclined passenger seat and reminding ourselves how well we fit together.

Back at the Evans home, we stayed up half the night since we'd only awoken at 3pm the previous afternoon. More whisperings and tender caresses led to more quiet lovemaking, and happily sated we finally fell asleep in each other's arms.

We woke up around 11am on Friday. The day started off wonderfully, the two of us having the house to ourselves with Dayna and Brandi having returned to college, DJ at school, and the Evans parents at work. Dawn and I became nudists and reveled in our time to play hooky from school and romp naked throughout the house. Dawn even had the kinky idea to fuck on the floor of the family room, the same place where we'd played together as little children. In the old days, we might have drooled on the carpet. Today, a very different fluid dribbled out of a very different hole on Dawn's body.

And then, for Friday night, Dawn and I went on our absolute first REAL date. It was hard to imagine that given everything we'd been through in our relationship that we had yet to go on a date with each other. But since our entire time together had been at camp and afterwards we'd been parted, we'd never gotten the chance to go on a typical high school date.

At first, I was hesitant to take Dawn out. After all, she'd just been date-raped two evenings prior and even in the past 24-hours, I'd seen her have the occasional memory-flash back to the traumatic events. They weren't debilitating, but for the briefest of moments Dawn would tense up and I had to quickly move to hold or support her as she faced up to what had happened to her and conquered it in her mind. I was sure she wouldn't have complete closure until the Mark-police issue was resolved and worried that it was too soon for her to go out.

But Dawn insisted that she wouldn't let one bad event control her life and demanded that I take her out on a date. Plus, she wanted to introduce me to some of her friends.

"How are we going to explain why I'm here?" I asked with concern. "Or for that matter, why you've missed school and have been ignoring your phone messages."

Dawn thought about that for a few seconds. She fully intended to keep the date- **** part a secret for now and her family agreed that rumors spreading around the school wouldn't be helpful. So Dawn just shrugged and said, "You missed me terribly and spontaneously came to visit. I ditched school for a couple of days and ignored my phone because WE were too busy fucking each other's brains out." She giggled breezily.

I shrugged. "Works for me."

And so we headed out and rendezvoused at the mall with several of Dawn's school friends for the opening of Monsters, Inc., which turned out to be a perfect date movie.

Dawn got the usual concerned questions about where she'd been the past couple of days and how they'd called without answer to check on her after the Halloween party. But since she was safe and sound and I was on her arm, concern soon vanished amidst curiosity. They got a kick out of Dawn's sly remark that we'd been too busy screwing to pick up the phone.

Dawn's girlfriends suitably gushed over finally meeting the famous Ben and dirty-blonde Gwen was cheeky enough to remark, "He's cute. Can I borrow him?"

Given everything Dawn and I had talked about open relationships, we both started chuckling and giving each other teasing looks.

I also met the guys of the group and without necessarily intending to, I found myself coolly evaluating each guy as a potential bed partner for Dawn while I was away. I actually remembered Tricia from when we were kids and her boyfriend was quite the tall, dark, and handsome hunk.

But I wasn't worried about Stephen. Ryan immediately caught my eye as the kind of handsome, charming guy Dawn often went for and it took all of half a second for me to make the connection back to Dawn's tearful admission of how close she'd come to cheating on me at the Halloween party. And the instant I introduced myself as Dawn's boyfriend, Ryan got a deer-in-the-headlights expression and looked ready to bolt.

I didn't help matters by squeezing his hand as hard as I physically could and glaring menacingly at the guy, not easy since he was 6'2" and outweighed me by quite a bit. Seriously, the guy's muscles had muscles. I inherently distrusted a 19-year-old community college guy hanging out with my Dawn, but the girl in question quickly got hold of me and stared me straight in the eye. "Now Ben, I want you and Ryan to get along, got it?"

