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Chapter 5: The Prince's Apprentice

The gentle sound of rain tapping against the roof slowly pulled me out of my slumber. I have always liked rain. Whenever it rained, I begged for my mother to let me go outside and play. If only things were as simple now. I stood up and stretched, looking out the window. The sun was peeking through the gray clouds. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-apprentice_46928825757518283">;s-apprentice_46928825757518283</a> for visiting.

Strange, didn't I tell Ren to come here as soon as the sun comes up? I turn around and almost gasped in shock. Ren was sleeping against the door. "Wake up. I asked you to come here so we can start training, not for you to start sleeping." He murmured something inaudible in his sleep and even turned his back to me. I poke him on his shoulders one last time, but no luck.

With a sigh, I start preparing breakfast. I grabbed the eggs I had in stock, and created a fire. Putting the pan on top, I let the eggs fry while I took out the leftover potatoes. As much as I don't want to eat potatoes anymore, I needed all the energy I can get. "Aaah..." I heard Ren groan. I put the eggs and potatoes on the two plates.

"Aaalexanderrr?" He mumbled. "So, you're finally awake. Come, I made breakfast." He stood up as soon as he came to his senses. I let him sit on the chair while I sat on the table. As if on a switch, all his energy turned to maximum. "Sorry, I was so excited last night I didn't get to sleep at all! Then as soon as the sky started turning orange I ran as fast as I could but it started raining and I didn't know where else to go so I sle-" I shoved a mouthful of hot potato in his mouth.

"For someone so sleepdeprived, you sure do talk a lot. I'll have you know I'm not quite a morningperson." I said. He nodded as he tried to chew the potato without burning histongue. "I never got to ask, how old are you? You seem pretty young." I questioned.

"I turned 17 recently. We had a small gathering, actually." In Easton, you are legally an adult by 16 years old- after 25 years people usually stop counting their age. Partly because their life becomes repetitive, and it doesn't really matter after that.

"So, what do I call you? Good sir? Teacher? Black? Mr. Black? Teacher Black-" He gasped, "Potato master!" I scowled. "Don't ever bring up that incident again. You can call me..." Zachariah. I cannot deny that I want to hear my name again. Black, traitor prince- they're all names that people use to call me but they're not me. Although, despite him being my new apprentice, I cannot risk that. He had good intentions from the start but that may change.

"Call me whatever you want except the ones you just mentioned. I never really liked people calling me Black. I'm just 19- not that much older than you so no formalities." He pouted, but agreed anyway. "I'll make up a random name: Alexander." I nodded. "That would do. Finish your food quickly. " I stood up, and put my hair up using the hair stick. I finished my own food not long after that, and our plates were empty after idle chatter about chickens and potatoes.


"We should start the ritual by now. Give me your hands." He held out his hands for me to hold while I intertwined my fingers with his. It was rough but warm- probably from working quite often. He looked surprised, but I ignored him. I don't recall the exact ritual I went through when I became my mother's apprentice, but I remember holding her hand tightly.

"Magic is all about intentions." I said, closing my eyes. A soft haze enveloped us. There was a distinct beat somehow- it was our hearts. "Notice how our hearts are beating together?" I felt him nodding. "I can't see you, Ren. You have to close your eyes and talk to me."

"Oh yeah sorry. Yes?" I smiled. I haven't laughed or smiled genuinely in a long time but he made me do it so easily. "It means it's ready. State your intentions." I focused on his hand holding mine. It's also been a long time since I touched someone. "I want to become your apprentice. I want to become a proper wizard someday- not just a human with magic."

"Even if people end up fighting you because you're related to me somehow?"

"Yes." He said firmly.

"Even if... I may not be who you think I am?" I heard laughter. It was sincere and spirited at the same time. It suited him. "Oh please, you sounded so serious right now. Alexander, I believe every person has their own reason. You seem secretive so I won't pry of course. I mean you won't even tell me your name! How can names be a secret? I wouldn't be so surprised. But, yes, even if you're not who I think you are."

Despite his lively attitude, he was perceptive. That would come in handy once he starts to practice magic. "My intention is to teach you everything I know. It may not be a lot- and I may fall short as your teacher. But I would try my best. Not just for you-" I realize as I say this. It was for myself. I said yes because I needed human company, I wanted someone to confide to- not just a rock thrown to the sea. "But also, for myself. Is that acceptable to you?"

"Yes." I can't believe I agreed to this. It was all kinds of dangerous and now someone might get hurt because of me. I felt his hand tighten. "I really wanted this for a long time. Thank you." He said. I sighed. He was too honest. That could be his strength and weakness at the same time. "Coligo." That was the final part of the spell. It would bind us together.

"You can't turn back anymore, Ren." I open my eyes and observed him. He was still closing his eyes, but there was an ever-present smile. "I don't plan to." He had a red aura- almost golden, but not quite. His red aura mixed with my own silver one. "Open your eyes" I said. He opened them, and was shocked to see we were surrounded by a red and silver glow.

"Woah! I've never seen this happen before." I let a small smile escape my lips. He hasn't even seen his own aura yet? He has so much to learn. The spell is finished but we were still standing, hands intertwined. An awkward silence ensued. I coughed. "You can let go now." He quickly took his hands away.

"Are you happy now?" He nodded, and smiled at me. "Of course I am! So where do we start?" I sat on the chair. "Oh you have so much to learn." He didn't know that he was now the Traitor Prince's Apprentice.

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Fun Fact: The Prince's Apprentice was supposed to be my title, but I changed it last minute! I'm kinda new to webnovel so please support me, thank you! <3

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