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46.37% The Ordinary Bitter Sweet Life Of Ben / Chapter 32: Chapter 26: Adrienne

Chapter 26: Adrienne - The Ordinary Bitter Sweet Life Of Ben - Chapter 32 by Fireces full book limited free

Chapter 32: Chapter 26: Adrienne


It's amazing how much cell phones change your life. Yeah, the easy communication is nice, but the expectation of communication is just so weird. See, the last time I missed a couple of days from school, I got one landline phone call to ask how I was doing; and it was from Megan, my girlfriend at the time. I told her I was sick and staying home and she got all cutesy and motherly and promised to stop by my place in the afternoon to make me feel better. But that was it. This past weekend while I'd been focusing all my energy on Dawn, I'd gotten SEVENTEEN voicemails..

Megan, Cassidy, and Adrienne had all left me messages on Thursday. Lynne tried Friday, and Adrienne left me a second message as well. Funny, none of my male friends seemed to care.

Well, Kenny did call on Saturday to ask if I was coming to play basketball. He didn't even comment on my absence from school. And Daniel finally left me a message later just hoping I was feeling better. He must have assumed I was out sick.

But that was just the first seven. Two more were from Lynne, babbling something about Adrienne, and the other eight were all from Adrienne herself, most accompanied by teary voicemails pleading with me to talk to her. And that didn't even include my mom telling me that Adrienne had called the house a dozen times while apparently too scared to walk over and ring the doorbell. When I got home on Sunday and finally listened to all those messages, I sighed and thought back to the last time I'd seen her, sprawled naked on her bed begging me to fuck her.

I'd left Adrienne there. I'd left her hanging and just walked away without a backwards glance. And I had no idea what she'd be like when I finally showed up.

"Where were you the last few days?" Megan hip-bumped me in the hallway on Monday, a curious but not interrogatory expression on her face.

I shrugged. "Home sick."

Megan frowned and she took my arm, stopping our forward progress as she turned towards me. "Ben, you're a terrible liar. Besides, your mom told me you were out of town when I called the house to check in on you."

I rolled my eyes. "It's personal, okay?"

She cocked an eyebrow and looked at me with concern. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, everything's fine now. It's just ... personal."

"Okay, okay," Megan held her hands up and started walking again. Then she folded her arms a little more tightly over her chest, looking mildly nervous for a second.

Now it was my turn to ask with concern, "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, yeah," Megan stammered for a second, and then looked around at the people around us before pulling me towards a more private alcove. "Uh, I feel like I need to tell you something, Ben."

I just nodded and leaned forward a bit so Megan wouldn't have to speak with a full voice.

Megan leaned forward as well and with that nervous look on her face, said, "James and I finally did it."

I blinked a couple of times before her words sunk in and then I furrowed my eyebrows. "Oh, uh, okay. Why are you telling me this?"

Megan blushed and gave me a nervous smile. "I don't know ... I, uh, just sort of thought you should know. I mean, I know we're not boyfriend/girlfriend anymore but I felt like I needed to be upfront and honest with you."

I smirked and shook my head. "You don't have to explain yourself to me, Megan. It's none of my business. But as your friend, and Kaito's friend as well, I guess I should say congratulations."

Megan turned red and I couldn't help but get in the extra dig. With a wry grin, I asked, "It IS congratulations, right? Or should I be offering my condolences? Was he that bad?" I mimed fucking motions with my hands.

"Ben!" Megan punched me in the chest. Then she sighed. "Well, I clearly don't have much to compare since you're the only other boy I've ever slept with. But ... well ... I mean, he was a virgin. So clearly he's got a lot to learn."

I nodded without judgment.

Megan smiled then. "But at least he seems willing and eager to figure it out."

I gave Megan my warmest smile and touched her on the arm. "Megan, I'm happy for you."

She sighed with some relief. "Thanks."

My second encounter with a female friend that Monday didn't go quite as smoothly.

It started when I met up with Lynne Arian before Calculus. The petite brunette took one look at me, then grabbed my hand and yanked me over to a more private area.

"Ben, where the hell have you been?" she hissed.


"You missed school Thursday and Friday and you weren't picking up your phone all weekend!" Lynne frowned.

"Uh, I was home sick?" My delivery was anything but convincing.

Lynne rolled her eyes. "You're not a very good liar, are you?"

I sighed. "Lynne, what's the big deal? Did I forget I promised a study session or something?"

"No, no," my cute classmate sighed. "This has nothing to do with me or with school. It's about Adrienne."

I furrowed my eyebrows and stood up straight, worry coming straight to my head. I'd already been a little anxious about how my ex-girlfriend would be, given the way we'd parted and the ten missed calls she'd left me in four days, 22 if you counted the house calls. And from the concern in Lynne's voice, I really started to worry that Adrienne had done something stupid to herself. "Lynne, what's wrong?" I asked urgently.

"I was hoping you'd tell me. I know she visits your place every Wednesday for dinner; she calls it the highlight of her week. And then last Thursday and Friday she was a complete zombie around school. She just skipped cheer practice! SKIPPED it. Not a word to anyone, and NOT something you'd expect from the Captain. And then this whole weekend she locked herself in that big, empty house and wouldn't come out. She wouldn't answer her phone and when Heather and I went over and banged on her door, she wouldn't let us in."

Lynne looked seriously freaked out but barely paused to breathe. "So anyways, the instant she showed up at school this morning Heather and I cornered her and started asking questions. We asked if something was going on with her dad or if she was having boyfriend problems. We wondered if she was in trouble with the school or if she'd been drinking or doing some drugs. She just sullenly answered 'no' to everything until Heather cocked her head and asked about you, specifically. Adrienne just went catatonic for a minute, not even flinching when we waved our hands in front of her face. But after that minute, she just took a deep breath and said, 'It's alright. I'm over it.' And then she walked away."

Lynne grabbed my hand. "Ben, what's going on?"

I shrugged. "Nothing, nothing."

"You really are a bad liar," Lynne frowned. "Did something happen between you two last Wednesday?"

I sighed. "That's between me and her."

"Well you've got to do something about it," Lynne glared at me with a fire in her eyes. "You BROKE Adrienne, Ben. That makes it your job to fix her. The team needs its Captain and I want my friend back."

I bit my lip and nodded. "I'll see what I can do."

Lynne wasn't about to leave things to chance, and once class was over she literally dragged me by the hand across campus to find Adrienne. She had plenty of time since it was the lunch break, and sure enough we caught Adrienne halfway to her usual lunch table.

Adrienne stiffened when she saw me and she came to a dead stop, causing the guy behind her to accidentally bump into her back. I'm sure the guy was too busy staring at the gorgeous blonde cheerleader's ass to avert the collision.

Anyways, Adrienne just nervously bit her lip and waited for Lynne and me to approach. Then once we arrived, not a word was spoken by anyone. Instead, Lynne grabbed Adrienne's hand, held out my own, and unceremoniously clasped the two of us together. I barely had time to blink before Lynne spun about and marched away.

For a few seconds, Adrienne and I just stood there watching our friend walk off. And as if only then realizing she was holding onto me, Adrienne jerked her hand away and stammered while looking at the ground. "Oh, sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

I'd never seen Adrienne this flustered before. The normally cocky, confident babe who walked on air across the campus seemed more an intimidated freshman than the queen bee of the school. I looked at my hand and back at her, puzzled. "Uh, you're not going to get in trouble for holding my hand, Adrienne."

"No, no..." She blushed, a rosy pink tinting her pale skin. "I just..." Adrienne bit her lip, staring at the floor, looking as if she was ready to cry. "Look, about Halloween night, Ben. I'm SO sorry I threw myself at you and I don't know what was going through my head and everything was so messed up and-"

"Shh, shh," I held a hand up to soothe her but she kept on rambling her apology. When I took her hand Adrienne's whimpers turned to sobs and as I looked at her face, I knew the beautiful girl was about to start crying.

On instinct, I pulled Adrienne to me and held her head against my shoulder. At that point the floodgates opened and her dry sobs became full-blown wet bawling as the tears poured out from her eyes and began dampening my shirt. Her arms wrapped around my back as she clutched herself against me. Her fingernails dug into my back almost painfully and for a moment, I truly believed that Adrienne would never let me go.

"I'm sorry!" she bawled. "I'm sorry!"

"Shh ... It's okay, it's okay." I patted her back and tried to shush her. We were drawing quite a few stares by now and there were even a couple of girls giving me the evil eye, clearly blaming me for whatever it was that was making Adrienne cry.

I couldn't really blame them. As abruptly as I'd left her last Wednesday and from the way she'd reacted to the mere sight of me, I was pretty sure I WAS responsible for Adrienne's current state of mind, whether I knew exactly how or not. Spying an open classroom door nearby, I shuffled the trembling cheerleader in that direction and she let me lead her into the recently emptied room. To further isolate us, I closed the door behind me, drastically reducing the outside noise from dull roar to background hum.

Once we'd gained a measure of privacy, I relaxed and focused on pacifying Adrienne. She slowly managed to calm herself and eventually pulled her face off my shoulder while still clutching her arms around my back. With tear-stained cheeks and red eyes, the gorgeous young woman turned her head and stared at me for a few moments, her intense gaze swimming in mine. Her lower jaw quivered slightly as she fought to get a hold of herself. And then very slowly, she crept her face towards me while puckering her lips and aiming for my mouth.