I sort of growled underneath my breath and Ryan immediately turned to my girlfriend. "Dawn, please, I am SO sorry about what happened at the party. Things just got out of hand and-"

"It's okay, Ryan," Dawn held her hand up.

But the guy had been stewing over his guilt for two days now and he wasn't totally calmed by Dawn's dismissal just yet. "Really, Dawn. I went WAY beyond-"

"Ryan, Ryan, relax," Dawn soothed him. "It's not your fault. We both got a little drunk. I already explained everything to Ben and it's cool, right Ben?"

Ryan just looked even more scared at Dawn's admission that she'd come clean to me. But I felt some of my anger fading away. The guy looked truly apologetic for overstepping his bounds and I offered him my hand again, this time with my fingers loose. "It's cool," I said firmly. "She IS quite gorgeous and part of being with her means knowing she's going to get some attention."

I figured if I had to learn to deal with an open relationship, I might as well start now. I didn't WANT to picture Ryan with my Dawn, but I could read in the way she'd talked about him that the tall blonde hunk with sterling blue eyes had probably starred in one or two of Dawn's fantasies. Rather than trying to fight it, I'd be better off getting to know him and making sure for myself that he'd treat her right while she and I were apart.

"Uh, okay," Ryan shook my hand, this time without either of us getting into a contest of strength.

The rest of my introductions went with comparative ease and then it was time for us to head into the movie. Afterwards, with everyone floating on the high of Pixar joy and several people giggling cute versions of "Kitty," we hit a McDonald's to have a typical High School group date dinner.

"Oh, what I wouldn't give for an In-N-Out," I sighed. But my momentary melancholy didn't last. Dawn was bubbly and laughing with her friends. And as she pleasantly engaged in the social routine of hanging out with her friends, I started to lose my final worries over her emotional health after everything she'd just been through. Literally, two days after getting date-raped, she was perfectly normal.

Yeah, maybe it was because she barely remembered it, but Dawn was an incredibly strong young woman, and I was just proud to be by her side.

On Saturday, Dayna came back home just to be around in support of Dawn. It was a good thing too, since just after breakfast, the police called the girls' parents to update them on the status of Dawn's **** case.

At first, we didn't know what was going on. Dayna was chatterboxing to Dawn and I in the family room about inconsequential things when their dad picked up the phone and immediately went stiff. Any suspicions we had were confirmed when he darted a look at Dawn and then immediately moved away and into the kitchen. From then, the three of us went deadly quiet as we listened to muffled phrases like "Uh-huh" and "I see" floating through the doorway.

Perhaps fifteen minutes later, he came out and sat down on the coffee table, reaching out to hold his middle daughter's hands.

Dawn was shaking so hard I couldn't even restrain her; but I did my best to just rub her back while Dayna came over and squeezed her shoulder. She did start to relax a bit when her dad smiled encouragingly.

"Dawn, sweetie, it's over," Jack Evans said firmly. "The police found a bottle of rohypnol in Mark's bedside table and, ah, sexual evidence on the couch in the living room. Preliminary tests on your, ah, medical evaluation confirm Mark's identity. When presented with this evidence he confessed and pled guilty to get a reduced sentence. He's still being put in juvenile hall with probation at six months for good behavior. Actually, he's lucky he's just seventeen and they were willing to try him as a minor. But the point is, Mark's guilty, they're locking him up, and he can't hurt you any more."

Tears had already begun slowly rolling down Dawn's cheeks, and as her father finished she broke into choking sobs. I quickly surrounded her with my arms and felt the warm touch of Dayna hugging her from the other side. Her father similarly reached out and rubbed her leg, and together the three of us held her firmly as Dawn quivered and cried.

After another two minutes, Dawn's mom arrived and similarly moved to touch her daughter's shoulder. A minute after that, DJ wandered in and took one look at the situation. Not quite understanding, she hung back.

But quicker than I would have expected, Dawn got control of herself and gently indicated to us that we could let go of her. She sniffled and wiped her face on the tissues her mom provided, and at that point DJ snuck in and gave her big sister a hug.

