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97.9% The Romantic Cultivator / Chapter 418: Jiajia returns from the Dream Trial

Jiajia returns from the Dream Trial - The Romantic Cultivator - Chapter 418 by Avidfan full book limited free

Chapter 418: Jiajia returns from the Dream Trial

Fairy Ye Chengxi had also said to Xue Qianxue, "This Maiden Qiu Xiuyu is also an astonishing beautiful maiden."

Xue Qianxue frowned, "Definitely not as beautiful as us. If she is a really an Ascend Celestial then and she is more beautiful now. If so, then she must be a real beauty in the mortal realm."

But she was smiling to Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan, "Don't forget that I am one of the four great beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, including you Sister Chengxi."

Fairy Ye Chengxi looked down humbly, "That is only an undeserved title. I only want to be with our lord Ji Yuan."

That is the truth; she has long admired her old master and for the longest time. She had thought that she could never be able to be with her old master because she was aware that he had long toyed the thought of leaving the Five Heavens Peaks and the Orthodox Sword Sect and was always scolding her, "Chengxi, one day I won't be around. If you don't improve your sword art, how can I ever pass the leadership to you?"

She had replied with shock, "Master, you will surely live long and moreover you are so young."

Ji Yuan had grumbled, "Who says I will be passing away? Do you really think I want to stay in this desolate place? There are more fun places around the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. I've already put you in charge of the protégés while I am away most of the time. Surely you know that I've high expectations coming from you."

She had replied weakly, "I am only a fourth realm cultivator while master you are a sixth realm golden supremacy. I don't know if Chengxi can meet your expectations…"

Ji Yuan had immediately frowned with great displeasure, "There are many sect leaders that are fourth realm and even third realm cultivators in the Five Heavens Peaks. If you are not worthy then who is worthy?"

The number of golden celestials in the Five Heavens Peaks is few in between indeed and hence, there are many sect leaders and elders who have never reached the golden body transformation of the fifth cultivation realm.

"I will be leaving for several months and even years. Don't bother to look for me or worry about me. I won't be back so soon this time."

She was greatly startled, "Master, you are leaving for so long?"

Ji Yuan had laughed jovially, "I have just been conferred with the title of one of the four most beautiful bearded cultivators in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. This time I will be meeting the other three beautiful bearded cultivators. After meeting up with them, I will be going to the rest of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity to show off my beautiful beard, muhahaha…"

Ye Chengxi: …

Actually master, your unsightly beard is never beautiful but ugly…

"Chengxi, do you agree that my beard is indeed the most beautiful beard?" Ji Yuan stroked his beautiful long beard in front of her as he laughed at the same time.

Ye Chengxi weakly said, "Be careful someone pulls your beard during a fight."

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

JI Yuan: …

"Chengxi, do you know what you're saying? This is considered extremely disrespectable in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity to pull someone's beard and all cultivators regardless of alignments will be going after that dishonorable cultivator that pulls someone's beard. So how can you say something like this? Or are you envious that your master has such a beautiful beard?"

Ye Chengxi: …

Ye Chengxi: …

Ye Chengxi: …

Then Ji Yuan patted her on her shoulder, "I won't bear any grudge against you. At most, I will look for a man with a beautiful beard for you. But I can't promise he will have one-tenth of my beautiful beard, muhahaha."

Ye Chengxi: …

Ye Chengxi: …

Ye Chengxi: …

Ji Yuan continued, "While I am away, don't get too close with Guo Taiming. Even though he is my best friend but he is just a toad lusting after the swans. Moreover, he is just a trouble-maker. He keeps telling me he is going to go after you so that he will take over my Orthodox Sword Sect after I have passed the leadership to you. What an insolent friend he is!"

She had replied, "He is always like this. You know he always unmindful of his thoughts and he has always been offending people. If not for master, he won't be alive to this day."

Ji Yuan frowned, "Why do I have such a good friend? It must be my bad karma in my past life. I keep cleaning his shit for him."

Ye Chengxi answered, "You can choose to severe ties with him."

Ji Yuan frowned again and rebuked her, "And loses a drinking partner? Never!"

