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100% The Rare's: Blue Moon / Chapter 5: Sinco: Last Day At Zephyria

Sinco: Last Day At Zephyria - The Rare's: Blue Moon - Chapter 5 by Camorenotan full book limited free

Chapter 5: Sinco: Last Day At Zephyria

It's already three days since they arrive at Zephyria. They decided to name the land out of boredom; they got the idea because of the gentle breeze in the west which is called Zephyr.

Cal already gains her consciousness and was asked by them. She explained that she can't remember a thing at all which made them speechless.

"Maybe the words are enchanted." Mori said.

All of them agreed and continued their journey; they arrived at a very cuddly land full of marshmallows.

"Can somebody pinch me." Cade blurted out.

Mori pinch him in the arm making him scream in pain.

"Ouch! That hurts you really did pinch me!" Cade frowned.

"I don't know why but I love this land, come on guys." Mori ran and rolled into the marshmallow grass.

Warren shook his head, he thought the one his are actually kids.

Cade jump in every trees and ate different flavors of marshmallows, Mori found a flowers that are not just an ordinary flower because it was icing.

Cal was picking some marshmallows and notices a brown liquid she walked and followed the trace and found a small falls running chocolate drinks.

"Hey guys check this out." She exclaimed.

Mori and Cade run towards them when they arrive a big splash was formed by Eros.

"Eros you're so not fair." Cade stomped his food.

They all laughed when warren arrive holding a bunch of cookies.

"I found this while roaming around earlier while you guys are busy playing." Warren laughed.

They all enjoyed running around and throwing marshmallows everywhere.

"This land is marvelous." Mori shouted while they all lay down in the ground.

"Agree!" Cade replied with joy.

Cal giggles and faced warren, she notices that he was different in Zephyria.

"Did you have fun?" She asked.

Warren faced her and smiled. "I did."

"Especially that you are here." Warren wanted to speak those words but the words did not come out from his mouth.

"As much as I wanted to stay here, we need to continue our far away journey." Mori sighed.

Cade stood up and carried sleeping Eros, the poor dragon was asleep due to exhaustion.

"Look he is even smiling while asleep." Cal giggles.

They continued to walk and pass a great stones, the place looks like a rocky mountain.

"I don't feel good in here." Cade roams his eyes around in fear.

Eros also hide in Cade's back as they continue to move forward.

As they go farther and higher in the steep mountain, Warren found some ashes and a bit of ice.

"I think someone was already here." Warren said.

"Then that's good we can finally gather together." Cade replied.

They notice a hesitation in Warren's face and spoke. "I was almost got killed yesterday when I followed Cal because one of our members tried to kill me." He said.

Cal gasped in fear. "Then we are still not safe even if we are in the same group."

The idea hit all of them and started to take out their weapons.

"What are we doing?" Cade asked while also trying to defend himself.

"One of us might also be a traitor right?" Mori trembled with her words.

Cal thought for a while and put down her dagger; she closed her eyes and started to observe the people around her.

The room was dark and she tried to observe the three of them. Mori and Cade have the same color of spirit which is blue except for Warren it is also dark like hers. She still doesn't have any idea with her ability to see others.

As she opened her eyes she spoke. "I know it already that Mori is an Aura seer while Cade is a Cupid, Warren was a Wolf Seer I guess we are all good."

"You can also see?" Mori was surprised.

Cal nodded at her.

"I think its fine to speak about this I am an Aura seer, my ability was similar like you but I can only see the aura not the person's ability." Mori explained.

Warren didn't expect that the people with him has the same ability like his.

"I don't have a lot of knowledge about it but we are part of the Seers the Aura seers are the same, but as you have observed they have limitations unlike us." He explained.

Before they could react a large explosion was heard on the other side which made the road trembled.

"Not again." Cade exclaimed.

Large rocks were falling into their location; Eros flew and blows his magic towards them. A couple of seconds as they opened their eyes they are already at the top.

"Good thing we got Eros." Mori sighed in relief.

They all nodded and roamed around the area, the top was very sandy and a large door was seen.

"What a huge door it must be giants." Cade exclaimed.

"Be alert we never know who is with us." Warren warned them and shifted.

They moved near the Door and an old lady without eyes walks toward them.

"I am the caretaker of this huge door; In order to pass you need to answer my five riddles. I'll give you two chances for mistake but if you do mistakes three times. I'm afraid the payment would be your own eyes." The old woman smiled in a creepy voice.

The four of them gathered around and voice out their opinions.

"I'm not good in riddles." Cade trembled in fear.

"Me neither." Mori replied worriedly.

Warren looks at them at ease and spoke. "I'm pretty sure we can work this out together."

Cal nodded and they walk back near the old lady, the old woman smiled creepily and started to speak.

"I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?" The old woman asked.

