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16.66% The Strongest Clan / Chapter 1: Drauton S Primary School

Drauton S Primary School - The Strongest Clan - Chapter 1 by Lazareth full book limited free

Chapter 1: Drauton S Primary School

One hundred years later, there were only five countries left. The rest had been destroyed through the multiple skirmishes with the Zolma. These five countries are not separated by a body of water but by borders. The countries aren't antagonistic with each other but aren't friendly with one another too. Trade did occur between countries as different countries specialized in different areas. Such as the country of Shiyca was the most technologically advance. All high-tech equipment was designed and produced in Shiyca. Esciaya was the richest country and was the country with the best doctors and surgeons etc. Drauton was the poorest country and was responsible for more than 60% of all passer and surpassers agricultural needs. Keshos and Strera are wealthy countries too. They didn't specialize in anything rather they had their hands in all the pies. However, the best surpasser schools are in those countries.

Kai Adler lived in the country of Drauton with his mother and father. Despite living in the poorest country, Kai's family was actually quite well off. Kai's dad was one of the best geneticists in the world and his mom was one of the top doctors in the world. The only reason they lived in Drauton and not in Esciaya was that Kai's parents wanted to provide world-class treatment to those that couldn't afford it.

Kai was the foster child of Mr Adler and Misses Adler where his siblings, on the other hand, were the Adler's real children. They had two of their own. Kai's oldest sister Juliette Adler who was eighteen years older than him was a geneticist. She took an aptitude test when she was 6 years old and it determined that her personality type would make her a great geneticist amongst other vocations. Immediately, she chose to be a geneticist like her dad and then went to genetic school in Esciaya.

Sebastien Adler who was sixteen years older than Kai took the same test however, he decided to become a engineer. He wanted to forge his own path rather than the shadow of his mother and father. He was sent to engineering school in Shiyca.

Kai was the only one that had to stay in Drauton. Kai's parents had fostered him from when he was a baby where they learnt that Kai had the elemental gene. This made him a second-generation surpasser. Because of this, they wanted to keep Kai close by them. So instead of sending him to Keshos or Strera where the best Surpasser schools in the world were they sent him to a surpasser school here in Drauton. It was said that children who went to school in Strera and Keshos were destined to achieve greater things than those that didn't. All the royalty from each and every clan went to school in either Keshos or Strera. Of the 50 royalty seats, 27 students came from Keshos where their school abdicated the strength of power. And the 23 seats left, came from the students who went to school in Strera where control was their motto. Strera held more seats of significance such as 70% of the Kings and Queens of the various clans went to Strera. There were no students from Strera that occuied the Fourth Prince and Princesses places only from 3rd upwards. Despite all this, Kesho's was hailed as the best because they had more seats. They Marketed quantity over quality.

Kai clenched his fists and gritted his teeth when his parents told him they were not sending him to Strera or Keshos. Struggling to control his anger, he tried to convince them through statistics. He wanted to make them see that not sending him to Strera Academy was the same maiming him for life. He explained how every person who ever did something significant went to Strera Academy. Where not one person of significance came from Drauton Academy. Just saying the name wanted to make him puke. Drauton had more to do with agriculture had an abnormally high passer to surpasser percentage. Unlike other countries, in Drauton only 2% of the population were surpassers where it's 5-10% in other countries. Based on those findings, it was clear that surpasser schools wouldn't receive much funding. Most of the educational budget went to grooming passers that wanted to enter the Agricultural field... Kai wanted to go to Strera, specifically Strera Academy in the capital city of Ginmon. All his siblings had their personalities checked and then they were sent to the best of the best but not him. He kicked the ground at the injustice he was feeling.

'I can't believe my parents. It's not as if we don't have the money. I mean look at this house. It's huge! We own one of the biggest houses in all of Drauton but they can't send their son to Strera Academy. My siblings all got the best treatment but not me. Unfair...! Okay, I'm done complaining, that was relieving. So my plans aren't going as I intended. Seems the road to becoming the King is going to take a lot longer than I thought. I don't know my element but hopefully it's lightning although there clan is the weakest right now; the power has always fascinated me it has insane destructive power and speed it's basically a cheat...! Now, not going to Strera Academy will effectively double the duration of my goal. So in order to cut some of that time off, I am going to need to train 2-3 times harder than anybody else.'

Kai was 6 years old when he thought this. As a warrior race, surpasser's brains matured faster than passers. This allowed them to think analyticaly from a young age. However, they still had to go to school to learn about the world.

