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The real daughter was cheated by General Lu

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Shi Han was lost when she was a child. When she returned to her biological family, she found out that they had already adopted another daughter whom they loved so much. While she- the real daughter- was faced with her indifference and avoidance.

It wasn’t until a car accident where she was given up by her biological mother that Shi Han finally realized it.

“Isn’t it nice to live alone?"
"Why need such parents and brothers?"

Shi Han stopped pleasing her biological parents, and focused on developing her own career, and raising a little wolf dog.

The little wolf dog was young and handsome, with a slender waist and long legs. He was good at washing and cooking, and she couldn’t be more satisfied.

Shi Han’s love life was a double harvest! Soon her vests kept falling - a violinist, a medical practitioner boss and so on. Soon her parents regretted everything and begged for forgiveness.

Shi Han laughed, “Heh~”

She thought she was the only one pretending, until Shi Han saw a certain CEO Lu Yan who could easily influence the international economy. Not only does he look exactly like her little wolf dog husband, but even his name is the same.

“Who is this?” Shi Han pointed to the cold-faced man wearing a suit in the photo.
“He does look a little like me.” Lu Yan didn’t change his face.

Hi everyone! I am editing the novel so that it will perfect to read without losing brain cells because of the abhorring grammar and wrongly translated words.
The novel is not written by me. I'm merely improving it for our English readers. Story credits to author. Moreover, the cover is not mine. I got a picture from pinterest and edited it. Credits to artist.

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The FL isn't taking no more drama and kicking butt to anyone who gets in her way. I'm still wondering when the ML tricks the FL into marrying him? It's great how the FL face slaps her so "called" family too[img=recommend]

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This is a good read. Very nice take on the real/fake daughter genre. I have to wonder why it's not tagged as fakeandrealrichdaughters. It's a category and very useful for finding these stories.

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Author Haru_25