"Oh my who could it be." Cade asked them.

They think and Mori came up with an answer.

"Is it whisper?" She asked.

"Wrong. "I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?" The old woman asked again.

Cal thought clearly and spoke. "You are tricking us with the ears and mouth yet you give us a hint with the wind. The answer would be you are an Echo."

The woman nodded and replied. "You are smart."

They clapped their hands in joy and listened to the next riddle.

"You see a boat filled with people. It has not sunk, but when you look again you don't see a single person on the boat. Why?" The old woman asked.

"Goodness." Mori blurted.

Warren notice Cade being silent for a while and come up with a great idea.

"I will never get wrong with love, if you said no single person in the boat then I'll assume because they are only married people!" Cade exclaimed and dance on joy.

The old woman spoke. "You are very knowledgeable in love how lucky it's correct."

They cheer for Cade and waited for the 3rd riddle.

The old woman continued to speak. "What word in English language does the following: the first two letters signify a male; the first three letters signify a female, the first four signify great, while the entire word signifies a great woman. What is the word?"

"That's hard." Cade thought.

"Not at all, if the 1st two letters signifies a male then it is a He, if the 1st third letters signifies a female then it is Her, she said that if the 1st four letters signifies great we just need to add a letter O and we can come up with a Hero. The last hint was entire word signifies a great woman if we add everything together and put up the idea that it is a woman it would be Heroine." Warren explained.

"You've got a great observation young man, you're correct. I need to make it trickier to challenge you all." The old woman said.

"This might be really hard." Cal said.

They started to get worried knowing that they only have one chance left, if they made a 3rd mistake it will be the end for them.

"What is seen in the middle of the March and April that cant' be seen at the beginning or the end of either month?" The old woman said.

"Seriously there is no middle with them March is followed by April nothing else." Cade said looking helpless.

"The answer might be in between?" They replied.

"All of you are wrong; you no longer have a chance if you commit another mistake." The woman laughed evilly.

"Wait a minute! It's the letter R! March and April indeed have he same middle letter." Mori sad happily.

"Way to go Mori." Cal said patting her in the shoulder.

"You foolish child you got the correct answer, I wouldn't mind besides you no longer have a chance." The old woman grinned and continued.

"I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?" The old woman asked.

"Are you kidding me does a place like that exist?" Cade look helpless hearing the riddle.

"Should I start praying now?" Mori said in a worried voice.

Cal looks at Warren and spoke. "It's another trick right?"

Warren nodded and replied. "You are right the answer is a Map."

Cal nodded calmly and stared at the old lady getting angry. Mori and Cade jumped in joy cheering with them.

The land suddenly trembled and the woman disappear the huge door finally opened . They walk inside the mysterious place filled with sands.

"Is this for real? We almost died in the entrance and now we actually got into the desert." Cade complains.

Mori looked around and notice a cactus on the left side.

"Guys look at that cactus it seems disfigured."

Warren walked towards the cactus and found out that it was smashed; the scattered plant was still fresh. He continued to roam around and told them what he observed.

"Somebody was here earlier-"

Warren falls under the sand leaving a hole at the top.

"Warren!" Cal shouted.

They immediately ran near the hole and look for Warren.

"I'm here it's so dark inside, I felt a door underneath. It must be a shortcut to get out of the dessert." Warren shouted.

"Thank goodness, what are we going to do? Should we jump below?" Mori asked.

"Girls thats too deep my beauty can't take it." Cade replied in hesitation.

Cal thought for a while and notice a hard stuff in her knees, she immediately dig it and notice a brick. She asked the two to dig and follow the bricks and they found out that it was a well.

"Its a well." Mori exclaimed.

"Wells have ropes right?" Cade asked.

Eros smelled around and digs on the other side; it catches their attention when Eros was already grabbing a rope.

"Eros you are a genius!" Cade praised his dragon.

Cal wrapped her waist with the rope and volunteered to go first. She jumped and walk backwards in in the wall slowly.

She finally got down safely and saw Warren holding a lamp.

"Thank goodness you're alright." She said.

"I found this door when I turned the lamp on. The thing is I have no idea how to open it." He replied.

Cal traced the door and found words imprinted in the walls.

"Too deep, too cold and far away yet, she showed me a brighter way that I am the only key. Your only happiness and only hope to continue your brightness." Cal spoke out and found a crescent moon the same size like her moon dagger.

She took out her dagger and holds the attached small crescent moon. A blue light come out and scattered around, other walls glowed and show a bright moons around the area.

Cade and Mori gasped on what they saw and walked towards them.

The door was opened and a single light in the middle was seen.

Cal walked towards the light and saw a floating sun dagger similar to hers. She grabs the dagger and it glowed together with the moon dagger.

A door was opened in the other side, she signed them to follow.

