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The Strongest System

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Yours Truly shall have all of you bow down to me!

Arriving in this brand-new world, Lin Fan found himself in possession of a system which allows him to level up indefinitely unbounded by the limitations of this world. Upon learning a powerful technique of Monkey Steals Peaches, Lin Fan realises that he’s poised to literally become the strongest person in this entire world. But of course, how boring would that be unless the whole world gets to know about his great name?

Shameless. Righteous. Smart. Lin Fan will let no one (or balls) stand in his way to glory!

Hilarious for all the wrong reasons and exciting for all the right ones, this novel will definitely have you roaring out in laughter and set your blood pumping all at the same time. Join us in this rollercoaster of a masterpiece with Lin Fan and his trusty sidekicks as he shows the world what it truly means to be YOURS TRULY.

There is a person, whose entire life is a legend.
There is a person, whose extraordinariness radiates from his brows
There is a person, his name is Lin Fan.
Everybody: “Lin Fan, I want to have your babies.”
A dominating life of unrestrained swag needs no explanation.

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    Author and Translator’s Thoughts

    Xinfeng Lam Kaos
    • Xinfeng Author

      Hello my lovely readers overseas, I am Xinfeng, the author of 《The Strongest System》. Under the recommendation of China Reading, it’s a great honor to be able to hop onboard Qidian International and to meet all of you through the English translations. I hope this novel can bring you all pleasure and relaxation in between your busy schedules, and I hope you will like this novel.


      If there is anything you are unsatisfied with inside this novel, you can leave a comment below, and I will look through them in my spare time. I hope my dear readers overseas can provide me with some valuable advice. Thank you.'

    • Lam Translator

      Hi guys, Lam here and I’m glad to be collaborating with Qidian International to bring to you guys translations of ‘The Strongest System’!


      ‘The Strongest System’ takes our protagonist, Lin Fan into a newfound world he’s never seen before where everyone around him is some sort of power character or another! Join me as we unravel Lin Fan’s adventures and watch him squirm his way out of all sorts of sticky situations using first and foremost: his shamelessness!


      Witty, charming and shameless, Lin Fan is all set to take on the world. With the raws already bringing in rave reviews, I hope that you guys will be able to enjoy this in all its flavours!


      Let me know of your thoughts and ideas in the comments and I look forward to seeing you guys around! Cheers!

    • Kaos Translator

      Just a typical Qidian Chinese web novel lover who joined Qidian International to help promote and spread the wonderful works of the east to the west!


      The novel I am translating is “The Strongest System”, a hilarious Xuanhuan novel filled with action and martial arts. The protagonist Lin Fan transmigrates to another world and receives a “System”, that allows him to become stronger at a tremendous speed. While possessing a witty humor, Lin Fan travels the path of cultivation to bring himself to greater heights never imaginable before!


      Read “The Strongest System”, and join Lin Fan on his path to cultivation through the perils and the comedy. Let’s cultivate together!

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    LV 5 Badge

    Hi guys, Lam here! I would like to thank you guys first and foremost for your interest in The Strongest System! It is an amazing novel which has received rave reviews for it's raw and I'm glad to be able to bring this for you guys together with Qidian International! I hope that as time goes by, you guys will stay on for this journey as we try our best to bring you The Strongest System in its truest flavours! Also, it would really help out with our livelihood if those of you who can afford it would support us on our patreon : https://***.patreon.com/thestrongestsystem It will be a boon to our busy schedules etc as we all have our own lives outside of this and this would help greatly. But nevertheless, enjoy this novel and I wish you guys all the best! Cheers! (:

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    LV 3 Badge

    "Lin Fan, I want to have your babies." I identify with MC, this kind of thing always happens to me. So I'm sure I'll enjoy this novel, I'll wait for more chapters.

    View 122 Replies
    LV 10 Badge

    This story is funny as hell 😂 after reading all those other stories with super serious heavy story lines its a huge change of pace to read this. Hope new chapters come fast.

    View 56 Replies

    If you want a troll MC then this is a must read series If you want a laugh and you like MCs like the one from Senior Brother or No 1 Founder but more playful and with less common sense then this series is for you Please read it if you need a laugh Also...Translator! Please update 2 chaps a day

    View 53 Replies

    Website : qidian china Views : 1.01 million Rating : 7.4(172) Chapters : 1168 Status : completed Word count : 2.26 million author rank : lv5

    View 52 Replies

    I laught so much I could cry, this novel is hilarious, it will defenitly be on my reading list! The main character to level up with the system is so shameful and how he test the ideas, picking peaches etc....

