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Chapter 10: chapter 10. Biogas project

He slammed the documents on the working island. He was furious, he had barely a month to showcase his newfound method of deriving biogas. Lucas got exasperated and proceeded to run the tests by himself.

He locked himself, in the laboratory from the morning will night and when he came out his assistant handed him his phone.

He saw missed calls from Violet, his mom and some others. He called Violet, the tiny yet soft voice on the other end gave him a soothing relief from pent-up stress.

She narrated how her day was, the challenges she faced and all of that...

Lucas never got tired of listening to her and she finally detected how tired he is.

"You have been so busy I guess?", Violet asked

" Yes I have"

Violet scolded him and told him to take proper care of herself and hung up.

He led wryly and then called the mom.

"What's happening? Where are you now?"

"What's the problem mom? I am in Dubai".

" Your father has beaten more than he can chew, are you aware of the fact that I own 20% out of the 30% shares he has given out? That suppose to have belonged to you. Don't tell me you don't need it?"

"Mom, I received information about that even before he did it. But the fact remains...."

"Which is?"

"Allow them to feel so relaxed before you strike".

" Lucas I will not be happy if I can't get justice from you".

"I will work on that when I get back home. My new company is launching a biogas project so I am working assiduously on that project".

"You have so much money than I can ever imagine, why still work yourself up with yet another company?"

"I want to be able to protect you and someone I will introduce to you when I return".

" You already formidable now. Wait! Do you want to introduce someone to me? A guy or lady?"

"A lady, her name Is Violet".

Avery cleared her throat, and couldn't help but squeal.

" Can I go meet her now although you are not in the country?"

"Mom?... You will scare her away and I don't want that".

Ok, whatever you say goes".

Lucas thing up a few minutes later.

He had to fly back to New York City right after the worldwide conference. His final exams will soon start and also needed to settle things at home.

.....At Arnold's mansion.

The father stopped at the doorway to Kevin's room and observed him for some now.

He looked so relaxed on his bed. Is this the person whose future the entire well-being of his company lies?

" How long has been since you saw your stepbrother Lucas?"

Kevin who was relaxing snickered and replied by shaking his head.

Hold on! Doesn't he have manners? Not even sparing him a glance?

The more he looked at Kevin and Lucas now, he kept seeing too much disparity amongst them.

Although Lucas is quiet, useless and had no care for his academics, he would never give him this attitude.

He turned on his heels and slammed the door shut. Kevin couldn't be bothered with him.

The thick ambiguous air in the room lingered as both adults were still wrapped in each other's embrace. The Tattooed man stood up and reached out for his cigarette. He took a puff and gently exhaled it through his nose. He took a double look at the woman who looked so indecent for her age and shook his head mentally.

He threw his glance across the table, taking another drag he looked at the documents and smiled revealing tobacco-stained teeth.

"Are you sure this is authentic?"

"Of course yes"

"Just do your job first and the deal is yours", the satisfied look on her face count be hidden. This is what the old fool couldn't give her.

" I trust your words", he shook away the ash and took another drag. "But, don't make me believe otherwise".

" Are you still keeping tabs on her pattern of movement? "

"I am doing my duty perfectly"

"When are you going to strike?"

"Raised his brows and looked at her swollen chest, his lips curled in a suggesting manner.

" That depends on your next performance"

She was not a kid, she knew exactly what he was talking about and couldn't hide the disgust on her face.

The man pretended not to see it and waited for her reply. She had no choice but to comply reluctantly and the man had his fill.

Her phone rang just immediately he let her off and she panicked on seeing the caller.

"I'm on my way back", her breathing sounded heavy and shaky.

What's wrong? Where is she?

" Okay, just drive carefully", he ended the call and the woman release the breath she held.

She dressed up and left the hotel room but not after dropping some bundles of money.

Violet had just woken up when one of the maids knocked on her door. She yawned and checked her time. she made a mental note of going on a shopping splurge with the card the restaurant gave her.

She opened the door and received information that a moving company is here to see her. Could it be that she is leaving? The maid wondered.

Violet went downstairs to see him while still maintaining a calm disposition. The subordinates were lost in her beauty, their boss has eyes for good things.

"I am so sorry to keep you waiting, just give me some time to clean up and get ready", she waved her hands sheepishly over her body.

A handful of Lucas's men coughed awkwardly.

Just then a delivery man arrived with her breakfast. Her greedy eyes shone and her wet tongue almost dangled in her mouth.

" Good morning Madam"

"My name is Violet".

Even in his death, he would never address her in that manner.

"Please let me address you as Madam", he lowered his eyes.

" Okay, I hope that doesn't affect my meals?"

The other subordinates felt like laughing but their job required a stern appearance.

She skipped happily into the house and bumped into Sandra.

The latter looked at the package in her hands.

Her three meals had always been delivered on time and daily. Who the heck is sponsoring her?

Violet hummed a tune and walked past her but the other grabbed her elbow and yanked her roughly.

"You don't have to rejoice yet, wait until he dumps your naive self", she said in a tone only they can hear.

" He has no intention of dumping me, he's the sweetest person I have ever known. Get yourself one and stop wallowing in bitterness and envy".

She pushed her away and walked away. Sandra's face turned green from envy and hatred. Just then she heard the hush voices of the maids.

"What exactly is going in here?"

"There is nothing Madam, we were just having fun"

"Having a fun-filled day? Get back to your duties", they scuttled out and she stopped the last person.

" What's going on here? Why the gloomy atmosphere?"

Lowering her eyes, she explained exactly what was going on.

Sandra's eyes widened in shock. That couldn't be.....

She can leave only to end up in a slum where she belongs. She is worth nothing.

The attic door opened, a fresh rosy face came into view and she skipped down the stairs. The ponytail swung with vigour.

Pulling the door handle, she yelled, "Guys, I'm through. You can come in now".

Her gaze clashed with Sandra's who has still not recovered from the humiliation she had just received.

Violet caught some traces of disagreement on Lucas's men's faces.

"What exactly is going on here?"

One of the men bowed, "Madam, the lady here asked us confidential questions and we abode by our work ethics. She has threatened to call the police department if we step into the house".

Turning to Sandra, " You sure are a drama queen. Leaving this hell hole has nothing to do with you and you know it"

"Of course, it has everything to do with me. It's my house we are talking about here", raised her eyebrows arrogantly.

" You sound ridiculous", Violet scoffed. "Have you ever lived in an attic before?"


"You wouldn't dare. How can a socialite like you bear to do that?"

"Don't forget my trump card", she curled her lips in a meaningful manner.

Violet's complexion paled and she clenched her fast-turning white fist.

Sandra saw the needed result and smirked. Lucas's men couldn't hear what they were discussing but their fierce expressions gave them away. The leader cleared his throat.

Violet glared at Sandra before directing them to the attic and stood aside as her mind wandered to that night. What happened that night?

Laurababy Laurababy

hello friends, how are you? I took a long time to update, I'm sorry. updates will be coming once a day but they will be very long.

Also, in love with the viewership I see, so continue with that. I also need comments, please. it's very important, support, Power stones. I need gifts too so please I'm expecting the gifts today. let them start rolling in.

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