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Chapter 1: A new beginning

It was a day like any other one in the life of Aster, he finally saved enough money to support the orphanage that raised him so he went to the bank to make the transaction and waited in the line.

"There is a lot of people today, well it's not like I have anything else to do so let's just get it over with and maybe I will go eat something after".

*Bang* suddenly the unmistakable sound of a gunshot echoed through the bank, followed by people screaming, Aster heard the voice of a man yelling.

"Shut up !!, if you don't want to die then sit down put your hands on your back and don't try to do anything stupid".

Aster saw a middle-aged man pointing at everyone with a firearm which model was not something a normal person should have; next to the man the guard of the bank was laying on the ground unconscious and bleeding.

Seeing the current situation he mentally sighed.

"Come on!!! can't I have some good luck in my life for once?", Aster thought but he still followed the instructions of the man like everyone did.

Outside the bank the sirens of the police patrols could be heard, apparently the guard activated the alarm and that is why he was shot.

The man saw that no one was trying to resist and he unbuttoned the coat he was wearing to reveal something that Aster has only seen in movies before, with a sinister smile on his face the man shouted.

"That's right, just in case you guys have any funny ideas, here I have a something that will blow up the whole building hahaha!!!".

The man grabbed a megaphone and shouted to the police outside.

"I want a helicopter and ten million dollars in 30 minutes or I will slaughter everyone in this place".

After that the man started looking at the hostages as if he was looking for something or in this case someone, he pointed at a school girl that was trembling while being embraced by her mother.

The man licked his lips before saying.

"You there, I will have to wait for those idiots answer so in the meantime how about we get to know each other hahaha".

The mother of the girl tried to hide her daughter away but the man just smiled and spoke.

"Let's play a little game".

He glanced at the other people that was nearby the girl and her mother berofe saying.

"Everyone I'm bored, so I either will kill someone or have that girl play with me, let me hear your votes, oh by the way... the ones that vote to leave her alone will be the ones that die, now start I'm listening".

There was silence until the man pointed his gun at the head of an employee of the bank, the poor guy was pale but he still said in a trembling voice.

"D-do whatever you want to her but let me live…." and so, the man walked while asking other people but the answer was the same every time, there were some that doubted but they still didn't dare to go against what was about to happen.

The man pointed his gun to the head of that little girl's mother and laughed out loud.

"HAHAHA you see, all those hypocrites usually will be all righteous and moral but look at them right now, they will rather sacrifice a girl than suffer themselves".

The woman tightened her arms around her daughter and replied.

"Go to hell psycho!! if you want to touch my daughter it will have to be over my corpse".

The man was disgusted by the woman words but as he was about to pull the trigger he suddenly felt that someone grabbing him by his neck and then the cold feeling of metal pressing against the back of his head.

Without turning around he listened a man's voice saying.

"If you try something you are dead meat you piece of garbage".

A moment ago.

Aster was just trying to find a way out of this situation but when he heard the words of the woman his body moved by itself, while the man was distracted, Aster moved to the guard's side and grabbed his gun then he rushed towards the man and pointed at him with it.


The man didn't seem to care that he was being pointed by a gun, instead he smiled and before anyone could react he... pulled the trigger of his weapon.


The man shot at himself, Aster had a burning feeling on his chest and saw blood, the bullet pierced the man's body all the way to him, the man had a triumphant smile although he had blood dripping from his mouth

"Well I bet you didn't expect that huh? tough guy, let me tell you a little secret, the bomb will blow up in 5 seconds" said the man in a ridiculing tone while he coughed blood.

For Aster it was as if everything was going in slow motion, he could see the sad expression in the mother and daughter pair, the triumphant smile in the man's face and the panicking expression on everyone else.

"This bad habit of mine", he thought.

The reason as to why he suddenly tried to stop the man was because of the woman actions, he was an orphan, not having known the love of a mother before, he simply couldn't stop his body from moving.

Aster smiled at the little girl and suddenly grabbed the man's shoulders with his arms and ran towards the nearest window.


The sound of the glass shattering sounded followed by the man screaming.

"Gaaahhhh, Are you fucking crazy kid?"

Aster laughed and showed him his middle finger.

"I bet you didn't expect that huh? you asshole".

They were on a third floor so Aster calculated that the bomb will go off before they reached the ground, he closed his eyes and ignored the screams of the man, as he saw his life passing in front of his eyes he couldn't help but think.