"Whoa, whoa, Adrienne," I pulled my head away. Clearly, Adrienne was feeling some of the same intense emotions for me she'd had that Halloween night and the last thing I wanted to do was lead her on. Dawn had given me permission to make my own decision about my gorgeous ex-girlfriend, but even though my loins wanted to get intimate with Adrienne, my brain knew better.

Adrienne's eyes pinched inward at my rejection, but she stopped her forward progress. She bit her lip and looked ready to start crying again, but ultimately kept it together and slowly backed away. She didn't release her grip around my back, but with her face at a more manageable distance between us I was no longer anxious that she might try to kiss me again. "I'm sorry, Ben."

"It's okay," I replied softly.

"I shouldn't have tried to kiss you just now."

"It's okay."

"I shouldn't have tried to seduce you last Wednesday."

"It's ... well. No harm done."

Adrienne rubbed my shoulders from behind and stared at my mouth, more to have something to focus on than because she was going to try kissing me again. "Did you tell your girlfriend? That I gave you a blowjob and tried to get you to fuck me?"

"Yes," I said quietly.

Adrienne inhaled sharply, and when her voice came back it was much weaker than before. Quite nervously, she asked, "Did you get in a lot of trouble?"

I smirked. "No, actually."

Adrienne blinked a few times and then finally turned her gaze back up into my eyes. "Really?" Her voice had a little strength coming back to it.

I nodded my head in confirmation.

"So ... I didn't destroy your relationship with your girlfriend?"

I shook my head.

She blinked a few more times and searched my eyes, looking for something that wasn't there. And it surprised her that she didn't find it. "You're not mad at me?" she asked in confusion.

"Mad?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "No. Why?"

Adrienne whimpered, her voice cracking. "Because I'm a bitch. I've always been a bitch. I see what I want and then I just go and take it, consequences be damned." She exhaled and started shaking with an internal rage that I didn't understand. "I stole you from Megan and Cassidy. I seduced you from two girls who loved you very much, Ben, and it wasn't the first time. You know why Donna Kincaid hated me so much? I stole her boyfriend my Sophomore year. Because I could. Because I convinced myself that if I could steal a boyfriend from a girl then it was alright; because I was better than her."

She bit her lip and looked ready to re-start her crying. "And I nearly did it again. I was feeling so lonely, Ben. I went out with boy after boy and I felt like I couldn't trust any of them. Things just didn't feel right and I felt so empty inside. The only things that made me happy were visiting your family and playing with the twins or giving girl advice to Brooke." Tears did start forming in Adrienne's eyes as she looked at me. "Or just sitting on the couch talking to you."

Her hands tightened on my shoulders and I just kept silent. Clearly, Adrienne had done a lot of thinking in the past few days while I was with Dawn and all her conclusions were tumbling out right now, almost faster than she could speak. "My shit's a mess, Ben. And I started wondering," she sighed. "When was the last time I felt happy? Not just occasionally and not just on Wednesday nights. When was the last time I was happy with my life?"

Adrienne blinked a few times and then turned her gaze right into my eyes. "It was with you, Ben. Right after Spring Break and before the Prom. I was happiest when I was with you. After we broke up, I just felt so alone. My dad has been pulling further and further away from me. He works all the time and most nights he doesn't even bother to come home. At my address, there's nothing but an empty shell of where a home used to be."

I frowned and felt a tug of sympathy for Adrienne. No wonder she so diligently came over to our house every single Wednesday without fail, if for no other reason than to bask in our family's warmth.

"For three years I hung out with upperclassmen; almost all of my friends have graduated now. Yeah, I'm still good with the Cheer team, but most of those girls idolize me or put me on this pedestal. They don't talk to me and we're not close friends or anything. I thought I'd still be able to hang out with Candy, but she's so preoccupied with college and meeting new people and all. I hang out with Lynne and Heather sometimes, but it's not quite the same."

Adrienne exhaled and put her forehead back down on my shoulder, this time the one that hadn't been soaked by her tears. "And boys! None of them feel right. All of them just want to get into my panties and I wouldn't trust any of them further than I could throw them. You've fucked me up, Ben. You got me used to a boyfriend who would be considerate and chivalrous and attentive while still maintaining your own spine and not letting me walk all over him. And it didn't hurt that you could turn me into a puddle of orgasmic honey with just your fingers. Other guys could do the moves. But there's something different in the way they moved and the way you move. So now I'm horny and desperate to get laid but I can't find a guy I trust enough to let climb on top of me and I'm not sure he'd know what to do if he got there."

I said nothing but gently stroked Adrienne's back.

"No family. No friends. No boyfriend. What the fuck happened to my life?" she whimpered. "This is my Senior Year of High School! This was supposed to be the greatest year of my life. But I can't force my father to come home and be my dad. I've been trying that for the last seven years. My old friends aren't coming back. If it weren't for you and your family: Brandi, Brooke, the twins, your parents ... I don't know what I'd have done. And I miss you Ben. I miss the relationship we had. I've wished a hundred times we hadn't broken up. You were right, I wasn't giving you enough attention and I was flirting with too many other guys and I shut you out when I was going through my whole uterine fibroid-thing. The Cassidy thing I understood and I could have forgiven the Donna thing. We didn't have to break up. But by the time I realized how much I missed you, it was too late. You were taken."

She went quiet for a long moment, lost in her thoughts once again. I was pretty lost myself. Adrienne was spilling a lot of emotions and feelings I really wasn't prepared for, and I was still trying to organize and sort out everything she was telling me.

And then Adrienne sighed and I realized she was going to keep going. "I lost control that night, Ben. I talked you into cuddling with me and as soon as I was in your arms, I lost it. It felt SOOO good. I remembered what it was like and I remembered how in love with you I felt when we were together. I HAD to have you back. I did what I always did. I turned up the charm and put on the moves and when you started to resist I just whipped your cock out and gave you the blowjob of a lifetime. I wanted you to fuck me, Ben. I hadn't gotten laid ... STILL haven't gotten laid ... in such a fucking long time and I NEEDED you, Ben."

"I'm sorry," I croaked, opening my mouth for the first time. "I'm sorry I couldn't give you what you needed."

"No, no, that's just it." Adrienne stared intensely into my eyes, her hazel irises aflame. "Walking away was the RIGHT thing to do. Believe me, I HATED it at the time but it was the right thing. It's just like you did the right thing with Elyse over Spring Break. I was her, trying to seduce you. But you stayed loyal to your girlfriend."

I arched my eyebrow, trying to figure out Adrienne's analogy.

"Don't you get it, Ben? If you had gone through with it, you would have just shown me you haven't matured since we were dating. But because you actually stayed loyal to your girlfriend ... I..." Adrienne sighed. "It just makes me want to trust you that much more, Ben. And that's a rare thing in my life. You might actually be the only man in the world that I'm willing to trust."

I blinked several times, furrowing my brow. "Uh, thanks," I stammered nervously.

And then without warning, Adrienne flung herself into my arms once again, hugging me with a ferocity that staggered me back against a nearby wall. "And I was sooo worried that I'd lost you! Lost you and your family! I didn't know what I'd do! Gawd dammit, I was even thinking of suicide!"

My arms tightened around her and squeezed desperately. I did NOT want Adrienne killing herself. Not on my watch. "Wait, WHAT?"

Adrienne whimpered and I felt fresh tears starting to dot my dry shoulder. "I know, I know, it's stupid and melodramatic. But I was seriously thinking about it. My life's a mess, Ben." She stroked my cheek. "But you give me hope."

I kept my mouth shut and just hugged her tightly. This whole thing had been rather overwhelming for an emotionally-stunted 17-year-old boy like me. I didn't pretend to understand the psychological convolutions going through Adrienne's head, but I knew one thing: I didn't want her out of my life. The mere thought of a dead Adrienne freaked the hell out of me, not just for the idea of a dead person, but because of WHOM. They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Well, the thought of Adrienne no longer being around pained me beyond measure.

Dawn was right: I DID still care about her. And more than just an ordinary friend. And this time when I looked down to see her eyes glowing golden and shimmering with moisture, I felt that overpowering urge to kiss her once again. It wouldn't be so bad, right? Dawn HAD given me permission.

But even if I was allowed by Dawn, it wasn't right for me and Adrienne. Not now, maybe not ever again. Adrienne needed me as a man she could trust. And so tenderly, I leaned forward and planted my kiss on her forehead. She trembled and sighed happily while hugging herself tighter around me.

"I love you, Ben," she hummed, sounding happier than I'd ever heard her.

My arms stiffened as I winced and thought of Dawn. I loved my Dawn; I was sure of it. And now I understood what they said about how awkward things could get when one person professed their love and the other didn't feel 'that way'. Ah, hell. What should I do now? In a mournful tone, I began, "Adrienne..."

"No, no," she quickly interrupted me, holding my face in her hands, her eyes a little wild. "I know you're in love with your girlfriend. I'm not going to try and change that. But please don't push me out of your life Ben. I'll be whatever you want me to be. Just friends, just friends; that's okay." Adrienne bit her lip nervously, her eyes darting left and right, searching mine for some sign of acceptance.

