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Chapter 30: Saintess - make this world full of love

That woman's voice was like the sound of windchimes; it was full of charm but no less majestic.

Hearing that voice, everyone trembled, but they also shouted in unison: "We hail the saintess!"

Haya spoke up: "Saintess, we…"

"Don't spout nonsense; I want to hear the results, not the process."

Haya trembled a bit. She took a deep breath as she attempted to say something, but another voice rang out.

It was Lizaru's voice.

At this time, the souls flying around him gradually disappeared. Lizaru knelt on the ground and exclaimed: "Hail the Saintess!"

"I checked all the souls in the forest…"

"Don't talk nonsense." The voice from inside the crystal ball rang out.

"Saintess, I found out your whereabouts and took that stone. However…" Laziru faltered.

The Saintess spoke up: "Don't worry, quickly search for that stone. No one can absorb that stone except the chosen one."

"You have one day, if you fail…"

Before the saintess finished speaking, the light from the glass ball disappeared, and it fell, lying on the ground.

Even though the Saintess hadn't finished speaking yet, everyone here knew the consequences if they couldn't find the stone.

Haya stood up, quickly picked up the glass ball, cleaned it, and held it in her hand like a priceless treasure.

Lizaru also stood up. He frowned and said: "Let's go, I've found that bastard."

In another place, in an extremely luxurious and splendid room, the white walls, more than ten meters high, were sculpted with countless bizarre but also extremely majestic motifs.

The dome-shaped ceiling was made from a special type of glass, radiating an extremely magical multi-colored light.

The room was very large, no, it wouldn't be wrong to say this place was a hall.

At this time, a woman wearing a white robe that covered her body, revealing only a few sexy curves, entered the room.

She went to the end of the room, where a white curtain divided the room into two parts.

That woman knelt on the ground, her head bowed close to the ground, her expression full of respect as she shouted: "Hail my Saintess!"

"Hmm?!" A girl's lazy and seductive voice rang out: "Have you prepared what I need?"

"Yes, my Saintess." After the woman finished speaking, she took out a small red wooden box from the storage space.

That box was engraved with countless images. If someone were to look closely, they would notice that the images depicted a man falling from the sky and being discovered by another woman.

The next images are of their rosy lives, with only love and nothing else in between.

The woman lifted the box with both hands above her head and said respectfully: "Saintess, this box was created by five master sculptors who worked hard to create it according to the Saintess's request."

"Very good!" The Saintess spoke up, her voice unable to hide the excitement and joy: "You will temporarily keep that box, wait until I get that stone, then that wonderful gift will be complete."

"But… I don't feel secure when those useless people are looking for the stone. You should coordinate with Haya, support them, and make sure to bring that stone back here, understand?"

"Yes, Saintess. I will try my best, but…"

"Hm?! What is the matter?"

"No, Saintess, sorry if I am doubting you Saintess. However, if this gets out, I'm afraid…"

"Hahahaha…" The Saintess' laughter rang out, interrupting the other woman's words: "Lafien, what is our mission?"

Lafien, the woman kneeling on the ground, immediately said: "To bring the love and peace of the Divine to every living being in this world and help everyone feel God's love."

"That's right." The Saintess explained: "To do that, we also need to know what love is, feel love, and understand love."

"Only then can we bring God's love to everyone."

Hearing that, Lafien found her words extremely reasonable, her eyes immediately lit up as if she had just been enlightened and understood a new truth.

"Thanks to the Saintess's teachings, I understand. Being taught a sentence by the Saintess is more than a hundred years of studying the Holy book."

"Um… you still have more to learn."

"Yes." Lafien bowed and said: "I will definitely not disappoint the Saintess."

In the morning, Lathel woke up and felt a faint scent entering his nose.

Lathel slowly opened his eyes, at this moment, he realized that Charlotte was still holding him tightly in her arms.

He sighed, slowly got out of her arms as gently as possible, then went out.