"Really what an unlucky life".


An explosion sounded followed by a ball of fire and a shockwave that made all the windows in the building explode, what no one noticed was that the clouds above the explosion parted as if they had been cut perfectly in half by something.


In a planet called Azure sky in the castle of the Wolfstein family there was a turmoil with maids and servants running all over the hall, the reason was that a lady which everyone assumed was the secret lover of the patriarch, was about to give birth and according to the doctor it was going to be a boy, and with all the respect that the patriarch showed to that woman there was a big chance of her baby becoming the next heir of the family.

But not all the people of the castle were motivated about this notice, in the patriarch's room a woman was crying and screaming at a man, he had brown hair and dark brown eyes, his skin was a bit pale and there where bags under his eyes.

The man that was sitting in a throne with an anxious expression on his face was Isaac Wolfstein the current patriarch of the Wolfstein family and at the same time the overlord of this superior planet.

"Isaac, our son was born before that woman's, so why is everyone assuming that he will be the heir? you promised me when I agreed to become your wife that our son will be the successor" said the woman while crying.

Isaac ignored the complains of the woman.

"Karla... if my memory doesn't fail me, I remember telling you that if we were to have a boy, he will have a big chance to inherit my Wolfstein family".

Feeling depressed for his answer Karla was about to give him a piece of her mind when the castle suddenly shook like it was going to collapse, Isaac stood up and his image flashed through the corridor like his life was depending on how fast he got to the origin of the tremble.

On a different room laying in a bed there was a woman which could only be described as beautiful, her hair was as black as the night, her skin was pale with a healthy tone and her eyes looked like rubies shining with a red bright color, her name was Lilia Drage.

The only thing that didn't match her heavenly appearance was that she had a frown expression which made her have a worried look on her beautiful face, if you looked with attention you could see a faint trace of blood on her lips.

While Lilia was having murdering thoughts, the doctor and the maids on the same room were so afraid of the aura that was coming from her, that their faces were as pale as paper and their bodies were trembling while they could only think "we are all dead".

On Lilia's lap there was a baby that even if he looked small was healthy, but his body seemed fragile as if he had lost something important to him.

Right at that moment Isaac appeared in the room and there was an uncomfortable silence for a couple of seconds.

While Isaac looked like he was about to have a mental breakdown, Lilia opened her lips and said on a cold tone.

"Everyone get out of my sight".

The doctor and the servants were so relieved that they wanted to scream how happy they were to the world as they will get to see another day, without waiting a second, they ran away from the room.

Isaac tried to say something but Lilia waved her hand as if she was getting rid of an insect and Isaac flew out of the room through the door while also breaking all the walls on his way, when he was able to regain control of his body, he was in the forest that was near his castle, he then vomited blood and fainted.

Back in Lilia's room, she moved her fingers in the air while making a symbol and a dark barrier rose up surrounding her room, she touched her ring and a little stone appeared on her hand which she broke to pieces in a second before slowly speaking with a firm and cold tone.

"My son will not suffer due to the schemes of the family".

For a moment there was no response until an old voice could be heard through the room.

"Lilia, you know the importance of the boy…. he will meet no harm until he has to attend the training ground of the clan as he is my grandson and a candidate to be the young master of our family".

Lilia rose her tone.

"I don't care!!!, I want my son to remain by my side and live his life the way he wants to".

The man on the other side of the conversation waited a moment and then said.

"If that is your answer, I will give you 18 years you can train him the way you want and he will not have to assist the obligatory training but in exchange he will not receive any resources from the family and you will have to bring him here on your own, if you and him are not here before this exact date after 18 years, then your uncle's grandson will be declared the heir, that kid is already a rising star for my Drage family at the age of 5".

"Fine, anyway my son will not lose to anyone humph".

Lilia finished the transmission, she then looked at the baby that she was holding in her arms with a face that she never showed to anyone before "pure love that was near obsession", she looked at that fragile baby as if he was her whole world and with a warm tone said.

"This time I will protect you, no matter what no one will ever harm even a single hair of your head while I'm here".

The baby looked like he was smiling for a moment and then he fell asleep.

On his mind Aster was confused he thought he was dead then there was a flash of light and the next thing he saw was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen saying that she will protect him, as he was about to reply he realized he could not speak, not only that he could not even move like he wanted to, when he saw his image on a mirror that was across the room, he almost had a heart attack he was a baby…. he had reincarnated.

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