Dawn managed to smile. "I'm okay, I'm okay."

"You sure?" her mom asked.

"Yeah," she chuckled quietly. "I told you. I was more freaked out about losing Ben than what happened with Mark. But since Ben's here, I think I'm doing great, actually." She sighed. "I'm just sorry for Mark. He wasn't a bad person. He was a sweet guy, actually. He just got a little obsessed, that's all."

"Well, you're worth obsessing over," I said and hugged my girlfriend again.

The whole family took the rest of the day off. Everyone stayed in the house and as evening approached, the day found the two of us and big sister Dayna once again chatting in the living room.

Dayna studied Dawn for a few seconds before shaking her head slowly with a smile and commenting, "I've gotta admit, sis, you're holding up far better than I could even dream of in a situation like this."

Dawn wrapped herself tightly around my arm and squeezed it. "Only because he's here with me. Ask me again how I'm feeling once he's gone."

I frowned and sagged into the couch. Ever since I arrived, despite the lack of my usual toiletries and clothing, I'd intellectually known I wouldn't be at the Evans home forever. But that knowledge never really hit me until right when Dawn said that. "I don't wanna go," I mumbled.

"I don't want you to go, either," my love turned and rubbed my cheek. Then she sighed, "But we both know you have to tomorrow."

"I'm sorry." My eyebrows furrowed.

"Don't be," Dawn tried to give me a hopeful expression. "I'll manage. I'll try not to get too lonely without you."

Her "lonely" comment sparked another thought inside me. "About that ... are we ... ah," I glanced at Dayna for a moment. "That thing we talked about Thursday night. Is that still what you want?"

Despite my attempt to obfuscate the topic, Dayna caught on. "Dawn, are you two going to do that open relationship you'd been talking about?"

Dawn blushed and looked at me. "Yeah, I think so." Her voice and words wavered, but her eyes were clear and steady.

"You know how that is going to work?" Dayna asked, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. "Because believe me, it's not a free-for-all. An open relationship is just like any relationship, with rules and limits. I should know." The 19-year-old blonde bombshell grinned naughtily.

I frowned and looked at Dawn. "Uh, I guess we haven't discussed that far."

"Well, you'd better figure it out before he leaves," Dayna said sagely. "Trust me, it just works out better that way. There's 'open', and then there's some limits. For example, there's this one guy I'm seeing? He know's I'm with other guys but I don't want him going anywhere near his ex-girlfriend."

Dawn bit her lip and looked over at me, nodding slowly. And then with shrugged eyebrows, she said, "Looks like we'd better hash this out."

"Ooh, goody," Dayna leaned forward and rubbed her hands.

Dawn just rolled her eyes. "Come on, Ben. Let's go to my room."

"Aww..." Dayna moaned.

"Go watch TV with DJ," Dawn grinned back at her sister. "I don't want to catch you eavesdropping outside my door."

"So, to Dayna's point," I asked warily. "Is there anyone you want to be off-limits? Ex-girlfriends perhaps?"

Dawn looked thoughtful for a minute before stating, "You said Megan and Cassidy are both with new boyfriends, right?"


"Pretty seriously?"

"Yeah." I shrugged. "I don't really think anything would happen with them anyways. We've kinda moved on."

"But then Adrienne is still around you all the time. She gave you a blowjob and you said you think she's still a bit in love with you." Dawn gave me a pointed look, clear concern etched on her face.

"Yeah," I sighed. "Look, I can totally understand and agree if you want to make her off-limits sexually; but hear me out on this. Without giving away her secrets, Adrienne's got some fucked-up shit in her past that makes her very vulnerable. She's been coming to my family's house every week for months now, not for me, but to be with my family. Her dad completely ignores her and I don't really think I could deny her my family's support. Is that okay?"