Before going out, he glanced at Charlotte,and thought to himself: 'If you were a young girl, that would be great, but... okay, after all, Charlotte is a rich lady.'

'I also received a lot of gold coins and resources from her. I can't ask for more, being greedy is not good.'

Lathel consoled himself then left.

As soon as the door closed, Charlotte opened her eyes, however, she smiled happily.

It seemed like after yesterday, she was able to smile easily.

Charlotte sat up and touched the position where Lathel had just been lying. It was still warm there, and her eyes showed a bit of nostalgia.

Lathel went outside, stretched, and then sat on the steps in front of the castle door, looking at the system information panel.

"Boy!" Suddenly, the cauldron's voice rang out: "It seems Charlotte likes you a bit."

Lathel: "…"

"Okay, you can be quiet." Lathel laughed contemptuously.

"Oy! Don't you believe me?

"Ah! Think about it, why would I believe a cauldron that is talking about love? Have you ever loved someone?"

Cauldron: "…"

'Damn it! I want to punch this kid.'

The Cauldron thought to itself, He had never been this angry before. For the first time in his life, he was looked down on by a boy.

Lathel thought about falling in love with Charlotte, but he suddenly shivered in fear: 'What the hell am I thinking? Lathel, are you crazy?'

He took a deep breath, as he tried to discard the petty thoughts in his head.

A moment later, he breathed a sigh of relief. Then he began to thank Dandite, the system, and the goddess of luck.

Every day he exists, he always tries to express his gratitude.

'System, sign in today.' Lathel thought to himself.

[Ding! Congratulations on your successful 'sign in' onFriday.,You will receive a new item, - Savis Sculpting Knife (sealed) - Rank C.]

Name: Savis carving knife (sealed)

Rank: C

Description: A carving knife of the legendary sculptor - Savis. That knife carried all his experience and will, however, it was sealed.

Even though it is sealed, it can still sculpt almost any material, including elemental stone.

Depending on the user's energy, it can even sculpt divine materials.

There was quite a lot of description, and although Lathel did not know who Savis was, he still recognized that this carving knife was very special.

The knife was about 25cm long, the handle was made of some kind of wood, and the outside was wrapped in an old layer of cloth.

The blade was still sharp, however, on the body of the blade were many strange characters that had faded so much that it was hard to make out what they were.

"Hm?! That knife…" As Lathel held the knife in his hand, the cauldron suddenly spoke.

"Do you know this knife?"

"I don't know, but I feel like that knife is a bit strange. It seems that that knife carries a strange but also extremely terrifying will."

"Kid, where did you get that knife from?"

Lathel frowned, he thought for two seconds and then said: "I accidentally bought it from the black market for just one gold coin."

"At first I felt this knife was too expensive, but the seller said this was Savis knife. Even though I don't know who Savis is, I think he's probably also a sculptor."

"That's why, even though it doesn't have much use, since it's another sculptor's tool, it's worth 1 gold coin."

"Savis?" the cauldron shouted.

"Do you know that person?"

"No, but I've heard a lot about him." Cauldron explained: "During the time when I was still worshiped by everyone, I heard about a genius sculptor who was obsessed with creating an absolutely perfect work."

"Of course, that is impossible. In this world, nothing is perfect, including God. However, that sculptor named Savis is obsessed with a perfect sculpture."

"That's all I heard about him."

Lathel frowned and asked: "Is he very good?"

"That's right. He is known as a legendary sculptor, so do you think he is good or not?"

Hearing that, Lathel nodded and looked at the knife. Lathel felt that with this knife in his hand, he could create extremely wonderful sculptures.

"Boy, that knife carries Savis' will. I don't know what kind of person he is, that's why you should be careful with it. If Savis has installed something dangerous inside that knife, you will be in danger." Cauldron advised.

"I understand." Lathel answered, but he didn't seem to care much about it. For him, the products coming from the system were definitely safe.

Lathel had just placed that knife in the storage space when suddenly, the Cauldron's voice rang out.

"Kid, quickly lower your head."

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