Ye Chengxi silently said; I can drink with you…

Back to the present;

Xue Qianxue was now saying to Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan, "Let's go and interrogate this Maiden Qiu first."

"You're not visiting Sister Jiajia first?" Fairy Ye Chengxi asked with astonishment.

Xue Qianxue chuckled, "I am more interested in beautiful maidens."

Fairy Ye Chengxi, Shangguan Yan: …

When they had reached the hall that Qiu Xiuyu was being held and interrogated, they saw that Saintess Yuluo and Saintess Ling Tianshui were there and they were interrogating Qiu Xiuyu.

The two of them had been there interrogating Qiu Xiuyu while Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan were away as they informed Xue Qianxue.

When they saw Xue Qianxue, Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan, they were all shaking their head lightly.

When Qiu Xiuyu saw Xue Qianxue and the rest of the beautiful maidens after she had ascended to the Celestial Realm, she was shaking her head; the celestial maidens here are all so peerless. It is no wonder why my Patriarch Li Ye wants to have a celestial maiden as his dual cultivation partner…

When Xue Qianxue saw Qiu Xiuyu, she could not help nodding. "She is indeed beautiful."

At this point, Qiu Xiuyu did not know how beautiful her beauty had been enhanced by her golden body transformation and her features had been further refined as she exuded a heavenly look.

Xue Qianxue also could not help looking at Qiu Xiuyu's golden robe, "I don't believe that the mortal realm will be able to produce such a heavenly robe."

As she stepped forward to appraise this Maiden Qiu Xiuyu, she was also smiling with great loveliness, "Sister Yuluo, Sister Tianshui."

Shui Tianshui laughed softly when she saw it was Xue Qianxue, "You should be recuperating after all you have just given birth."

Xue Qianxue smiled, "I'm a great saintess. I don't need much rest."

Qiu Xiuyu was startled; this extremely beautiful maiden here is not only a saintess but a great saintess…

She stammered, "My respects to great saintess…"

"No need!" Xue Qianxue had suddenly ceased her lovely smiles as she turned to look at Qiu Xiuyu coldly. "So you know Ji Yuan and you're carrying his child?"

Qiu Xiuyu averted her eyes as she said softy, "Indeed."

Xue Qianxue asked, "So when did you last see him?"

Qiu Xiuyu answered without any hesitation, "Only yesterday. Just before my ascension to the Celestial Realm."

Xue Qianxue rolled her eyes before she said coldly, "Hmph! Do you know that Ji Yuan has been in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for the past 5 months and it is impossible for him to be with you. If you want to claim to know Ji Yuan, you can try harder next time. Your golden robe and your divine swords, how did you get them?"

Qiu Xiuyu looked up as she said firmly, "He is my lord. Why should I lie? This golden robe and my divine swords are all from Ji Yuan himself. He gives me as a final parting gift."

Xue Qianxue chuckled softly, "Good try but do you know that he is a freaking poor cultivator? He can never be able to afford even a divine sword and moreover, you have two heaven-step divine swords. If I am not wrong then your golden robe is a profound treasure of the Golden Majesty Celestial Empire. Even the insignias are the same. Are you really from the mortal realm?"

Qiu Xiuyu nodded firmly, "Yes I am."

Xue Qianxue sighed with some exasperation, "Never say I didn't give you a chance. How did you know Ji Yuan?"

Qiu Xiuyu answered, "I am his master in the mortal realm…"

"That is enough already." Xue Qianxue giggled as she interrupted her. "The real Ji Yuan will never take his master as his consort. He is a man with principles."

As she said that, Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan were both flushing shyly; it is the true. The reason why they are now with Ji Yuan their old master is because of a special circumstance.

Qiu Xiuyu was also explaining with great exasperation, "I am telling the truth."

She had explained again and again but somehow these maidens did not believe that she knows Ji Yuan.

She was beginning to doubt herself… Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

An astonishing beautiful maiden in blue had suddenly appeared in the hall with two beautiful maidens and she was smiling beautifully, "Why are you all here instead of asking after me?"

When all the other maidens saw her, they were all smiling warmly as they greeted. "Sister Jiajia!"

It was indeed Jiajia and accompanying her were Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue.