It was a strange role reversal. Little more than a year ago, she was the queen goddess who looked down her nose at all the fawning boys who yearned to be close to her. While I wasn't a star-struck devotee at the time, I certainly lusted after her and knew I had absolutely no power over the most beautiful girl in school.

Now, that same goddess was now huddled in my arms, pleading with me for acceptance. The girl who would never lose control of her situation, who would never relinquish her power, was laying herself at my feet and asking me for so little. I blinked in astonishment at what was happening. But that didn't change the way I felt for her. She NEEDED me. How could I possibly let her down? So in my most reassuring voice, I told her, "Adrienne, of COURSE we're friends."

She burst into tears again, this time tears of joy as she flung her arms around my neck and cried happily against my skin. And almost immediately after, my stomach growled quite loudly. It WAS lunch break after all.

Adrienne giggled at the sound and looked down at my stomach. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm keeping you from your lunch."

"It's okay, it's okay," I smiled and then looked at Adrienne intently while she wiped the tears from her eyes. "So we're good now?"

Adrienne bit her lip, but the smiled and nodded. "As long as I can still be with you..."

I arched an eyebrow.

" ... just as a friend," she blushed and looked down, clasping her hands together.

I blinked a couple of times. She said 'just friends' for now, but how long would that last? Oh, well. We'd been talking in circles long enough. I nodded and moved to open the classroom door.

"Ben, uh..." Adrienne's voice stopped me just short of the handle. "Do you think I can come sit with you for lunch?"

I arched my eyebrow. Sure, my friends might think it a bit strange and I wasn't totally certain how Megan and Cassidy would react. But the two of them had their own boyfriends now and they'd been rather friendly with Adrienne in the past, so I figured it was worth a shot. Besides, I felt that strong sense of need radiating from Adrienne. She was very vulnerable and I didn't want to abandon her now.

So slipping my hand into hers and squeezing firmly, I smiled warmly and said, "Sure."

After a quick pit-stop to the bathroom so Adrienne could fix her makeup, perhaps twenty minutes late she and I arrived at my usual lunch table. Elaine Fukuhara was the first to spot us walking so close together and I saw her arm jerking as she quickly got Megan's attention.

Megan looked up and then looked straight to me. I gave her a reassuring smile as my ex-girlfriend looked back and forth between me and the most beautiful girl in school for a few seconds before shrugging and elbowing Cassidy. The cute redhead similarly raised her eyebrows at my current dining companion.

"Mind if Adrienne joins us?" I asked in general and got murmured approvals along with a few surprised grunts.

I slid onto the long bench seat beside Sung Joon, who nodded in greeting to us both. Stephanie Vo actually chirped, "Hey, Adrienne."

"Hi, Steph," Adrienne warmly replied as she sat next to me and started opening up her lunch.

The Sanders twins exchanged inquisitive glances with each other. And after a moment's hesitation they added their greetings as well.

Less than a minute later, Lynne and Heather Wilkinson arrived with half-finished lunches in their hands. Lynne smiled and asked if she could take the empty spots opposite me and Adrienne and after getting confused but affirmative answers, the two other Senior cheerleaders sat down.

With a completely forced casual delivery, Lynne then asked, "So Adrienne ... How are things going?"

The stunningly gorgeous blonde looked over at me and bumped her shoulder against mine. She smiled and answered, "Ben's a great friend. I think I'm going to be just fine."

Kenny Doyle hovered in my face. "So are you two hooked up again?"


"Ahh," Kenny nodded sagely. "Just banging her."


"Then what's the deal?"

"She's a friend," I sighed, giving Kenny a weary look. "That's it."

"That's it? That girl is seriously hot for you! I thought she was interested in getting back together a month ago but fuck, man, Adrienne's looking at you like you walk on water or something now."

Megan was the next to arrive. Classes had just ended for the day and I soon found myself cornered in front of my locker. "So what's going on with you and Adrienne, Ben?" my ex-girlfriend queried.

"We're just friends."

"Friends. Really." Megan's voice was a deadpan, clearly not believing me.

"Yes, friends." I gestured my hand back and forth between me and her. "I AM capable of being friends with an ex-girlfriend."

"Maybe..." Megan looked dubious. "But after we broke up, MY eyes weren't following after you like a lovesick puppy dog."

Kenny nodded and gave me a look that clearly said, 'Explain that.'

I sighed. "Hey, Adrienne's going through a rough time right now. I won't explain why. I'm just a friend. Now drop it, okay?"

"Fiiine," both Megan and Kenny whined, sounding worse than Brooke when she wasn't getting her way.

And then as if on cue, Adrienne strutted down the hallway towards me, her eyes radiant and her entire being glowing as she caught sight of me. I hadn't really noticed before, distraught as Adrienne was; but I now noticed the swell of her big E-cups straining the fabric of her white tank top, the button-down pink blouse over the top of it unbuttoned low enough to almost be irrelevant. The blouse was tied off above her navel, exposing a few inches of creamy skin and her hip hugger jeans were low enough and tight enough to seem spray-painted on. I felt a fresh tension in my shorts just looking at her.

Megan and Kenny, catching my distracted gaze, both saw the gorgeous young blonde coming toward us. They looked back at me, then at her, then back to me as they simultaneously arched their eyebrows in a perfect imitation of my well- known puzzled expression. Then laughing, my two friends turned and walked away.

"What was that all about?" Adrienne asked as she came up to me. She'd clearly scene Megan's and Kenny's last comical gesture.

"Nothing, nothing," I waved. "They're just being dorks."

Adrienne nodded. "So anyways, I've got practice this afternoon but can I call you when I'm done? Just to talk, Ben. I just need someone to talk to."

I shrugged. "Sure."

She beamed and quickly hopped forward, pecking my cheek. "Thanks, Ben. You know, I think this is going to be great. As friends, we can really get to know each other without all that sexual tension getting in the way," she giggled while slowly twisting her torso back and forth, which did nothing but draw my attention down to her cleavage.

Nervously, I swallowed. It was ironic. Just when I'd gotten permission from Dawn to act on my lustful desire for my gorgeous ex-girlfriend, Adrienne had gone and told me she loved me, admitting the feelings that prevented me from sleeping with her and thus breaking my promise of emotional fidelity to my girlfriend. If only she was just another hot body, I could sate my lust without consequence.

As it was, all I could do was admire Adrienne's supreme sensuality (even unintentional) as she chirped happily and then spun around, hopping away with boner-inducing swaying of her hips.

I sighed. Just friends ... Now WHAT was I supposed to do with this erection forming in my pants?

"Hmm ... hmm ... hmm..." Brooke sighed quietly, her eyes tightly squeezed shut and a grimace on her face.

I let fly with my left hand, my open palm spanking loudly against my little sister's exposed asscheek. She grunted instantly, "UGH!" And almost immediately afterward she moaned softly in heated arousal.

"Again," Brooke husked, sounding very close to her orgasm.

"Nuh-uh," I grunted a denial while slowly pumping my cock in and out of her saturated pussy from behind.

"Aww, pleeease..." she whimpered, desperately close now. "Ben I'll do any- UGH!" Her whole body jerked when my right hand spanked her other asscheek unexpectedly.

"Ugh! Ugh! Nnngh!!!"

My little sister's hips wriggled as I spanked her twice more in rapid succession and when I hit her a third time, her spine locked up and she grunted loudly. At least, she would have grunted loudly if she didn't bite down on her teeth to keep her orgasm quiet from the twins. And it helped when I clamped a hand over her mouth to help muffle the noise.

Of course, the hand I was using to clamp over Brooke's mouth had also recently been drenched in her own fluids as I diddled her clit. My little sister moaned and actually began licking my fingers as the orgasmic tremors shook through the rest of her lower body.

When she began to relax I seized the petite brunette by the waist and flipped her onto her back. Knowing just what I wanted, the cute 15-year-old rolled her hips back and grabbed her own legs beneath the knees, spreading herself wide as I slotted myself into the position and slammed my dick all the way into her. And then to an aria of grunts (from me) and whimpers (from her), I rutted my way in and out of my little sister's tight pussy until I found my own release.

"Mmm..." Brooke sighed as she felt my semen soaking into her vaginal walls.

"Ugghhhh," I sighed and hung my head down between my shoulder blades. My arms wobbled a bit trying to hold me up and keep me from crushing her smaller body beneath me. And my hips rotated and jerked a few more times as I spat out a couple extra globs of incestuous cum into her before I was finally done.

At last, we were both finished and I flopped over onto my back, panting for oxygen. We lay side-by-side, staring at the ceiling and enjoying the relaxation after a pleasant fuck. And when I'd caught my breath I started chuckling happily and said, "That was a pretty good one."

"Yeah," Brooke grinned and rolled onto her side. Her left hand was stirring my cum inside her pussy, as was her habit. She propped her head up with her right elbow and looked over at me.

I smiled at my little sister and she smiled right back, but after another few seconds she bit her lip and a slight tension came over Brooke's face. Recognizing this, I asked gently, "What is it?"