Dawn blinked a few times and then reached forward to touch my cheek. We were sitting face-to-face on her bed and she rubbed my face tenderly. "You still care a lot about her, don't you?"

I furrowed my brow, immediately denying anything, "Naw, no. She's a friend. Yeah, I think she's hot, but she's just a friend."

Dawn read my eyes for a long few moments and then said, "OK."

I couldn't help but be a little unclear on what 'OK' meant so I arched an eyebrow and asked, "OK what? OK she's off-limits sexually but you won't mind her visiting with my family?"

"OK there's no limits, sexually or otherwise," Dawn clarified. "I'll let you make your own judgment about her."

I blinked twice and frowned. "Really? I mean, I'm totally not planning anything but I just thought if you were going to declare anyone off-limits, it would be her. She WAS the one I made the mistake with."

"I trust you, Ben. Part of the whole reason I went into this was because I don't want either of us feeling restrained. I know I'll love you in the end and I believe you'll still love me next year. If something happens between you and Adrienne ... well, I can live with it. As long as your heart belongs to me. I trust your decision- making."

"Ooh, bad move," I raised my eyebrows. "You can trust my heart and my head. My dick has a mind of its own, though."

Dawn giggled. "I'm not worried. But do you have any limits on me?"

Frowning, I shook my head and exhaled. "Am I correct in assuming Ryan is one of those you're considering?"

Dawn tilted her head and nodded slowly. "The only one, actually. Are you okay with that?"

I sighed. This was a big decision, but I couldn't back down now. "Look, just don't start sending me IM's bragging about how big a dick he's got, okay?"

Dawn laughed. "Deal." And then she glanced up as if just thinking of something. "Okay, I came up with one rule: You make DAMN sure you don't knock anybody up. Bring condoms if you have to. Check to make sure they're on the pill; don't just take their word for it."

I nodded, "Fair enough." I brainstormed for another few seconds, coming up with little restrictions. "I'd rather you didn't sleep overnight with anyone, Dawn. Sex to get laid I can understand. But overnight cuddling..."

"Deal. You too." Dawn nodded. "And priorities. I reserve the right to call you and demand your time, even if you're about to get laid if I really need to talk to you."

"Ah, how close are we talking about? I mean, if I'm already fucking..."

Dawn giggled. "Just hurry up and cum and then call me back, okay?"

I smiled, "Okay." And then a big one hit me. "Ooh, no dating. Group dates are fine, Dawn. But really, I don't want to hear about Ryan taking you to some romantic dinner and then taking you dancing and bringing you flowers and then four hours later bringing you to his bed for some long, drawn-out lovemaking session that-"

"I got it, I got it," Dawn held up her hand. "Sex for sex's sake, that's the arrangement."


"You too."

"Of course."

"And I can change my mind about these rules. If someone comes up that I want to make off-limits down the road-"

"Deal," I waved. "Besides, I'm still coming back for Thanksgiving. If there's anything we still need to work out, we can work it out then. It's only three weeks away."

Dawn nodded.

I sighed as I wracked my brain for something else. "Is that it?"

"I think so. For now, at least. If we come up with anything else, we can talk about it."

I shook my head slowly. "No other rules; no limits?"

Dawn shrugged. "Just the most important rule: Keep your heart for me, Ben. You can do anything else, but if anything makes you even question that, don't do it."

"I won't. I LOVE you, Dawn."

"I know you do. I love you, too."

Dawn reached out and cupped my face in her hands, smiling brilliantly. It was strange. We'd just worked out an agreement to permit sex with other people, and yet I'd never felt closer to Dawn than this moment. We'd made an extreme commitment to each other, a commitment without sexual fidelity. And as we stared into each other's eyes with little smiles on our faces, I knew, deep down, that these would be the same eyes I'd be looking into sixty years down the road while our grandchildren danced around us.