As they walked out of the chamber, a light was seen and a lot of birds chirping around.

"What is this place?" Mori blurted in amusement.

"I gave no idea." Cal said looking around.

The place has a lot of gleaming crystals and water flowing, the shades of light made them sparkle in beauty. As they walked down the bridge they found a crystal sculpture of a lady and a man holding her face lovingly.

"Moon embraces the sun." Cupid said looking at the sculpture sadly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-blue-moon_17952192006837305/sinco-last-day-at-zephyria_51390758296535607">;s-blue-moon_17952192006837305/sinco-last-day-at-zephyria_51390758296535607</a> for visiting.

"Mori faced Cade and asked. "Do you know their story?"

Cade nodded. "Its one of my sides mistake by accidentally hit the two, it was an impossible love yet they are still happy. In order to maintain the balance a lot hinders their love, in the end they decided to give up what they had and vanished happily while being with each other." Cade explained.

"It must be hard." Warren suddenly blurted.

Cal stared at the sculpture and felt a sense of familiarity.

"Are you okay Cal?" Mori asked her.

Cal immediately responded. "Y-yeah let's go."

They followed the path leading into a large mirror.

"What an enormous mirror." Mori said.

Cal touched the mirror on her surprise it suddenly glowed.

A familiar figure was seen it was Ash holding the Orthos. It shows that hr was raising Gun in the collar and sniffed him.

"Scent of Hallu." He blurted and raised the Orthos to shower Gun with water.

Ash turned around seeing how horrible the place turned out.

The image suddenly vanished making them confused and surprised.

"No wonder Orion attacked me the other day it must be because of the scent." Warren finally got his answer from the sudden attack.

Mori faced him. "Scent of Hallu is indeed powerful it can drive you insane if it takes up to 3 days uncured. By the way this mirror is extremely very amazing." She exclaimed.

"The mirror of desires, my nanny told me that this mirror shows you everything you wanted to know." Cade said.

While the two were currently discussing Warren spoke at Cal. "You must have liked him."

Cal was stunned with Warren's words and clarified him. "Thats impossible Warren we barely know each other.

Warren noticed that Cal was serious which also make a part of him relieved.

"Let's go." Warren said and offers his hand.

Cal stared at Warren's hand and accepted it with a smile.

Cade stopped talking and said. "Look at that two Love birds I didn't even used my ability, yet they are already progressing."

Mori shrugs her shoulders and drag poor Cade away and followed the two.

They got out pf the tomb and saw an ice door, as they opened the frozen door a snowy area was seen outside.

"Snow" Mori suddenly blurted while reaching her hands to catch a snowflake.

They continue to walk at the freezing area and notice a track.

"It seems like someone just walked from here, Let's go and follow this tracks." Warren said.

They continued to follow the track and as they walk farther, the track was suddenly gone and cut off.

"How did that happen?" Cade suddenly asked.

Cal roamed around only trees and bushes can be seen, a sudden movement was heard at the bush made them cautious at the area.

"Be alert." Warren said.

Sharp branches suddenly floated and moved to attack them. Cal immediately used her ability and gets hold of the attack, Warren shifted and breaks it into pieces.

A stranger came out wearing a big black coat holding a Lucerne hammer moved and placed an attack through the ground which made the floor tremble and breaks.

"Irene enough!" Warren shouted.

The stranger stopped to attack them and spoke.

"Warren is that you?" She said removing her cover.

Warren gives her a glare and helps the others to stand up.

"Cal your nose is bleeding." Mori said.

Cal wiped her nose and saw some blood; she used a piece of cloth to cover it.

"I'll kill you." Irene glared at her and throws an attack.

Kael showed himself and grab her in the arm.

"Irene stop." He spoke making her follow what he said.

"Irene stop her attack and glared at Kael.

"You are doing it again!" Irene exclaimed.

Kael ignored her and stared at them. "How did you guys met each other?"

"Its a long story." Mori replied.

Cade immediately inserted and asked. "How come you two are together?"

"Don't even ask its a nightmare for me and I bet you'll understand it later." Kael said.

Irene rolled her eyes and spoke. "We walked long enough where should we stay when the night comes?"

"Uhuh okay call." Cade replied while talking to Eros.

Everyone faced them with a weird look in their faces.

"Eros found a cave near us, he told me to follow him." Cade explained.

"Great! Problem solved." Mori exclaimed and followed Eros.

As they walk Karl suddenly asked. "Aren't you with Ash? Why are you with this wolf?"

Warren groaned in annoyance and walked ahead.

"Don't speak like that with Warren he saved me when I first arrive here. Why would your friend be with me are we that close?" Cal replied without looking at him.

Kael sighed. "I'm just a bit worried wolves and vampires are not in good terms."

Cal faced him. "We'll think about it when we get there."

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