"Well, my period's starting soon," she frowned.

"I know. I can read a calendar and you were pretty PMS'y on Monday."

"Well, Debbie was being a bitch. Thank gawd you got Adrienne back in gear because she whipped Debbie into shape," Brooke smiled. "Anyways..."

Her voice trailed off as her tense look came back. "I, uh, I met somebody Ben. Well, I mean I didn't meet him. I've known him for years but I, uh, I'm kinda dating someone."

I nodded. "That's good!"

"Really?" Brooke looked relieved. "I mean, I don't want you to feel like I'm neglecting you or anything, but-"

"It's FINE, Brooke. We went over this with the whole Andrew Hemingway thing, remember?" I smiled reassuringly.

"If I remember right, you were panicking that I couldn't still be with you while dating Andrew," Brooke reminded me.

"Well, we're different now," I shrugged. "So who's the lucky guy?"

"Kenta Nishioka."

"Kenta..." I turned the name over in my head. "Nishioka..." The name was so familiar. And then it hit me. "Mizuho Nishioka's little brother?" I pictured the skinny Japanese-American boy with the chiseled cheekbones and longish bangs. Like his sister, he had extremely Asian features and even I thought he was a pretty handsome kid.

"Yeah. You knew Mizuho?" Brooke arched her eyebrow. "Oh, right. She was one of Adrienne's friends."

I nodded, and then Brooke shot me a look. "Ben, did you, uh, know Mizuho?"

I blushed and grinned.

Brooke rolled her eyes. "Figures. Just tell me you didn't nail Perry Anderson's older sister Emily, too."

I shook my head in the negative. "No, not her."

"Hmph." And then my sister took a deep breath. "But seriously, Ben. I know you're lonely without Dawn and I'm not going to completely abandon you or anything-"

"ReLAX, Brooke," I touched her face. "I'll be fine. Dawn and I worked out an ... arrangement. I'll be fine. And you deserve to have someone of your own. Dating is fun and let's face it, you can't be out with me in public. I knew this would happen eventually. You're just way too pretty for me to keep locked up inside."

Brooke managed a little smile and she bent over to kiss me softly on the lips. "I love you, big brother."

"I love you too, sis."

I sighed, leaned back against the couch, and dropped the controller into my lap. I knew my head was overstuffed when even Grand Theft Auto III couldn't maintain my focus.

Chelsie Lennis had made another pass at me this Wednesday morning at school. The cute Junior with curly brown hair and sparkling green eyes had just recently grown into her body this past summer. And along with that development had come both hormones and the confidence to go out and try to do something about them.

But I barely knew the girl. Yeah, I thought she was quite fuckable and I certainly wouldn't mind getting laid. But even though Dawn had given me permission to get some sex on the side just for sex's sake, I found myself lacking the interest in Chelsie necessary to take things to another level. In stark contrast to the arrangements I'd had with Donna Kincaid, Stacey Whitehouse, and Mandy Lin last year, I felt like I needed to actually know a girl before I could really get my brain around the idea of sleeping with her.

That notion got my head to thinking of Heather Wilkinson. The sultry dark-haired beauty with brilliant aqua eyes was one of the hottest girls at school and she had a body that was certainly boner-inducing. Just a month ago she'd come onto me quite strongly and since then, she'd kept up a certain low-level flirting that simmered just beneath the surface. The girl clearly had sex, not romance, on the brain, which would be perfect for what I needed. And we were acquaintances of a sort which gave me the personal background to make me think of her as a potential friend-with-benefits rather than just a stranger for hookups.

So I resolved that the next time I saw Heather, I would start laying the groundwork of flirting and innuendo that might eventually lead us into bed together. If things worked out, I might have a new partner to sate my lust while still holding my heart for Dawn.

But when we met up just after her Calculus class and just before mine, Heather abruptly went stiff and didn't give me her usual flirty greeting. She was still polite, however. "Hey Ben, how's it going?"

"Good, good," I smiled charmingly and gave her an obvious once over. "I like the outfit. New halter top?" I asked while staring at her D-cup tits.

Heather smiled and picked at one of the neck straps, blushing. "Yeah, thanks for noticing." Her aqua eyes flashed and for a moment, it looked like she was about to make some new flirty comment but at the last second, she winced nervously and turned her head away. "Uh, I gotta go Ben. I'll see you later." And then to my befuddlement, the beautiful brunette retreated as if I had the plague.

Frowning, I turned to watch her nice ass swaying, but then I shook my head and went into the classroom.

And now I sat here on my couch, trying to figure out how this would all work. Dawn and I had granted each other an open relationship so that sex and our hormones wouldn't strain our daily lives. I knew she had a budding thing going with Ryan and that he was the most likely candidate for her sexual release, but what about me?

Last year, when I was just looking to fuck, I was overwhelmed with choice. Donna wanted frequent booty calls. Stacey and Mandy were just looking to get laid with no strings attached. The Sanders twins were exploring their budding sexuality. And even Summer and I shared a powerful, if brief, connection. And that doesn't even count the other Senior girls coming to me, looking for one last fling before graduation. To get laid, all I really had to do was play along with some cute girl who was already coming after me.

Those kinds of relationships would be perfect. Good sex, good orgasms, no commitment. Nothing to sap away my love for Dawn. Just booty calls to satisfy my lust while I was in an open relationship. But the fucked up thing was, now that I was free to do it, I couldn't muster the interest. There just weren't any girls that got my motor running the way Dawn did.

Except Adrienne. I sighed forlornly. Dawn had given me permission to sleep with my ex, and my dick was certainly willing. But I couldn't work around my head how to do it. The fact was, I DID care about Adrienne. There was no way I could have an emotionless booty call with her. I still had lingering feelings and affection for her. I had a powerful need-fulfillment complex with her, not so different from wanting to be her Knight in Shining Armor to protect her from evil like her rapist older brother Adam. My emotions with her were just too strong to risk.

If I started anything with Adrienne, I knew I'd have a very hard time keeping my promise to Dawn to reserve my heart just for her. It would just be too easy for concerned friendship to become affection and maybe even love again, the way we were for a short couple of months last spring. So I couldn't do it.

Girls like Chelsie didn't interest me enough. Heather seemingly wasn't interested in ME anymore. And my relationship with Adrienne was just too complicated to deal with. Here I had this wonderful open agreement with Dawn and I couldn't even fucking use it. Really, who else could I have a no-strings sexual relationship with?

I was still zoning out to my video game when I heard a key jiggle in the front door lock. I then watched with amusement at the three sweaty girls tumbling through the door on their mad dash for the kitchen.

I craned my head around the side of the sofa in particular to watch the tight asses in pleated skirts bouncing away from me. Brooke I knew had a dynamite ass and Jennifer Vo was pretty cute in her own right. And I definitely had to admit that every time I glimpsed Kady Jacobsen's tight behind I felt a stirring in my groin. The sexy redhead just had that extra... something ... that got my blood pumping.

Speaking of which, barely a minute after the girls ran into the kitchen, Kady walked back out with a frosty bottle of water in her hand. Sweat still ran down her neck and made her shirt cling to her upper chest, and the beautiful redhead panted softly as she padded across the family room and flopped herself onto the next couch. She looked so incredibly sexy, panting like that, and I felt my cock stirring to life at the mere thought of seeing her panting in a different kind of exhaustion.

"Hey, Kady," I casually said in greeting. I'd been seeing her a couple of times a week for months now as the girls made stopping in the house their routine after cheer practice.

"Bennn..." Kady responded in a mysteriously smoky voice, her deep blue eyes boring like lasers into the back of my skull.

I arched an eyebrow at the tone in her voice and paused my game, dropping the controller and looking over to her. For perhaps the first time ever, the way she'd said my name was more intrigued curiosity than sexual interest, and for some reason I felt a little nervous. "What's up?"

"Oh, nothing," Kady replied innocently, shaking her head slowly while reclining into the backrest and crossing her legs.

My eyes were drawing to the silky skin of her long, shapely thighs while her skirt rode up. Her legs had such a wonderful creamy tone to them, not even a hint of cellulite and a simply beautiful physique that would have made runway models jealous. But I quickly snapped my eyes back up to her. The giggle in her irises told me she knew I was checking her out.

But that's when the whole flirtation got turned on its head.

"I'm just curious, Ben," Kady got straight to the point, her eyes intense. "What's the deal with you and Adrienne?"

"Excuse me?" I replied in puzzlement. I thought I would get whiplash from Kady's abrupt change in topic. I glanced to the side to see that Brooke and Jennifer were also joining us in the family room.

"You're not her boyfriend, are you?" Kady inquired. I now saw that the intensity in her deep blue irises was more inquisitive than aroused.


"But you were last year?"

I shrugged. "For a couple of months."

"But you're not fucking her now?"

I arched my eyebrow at Kady's bluntness. This was quickly turning away from sexual and more into invasive. And in a slightly peeved voice, I answered firmly, "No."

"Then why has she ordered the entire cheer corps to stay out of your pants?" Kady mimicked my arched eyebrow, this time with a hint of a smile on her face.

My eyebrows shot up. "Really?" I glanced to Brooke and Jennifer, who nodded in confirmation. "Why?"