Jiajia smiled as she looked at Qiu Xiuyu, "I've heard that you are all interrogating an imposter who claims to know Ji Yuan?"

Xue Qianxue laughed as she returned a lovely wink, "Jiajia, it is good that you are here. You can help us to interrogate her. So how is it in the Dream Trial?"

Jiajia smiled as she displayed her profound animus and everyone was startled to see a powerful blue profound animus in the form of a blue phoenix that was surrounding her and they could barely stand still.

What was even startling was that Jiajia cultivation realm level seemed to have exceeded the seventh realm level when she had displayed the profound animus of her spirit blue phoenix!

She smiled warmly, "I have not only revived Xiao Ruan and as you can see, I have also received her profound strength as well."

Everyone was startled as they muttered excitingly, "Then our Sister Jiajia may be the first 8th realm cultivator now."

Jiajia sighed softly, "I don't know if it is enough. I can only exceed the 7th realm cultivation strength for only short burst of time with my spirit animus. That is how the Desolate Dragon God Longdi is able to extend over his limit as well."

Then she turned to smile at Qiu Xiuyu, "So you are that imposter?"

Qiu Xiuyu nodded firmly, "I am not an imposter. I know Ji Yuan and he is the father of my child."

Jiajia looked a little startled, "You are carrying his child?"

Qiu Xiuyu said impatiently, "This is my business with him and none of yours. I am tired and sick of your interrogations. If you do not know where Ji Yuan, please let me go in peace. Until now, I've not asked who anyone of you is."

Jiajia smiled and she looked amused, "You don't know who we are? We are all Ji Yuan's consorts here."

Qiu Xiuyu was greatly startled as she stared blankly at all the maidens presented; all these beautiful maidens are Ji Yuan's consorts?!

Jiajia turned to the other maidens to ask, "So what is the conclusion?"

Xue Qianxue answered, "She is probably lying."

Jiajia smiled as she turned to ask Saintess Yuluo, "Sister Yuluo, what do you think?"

Saintess Yuluo smiled, "I am not as close to Ji Yuan as the rest of you. Why do you want to ask me?"

Jiajia answered with a wry smile, "That is because your son is also Ji Yuan's firstborn. In terms of seniority, you are ranked above us."

Saintess Yuluo lowered her eyes before she looked up again, "I may be wrong on this but she doesn't seem to be lying. Since Ji Yuan is going to be out of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth in a month's time, why don't we wait for him and ask him instead?"

Jiajia returned a smiling nod, "I know that Saintess Yuluo is fair so that's why I've asked you. I have the same thoughts as you too."

Saintess Yuluo sighed softly, "I have lived many years of being wronged by Ji Yuan so I don't want to wrong anyone else."

All the other maidens nodded quietly; they know that Saintess Yuluo had a woeful past with Ji Yuan…

Jiajia turned to the rest of the maidens, "What do the rest of you think?"

Xue Qianxue, Fairy Ye Chengxi, Shangguan Yan and Shui Tianshui were all nodding in agreement.

"I've no issue with waiting for a month…"

"Sister Yuluo's advice is good…"

While she was the quietest most of the time but all the maidens respect Saintess Yuluo in their hearts.

When Sword Saintess Yuluo had 'died', they knew how grieved Ji Yuan had been.

Jiajia returned her attention to Qiu Xiuyu with a wry smile, "In the meantime, may I ask you to stay here for a month as we extend our warm hospitality to you while we wait for Ji Yuan."

Qiu Xiuyu could only nod because she knew that she had no other choice.

Avidfan Avidfan

This is a long chapter. I have read that some readers want a character glossary. However I've decided against it as there are no spoiler tags available and the way the story is, it will be too much of a spoiler.

However, the main heroines are those in this chapter and those that are inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth with Ji Yuan.

As for Zhao Songjin and even Han Yuchi, I know some readers are hoping that they will be in the harem but Ji Yuan only think of Zhao Songjin as friends with benefits. He can forgive their grudges but he doesn't love her and Zhao Songjin knows it as well.

As for Shui Qingqing, the naive sister of Zhao Songjin, cross fingers first.

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