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Chapter 62: Starting to Filling my Wallet

"Now that I put a whole two runes at my helmet, I wonder how it looks with [Rune Vision] on..."

Without wasting another thought, I activated [Rune Vision] to put my idea to practice.

"It seems like I was right..." Danzel said after de-activating this [Rune Vision].

The previous bright green light on the helmet had already dimmed by putting one single rune in. But now that I put the new rune vis in my helmet the green light completely had faded with a yellow color to replace this place.

Learning that made me once again aware that there was a limit on how many runes I can place in a piece of equipment.

For now, it wasn´t much of a problem, but by the rate, I gain XP from the passive training. If I were to spend them on learning runes, then I might be forced have to throw my current helmet so that I can replace it with new runes...

`I will have to at least unlock enough runes to fully engrave in all my equipment first though.´ Since now I found a pretty reliable way of making XP I obviously wanted to maximizes my gains.

Although the dwarf promised me that he will let me enchant this stuff, there is a limit on that. Upon last time I saw the dwarf making a new item it took him around two to three hours to finish it. Such a feat of being able to create a whole weapon under three hours might be a great achievement among other blacksmiths.

If it´s a great feat or not I don´t know. After all, I am simply ignorant of stuff like blacksmithing.

Nevertheless, this speed will be nowhere enough for me.

Just creating a single rune took me around an hour and that was me doing it for the first time! The rune ese that took me before an hour has already been shorted into forty minutes! And that is because of some hours of training!

Every time I carved a rune with my mana, the better I got!

It was similar to painting the same kind of picture over and over again. At some point, the previous difficult parts of the painting will become easier to the point where you will not even consider them as the difficult part.

If we consider the part where every piece of equipment can at least hold two runes for the time being, sooner or later the dwarf will be out of stuff to put runes on!

"Sigh, I guess I will cross the bridge when the time comes, but for now..."

Looking from the window a small cloaked figure appeared outside the shop.

"I guess I should take my income first hand."

Leaving the room towards downstairs, the cloaked figure entered the shop.

"How was it?" Danzel said while sitting at the receptions table.

Putting the cloak to the side, Gerak put a frown on this face, slightly annoyed that Danzel was sitting on this favorite chair.

"We will talk about that down to the workshop. So move you a#s before I make you so!"

"Hoh? You will?" Raising from the seat a sudden killing intent seemed to engulf the whole, making the room feel colder than it should be.

Geraks face took a turn for the worst from sensing the sudden killing intent. From this perspective, the surroundings darken with Danzel figure seemingly growing larger by the second


"Hahaha! You had to see your face, it was just a joke."

Like it wasn´t there, to begin with, the killing intent faded away and everything seemed to turn back to normal.

"Didn´t you say that we are going to disguise this down there? Why are you still spacing out." Leaving the spacing-out dwarf, Danzel went downstairs.

"...Joke?" Gerak said while holding this shaking hand.

The thing that Danzel considered a joke was in Gerak´s opinion the joke itself. For someone to emitted such blood lust has to either be a mass murderer or an extremely powerful person. And for such dense blood lust to form to simply play a joke on him?

That itself would Gerak find funny.

`In what mess did I bring myself into this time around. The fact that this guy is seeking my items for this equipment should speak loud and clear that he doesn´t hold the strength to generate such blood lust. If I were to consider this fact that should mean...Crap, I work together with a mass murderer!´

Of course, the dwarf obviously misunderstood something.

Calling Danzel a mass murderer with the number of people he killed would be too out of the stretch.

The effect that Gerak was talking about we're only possible if you slain more than a thousand people or if you had the strength to cut a whole house in half without breaking a sweat.

What actually had happened was that Danzel used [Sin of Wrath] consciously. Making the dwarf believe that he was either of the two options.

Although the idea of working together with a murderer didn't have much of an appeal. The idea of working with a runesmith was enough to overshadow this fear.

Walking down to the workshop, Gerak saw Danzel waiting for him there.

"And here I thought you wouldn't come..."

Ignoring Danzel's remark, Gerak went right into the business.

"The auction went better than it thought it would, as per our mutual agreement we both get a half of how it sold." Bringing this hand in this pocket, he bought out a large brown bag.


Letting the bag go, a metal sound could be heard.

"That's your share, 1600 gold."

"Thanks, for- Wait what?"

'Did I hear wrong?' Danzel asked himself.

"The runed sword was bought for 3200. I was surprised as well."

Daniel froze while trying to comprehend the meaning behind the dwarf's words.

And there wasn't much to understand in all honestly.

"S-So you are telling me that a single sword went for that much? It wasn't even a good rune..."

The dwarf shrugged my question of and replied.

"Well, you might be right, but most of the gold comes from this rarety."

"I-I see." Taking the bag full of gold coins in my hand, the first thing that I realized was how heavy the bag was.

'You could probably bash someone's head with this...'

Feeling the bag with my hand bought me a similar feeling to when I had over a hundred thousand XP in my storage.

The feeling of being rich!

"Hey Gerak, you mentioned that this auction house sells magic scrolls too, right? Around how much does one cost?"

"Hmm, depends on the spell I guess? it should be around 500 to 1000 gold coins for the lowest tier spells. Finding any higher-tier spells is next to impossible. Are you planning to become a spell caster or why you as?" Gerak replied while looking at me strangely.

"I am merely interested in learning magic. Staying on the topic, why only low tier spells or higher ones?"

"Sigh...I almost forgot that you aren't from here. The reason is cause it's forbidden not only in law but the law of the spell casters such as mages. Sharing their secrets is being frowned upon, where only low-tier spells can be learned with enough training.

"I see..." Danzel words carried some disappointment in them.

'It's a pity that I can't learn the good stuff right away. That problem can easily be solved by just throwing XP at them.

Excited from the idea of learning new spells, I hurriedly asked the dwarf when the next auction will come.

Sadly though, the dwarf had to crusty already forming dreams in my mind.

"Sorry Danzel, but you have to wait until next week before we can go to the auction."

I felt like someone poured cold water on top of me.

"Why is that?" Of course, I wasn't going to give up so easily without a proper explanation.

"For the safety of course, currently you are one of the most famous people in the capital, or rather they know you as the anonymous runesmith."


Well, I can somewhat guess why...

The dwarf took before this time to explain to me in detail why the professional runesmith is worth it.

I have the power to open a second market of runed goods on my own.

Many people would like to either restrain or use me for their gain, after all.

That's what most if not all humans are.

"Well... since we are going to have to wait until the last week, what shall we do?"

Standing up from this seat, Gerak said.

"Isn't it obvious? We are going to work ourselves to death this week!"

Hearing that I put a small grin on my face.

'Working myself to death might be a little hard for me...'

Such an arrangement didn't bother me at all.

I welcomed it!

'This week's XP harvest will be plenty full.'

With that said, a week full of runesmithing began.

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