"I was hoping you'd tell me," Kady shrugged, her dark blue eyes dancing. "I mean, I make it a point not to listen to rumors. Most of them aren't true anyways. But sometimes I can't help overhearing and I have to admit, the library of rumors around you are quite extensive. If even close to half of them are true, then you're quite the playboy, Ben."

I frowned and looked rather annoyed. WHAT were they saying about me NOW? I hadn't even done anything this year.

"But..." the beautiful redhead sighed. "I've been watching you this year and while you've had lots of girls flirting with you, I haven't seen anything to indicate you've banged a single one of them. So I'm inclined to think it's all just gossip."

I shrugged, relaxing a bit.

"But then why Adrienne's gag-order, as it were?" Kady just continued to evaluate me. "At first, I thought Adrienne might just be trying to warn her fellow cheerleaders from being seduced by handsome devil Ben with this moratorium on getting into Ben's pants-ness. But given everything else I see about you and her together, I don't think that's the case. So is Adrienne trying to get back together with you?"

I rolled my eyes. "No. We're just friends." I was seriously thinking to tape record that phrase and just hit PLAY on command whenever somebody asked me that.

Kady didn't immediately respond. Instead, she just sat there and looked at me for a long minute. I started feeling like I was under a microscope as she evaluated everything from my vocal tone to my body posture. And only after that intense scrutiny did Kady smirk, the light in her eyes NOW turning into noticeable arousal. "Hmm ... interesting. You know, you're usually not my type, Ben." Then the pretty redhead winked over at Brooke. "But who knows? I might boink you just to see how Adrienne reacts."

I felt my jaw drop just a bit. After months of showing absolutely zero interest in me, I really wasn't expecting that to come out of Kady's mouth.

Before I had a chance to react, the leggy redhead stood up to her full height and stretched, arching her body which showed off her casual grace and flexibility on an unnaturally slender frame. It also thrust her tits straight out, letting me plainly see how her hard nipples were denting the fabric.

I felt my heartbeat speed up and a fresh stirring in my groin. I wanted to get laid and Kady really was smoking HOT.

But Kady just looked down at me imperiously with a mysterious smirk on her face. She then turned and tossed her empty water bottle to Brooke, who caught it with a look of surprise on her own face. And then Kady patted her flat stomach while glancing at the two girls. "Well, today's workout made me hungry. You guys want to go burrito with me?"

The younger girls looked at each other in puzzlement.

Kady just smiled and said, "Or we can burger. Doesn't matter to me."

At that, Jennifer shrugged and replied, "OK."

Brooke shook her head and answered, "Nah, I'm fine."

"Cool." Kady then snapped her fingers and pointed back to the counter. "Forgot my keys again."

She glided into the kitchen and came back with her keys, heading for the door with Jennifer in tow. But halfway out of the room she stopped dead in her tracks and gracefully twirled around, her eyes obviously roving up and down my body. That little smirk crossed her face again. "Maybe ... maybe ... Nah, there's no way you've got a foot-long dick." And then she and Jennifer twirled out the door.

My jaw gaped and I glanced over at my sister, wondering just what kind of hurricane she'd brought into our house.

It was just after 4pm when the doorbell rang. Per routine, I went over to the front door and opened it for Adrienne.

"Hey, Ben!" Adrienne stood there, looking absolutely radiant in the late afternoon light. The sun was coming down from the horizon, basking everything in an orange glow. But the mere sight of her brought only annoyance today.

"Hmph," I grumbled and spun around, walking back into the house and leaving my beautiful neighbor standing at the doorway.

"Ben?" she called with concern before stepping inside and closing the door behind her. We'd just patched up our friendship and things were still fragile. My obviously sour reaction to her had the stunningly beautiful blonde rather anxious.

I went into the living room and flopped onto a couch, a confused Adrienne following after. "What's wrong?" she asked breathlessly.

"You ordered the entire cheer corps to stay away from me?" I griped in exasperation. My eyebrow was fully arched and my annoyance was clear in my eyes.

Adrienne, taken aback, blinked rapidly in surprise. "Well, not stay away from you. Just stop trying to seduce you. I know Heather's been jonesing to jump your bones since summer. Maddie Chung made a bet with Nadine Butler who could land you first. And a few others are the primary gossip-mongers at school. I think Candy and Mizuho told them too much about you last year."

"But why?"

Adrienne furrowed her eyebrows. "I thought it would help you. I've seen you working so hard to stay loyal to your girlfriend and I thought keeping some of my girls in check would only help that."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Ah, great," I moaned.

"What? Isn't that what you want?"

"Not really," I sighed and put my hand to my forehead. I wanted to be angry with Adrienne. After all, I was a horny guy and having anyone cockblock me from a bevy of hot girls was thoroughly annoying. But I couldn't blame her. She'd done what she thought was best for me.

At least, intellectually I knew that. Emotionally, well, I was still annoyed.

"You're telling me you'd rather have a bunch of hot girls throwing themselves at you?"

I glared at Adrienne. "I'm a guy. What do you think?"

"Oh ... well..." Adrienne put her hand over her mouth, looking like she wanted to carefully reword her question. "But what about your girlfriend?"

I sighed. To tell her or not to tell her. I decided just to hell with it. "Look, you've been wondering where I went last weekend when I just disappeared. Well, I was up visiting Dawn in the Bay Area."

Adrienne cocked her head in surprise. "Oh, okay..." Her voice trailed off as she clearly didn't know what my explanation had to do with her question.

"Well, Dawn and I agreed to have an 'open relationship'," I stated rather matter- of-factly, and Adrienne's eyes went wide at this revelation. "We were both cracking under the strain of trying to stay loyal to each other. And we both agreed that it's just sex. I still love her and she loves me, but we understand that we have physical urges and needs while we're apart."

"I see..." Adrienne said slowly, her eyes darting left and right as she processed this. I swear I could see the gears working in her head.

And with a last sigh, I finished by complaining, "And now you've taken away half the prospects who were flirting with me!"

Adrienne grinned sheepishly and blushed, "Sorry, Ben. Some friend I am. I'm cockblocking you, aren't I?"

I arched my eyebrow and cracked a smile. Annoyed or not, I was amused by Adrienne actually referencing herself as a cockblocker. "Something like that," I shook my head.

"So your girlfriend is seriously okay with this?"

I sighed and dropped my head onto the backrest, so that my eyes were pointed to the ceiling. And throwing my forearm over my face, I groaned, "Yeah. She was going stir-crazy herself. I know she loves me and we both figured it was best." I exhaled again. "Not that it matters if I can't get laid."

"Well, you still have another option..." Adrienne's voice had dipped into a sultry husk that I was more than familiar with, and I felt the shift in the couch cushions as she moved to kneel beside me.

I got an inkling of where this was going and I jerked my head up to defend myself. "Wait, Adrienne," I began.

"I told you I'd be whatever you want," she purred and moved her face within an inch of mine, close enough for me to smell her perfume. "At the time I thought you just wanted to be friends, and I could accept that. But for you, Ben ... I would LOVE to be friends with benefits."


"I won't do anything to try and steal you from your girlfriend. I'll be the perfect booty call for you; EXACTLY what you need. I WANT to be your sexual slave. Please Ben?" She grabbed my hand in her own.


"I've been so horny, Ben," she pleaded while placing my palm over her breast. "I haven't gotten laid in a LONG time, probably the longest I've ever gone since freshman year. And I haven't even had GOOD sex since the last time you shoved that thick cock up my ass." Adrienne then ramped things up another notch by sliding my hand inside her scoop top to cup her breast bare against the skin.

Oh, I wanted to. Oh, HELL I wanted to. But I knew it would be complicated. Gritting my teeth, I looked the gorgeous blonde dead in the eye and said sternly, "You're doing it again, Adrienne. You can't just TAKE what you want."

Abruptly, Adrienne let go of my hand and bit her lip, looking suitably apologetic. "Sorry, sorry. I can't help it sometimes. I'm SOOO horny for you, Ben."

I sighed. "I know."

"Or maybe I should be punished," she said with a hint of a tease. Her eyes glittered with an inherent naughtiness and I couldn't help but feel my cock harden.

"Adrienne..." I warned.

She grimaced and then backed away, still kneeling on the cushion beside me but sitting back on her heels. "Sorry, sorry. It's just that ... I'll just be your friend, Ben, if that's all you want. But you have to know that I'm still in love with you. I'd do anything for you, Ben. And if you just need some sexual relief on the side, why not me? You KNOW I can make you happy."

I reached out and held her hand. I was feeling quite aroused from Adrienne's interrupted attempt at seduction and my head was swimming with both sympathy and tenderness for her. Perhaps I shouldn't have said what I said next, shouldn't have given her anything that would encourage her infatuation, but I did it anyways. "I know you can. I know. And believe me, there's a very big — and hard — part of me that wants to let you. But I've still got feelings for you, Adrienne; I care about you and could fall back in love with you. But I can't do that. I love Dawn."

Still biting her lip, Adrienne looked at me wide-eyed, her brilliant hazel eyes reflecting the afternoon glow. At first she seemed to sag back against her heels, acquiescing to what I was asking of her. But then taking a hard look in her eyes, she gritted her teeth and lunged forward for my zipper.