Yeah, we'd have sex with other people. We were young and we were horny and we were separated by five hundred miles. But our love knew no boundaries. Our hearts had found each other when we were little and no matter where they went, they would find their way back.

But they didn't need to "find their way back" right now. Dawn was here, in my arms. And I fully intended to take advantage of that fact. So as Dawn held my face, I moved my hands up to her shoulders and gently tipped us over onto our sides as we fell, giggling, to the mattress. We came together in a flurry of quick, affectionate pecks. And then I pulled back to stare my true love into her eyes.

"We've worked out the rules for when we're apart," I told her. "But I've got a rule for me when I'm with you."

"And what's that?" Dawn asked, grinning.

"Mmm," I hummed while rolling Dawn onto her back and started sliding down her body until my head was over her crotch. My hands reached to her waist, hooking my fingers into the bands of both her shorts and her panties. "I am required, whenever present, to give you as many incredible orgasms as humanly possible."

Dawn giggled as I stripped her naked below the waist and slid my head between her thighs. "I think I'm going to like this rule."

Sunday morning, I awoke to the sweet scent of Dawn's fine blonde hair in my face. My naked chest was pressed up against her naked back, and as the tingling sensation of awareness spread throughout my body, I realized that we'd fallen asleep naked.

My arms instinctively tightened as my hand cupped a very round, very firm breast. And as my fingers roved I felt her nipple hardening against my palm as her breathing deepened in her sleep. My morning wood was banana-bent and trapped in her butt-cleavage, a very nice place to be as on instinct I began humping myself slowly through that groove of naked assflesh.

Still not yet awake, Dawn moaned lightly. My right hand continued to manipulate her boob while my left clutched her just a little tighter against me. And my breathing became a little more shallow as I began sliding my entire body along her backside in an effort to better stimulate my bare cock against her ass. Even though I wasn't even fucking her, the pleasure felt incredibly good and I closed my eyes to just enjoy more or less using my girlfriend's unconscious body for my pleasure.

But Dawn wasn't unconscious for long. I actually didn't realize she'd woken up until I felt her hand reach behind and wrap around my cock. At that point my eyes fluttered open and then I groaned in anticipation as she tugged me lower, guided me between her legs, and began rubbing my mushroom head along her pussy lips.

Dampened by her own morning arousal as well as what was left of last night's spending still inside her, Dawn quickly moistened my tip and then began pressing me inside her folds. And with a suddenness that caught us both by surprise, my head popped into her and my hips lunged forward to cram an extra two inches of dick along with it.

Dawn gasped and reached her arm back behind my head to pull me closer to her. I dropped my right hand from her breast and moved to her hip to give me leverage enough to press the rest of my shaft inside her. And once my crotch was firmly pressed up against her buttcheeks with nowhere further to go, Dawn let her head roll forward on the pillow as she sighed happily. "I want you inside me forever, Ben," she began, her throat a little dry from not having been used for several hours.

"Me, too. I don't want to leave this afternoon," I husked into her ear from behind while I pulled back a few inches and then rammed forward once again.

"Then don't," Dawn moaned as she began humping her hips back at me.

"Then I won't," I groaned and started fucking her harder.

It was a pipe dream. We both knew I would be leaving in a few hours. But for now, it was a pleasant dream we both wanted to believe in. And so closing my eyes, I rested my forehead against Dawn's now sweaty back and reached around to cup her swaying tits, fantasizing about fucking her like this forever.

Meanwhile, Dawn reached back to grab my ass and tug me into her with every thrust, and together we decided to ignore the real world and just enjoy what little time we had left.

"Fuck me, Ben..." Dawn crooned. "Fuck me..."

"Oh, Dawn ... Oh, Dawn..." I sighed. My left hand snaked around to caress my lover's nipples and for a time, I used both tits as handholds to aid in humping this gorgeous teenager. But as I sensed her breath quickening and her body tensing, I dropped my right hand to her crotch and rapidly, but gently, began stroking her oversensitized clit.

