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The first volume has writing problems and everything will be carefully resolved after the end of the third volume, please be patient and give the story a chance. I'm Brazilian and English is far from being a language I'm familiar with haha, I'm doing my best and I feel that as you read on you'll notice the improvement and the result of my efforts! Thank you and happy reading!


*Isekai and Reincarnation are worked on directly from volume 005 second chance [extra]. 



Wang's kingdom was in its tenth dynasty and had lived in prosperity for over 500 years.


The current queen, Omega Wang Zheng, was the only heir to the throne, but even after 29 years, she was not yet married and had no children.


The noble elders were a little worried; the queen was getting older and showed no signs of wanting to form a family.


The Bloody Spring has been convened for the first time in three centuries.


The elders had no power greater than the queen; because of their wisdom and experience, they advised royalty to make the best choices.


But their only sovereign power they had was to apply for Bloody Spring.


It was a great festival where the whole country organized itself to appreciate the youth and prosperity of the royal family, while they eagerly waited to know who would be chosen as the Queen's lover.


Wang Zheng was not particularly happy with this situation; she had already decided many years ago to live alone and not leave heirs, although she knew that this would leave the throne without a successor.


"Your Majesty, can I offer you anything else?"


"How are the preparations for spring?"


"Four countries are sending their candidates. So far we have one beta, two alpha and one omega, but we still don't know if other countries will send some of their heirs."


The Queen understood that many sent heirs only with the intention of honoring the Queen.


When requesting Bloody Spring, it was understood that an alpha would be chosen, but not all allies had alpha available, so betas and omega would also be present in pure formality.

"I understand. Ask that the best rooms be prepared to receive our guests in the best way. Also, be sure to send official warnings that no inhibitors or suppressors are allowed during the spring."


"Yes, Your Majesty."


"That includes the omega."




She watched her secretary calmly leave, he was an immature young man who had barely had time to distinguish himself in alpha.


But he was as innocent as a puppy.


She sighed with satisfaction.


The young man was the son of her best friend and was as efficient as he was working for her and her family.


From her armchair, she could see the sunset out the window. The days passed quickly when you had so many things to do. She still had a huge amount of paperwork to go through... The days were exhausting.


Her adult life consisted of being in the royal hospital, where she was a doctor and a director, and in her office within the palace, taking care of the official affairs of the kingdom.


Wang's kingdom was one of the most modern and evolved countries in terms of royalty and industry.


Wang Zheng, as an omega, understood the need for effective inhibitors and suppressors as well as to ensure that the glands were not violated by alpha. This generated a strong development in research on pheromones and medicines.

The country administered by Wang Zheng is considered by many to be the best country for an omega to live and she without any modesty agreed to it.


She devoted many years of her own life to providing the best for her subjects and for people like her.


She assumed the throne very young; her father died when she was only 14 years old and, although she had been created all her life for that moment, when she assumed the throne, she was still young and immature.


What was expected for a 14-year-old child.


But we cannot say that she has not done her best all these years; she must probably be one of the most prosperous queens of the dynasty.


The medicine of pheromones within the kingdom is extremely advanced and can prevent numerous diseases associated with inadequate gland development.


In addition to the numerous achievements of other kings that continue to be maintained, such as the large number of Olympic medallists, the country with the lowest rate of violence against omega, the country with one of the best intellectual groups, having the best grades among the universities...


It's a country that's almost perfect. But this prosperity demands a great sacrifice: the Queen's love life.


Despite Her Majesty's benevolence and the unconditional love of her subjects, it is impossible to control the rumors that tend to arise.


Well, many believe Wang Zheng is actually a beta and doesn't even have glands.


Others believe the Queen is single because she prefers a more promiscuous lifestyle and sleeps every night with a distinct alpha.


Of course, those are just rumors, but they spread like a breeze and are hard to control.


It was dark already.


Wang Zheng wore a long blue sea dress; the fabric was light and ideal for his citrus pheromone of pineapple.


She had her shoulders exposed, smooth, milky skin.


The thin soft tissue marked her beautiful curves and, despite her thin waist, she was not an extremely delicate omega; she had firm muscles and very well distributed, which gave her a strong and attractive profile.