"Adrienne!" I barked, thundering in a command tone.

She jerked back, her shoulders coming up as she braced herself, as if waiting to be slapped. "Yes, sir!" she whimpered reflexively.

"Sit DOWN," I ordered and shifted my hips away, protectively covering my crotch. If Adrienne got her lips wrapped around my dick again, I wasn't entirely sure I could resist her.

"Yes, sir," Adrienne whimpered, and then I saw a noticeable shiver run through her body as her jaw dropped and she began panting softly. Her skin flushed pink and her eyes were firmly locked onto me.

I watched this and raised my head back in surprise. Shit! Did she just have an orgasm or something?

But before I could evaluate the situation any further, the door to the garage opened and the twins came tromping into the living room, followed by my mom. "Adrienne!" "Adrienne!" Eden and Emma cheered in stereo.

"Girls!" The stunning young blonde exclaimed right back and slipped off the couch to hug her little acolytes. And I was left to sit back and wonder just what the hell was going on inside my ex-girlfriend's mind.

Adrienne had on her hand on my thigh beneath the table throughout dinner. It was sort of a compromise. She seemed perfectly ready to start jacking me off and I would rather she kept her hands to herself.

And even after dinner, she kept pushing my buttons, copping a feel whenever she thought no one was looking and perpetually winking or running her tongue across her lips at me. Those were enough for me to grab her hand and scold her with barking, "Adrienne, stop it!" commands. But my scoldings seemed counterproductive as Adrienne just seemed to soak them up and come back for more. Something really weird was going on.

She almost had me when she groaned into my ear, "Let me be your booty call, Ben. Just stick in in and cum in me. Any hole you want."

"Adrienne," I growled. "Sit DOWN or you're not coming over for dinner anymore."

She whimpered and obeyed.

Eventually, she ran out of excuses to hang out and went home. It was all I could do to wait for the twins' bedtime before scurrying over to Brooke's room. Her period had just started but I didn't care; her flow wouldn't be very bad at all just yet. And after slipping on a condom, I proceeded to fuck the shit out of my little sister.

When I was facedown on her pillow, fighting for oxygen but too worn out to turn my head more than the bare minimum, Brooke giggled and patted my back as she gently extracted my cock and cum-filled condom from her pussy. "Adrienne got you pretty worked up tonight, didn't she?"

"Urgh," I just grunted into the pillow.

Oddly enough, Adrienne seemed back to normal by Thursday. No more teasing, no more flirting (other than the usual).

There was just one exception to the norm: More or less, Adrienne declared herself my new best friend.

She met me by my locker in the morning, struck up a conversation, and stayed by my side until it was time for our first periods. We went our separate ways but she met up with me again during the morning break, and again for lunch. None of my friends really batted an eye when Adrienne came to sit with me at my crew's usual lunch table. And although I was slightly puzzled by her perpetual presence, she wasn't making any overt sexual moves on me and she was a great conversationalist.

In a way, it was like those couple of months had been back when we were dating, which was a GOOD thing. True, I wasn't sleeping with her anymore, but I DID enjoy her company.

Friday was more of the same, with Adrienne glued to my side as if she would evaporate into thin air if she were apart from me for more than a couple of periods. Kenny and Megan reiterated their inquiries as to whether I was back together with the gorgeous Cheer Captain, and Kenny couldn't stop laughing when I actually DID whip out my tape recorder and played: "No. We're just friends."

Friday night was spent playing board games with the twins. Brooke went out on a date with Kenta Nishioka and Dawn was out on a "date" with Ryan. Dawn refused to call it a date, stating that they were just hanging out and playing mini- golf. I decided it didn't violate our "no dating" agreement since it wasn't actually romantic or otherwise emotion-heavy. But Dawn did admit that it was just the two of them alone and that he'd paid for her fast-food dinner.

Despite the time alone, Ryan hadn't even touched her. Dawn figured he was still skittish both from the Halloween party and at the knowledge that she had a boyfriend, and she wasn't ready to tell him about our 'open relationship' agreement.

The following week was more of the same. I got into my basketball groove with my boys. I chatted with Megan and Cassidy and gave them advice about their boyfriends. I studied Calculus with Lynne and Heather with only a minimum of sexual tension (Adrienne lifted the "no-flirt with Ben" order, but Heather was still playing it cool). And Adrienne hung out with me every available minute at school. I played the 'just friends' tape for a few more classmates who questioned why I had a new orbiting moon, and life went on as usual.

It was only in the sex department that I was starting to feel a bit of a strain. As I watched the puppy love blossoming in Brooke, I'd been consciously distancing myself from her to give her space and let her natural love cycle progress without interference. She came to me herself on Wednesday night once her period was finished, mostly because she was horny for Kenta but not ready to take that step with him just yet. But the one time in the past week was far from enough to sate my lust.

I was getting horny for fresh pussy, missing Dawn terribly, and I was seriously considering the possibilities for some booty on the side. To be honest, it wasn't easy with Adrienne's constant presence more or less scaring away any potential prospects.

But I was alone on a Thursday morning walking to class. That was when Chelsie Lennis decided to make her move.

"Heyyy, Ben," came the sultry, sweet voice from my left. Kenny and I both glanced over to see Chelsie sashaying along the hallway towards us, curving her walking path to intercept us ten feet ahead. Despite the rather cool November weather, she was wearing a black skirt that just barely reached the minimum length not to violate the school's dress code and creamy stockings that just barely reached the minimum length to meet the skirt, leaving tantalizing glimpses of bare skin in between every now and again. The quarter-sleeve high-necked top and long green camisole combination was quite tight, clinging to the curves of her healthy-sized breasts.

My eyes did their usual yo-yo thing down to Chelsie's tits and then back up to her face. I'd admittedly had sex on the brain for a while now, and despite her nice facial features and mesmerizing green eyes, I had to focus to keep my attention above her neckline. "Hey, Chelsie," I replied with forced casualness.

Kenny added his own, "Hey, Chelsie."

"Hey, Kenny," the pretty brunette smiled and then gave Kenny a hard look, darting her eyes to the side in a clear 'get lost' gesture.

Quick to pick up on it and back up his boy, Kenny fumbled into his pocket, pulling out his cell phone which was still dark and unlit. "I, uh. I think that's Rachel calling me. I'll catch you later, man." My friend then beat a hasty retreat, leaving me alone with the sexily-clad young Junior. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Where're you headed?" Chelsie asked, seeming to be genuinely interested.

"Physics. You?"

"Chemistry," she sighed. "Got any advice for me?"

I shrugged, thinking back to my Junior year. "Just keep working at it. It's weird and it's strange and it doesn't seem logical; then poof, it all makes sense."

The cute brunette giggled and leaned in, bumping her shoulder against me. "I guess Chemistry just comes naturally to some people. Maybe it depends on getting a good lab partner."

I flashed Chelsie my most charming smile and leaned towards her. "Well, just be careful when experimenting in the lab. Chemistry can sometimes be explosive."

"Ooh," she grinned. "Maybe YOU should show me some of these experiments so I don't hurt myself trying them with an inexperienced partner."

I chuckled. "Are we still talking about school?"

Chelsie stopped and waited for me to halt and turn back to her. She rolled her shoulders back, which thrust her chest up and forward while she put on her best smile. "I'm not if you're not."

I felt my heartrate speeding up and my body temperature rising. From experience, I knew my hands would start sweating in another minute from aroused excitement and I felt the first tingles in my loins. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I was thinking maybe I should invite you to help me ... ah ... practice ... these experiments of yours," Chelsie blushed while bringing a thumb up to her lips, biting cutely on the nail while her other arm stayed wrapped around her torso, her forearm helping to elevate her breasts. "Are you doing anything tomorrow night?"

My brain flashed immediately to the possibilities. In my mind I already saw myself tangled in the sheets with a beautiful, naked Chelsie with my cock imbedded deep inside her. In her arms I would find the sweet joy of orgasmic release as I leaned over her supine body. I would hold her pretty face in my hands, running my fingers through her fine blonde hair and gazing adoringly into her crystal blue eyes. And I would whisper in a tender voice, "I love you, Dawn."

All that happened in a split-second, and before I could even blink I found the words already tumbling out of my mouth. "Chelsie, I would love to. But you do know I have a girlfriend, don't you?"

The smile vanished off of Chelsie's face immediately, and she blinked rapidly in surprise at the abrupt turn in the conversation. "Uh, yeah, yeah, of course." She looked thoroughly confused and I didn't blame her. I was pretty confused myself. Did I really just SAY that?

"Hey, Ben!" a fresh voice chirped just behind me and I quickly turned around to see Adrienne cruising up to us. "Oh, hey, Chelsie. Nice outfit. You look HOT!"

"Hey, Adrienne," the curly brunette said a little warily and almost immediately started backing away. "Uh, I gotta get to class. I'll see you guys later."

Rather awkwardly, Chelsie spun around a bit too fast for her heels and practically ran away. I watched the pretty girl leave and let my head drop back as I exhaled a mournful sigh.

"Oh, I'm sorry Ben," Adrienne started apologetically, although I didn't hear any actual remorse in her tone. "Did I just cockblock you again?"