The reaction was almost immediate. Already stimulated to the point of orgasm by the morning-surprise fuck, Dawn's hips started wriggling as my fingers started stimulating and from deep in her throat, she began a keening wail that picked up in volume and pitch as her orgasm washed over her body.

But almost as soon as she started, the sound was abruptly cut off even while the rest of her body continued to quake in the usual vibrations of orgasm. The unexpected muffling of sound startled me from my own pleasure; so my eyes popped open and I picked my head up to see what was going on.

To my surprise, Dayna was sitting on the bed on the other side, her pajamas askew from playing with herself, and her hand was firmly clamped over Dawn's mouth. Behind her, the door to the shared bathroom between the girls was wide- open.

Now the sudden cutoff from sound had stopped my pending orgasm in its tracks, but Dawn had already been too far gone to stop herself. And with happy tears squeezing out of her shut eyelids, she moaned into her sister's palm as the climax played out across her naked body.

Only when Dawn was done and sagged flat against the mattress did Dayna finally pull her hand away. "Keep it down. You don't want to bring Mom and Dad in here," the eldest Evans daughter hissed.

Dawn nodded with heavy-lidded eyes and then rolled forward, pulling her juicing snatch off my throbbingly hard erection. She lay flat on her belly and panted while Dayna's eyes went wide as she stared at my thick, purplish dick.

Sighing regretfully, Dayna murmured, "I always said you've got a beautiful dick, Ben."

So close to orgasm and yet not able to release, all I could do was groan in agony.

Dawn, wiped out a bit from the force of her orgasm and at the same time, not yet fully awake, darted her eyes back and forth between me and her big sister. And then with a little smile, my girlfriend looked at Dayna while head-nodding to me. "Go ahead, Dayna. I know you want to go for a ride."

"Really?" the big-titted blonde's face lit up. "This is your last day with him."

Dawn snorted. "He worked me over last night well enough; I'm exhausted. And you gave up your three boyfriends since Wednesday night to be here and support me. Go on. I know you've been dying to fuck him since you missed summer camp."

Dayna wasn't about to question her good fortune any further and I wasn't about to argue, either. My cock was more than ready and by now I was just DYING to cum.

So Dayna's pajamas came off in record time and as I rolled onto my back, the busty 19-year-old quickly straddled my hips and mounted my cock down to the hilt. "Ah, shit yeah..." she grunted as she felt my thickness filling her up. And then she collapsed forward to plant her hands on the mattress while dangling those glorious Double-D's right in my face.

I quickly latched onto the big orbs with both hands and my lips, munching happily while Dayna went from zero to sixty in half a second, humping me with abandon. She was already sopping wet and around a mouthful of tit, I paused to ask, "How long were you watching us?"

"I dunno," Dayna gasped, her stormy blue eyes looking down on me. "Long enough to rub myself to an orgasm. I was brushing my teeth when I heard you two starting to moan and I just HAD to come watch."

"You're such a voyeur," Dawn giggled as she finally got herself up and moved to kneel beside us.

"Mmm ... you'd better believe it," Dayna sighed as she sat upright, removing her tits from my face but giving me a nice view of them jiggling while she raised and lowered herself rhythmically.

Dawn was quick to take advantage of her sister's new position, sliding her own naked body up next to Dayna's and reaching one hand behind and around to fondle a heavy breast while her other hand went down to where my dick was spearing up into the older Evans girl's twat. And then she leaned towards Dayna's ear and husked, "Don't you just love fucking my boyfriend in front of me, big sister? Don't you love feeling his beautiful dick deep inside you while I squeeze your nipple and rub your clit? Aren't we just being so fucking naughty?"

"Yes..." Dayna moaned.

"Yes," I grunted as well while driving my hips off the mattress and into Dayna's tight pussy. After fucking Dawn in the morning and getting ridden by Dayna immediately afterwards, I was rapidly reaching the limits of my control.

