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The Sealed Power: The Cure The Sealed Power: The Cure original

The Sealed Power: The Cure


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Chapter 1: BOOK 1/VOL1/ CH1: The Land Of The Monsters

In a very far place, where the snow covers everything, and the storms never end. A paradise was hidden beneath that deadly weather.

"The Land Of The Monsters".

That beautiful land was kind of big. It contained a big mountain with a big forest and a huge lake, but what was unusual was that the whole land had been protected by a magical shield. Nothing from the outside could enter. Not even a breeze of cold.

The land was like it was put in a ball of glass.

The sun had been rising, every day, like in any normal place on the earth and the weather was mild most of the days.

In this land, unique creatures have been living for ages ago.

They had human bodies, but were much taller. As for their faces, they had some facial features that belong to animals like eyes, teeth, and hair.

The monsters were not unique only because of their appearance, but also because of their great powers. Each one of them has either water, wind, or earth power.

The ones who possess the earth's power are very fast on land and have lion's eyes. Those with wind power can fly and have big wings and strong eyesight. Finally, the ones with water power can breathe underwater because they have gills on their chest and a super fit body that can help them to swim as fast as a shark.

Because of their appearance and their power, they called themselves monsters, and they are proud of it.

Power was all that did matter to them.

They lived in a small village. It didn't contain that much. Only some wooden houses and some stores. It was like a countryside village from the seventeen century. There was nothing exceptional about it.

On the other hand, they hated going outside the land because they turn into normal humans the moment they set a foot in the human world. They leave their land only for the mission.

The little ones looked like human children because they are powerless. At the age of 18, their power starts to rise and their faces will change slowly according to their power.

On their 20th birthday, they will be given tasks to complete in the land of humans. If they succeed, they will completely transform and have all the power in their hands.

If someone failed, he will lose all his power and live his entire life as a human. He must forget about the land of monsters. And live the rest of his life outside of the land because he disgraced himself and his family. No one will want to see him ever again.

Aaron, the chief's second son, has been dreaming since he was a little boy to be as strong as his father. He has been waiting for his eighteenth birthday to know what kind of power will possess. There is no law in such a thing. Every monster will have the power that he deserves.

Tarou, his big brother, was also waiting for the big day:

- Aaron, tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday, are you ready?

- Of course, I'm ready. I waited so long for this!

- What kind of power do you think you will possess? Earth like father or wind like me?

- I don't care, I will accept anything. I know that I won't be like you, brother, but I will try my best to improve.

- Come on, don't say that! You will be a very strong monster.

- Yeah...I hope so.

Finally, his long awaited birthday came. At first, Aaron was very excited. He gathered with his friends to celebrate his transformation, but then, by the end of the day, he became frustrated. Nothing changed in his body or his face. There was no sign of any kind of power.

And that was a very abnormal and unexpected case. His friends started mumbling about him.

- Why nothing has changed about him?

- I don't know, this is weird...

- Maybe he is not a monster like all of us!

Aaron and his brother went back to their house to not hear anything else.

Tarou kept checking him over and over again:

- Stop it, Tarou. This is enough.

- But there must be something!

Aaron felt very flustered, he suddenly stood up:


Then he locked himself in his room.

" What is going on with me? Why I'm not changing? How am I going to face father and the rest tomorrow? "

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