I took a deep breath, then turned and shook my head, thinking back on how my own brain had short-circuited me. "No, no. I'm apparently doing a fine job doing that to myself."

It was Saturday afternoon and I was laying flat on my bed, staring at the ceiling. I'd overworked myself playing basketball. And after taking a shower I'd barely managed to crawl onto my bed before my muscles gave out. At least the exercise drained me of any sexual desire.

"How's Ryan?" I asked casually into my cell phone.

"He's good. I think I've finally calmed him down after the whole Halloween incident. We're making progress," Dawn replied. I knew they'd gone on another 'non-date' the previous night.

"I see." Exactly what defined 'progress'? Was he kissing Dawn again? Second base? Third? Home?

Dawn sensed the hesitation in my voice and she said softly, "We haven't done it."

"I wasn't asking."

"But you were curious."

Caught. I was silent for a long while before Dawn asked. "Have you? With Adrienne?"

I frowned. "No, of course not. I thought we talked about her." A week earlier, after Adrienne's attempted seduction, I'd come clean to Dawn and told her I still had a lot of care for my ex-girlfriend. It wasn't that I wanted to get back together with her or anything, just that Adrienne was very vulnerable from the situation with her dad and loss of her closest friends. I felt that Adrienne needed me as a friend, and I wanted to make Dawn fully aware of that relationship.

"I know, I know," Dawn sighed. "With anyone else?"

"No." I sighed, thinking back to my brain fart with Chelsie. "It's not that simple, Dawn. I know we agreed to have an open relationship; but even so, I've got a hard time letting myself really think of being with someone else."

"What's wrong? Playboy Ben tired of banging his variety of babes?"

I frowned and grinded my teeth a bit. "You've spoiled me, Dawn. I know what true lovemaking is now, being with someone truly special. I can't just hop into bed with a nice pair of tits anymore."

I heard Dawn exhale on the other end of the line. "I know what you mean."

"It still may happen. I've got urges and I know you do too," I said encouragingly. "Just know that you're free to do it. I love you and nothing will change that."

"You, too."

"Maybe. But ... well ... I'll be seeing you in six days, right?" I was still on schedule to fly up to NorCal for Thanksgiving Weekend.

"Right," my loving girlfriend agreed. "That's not so long to be apart, is it?"

I smiled happily for the first time in a long while. Eleven months sounded like an eternity. Eight months wasn't much better. But six days? Six days I could handle. "No. It's not. I love you, Dawn."

"I love you, too. And I'll see you soon."

Six days was much shorter than eleven months, but that didn't mean it was easy. For one, I pretty much lost my only source of pussy.

Brooke was falling head over heels for Kenta Nishioka and while they still hadn't gone all the way, the young couple had gotten pretty close. My little sister shyly admitted that she'd given him a few blowjobs on their past two dates and that Kenta had also gone down on her.

"Kenta's good, Ben," Brooke gushed. "He does that paint shaker thing that you do so well and when I asked him how he got so good, I found out that he had an older lover when he was younger. He wouldn't give me much more than that, except to say that she was a couple years older than him and that he had to keep it a secret."

"Are you going to have sex with him soon?" I arched an eyebrow.

Brooke blushed and then nodded. "I'm actually surprised we haven't already. I was sooo horny after he went down on me. But ... you're still the only boy I've ever been with, Ben. I'm a little nervous."

"Don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with, Brooke. If you're still nervous, you're not ready."

"I know, I know," Brooke sighed. "We have a date for Friday. I know you're flying up to visit Dawn but I'll call you if I need to talk to you, okay?"

I'd rather be nearby in case I needed to come to her rescue, but I couldn't be in two places at once and there was no way I was skipping this trip to visit Dawn. "Be safe, Brooke."

"I will," she agreed and then flung herself at me for a hug. "I love you, big brother."

"I love you too, sis."

As usual, I started going through sexual withdrawal. But since I'd been dealing with it on a frequent basis since leaving summer camp, I managed to keep myself together ... until Thanksgiving Day at least.

It was just after 1pm when the doorbell rang on Thanksgiving Thursday. Dislodging Eden from my hip, I got up from the couch and left my younger sisters to continue watching the annual Star Wars marathon on USA. When I opened the door, I smiled at the stunning young beauty with blonde hair glistening in the sunlight. "Well howdy, stranger. Long time no see!"

Adrienne smiled and twinkled her eyes. She'd left the house just hours earlier on Wednesday evening after our weekly dinner. I waved her inside and headed back to the living room, quickly resuming my position with Eden leaning against my side.

But when our beautiful neighbor from across the street walked in just after me, both twins looked up and chirped "Adrienne!" in stereo. Star Wars was immediately forgotten by the not-quite-12-year-olds as both twins hopped up and went to greet their idol.

"Ooh, ooh! I gotta show you this new dress I got with Mom last week," Emma exclaimed. "We were gonna show you yesterday but-"

"Mine's prettier!" Eden interrupted.

"Whatever," Brooke complained. "Just go away because I can't hear the movie."

"Okay, okay," Adrienne grinned and let the twins lead her away.

I rolled my eyes over at Brooke. "Like you haven't seen this a million times before."

My sister just threw three pieces of popcorn at me.

Adrienne hung out with us for the rest of the day. Even though it was one of the most family-oriented holidays of the year, her father was out of town again on business. My parents were more than happy to invite her to spend Thanksgiving with us.

After dinner, my parents went into a turkey-coma in front of the TV while the twins went to their room to do their own thing. And Brooke raced for her bedroom as if she would die if she didn't call Kenta. Their date was tomorrow, but apparently she couldn't wait to hear his voice. I didn't blame her. After all, my flight to the Bay Area was tomorrow morning and I was so excited I could barely sit still.

So figuring that Brooke had the right idea, I headed for my bedroom to call Dawn. I'd walked in, grabbed my cell phone, and sat on the bed before I looked up and realized that Adrienne had followed me. She stood in the doorway and nodded to the open suitcase that was pretty much completely packed. "What time is your flight?"

I set the cell phone back down on the nightstand and nodded eagerly, "9am."

"You want a ride?"

I shrugged. "My dad's dropping me off."

Adrienne gave me a little smile. "I'd like to drive you, if that's okay."

I blinked but agreed, "Uh, okay. I'm sure he wouldn't mind sleeping in."

The tall blonde nodded without expression on her face, looking at the floor as she slowly walked around the bed and then seated herself on the mattress about a foot from me. "You really love her, don't you?"

"Yes. I do," I replied sincerely. "Everything just clicks. It all feels so ... easy ... when I'm with her."

Adrienne's cheeks went up as if she would start smiling, but the end result looked half-frown in addition to the half-smile. She wound up just scrunching up her lips inward and sighing, "Sounds great."

I slid over a bit to put some extra distance between myself and Adrienne. I wasn't running away, just being on the safe side. But Adrienne read my movement as an offer to join me on the bed and she twisted to lift her legs up and rolled to lie across my bed on her side, propping her head up with one elbow. "You know, I've never felt that ... easy, Ben. Maintaining a relationship longer than a few weeks always felt like so much work. Falling in love is great, yeah. But after a while, that feeling of freshness starts to fade and I start noticing things about him that just ... I dunno ... aren't as attractive. The relationship's 'fatal flaw'."

"That's every relationship."

"Didn't seem like that for you. Did Megan or Cassidy do these little things that annoyed you?"

"Sure. Megan's so anal retentive and she nagged me constantly. Cassidy was clingy and needy and she felt hurt real easily. I had to spend a ton of time just putting out fires with the both of them." I looked down for a moment and smiled wryly. "And you always had to have things your way."

"My way is usually better," she grinned.

"Maybe..." I waved, not wanting to get into that kind of discussion. "But I was friends with Megan and Cassidy before we ever became lovers. I knew their personalities and it wasn't a big surprise to me."

"You and I weren't friends. My fault, I know," Adrienne frowned.

"It was nobody's fault. You were popular. I was ... short." I mused, thinking back to just a couple of years ago.

"Maybe..." Adrienne breathed and looked away. "But if I'd gotten to know you better..." she sighed heavily. "'What if', right?"

I shrugged.

"You know, there's nothing about you I find really annoying, Ben. Some guys had egos that needed to be constantly stroked. Others had funny smells I didn't notice until it was too late. I never really found something that bad about you. Never found a 'fatal flaw'."

I snorted. "Then we didn't date long enough. You would have found something eventually."

"Well, I wasn't thrilled with you sleeping with Donna."

"There you go, fatal flaw. I'm a habitual cheater, easily seduced."

Adrienne turned straight to me, looking deeply into my eyes. And in a low, husky voice, she murmured, "Not anymore. And with that flaw gone, that pretty much makes you my perfect guy now."

I snorted. "I still have a wandering eye."

"And I'm the girl who doesn't get jealous of wandering eyes. That makes me your perfect girl."

"Adrienne..." I said in a slight warning tone. I'd already made clear that I just wanted us to be friends. At least, that was what I'd told her. After more than a week without getting laid, a very big chunk of me wanted somewhat more than 'just friends'.