Kai took a deep breath and walked down the stairs of his triple story house. Today he was going to attend his first day at Drauton S Primary school. He continued down the stairs to the first floor. This was where his mother and father were. His mother had just finished making breakfast and was dishing the food in their plates. His father had a white mug in his hand and in it was black roast coffee. Kai's father, Zack Adler was a tall man. 192cm tall to be exact. He had fair brown hair that the wind could seamlessly blow away. His eyes were brown but they were deep set and profound like they were holding many secrets. His father had a well-defined jawline and when he spoke you could feel the vibrations in your stomach. His cheekbones were pointed just a little bit out, raising his skin ever so slightly. Despite being 45 the collagen in his skin was tight making him look like he was 25 years old. He spoke with authority and absolute confidence. He sat upright and took a sip of his black roast coffee his wife made for him.

Kai's mother Brianna Adler had a frying pan in her hand. Her blue eyes were focused as she meticulously placed the bacon on her husband's and Kai's plates. It was a sight to behold as her as were deeper than the oceans that created it. She had a heart-shaped faced that pulled on your heartstrings when you gazed into the symphony of perfection she was. Her jet black hair waved and bounced lusciously as she placed a few strands behind her ear. She was wearing a white apron that enfolded lovely over her petite body. She had a thin waist and a peachy waist. This made the way she walked a form of art. Men would often gaze upon her slender legs when she wore a dress that flaunted them.

Kai came down from his room and greeted his father who was on his Genome watch looking at all the latest medical news. Then he greeted his mother who was placing the sunny side up eggs onto their plates. They were cooked to perfection. After a while, Brianna Adler had finished serving breakfast so they sat down at the table inside the kitchen. It was an English breakfast: two pieces of bacon, pork bangers, two pieces of toast some baked beans, tomatoes and two sunny side up eggs. Kai's parents drank coffee and Kai drank some freshly pressed orange juice.

"It's your first day of surpasser school. Are you excited?" Brianna Adler said looking at Kai intently.

Holding a silver knife and fork, Kai chewed his food then cut a piece of toast. Then he placed a piece of bacon and a small piece of tomatoe on top of the bread. He then Swallowed the food in his mouth, "Well, I am grateful I get to go to school. But I am not excited." Then he put the food he had stored on his fork and began chewing.

Nodding her head, "Well that is understandable. You wanted to go to Strera Academy instead we are keeping you here in Drauton."

Kai didn't reply. Insead, he took a sip of his orange juice and let his mother continue.

"I hope you understand that we sent your sister and brother away because back then we did not have the time to raise them. But now that we are in the top of our field and have our own practices we have time to raise you. So we would like to be parents and keep you close to us."

"And in the meantime, you guys maim my future because all of a sudden you want to play mother and father," Kai mumbled under his breath and rolled his eyes.


Zack Adler smashed his cup onto the table. Because of that black coffee spilt all over his ironed white button-up shirt. Ignoring the pain of the hot coffee spilling on him, Zack Adler stared at Kai with piercing eyes, "Don't you dare talk your mother like that! You see this house, the food you eat and the bed you sleep on. It is all provided by us. When you start earning your own salary you can have a say in how your life goes."

Immediately, Brianna ran to the sink and took a wet cloth then she ran to her husband, pulled back the cuffs and wiped the coffee of his skin.

Not interested in the argument he was about to have with his dad. Kai took the last piece of bread and then put the last egg on it with bacon and tomatoes and then stood up with it in his hand.

"I am going to school now. Thank you very much for the breakfast mama, it's amazing."

"Your father and I will take you to school since it's your first day and all." Kai's mother quickly interjected.

Biting into the toast and putting his bag onto his shoulder, "That won't be necessary, I will take the bus." Kai said then he walked to the front door.

"Do you have your shake and supplements with you?" Brianna asked Kai.

"Yes, mom, it's in my bag," Kai replied from halfway across the house.

Bam! Kai closed the front door and went to school.

"Honey, we talked about this. Kai is angry because to him it seems as if we are keeping him here for selfish reasons. Where we gave his siblings the best head start to a great future. Can you please not shout at him?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I tried but when he was being cheeky to you, I lost it."

Hugging her husband, " I know you were trying. Just try harder next time."


School at Drauton S Primary had standard classes like Math and Leros. But it also had classes such as hand to hand combat training, weapon training, movement training, tactics training, breathing training and physical and mental training. During the intervals between classes students would be fed amino acids and proteins and all other sorts of minerals to increase their strength. These were designed specifically for surpassers of age 6-9 so it doesn't inhibit growth instead provides the foundation for a healthy strong body. Despite the children of Drauton S Primary receiving these supplements, they fell short by leaps and bounds in terms of quality to what the children of Strera S Primary were receiving. If the quality of the supplements Drauton provided were Common. Strera provided Epic grade supplements and even Mystique or Superior to the richest children.

This was another reason Strera S Academy was the best. They had a dedicated team that were constantly designing new formulas to further increase the power level of their surpassers. They had the best equipment to monitor their children. There was no change in the body of their students that they were not aware of. All the children received A grade treatment. The ones that had more potential received more but that is how the world worked.