Wang Zheng was an athletic person.


The long black hair attached gave the young woman a more serious and elegant aura. Every night before she slept, she used to write in her diary while drinking tea. She was flipping through the blank pages while thinking about what should be written, until she heard a soft knock on the door.


"Queen, the committee of elders awaits you."


She sighed bored. "Let's go then."


"Queen, would you like something to warm you up?"


"I'm gonna wear this black shawl."


The queen quickly put on the thick fabric covering her shoulders and headed to her office.


"Please rise and greet the presence of the royal majesty, the second of her name, Wang Zheng."

Quickly, several men stood up in front of Wang Zheng, and in a few moments, they already smelled the strong smell of pineapple entering his nostrils and permeating the entire room.


Extremely uncomfortable.


The queen's pheromone wasn't naturally sweet, but when she got angry, the smell reminded her of rotten pineapple.


Acid and uncomfortable.


"Sit down. What's the subject of the meeting?"


"As you know, we are concerned about the prosperity of the kingdom... We believe marriage to an alpha is ideal to keep our country from falling into decline."


It was foolish to say that the country would decline; it would take years for that to happen, much effort would be needed for that kingdom to fall.


"I understand, is that it?"


"Yes, we saw the confirmed list of Bloody Spring and the two alpha's look pretty good..."


"Good. Then I'm retiring."


Wang Zheng left her armchair and walked towards the door, and some were already relieved that the pheromone would soon dissipate, but others were dissatisfied with the Queen's posture.


"Queen, take our advice seriously, the priests warned us: immense glory in a kingdom without heirs is a sign of bad omen, fate will demand a high price."


"High price... Elder, I think you've forgotten who I am... I accept Bloody Spring out of respect for your advice. But, like you said yourself, it's just advice, maybe I should just ignore it."


She walked out fast without even looking back.


Inside his office, it was possible to hear some men breathing deeply and others opening the window.


The queen was very angry at the time.


A few days passed and the Bloody Spring was approaching, only a few days were left to begin.


It was almost lunchtime, and the Queen wore a loose blouse; she purposely left some buttons open, showing off her cleavage and displaying her necklace with a small heart shaped diamond pendant.


Gift from your mother.


She looked in the mirror as she finished tweaking her simple, light makeup for another normal day's work.


Her secretary helped her with her schedule and commitments. "Most of the guests have arrived."


"Right. Are the guards at the scene yet?"


"Yes. All rooms have at least two betas to avoid major problems with pheromones."


"Good. Have you checked the pheromone evasion system?"


"All rooms in the palace are functioning properly and there will be no accumulation of pheromones or odor intrusion in the neighbouring rooms."


"Good. I'm gonna finish my makeup and go down to the garden and find them for tea."

"All right, Your Majesty."


It was still early afternoon, the weather was pleasant.


The royal garden was full of flowers and trees, beautiful and full of life.


Next to a few hundred-year-old trees there was a large pergola covering a table of twelve places. There were most of the Bloody Spring participants waiting for the queen.


One of the guards, seeing the Queen's approach, bowed before her. "Please rise and greet the royal majesty, second name Wang Zheng."


Everyone stood up and answered in a perfectly synchronized choir: "Long live the queen!"


"Don't bother too much, you can sit down."


So she sat elegantly at the head of the table. "Please allow me to get to know each and every one of you better. Starting with you, in blue."


The first young man seemed a little nervous, but he tried to keep his composure.


The next young man seemed a little more confident.


The presentation continued with each of the participants presenting themselves.


After the presentations, Queen Zheng began to talk to each of them, asking questions about their interests and abilities.



Later that night, while in her room, the Queen reflected on the day.


She knew that choosing a partner would be an important decision, not just for her, but for the whole kingdom, and maybe it would be harder than she expected.


She lay down in her bed, still with thoughts about the participants and expectations of the elders. "Do any of them really understand what it means to be my partner?" She asked herself before she fell asleep.

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My first original and omegaverse story, I'm excited.

My English is not very good and I am far from fluent, but I hope you appreciate my effort if you are reading the English version, I hope to always improve and avoid the same mistakes! :)

Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation!

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