Dawn noticed this as well and after leaning in to kiss Dayna's neck, she tilted her head back up and husked seductively, "He's about to cum inside you, sis. My boyfriend is gonna fill you up with all his spunk."

"Ohhh," Dayna groaned and then her body jerked as the mental image plus her little sister's dexterous fingers brought her over the edge. She was about to scream in release, but this time it was Dawn's turn to clamp a hand over her sister's mouth to muffle the exclamation.

Just as I felt Dayna's pussy clamp down around my cock, I let loose with my own volley as I blasted away, erupting an entire night's worth of semen up into the tall, slender, and busty older sister of my girlfriend. And with no one to muffle me, it was all I could do to grit my teeth and keep the noise down as I celebrated the fireworks going off in my head while firing wad after wad of hot jism into Dayna's vaginal cavity.

I felt the blissful release of my orgasm, each pulse of cum flying up and out of me into the gorgeous girl astride my hips. I watched Dayna's eyes roll back as she moaned into Dawn's hand. And I observed the proud, firm, huge tits bouncing as Dayna shook in climax. I thought that things just couldn't get any better than this.

But then the bedroom door opened and cute, young DJ popped her head in, a wolfish smile crossing her face as she took in the scene before her. "Oooh, yummy," she said perkily in her girlish voice. "Can I join in?"

DJ was already half-naked by the time either of her sisters got their mouths working. Dayna was the first to comment, "Doesn't your boyfriend give you enough?"

"Not like Ben," the youngest Evans sister grinned. "No mere 'boy' has ever been like Ben."

Dawn and Dayna shrugged at that and Dawn smiled at the skinny 15-year-old. "How could I let Ben have an open relationship and NOT share with my sisters?"

DJ eagerly shucked the rest of her pajamas and vaulted her nubile body onto the bed beside us. Her hair was pulled back in her customary braided pigtails and I felt a fresh twitch in my cock seeing her youthful beauty.

Dawn took charge as she helped lift Dayna's sodden pussy off my deflating cock. "You can play with my boyfriend for a bit, Deej. Just don't wear him out because I'll want him one more time before he goes." And then she turned to her older sister. "Now you, Dayna, just lay back and let me get all my man's goo out of you."

The next hour or so was one of the most incredible of my life. Men around the world dream of taking on three girls at once, but few ever do it. Even fewer pull off the feat with three sisters.

Well I fucked three beautiful, sexy, nubile, blonde, teenage sisters at the same time.

While Dawn's head was in Dayna's crotch slurping my spunk out, DJ quickly went to work tasting the mingled orgasmic juices of both her sisters and myself on my slowly softening cock. But with an agile tongue and youthful enthusiasm, the cute 15-year-old quickly had my dick returned to full hardness and stretching her mouth in a big 'O' around the shaft.

Once ready, I flipped DJ onto her back, lifted her legs into the air in a big 'V', and then impaled the young girl with my thick cock while holding her ankles aloft in my hands. "Holy SHIT!" DJ wailed as I battered apart her labia and sank deep into her pussy. This time there was no one to muffle her scream as I penetrated her tightness, and nobody seemed to care.

"Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck," the youngest Evans sister chanted when I started the rhythm. And with my hands gripping her ankles and bending them back toward her own ears, I roughly drove myself in and out of her, hammering her with an unrelenting force and intensity to remind her that I was no mere 'boy'.

DJ soaked up the pounding enthusiastically as her "fuck"-chanting gave way to unintelligible whimpering. And in the end, the young teenager simply screamed again as her pussy contracted and she started cumming on my dick.

After screwing DJ to her orgasm, I moved over to the side to where Dayna was still lying flat on her back and motioned Dawn out of the way. The situation was going to my head as the lust took over my brain. And my loving girlfriend Dawn just smiled and kissed me as I settled my hips and re-entered Dayna's sopping wet pussy.