A teacher was handing out the supplements to all the students. Kai accepted it but he didn't drink it. He remembered his mom explicitly telling him that he should receive the supplements as not to arouse suspicion but he should never drink them. Instead, he should drink the shake his mother and father had made for him. With this knowledge, Kai put the supplements into his bag and then took the 500ml black bottle out of his bag and began sipping on the strawberry flavoured shake. It tasted wonderful it was akin to a strawberry milkshake. Kai slurped down the whole bottle in no time. And then at the appointed time, he would drink the pills his parents gave him. Once he was done with school, he came home.

He opened his front door by having his retina scanned. The house was quiet because his parents weren't home yet. Kai had just taken the last pill for the day. He remembered that his mom had told him when he drank this pill, he must not do any physical training for two hours. So during this time, Kai ordered in lunch from Jijito's. They were a restaurant that surpassers loved. There was a branch in every city in the world. Jijito's served A-grade meat without hormones. Not only was the meat good but the food tasted great. Kai ordered his favourite. It was sirloin steak with salad. The steaks were cooked in a way that retained all the proteins but still tasted amazing. The technology of this world allowed for that. After eating, he completed all his homework. It was now 6 pm in another 3 hours his parents would come home from work. Now that the pills time was complete Kai began extra training. He went to the lab inside his house and placed all the monitors on his body. He put on the Genome watch that was in the lab on his wrist and began monitoring himself while he was training.

He had a whole regimen planned out. Every day he would do extra-training for 3 hours. He would do movement training for an hour every day but switch between the rest. So Monday/today, he would do movement training then hand to hand combat and breathing training. Tuesday would be movement, mental and physical training. Wednesday would be movement, tactics and weapons training. This cycle would repeat every day except for Sunday. Sunday was the rest day for his body where he did no training at all. He would then pick it up again on Monday.

Having his plan in mind, Kai began his training. He trained for three hours straight. He had just finished tabulating his results when he heard the front door open and he heard his parents talking to each other. Once he heard that, he knew it was time to stop and go to bed. But before he would take a shower and then get the last pill from his mom. This pill worked while you were sleeping, it brought all the training you did throughout the day into one bundle. Kai had to get this pill from his mom. She did not allow him to take it with him. As if it spilt out his bag and another child ate it, they could die. It was created specifically for him.

After his shower, Kai walked to his parents in his pyjamas. They were in their room watching tv. He knocked on the door when he heard a deep voice, "Come in."

He opened the door and saw his parents lying on top of their King size bed. They were lying on their back on the all-white bed and blankets. Turning to their lefts they looked towards Kai who still had the door handle in his hands.

Kai walked in front of the door, now he was fully visible to them then he stood by their bedside, "So school wasn't as bad as I thought. I made some friends. I met a girl, she's cool. The students aren't as weak as I thought. I am not the strongest in the class. Currently I am number 10. In movement, I am dead last. I have decided to do extra training so I will be first in no time."

"Oh, good of you to notice your shortcomings." Zack Adler said nodding his head.

"I'm happy for you puppy." Brianna Adler said smiling at her son.

Kai grinned in response. When he did his mother grabbed him from behind and enveloped her hands around his body, "The pills we gave you they are not hurting you are they? Do you feel any side effects?"

Still with his mother's arms around him, "No, in fact, I had more energy today than I have ever had. Although I would much rather have the supplements provided by the capable scientists of Strera, these aren't half bad. But then again I have nothing to compare it to." Kai teased with his tongue out.

His mother tightened the grip around his body and then his dad tickled him until he was crying from laughter, "Okay stop! I give up, I give up."

Kai couldn't resist at all because his mother had locked his arms so he couldn't move them. Once Kai gave up she let go of him and they laughed together. Then she opened up her cupboard in the desk next to her. She scanned her finger on it and then it opened. She took out a blue box and then from it she took out a purple pill, "Here drink this and then go to bed. Oh, and Kai our pills might not be better than Strera. But they give them a run for their money. Don't ever mix pills even if they are from Strera only drink what mommy and daddy give you, okay?"

Kai rolled his eyes as he had heard this more than ten times already, "I know, I won't. Goodnight mama. Goodnight Papa."

"Goodnight puppy." She said with a warm smile.

"Goodnight my boy."

Then Kai left the room and went to his bed and slept.

"Why don't you just tell him that our pills make Strera Academies look like dirt? Strera this Strera that. Our child doesn't understand my genius!"

"Honey, I know you want your boy to recognise you but he is too young. We will tell him when he is older."

Lazareth Lazareth

Thank you for the stones. I'm dropping this chapter two day earlier because of it. Hope you enjoyed the first official chapter. Just a heads up the name of the novel is subject to change because from first glance you would assume its a cultivation novel and it is not.

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