"I know, I know. You're in love with another girl." She gave me a little smile and her eyebrows popped up a bit. "Another girl who gave you permission to release a little sexual tension..."

"Adrienne..." I sighed, meaning it to be another warning. But there was no heat in my voice. It was more of a plea for her not to push me any further, because I was scared that I would give in.

"I'm happy for you, Ben, for finding real love. Really." The blonde bombshell shifted a little closer on the bed and slowly began leaning towards me.

"Thanks," I answered but furrowed my brow. Adrienne was tipping towards me and reaching a hand to plant it on the bed beside my hip, using it to prop herself upright as she continued her forward progress closer and closer to me.

Adrienne approached so slowly and steadily that I didn't even quite register what was going on. If she'd darted quickly I would have thrown my hands up defensively and protested with verbal warnings. But her unhurried pace caught me off guard and before I realized it, Adrienne had moved her face within an inch of me.

And in that sweet, breathy voice, she murmured, "But I can't help myself..." Closing her eyes and tilting her head, Adrienne closed the gap and pressed her lips against mine.

It was the slow-burn kiss of old. It felt so familiar and natural that I flowed easily back into Adrienne's embrace while she reached up with her free hand to softly brush my cheek. The warmth built and trickled slowly from our lips and across my cheeks while her lips massaged rhythmically against mine. When her tongue pressed, I opened up to let it in. And I inhaled sharply as the pleasurable energy spread like wildfire from the point where our tongues touched together.

I closed my eyes and felt myself falling until I was reclined at an angle on my own pillows with Adrienne hovering over me. Her lips were suddenly gone and when I blinked, I found myself topless and alone on the bed. The bedroom door was closed and locked, and a gorgeous 17-year-old goddess was doing a model's walk toward me while slowly peeling off her clothes.

There were no sounds but the thumping of my heart and the roaring of blood in my ears. I felt like I couldn't blink as Adrienne's blouse fell to the floor. And then I felt like I couldn't breathe when her bra joined it, freeing those massive and perfect breasts to my gaze. Her nipples were rock hard and flushed with her own excitement, and the heavenly orbs captivated my attention so much that when I finally looked away, it was to find that she'd already stripped her jeans and panties as well.

As Adrienne came up to the bed, she once again sat on the mattress beside me and slowly reached for my jeans. In a sultry-sweet, but sincerely neutral voice, she said, "Stop me if you don't want me to continue. I won't be the bitch just taking whatever I want."

She blinked a few times, waiting for me to say something. But I didn't utter a sound.

With deliberate movements, giving me plenty of time to resist if I so chose, Adrienne unbuttoned me and dragged the zipper down. My throbbing cock, unused in more than a week, sprang out and bobbed eagerly towards the beautiful naked girl in front of me before pressing back against my own pelvis. I raised up my hips to help her drag both my jeans and boxers down my legs, leaving me completely naked as well.

Adrienne then slid belly-down onto the bed, putting herself parallel to me with her feet dangling off the end and her head hovering over my crotch. She slowly reached out and circled a cool hand around my rigid pole, elevating it into an upright position.

"Anything for you, Ben," Adrienne husked, this time unable to keep the arousal out of her voice. And then she ducked her head and took a long lick at my shaft from base to tip. "I just want to please you."

"Ohhh," I groaned, feeling the exquisite pleasure of finally getting stimulation from something other than my own right hand. "You do, Adrienne. You do."

My words only encouraged her as she took another lick and then moved her head over the top, taking a deep breath before plunging her way down. She rapidly moved until she'd taken as much of me in her mouth as possible, breathed again, and then took the rest of my meat into her throat.

When her lips pressed up against the base of my cock, I let out a low moan and felt the smallest twinge of guilt in the back of my head. It wasn't cheating if Dawn had given me permission, right? This was exactly what an open relationship was about. Perhaps she'd even already given Ryan a blowjob by now.

But even if she hadn't, I was still allowed. I wasn't going against any rules. And before, just three weeks earlier when I'd admitted to her that Adrienne had given me a blowjob on Halloween night, Dawn had dismissed it as pure sexual release for orgasm's sake.

I wanted this. I NEEDED this. Adrienne was wrong, I still had a fatal flaw: I just HAD to cum.

And if Adrienne kept this up much longer, that was just what I'd do. She deep- throated me several times in rapid succession before backing away and nuzzling the head while jacking me with both her hands. For pure, raw sexual ability, no one could match her for cocksucking. No one. Not Dawn, not Donna, not Dayna, no one. And she soon had me bunching the bedsheets up in my hands while my ab muscles strained on the approach to orgasm.

Abruptly, Adrienne popped off my cock with a wild look in her eyes. "I want to fuck you, Ben. Please?"

My own eyes bugged out.

"Pleeease, Ben. I need you inside me."

I wanted to CUM. I NEEDED to cum. And I was so close that I'd agree to almost anything to get it.

I was just hours away from seeing Dawn again, and for some reason, even though my brain and dick both told me that I was allowed to have sex with another girl, I found myself not wanting to. Would it mean anything to Dawn if I saved myself just this much longer? Maybe, maybe not. But I was reminded of something Dawn had once told me a long time ago when I promised faithfulness.

I'd asked if she would live with me fucking other girls. She'd replied, 'Well, I wouldn't say I like the idea.'

I'd told Dawn then that I wouldn't, she'd kissed me, and then said, 'I really would be thrilled knowing you're saving yourself for me.'

That was all I needed. Yeah, I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum BADLY. But if I didn't have sex, if I didn't fuck Adrienne, I could see Dawn tomorrow and tell her honestly that yeah, she'd given me permission to have sex, but that I'd saved myself for her. It was a fine line, getting a blowjob but not going all the way, but I clung to that distinction as if it were the difference between life and death.

While I'd been ruminating on that, Adrienne hadn't been idle. She raised up her chest and slotted my hard cock into the groove of her cleavage, wrapping those incredible melons around my shaft and humping herself up and down, giving me just enough stimulation to keep me at the edge of orgasm. When she sensed I'd thought it over, she looked up at me, still squeezing her own mammary flesh around my rod and fucking me with her tits.

"Adrienne, I can't..." I groaned in apology. It wasn't fair, using her like this. I would be taking my pleasure and getting my orgasm from her without giving her the stiff dick that she craved inside. "Please, I can't tell Dawn I failed in the final hour."

Her face was a mask of sorrow, so close to her goal and yet so far. But she sucked up her pain and nodded acceptance. She was fighting her own demons. She knew that if she just straddled me and impaled herself, she could do so without me stopping her. I was THAT close to the edge myself. But she didn't. Instead, Adrienne pulled me free of her tits, jacking me with both hands as she moaned, "Cum all over me, Ben. Shower me with your hot cream. Give me the biggest load of your life. For me, Ben. Just for me."

Groaning, I nodded and dropped my head back onto the pillow behind me. No longer able to see Adrienne, I nevertheless felt both her hands working in a corkscrew motion along my long shaft while her hot mouth surrounded my sensitive cockhead. She sucked powerfully and lavished me with her tongue. And only at the very last second did I have the presence of mind to muffle my own mouth as I screamed in ultimate climax.

My wail became a hollow "Mmph!" The sound was trapped in my mouth as I'd clamped both hands down to keep the rest of my family from hearing my orgasmic cry. But there was nothing to restrain my hips as I bucked upwards violently. If I'd still been in Adrienne's mouth I might have choked her to death with that single thrust.

But skilled as she was, Adrienne recognized my impending explosion and had backed her head away. But even she wasn't prepared for how strongly I kicked myself off the mattress. I think my dickhead actually hit her in the face just before spewing a thick stream of cum from her forehead across her nose. And then as she wrestled me back down onto the mattress, the second burst flew out and splattered across her left cheek.

Jacking me with both hands, Adrienne then pumped out a load onto her lips and chin before aiming me lower. Just as she'd requested, and mostly because I hadn't had a good orgasm in over a week, I gave her one of the biggest loads of my life. Globs four and five splashed down on her tits and began running in little rivers down her cleavage. Shot six painted the hollow of her throat. And the remaining few mini-bursts she directed all over her face.

These weren't just ordinary cumshots either. After building up such a reservoir, the creamy, sticky jism was thick and rich. The strings of cum across her face had enough mass to stay almost in position without dribbling, and the fourth shot had been bigger than my usual first shot.

So absolutely covered in cum, Adrienne sighed in mixed relief and disappointment as she turned over and flopped onto her back beside me. She panted for oxygen and reached up with delicate fingers to start scooping great wads of cum and pop them into her mouth.

And as I gazed down at this stunningly gorgeous young woman who had given me so much pleasure and asked for so little in return, I couldn't help but feel that tug in my heart that I promised Dawn I wouldn't feel. It wasn't under my mental control. You either feel it, or you don't. And right now, I felt a little of my old love and tenderness for Adrienne coming back.

So after catching my breath, I slid down my bed and gently parted Adrienne's legs to the side. I dipped my head to take a long sniff of her musky, sensuous aroma, and I examined her truly pretty pussy lips. I wouldn't fuck her; but I would make her happy. After all the pleasure she'd just given me, this was the least I could do.

And as I felt her fingers sliding through my hair, I took my first lick and started to make Adrienne moan.

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