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68.18% The Second Chance in the Different World / Chapter 15: Chapter 2 Part VI

Chapter 2 Part VI - The Second Chance in the Different World - Chapter 15 by SwordKing_Aren full book limited free

Chapter 15: Chapter 2 Part VI

- A few hours later -

- Ingram POV -

After ate together, Rias and I went to her room where the gaming equipment was placed at. Currently Rias was in front of while leaning her at me as she was playing Resident Evil 4, sometimes I chuckles at her because her aiming was sucked and sometimes her character died in three times during the zombie wave in the village, sometimes at teach her how to properly aim while holding her hands along the controller that she held.

After ten hours we finished the Resident Evil 4 game which is already passed the dawn. I just slept together with her as it's hussle to go back at this time of hour.

- In unknown world -

I woke up and I saw a beautiful grassland that filled with purple lilac flowers across the field and that matches in the night sky, in the middle of the grassland was a huge golden orb beside that was a little girl with long white hair that touching to the ground and light blue dress was looking at the orb. After that she looks around and glance at me, she beckons me with her finger to come at her although confused I walk towards her.

" Welcome to the Reverse Side of the World Ingram." she emotionless said..

" Reverse Side of the World? anyway who are you?" I asked her.

" You may call me Alaya or Alayashiki the collective unconsciousness of mankind." she said while she was looking in my eyes. I look at my hands I saw the familiar Command Seal and most of all that my body was from previous life.

I look at her again and said" What do you want from me?"

" I want you to solve the anomalies in the certain time-line and help the last Master to eradicate the source of anomalies, but currently all of the Counter Guardians who suppose to solve the anomalies was busy at this moment, due to the Outer God's Invasion using their champion to create the havoc in the universe and other time-line." Alaya said as she created a body that looks like me.

" I will provide you this body acts as your vessel, this body can allows you to endure the power that you did against Gilgamesh as a compensation for the mission." she said.

" If I accept this mission, what can I get after this?" I asked.

" Your are free to reunite your other soul to be complete again." she says as she create a golden orb.

" And this is a Spirit core that all Servants have, it allows you to housed your abilities and your Noble Phantasm." after that she fused the Spirit Core to the body that will act as my vessel.

" Why did you chose me? after all for sure that there was better than me?" I says which I got a chuckles in return.

" Certainly that there was better than you, but because you didn't know your own Origin. And most of all you are interesting person, a person who attains the Singularity Soul." she says but the few last sentence was vague and quiet even though I have an enhanced senses.

" See you again Ingram." she said and I got lost consciousness.

- Einzbern Castle -

I woke up and saw my surroundings, and I feel the nostalgia around me especially the cold temperature in this place.

" I'm home huh?" I says as I stood up and walked towards the study room, I saw Jubstacheit, who managing the Einzbern Household for a long time. He noticed that I am here as he look at me and said.

" You finally woke up, Third Magician." this time something clicked inside me.

So Alaya gave me a role in this time-line huh, apparently I'm only one among the Einzbern Homunculus who recovered the complete Third Magic: Heavens Feel and took the role as a Third Magician due to the first Third Magician has long been dead along the users of Third Magic. And got coma due to Third Magic was transforming my body into a human magus as it has no limited lifespan of Homunculus although it can be solve by Avalon.

" What's the current status of Einzbern Household?" I asked as I took the chair and sat across him.

" Not bad, because many Magus Household from Clock Tower heard that you are become a Third Magician, many people wants to stablish Alliance with you or want to bethroth their daughters to you." he said which I knitte my brows.

" So what did you do?" I asked.

" I refused them." he said while stroking his beard.

" Good." I said as i took a random book on the table skimmed the contents using Thought Acceleration and Thought Partition.

" But there was one person that I want to consider." he said.

" Who?" I asked while still reading the book.

" Marisbury Animusphere, one of the twelve lords of Clock Tower and the creator of organization called Chaldea Security Organization." Jubstacheit says.

" Why would I consider?" I asked.

" Apparently the Chaldea's goal was time travel in the past, but currently Marisbury was passed away as his daughter Olga Marie Animusphere who take his place to achieve his goal." he said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" Time travel huh." at first I got interested in Time Traveling but since I went to that world I already achieve my goal as Illya only needs time to wake up.

' Maybe this is the Anomaly that Alaya talked-about.' I muttered quietly as I stood up and look at the old man.

" Give me the coordinates of the Chaldea's location." I said as I saw Old Man took a smartphone from his pocket and gave it to me.

" Hahaha I didn't expect for you to use technology that you used to look down on them!" I says.

" It's getting hard to get access the mana in the surroundings these daysnas the mana in the world was getting thinner and thinner." he said as he got a briefcase from me.

That Briefcase contains twenty Empowered Philosopher's Stones which is enough to covered the entire Einzbern territory with Refined Obsidian Wall with a thick plates of Mithril which is same materials in my castle in that world.

" What is this?" he asked.

" You should reinforced the Boounded Field, something big will happen these year." I says as I created a crimson magic circle which is allowed me to teleport as long as I have coordinates.

- To Be Continued-

A/N: Finally I create a proper plot, after many trial and error for plot I created a decent chapter, because some of you are waiting what happened to the other soul of Mc. I don't like unnecessary drama if the two soul of Mc was reunited I don't want to create an the chapter about the Existential Crisis, so instead of giving an Independent personality of other Ilgenfritz, I make him like and Avatar or vessel which is allow Mc to travel in Nasuverse and DXD World Independently.

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