"Unnngh, fuck yeah," Dayna groaned as I settled into her snatch. "Pound me, Big Ben!"

I started humping away, taking great delight in the movement of Dayna's massive tits as they bounced back and forth with every thrust. And very quickly I had the older, sunny blonde goddess gasping, "Oh, fuck! You're making me cum again!"

Indeed Dayna came, howling just as loud as her sister but in a slightly different pitch. And all through it, my cock kept pistoning in and out of her clenching snatch without pause or deceleration.

After riding out the waves of Dayna's orgasm, I pulled out once again and turned my attention towards new pussy. Dawn was on her back with DJ between her legs. Without warning, I grabbed DJ's lighter body around her waist and hoisted her up, squealing the whole time until I planted DJ on all fours on top of her sister. And then with the two Evans girls staring each other in the eye, I made Dawn watch the expressions crossing DJ's face as I gripped the 15-year-old's ass and rammed my dick into her from behind.

"Fuck!" DJ wailed cutely before re-starting her "fuck-fuck-fuck" chanting in a high- pitched, angelic voice. Dawn reached up and rubbed her sister's cheeks while the younger girl got the pounding of her life. And then she craned her neck up to cover DJ's lips with her own in a hot little kiss.

Having already made each sister cum at least once on my cock, I wasn't too concerned with pleasuring them, instead seeking my own release. I pulled out one time to plunge my cock into Dawn while still holding onto DJ and raining kisses, sucks, and tiny bites along the younger girl's back. But after a minute of screwing my girlfriend I pulled out and re-inserted myself into DJ, finally bearing down and hammering myself against her tight, little buttcheeks until I unloaded a great wad of cum into the young teen's twat.

Only then did the lust-craze finally dissipate out of my mind. Pulling out of DJ's saturated pussy, I collapsed onto my back while DJ rolled off to the side. Dayna was quick to embrace her baby sister which left Dawn free to come to me.

And while I lay there, panting for oxygen and giggling with a stupid smile on my face, my loving girlfriend moved over me and smiled beautifully. "See what happens when you give your love to me, Ben? Good things happen to you."

I agreed wholeheartedly.

"Got one more in you for me?" Dawn asked sweetly, touching my face with her fingertips and flashing her brilliant blue eyes.

I nodded, moaned, and felt a fresh twitching in my cock as my girlfriend took me into her mouth. I would always have one more for her.

"How the hell do you expect me to drive like this?" I groaned as leaned heavily against the driver's door of my beat-up Corolla. "I'm exhausted."

"You've got to learn to pace yourself, young man," Jack Evans said sagely. I still felt weird that my girlfriend's father was giving me sex advice.

"Pace?" Deanna Evans laughed and hit her husband in the chest. "You certainly weren't pacing yourself after we woke up and heard our daughters screwing Ben's brains out."

Jack blushed and gave me a bashful smile.

"Bye, Ben. See you next time," DJ said sultrily as she leaned into me with a warm hug and reached around to grab my ass. I returned the favor by tugging on the cute blonde's braided pigtails.

"Bye, Ben," Dayna pinched my cheek and grinned.

And then it was Dawn's turn. I sighed in abject sorrow. Dawn just tilted her head and kissed me tenderly.

"I love you," she husked and then whimpered softly, her face pinching in with the same sadness I felt in my own heart.

I moved my thumb up to brush away the tears dribbling down her cheeks, and then pecked her quickly once more. "I love you, too. You're my Dawn ... forever, remember? Don't forget that."

"I won't. And you're my Ben." Dawn nodded. "And Ben?"


"Have fun with this, okay? I really want you to enjoy yourself." She gave me a significant look.

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked her firmly in the eyes. "You too, okay?"

Dawn managed a small smile and nodded, blinking away her tears.

I kissed her again, and this time when I pulled back I opened the car door. "I'll see you in a few weeks."

Fireces Fireces

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