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1.48% The supporting character's harem is very normal / Chapter 7: F rank talent…

Chapter 7: F rank talent…

In front of Lathel appeared another screen. On that screen was a gray gift box, above which the words "newbie gift package" were flashing.

Lathel reached out and touched the screen with his index finger, and immediately, the gift package opened itself.

[Ding! You have opened the beginner gift package and successfully received the following items:

- Basic beginner's guide.

- Basic map of the world.

- Talent card Rank (F)

- Rank F energy absorption method (Will be adjusted to suit Talent)

- Storage space F (10 meters x 10 meters x 10 meters)]

Lathel looked at the items he received, and felt a bit confused.

First, he took out the book "Basic Beginner's Guide" to read.

This book was not as thick or as big as he thought, it was only as small as his hand, and it looked more like a notebook.

Lathel began to read it. This place was extremely quiet, the air was fresh, and occasionally a few birds sang, which helped him concentrate on reading better.

Unlike in the city, his room was not well soundproofed because it was just a cheap motel. That's why, when he reads a book, the noise emanating from his surroundings makes it difficult for him to concentrate.

An hour passed, and Lathel had basic knowledge about this world.

This world was called the Forbidden world.


Because it was very vast, and no one had ever visited the whole world. The continent alone he was standing on was as large as Earth, and currently, adventurers could only explore five continents.

There were many lands that were very remote but also very dangerous, there were also places where people have never set foot on and are never mentioned.

This world was a Fantasy world, so swords and magic exist. Naturally, the inhabitants of this world are also divided into two types.

People who possess the ability to use magic and normal people. Although the percentage of people possessing the ability to use magic in this world is only 0.1%, with the huge number of inhabitants in this world, 0.1% is still a large number.

Everyone is tested for their ability to use magic after reaching the age of 18.

If they have the ability to use magic, they have two options.

First, learn magic in your hometown through the magicians living there.

The second option is to go to a magic academy to receive the most comprehensive and best training.

Of course, the first option is definitely the least expensive. While the second option will cost a lot.

Usually only nobles go to magic academies to study.

Of course, there is much more information behind. But that information is all information that any Fantasy world has.

It seems that this is all general knowledge about a Fantasy world, anyone who has read Isekai novels or mangas can easily deduce this.

Lathel then took out the Talent card.

According to the beginner's guide, anyone who possesses the ability to use magic has a talent.

The Talent Rank was divided into 6 levels, the lowest is F, then E, D, C, B and A. Above Rank A there is also Rank S, however, the number of people possessing S Rank talent is extremely rare. .

On the Dorrack continent where he was on there were only 7 people with S Rank talent, and they were all powerful existences.

The higher someone's Talent, the easier it is for that person to level up and the higher his or her class limit is.

The magicians in this world are divided into 10 major classes. Each large caste is divided into 10 small castes. To be more precise, their class is divided from 0 to 100.

As Lathel held the F Rank talent card in his hand, he felt a bit disappointed.

As far as he knew, the highest level people with F rank talent could achieve was only level 30.

Level 30 in this world was only equivalent to an ordinary adventurer.

Moreover level 30 adventurers only perform a few simple quests or become part of the army.

Compared to normal people, level 30 adventurers/magicians only had a slightly better life.

Lathel sighed, but after that he didn't care much. After all, he also owned a 'Sign in System', even though it was only a F rank Talent now, he believed that he would receive a higher Talent rank in the future.

"Use the Talent card."

[Ding! You used the Talent card, you successfully obtained the Talent - Earth Elemental (Rank F).]

Name: Earth Elemental

Rank: F

Description: You can use the Earth element.

Seeing the description, Lathel felt like committing suicide, so that Dandite would revive him in another world before he starts over.

He knows he is just a supporting character but why was he so miserable?

Of all the elemental talents, Earth and Wood elements were the two most useless talents.

In the history of this world, no one has ever possessed an Earth or Wood elemental talent that had a Rank higher than D. Most of them are ranked at E.

Even more tragic is that most magicians possessing Earth Elemental abilities cannot participate in combat as they can only participate in construction.

In other words, he would be a construction worker in the future.

Lathel sighed, if the 'Sign in System' didn't exist, he would definitely have committed suicide.

With talent like this, he cannot fulfill his dream of creating a harem or traveling around the world.

Even the Talent he received was only Rank F.

Lathel wanted to cry but tears wouldn't come out.

He continued to take out the 'Rank F Energy Absorption Method', which was a scroll made of goatskin.

Lathel opened the scroll, inside was the basic method of absorbing magical energy.

According to the 'basic beginner's guide', to become a magician and level up, three things are needed.

First, you must be able to use magic.

Second, you must have a 'magic energy absorption method' that suits the talent you possess.

And third, you must have 'skills' to turn your magical energy and talents into offensive or self-defense skills..etc…

Of course, 'magic energy absorption method' and 'skills' are also divided from Rank F to Rank A just like the Rank of Talent.

Currently, Lathel's Talent is Rank F, so he can only learn Rank F energy absorption methods.

If he uses an energy absorption method higher than Rank F, he will not be able to absorb energy.

Even if he could absorb it, he would not be able to store it inside his body because his body would not be able to withstand the power of high-level energy.

Lathel then decided to use the Rank F 'energy absorption method'.

Immediately after that, a stream of information appeared in his mind so he did not need to spend time learning it.

Lathel followed the instructions that appeared in his mind. He immediately sat on the ground, and felt the natural energy around him.

He saw that inside his body, in his heart, there was a small pond, about 10 square meters in area, and it was about 2 meters deep.

That pond was completely empty, now, so he needed to fill that pond with his natural energy.

Lathel took a deep breath, and tried to follow the instructions to absorb the energy.

According to the instructions, he just needed to breathe normally, and the natural energy in space would automatically enter his body.

Just as he thought, Lathel felt a stream of milky white smoke entering his nose.

Then, that smoke turned into drops of water, which continuously fell into the pond inside his heart.

1 minute…

5 minutes…

10 minutes…

1 hour…

3 hours passed, before Lathel finally filled the pond inside his heart.

However, the water in the pond was murky like newly dug well water.

To be more precise, that water source was a bit... dirty. No, it was too dirty. If someone asked him to try drinking water from that pond, he definitely wouldn't drink it.

Lathel sighed, after all, his talent was only Rank F, and his method of absorbing energy was also Rank F.

If he possessed a high Rank talent, the pond inside his heart would be larger. And of course, the water in the pond will also be clearer.

The larger the pond, the more energy it can store. The water in the pond would be clearer, and the magical energy would be stronger.

Lathel shook his head. Even though the beginning was a bit difficult, it was still very good.

At least, he still had the system, as long as he tried to survive, he believed that one day, he could possess A Rank talent, or even an S Rank one .

Lathel sighed, he then thought about where he should go. Currently, he was in Carltrie Woods, which was very close to the Karol Empire, which was the largest empire on this continent.

But... the biggest problem was that he had no money.

That's right, the beginner's gift package did not provide him with any money for him to live.

'Dandite, are you going to let me live in the forest?' Lathel thought to himself, he didn't think he would be this miserable.

The only thing that comforted him was that he owned a storage space inside the system.

Rass! Rass!

Suddenly, about 10 meters away from him, there was the sound of tree branches colliding with each other.

Lathel stood up in surprise. He suddenly remembered that in this forest there could be wild animals, or even... monsters.

He retreated, as he mentally prepared to run away.

However, a young man came out from the bushes.

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