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Chapter 1: Prologue

In a world where strength is only matters and where you can't get a decent treatment as a human being if you are not strong enough and only become a cannon fodder for the strong people and as if it is not enough for the world to be in worse, there are even some scumbags who plot against their own kin and own kind for getting what they want. A world of cultivation where strong and hypocrites rule over it.

This is the present condition of the world, but in the ancient times it is not like this. There is no one at present who can say when the world went in wrong direction.

In a certain mountain range where world energy formed into mist, that appears as thick as that it may form into liquid and in the middle of these mountain's where a magnificent palace was held high in the air as it looks like it is pierced into the vast blue sky where one can confuses it as the land of gods.

In a big hall with full of all age group peoples were presented and seated in their respective positions and in the middle of the hall which is of the highest position in the entire hall in a chair which is embedded with many valuable gems and jewelry with two lion sculptures which cannot be distinguished between real one's or fake was seated by person who looks like a young boy only in his 16s or 17s.

"Did you search the area properly?", asked a young boy with a lofty voice. As he is seated in the highest position in the entire hall.

Right below in the center of the hall there was a young man who has some similarities between person who seated on highest place.

"Yes, sect leader. we had chased down him for an entire 3 months and finally before we can catch him, he slipped into one of the seven forbidden lands, ajantha caves. Due the injury caused by one of our great elders, his cultivation has been in regression and before he enters into those caves, he only has cultivation of that of one of our weakest outer sect disciplines, so there is no chance that he will be able survive and his death is for sure. We were able cut off one of his arms and luckily it has his space ring, and we were able to get his lifelong savings", said the young man to the person seated in highest position.

with slight smile on his face the man who seated in the highest position in the hall said loudly as his sound is resonates with the heaven and earth "well done, your contribution to the sect will not go unnoticeable. Give me that ring of him.

"yes". The young man presented the space ring with both of his hands with utmost respect.

"oh" with slight surprise he inspected the contents of the space ring.

"Looks like he had his last breath around two hours ago". said that person in highest position.

The people who present there visible surprised.

In the hall there was a person who appears to be out of place, asked with confused face that, "why did our sect master showed surprised look on this small matter and our sect has riches that rivals most temples and kingdoms, why bother with a single space ring".

The person who seated next to him appears to be in his early 60s said with astonishment that "because the person who had died is the one of the world's top 10 martial artist and even the world's number one alchemist".

"Such great person, then why did we hunt him?" asked the person.

the man in his 60s with a serious look in his face said that" the less you know the longer you will live in this world, so keep that in mind. Don't talk about this with anyone, nabi ahmed".

"yes" said that person with gulp a mouth full of saliva. But there is a hidden sadness in his eyes.

"Now the hall is ended and attend to your respective duties. Indra, you stay behind." said that young man who seated on highest level.

"Yes, we heed on your orders". replied the peoples in the entire hall.

After some time in the entire hall only two peoples are present

"Indra did you find any survives of "that" clan."

"No, father we had annihilated to the very last person, there are no survives and looks like that ritual had succeeded and peoples are starting to be forgetting about that clan."

Here he didn't mention an important part of the whole expedition.

"Good, very good. now you can go".

"Yes father" said indra and before leaving the hall bowed and at that time in the depth of his eyes thirst and greed can be seen. Even though the youth had noticed his son's emotions he did not showed any reaction.

After some time in the hall one can hear loud and fearful laughter is reverberating.

"All is going according to my original plan and after getting the remaining four targets under my control, I can rule over this world and gain eternal life haa haa haa haa manmadh...manmadh you have only hindered my plans make me wait for some more decades and you had died a dog's death". murmured with heinous look which is contrast with his lofty look in meeting.

reversing the time line to three hours back.

Before three hours of the meeting, somewhere in ajantha caves there was a man with only single arm is gasping for air and in that cave, blood is dyed on the floor which gives of a very strong pressure to the surrounding as it is pressing down the area covered by blood.

Even though it is covered in number of wounds the face of that man if one wants to describe with a single sentence that is "absolute lady killer".

I, manmadha one of the world's strongest is dying here, how frustrating. I will one day definitely extract my revenge. My whole lifelong treasures which I want to present to my last disciple where also taken away by that cunning fellow's son, even though they snatched it for the technique of my royal dynasty. just what is that fellows plan, before we can find his conspiracy, he tackled us and did they arrive safely. She is a genius, so there is no need for me to worry. But this thing will only eat but not spits anything, though every single type of the herbs and worlds highest ranked cauldron, the heavens accumulator are in that thing even I can only stare at the contents in it as it is only taking things and never allow them to out. well, everything is for naught in this situation.

first, I have to create a fake death and attach my soul to this thing, and I will wait for the right person for inheriting my cultivation technic.

After that there was a bright light in the pitch-black cave and the body starts to disintegrate and a spherical shaped bead was floating in mid-air with absolute silence and the cave came back to its original darkness.


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