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1.2% The Pursuit of Power / Chapter 1: Trashier than Trash

Trashier than Trash - The Pursuit of Power - Chapter 1 by _boi full book limited free

The Pursuit of Power original

The Pursuit of Power

Author: _boi

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Chapter 1: Trashier than Trash

*Thud* "Ugh!"

*Thud* "Oomph!"

*Thud* "Agh!"

Surrounded by his teammates, Yuuki was being beaten half-to-death. The reason being that he had almost gotten them killed after missing his sneak attack on the boss.

Currently, they were in a D-rank Dungeon where they had to defeat all the monsters contained within to gain a living. This was because they were Hunters.

Hunters suddenly came into existence one day along with Mana. Mana allowed Humans to gain abilities far greater than Humans could wield on their own.

Right now, however, these Hunters were brutally beating one of their own after his failure as an Assassin-Class Hunter to stealthily attack the boss when it was distracted.

Alas, Yuuki's failure was inevitable, his mana pool was not sufficient for his [Stealth] ability to last as long as it needed to and it ran out as his dagger pierced towards the nape of the Wolf Leader which resulted in it being able to dodge his blow.

Dodging his blow, the Wolf Leader threw the rest of the team off guard as they expected an easy win to follow shortly after he stabbed it. After almost being wiped out before luckily a stalactite fell from the roof of the dungeon, killing the Wolf Leader.

To the side, the only female on their team, who was their healer coincidentally, was the only one who didn't take part in the team's brutality. Every hit that landed caused her to flinch whilst all she could do for Yuuki was to feel empathy for him.

"That's enough." The person who spoke was a middle-aged man with gaunt facial features and a slim body. His name was Sen Hatsumi and he was the one who led the others who followed him dumbly like gangsters.

"You piece of crap... You're trashier than trash. Fucking useless sack of shit." Finishing his monologue by spitting a large amount of saliva on Yuuki's curled up body, Hatsumi walked off with his entourage.

Yuuki saw Hatsumi's turned back and immediately his exhausted body somehow mustered enough strength for him to launch a strike at the back of Hatsumi's head.

Instead of Hatsumi being knocked unconscious, Yuuki saw him turn around and nonchalantly launch him back with a punch that pierced through his ribcage and assaulted his liver.

The breath inside of him was knocked out whilst his vision became blurry. It was a foolish attempt as he knew that as an E-rank he could never beat a D-rank.


Opening his eyes to a luminescent light pouring down from above, Yuuki found out that he was carried to the Hospital by the female on their team, Miss Akane, who pitied him and his situation.

Everyone nearby knew who he and his sister were, the Satoshi Siblings. Their story was also known by the masses. A D-rank Hunter for a father and an E-rank Hunter for a mother, both dead in a dungeon after they unknowingly waltzed into a Red Gate without knowing they would never come out.

Since then, Yuuki had to work his ass off to earn the minimum amount of money that an E-rank Hunter could gain, all to heal the affliction which was rooted deep within his younger sister. Countless times he had to starve himself to allow his younger sister to have her medicine, after all, he was the man of the house.

He could still remember that day where his Father made him promise that if anything happened to him that Yuuki would take care of his mother and sister. He made this promise right before he and his mother entered the gate. Back then, he had a bad feeling about the gate.

An urge deep within surfaced and it caused him to almost yell at them to not go, to stay. Instead, he suppressed it and it caused him and his sister to lose their parents. If he had only asked them the stay behind even if he only wanted to hug them before they left, the Gate would've shown that it was a Red Gate and then his parents would still be alive.

His sister's affliction randomly came one day when she was younger, she woke up and her limbs had no strength within them and ever since then, she had never left the hospital bed on which she resided because of the money which Yuuki gained fro being a Hunter, otherwise Yuuki could tell that she would've died already.

Getting up from the bed, his body still ached all over, but nothing mattered more than taking care of Hana. Ignoring the broken bones and ignoring the pain, Yuuki ran along the familiar corridors of the Hospital and entered Hana's room.

Inside, Hana lay in bed with her beautiful face covered with small amounts of drool as she slept. Getting to her bed, Yuuki wiped away her drool before he pulled a chair over and watched her sleep.

Ashy grey hair and dark, crimson eyes along with symmetrical facial features formed Yuuki's handsome appearance. Whether it be his chiseled jawline or his perfect eyes, it seemed as though he was perfectly sculpted from marble, however, his body was just stronger than that of a strong Human as a Hunter, especially since he was an E-rank.

Naturally, his situation caused a gargantuan amount of stress to fall upon his shoulders and his weak body was not prepared to carry them whatsoever.

'Mom, Dad, I miss you so much...' Even though he was adopted, he treated his parents as his real ones. In his eyes, parents were the ones who raised a child, it did not matter whether they shared blood for they shared their family.

Hana had just turned 16 whilst Yuuki was 18, Hana's birthday was in May so there were only a couple of weeks left before she turned 17, currently, it was March. Knowing this, sadness overwhelmed Yuuki as he knew that she would still be in bed by that time with only him by her side. What he did not know was that Hana was completely fine with only him. It would've been strange for their routine to break and she was content with him as her company.

Putting his hands around Hana's, he closed his eyes as silent tears poured down his face.

Suddenly, the mournful peace was halted by the shaking of Hana's body. In recent times, she would have a seizure that required immediate help from nurses, or the results would be catastrophic. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Pressing a button by the side of her bed multiple times in the span of a second, he ran into the corridor shouting for help for good measure.

As her room became crowded, Yuuki's nerves became taut and he went outside for some fresh air when in the corner of his eye, he saw something.

Hovering a few centimeters over the ground, his eyes widened as he saw a gate right there, the alluring sky-blue swirls caused his brain to short out and before he knew it, he had charged into it. Right after his entrance the sky-blue swirls became a dark-crimson as the Gate was revealed to be a Red Gate.

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