    View 6 Replies

    prefect novel for me to wait and look for later on, hope it get translated more often, the readers who read and like the system novels trust me you will like this novel so much, if not then you are one of the people who got beaten in that novel (jk). But really the novel worth a try from you guys :3

    View 14 Replies

    First time seeing this novel, I think "Oh.. another garbage novel" But after reading till chapter 31, I know that I was wrong, gravely wrong.. Thinking this now, I even feel regret for not read this novel from the first time it appeared. Sigh.. Moreeeee... moreee.. I need more, please...

    View 17 Replies

    The story started great and is pretty funny. However, by now it's starting to get boring. MC needs some challenges and we need a proper story development. Instead we have: 1. MC that can knock out anyone despite their cultivation. 2. MC having no goals and doing random stuff just because he can. 3. Very brief characters. 4. Unknown world background. I'm aware this is meant to be a parody. But I'd prefer a parody with a good plot too.

    View 14 Replies

    I will going against heaven's will to say this... To drop such as interesting novel with VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING ENDING. Yes for me it's not worthy to spend my spirit stones again 😅 Or i will died as my happiness get stolen by old thief heavens 😊 So... I will say goodbye to you bro lam 😊 I respect your decision for premium chapter a.k.a paywall...

    View 3 Replies

    Those who liked this novel are idiots. MC can jump 10 level to defeat a man by attacking balls but when it really matters, when all his friends junior senior died he didn't use that power to defeat people 1 or 3 level higher than him. He got experience by getting hit but when the sect fight started, the system totally stopped. No new experience for skills where he got thousand to millionss of exp before. And the funny thing, with all his cheats, unlimited pills he is very low level compared to people around same who have nothing but level is way up. Author never care about logic and his own rules. just wrote whatever trash he could think of.

    View 10 Replies

    LOT of locked chapters.. i love this novel but this is just too much bullsh*t qidian, fking greedy bastards, Sorry Lam love your translation but this is too much bullsh*t, even for this novel.

    View 3 Replies
    LV 10 Badge

    Im hating qidian guys 😢 i wish that they stop translating this novel here (i know you think im an idiot) 🤤 but reading here in qidian is very annoying you need stones just to read a novel 😑 can they just put ads like videos and to watch before eeading the chapter why spirit stones 🙄

    View 3 Replies

    I am a fan if cultivation and gaming system novels and i have a pretty easy going judgement i never gave a novel les than 2 stars in 2years of reading but this one is a huge disgrace in all ways there is no character build except for the MC the comedy is so poor all the action is sooo poor the story is **** I thought first that it have a lot of potential but all went to the drain this novel i sooooo bad for any type of readers and I recommend getting as far as possible from it The translation is not bad sorry for the score but I couldn’t go with it sorry my friend and u did a great work

    View 19 Replies

    This this is gold mc is a god.nuff said just read it . **. Not for people who hate op stuff this novel is just a joke not in the bad way . i know my review suck but just read this novel if u wanna past time.

    View 4 Replies

    Honestly this novel is good and funny but this paywall is getting more ridiculous than the MC himself. I mean ok you have 2-4 chapter locked it's fine but this novel have FIFTY FUCKIN CHAPTER locked atm and this number keep growing. Last week i think it was 30 or 40 something but right now, for every "FREE" chapter you get 3-4 locked. The fact that more and more novel use this system mean that no matter if you are level 1 or 5 you will have Spirit Stone for 1 novel and the others well 1 month for 4 chapter doesn't sound really good.

    View 9 Replies

    I really don't like the unlocking system you gave, it must pay 8-9 stone that's to expensive that's sucks, really sucks, fucking sucks, can you reduce the stone, in 3-5

    View 1 Replies

    This novel is crazy expensive! 8 stones for a chapter and you can't even watch an ad for a pass. Regretted reading this up until 400+ chapter only to get forced to spend 8stones for a single chapter. I'm off to a different and much better, more reasonable pricing, novel in this website.

    View 5 Replies
    LV 5 Badge

    Man to be frank ********** was way better than this dumb website "qidian" at least they never forced their readers to unlock chapter by paying 9 spirit stones and if you're broke then our great qidian will force use to buy spirit coins by paying them 10 USD! If this goes on I better stop reading light novel from such a great website and by the way I'm dropping "the strongest system" this novel ain't Worth 10 USD!

    View 6 Replies

    456 locked chapters Holy moly. I remember the free chapters were all they up to 554. But now for what ever reason you guys locked them from 554 all they way down to 453. no thank you. Wont be voting for this novel no more.

    View 2 Replies

    Author Xin Feng

    Translator Atlas Studios

    Editor Atlas Studios