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86.66% The Tutorial is Too Hard for Douluo Dalu / Chapter 13: A Godly Prize

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Chapter 13: A Godly Prize

Standing in front of a large stone door, Lin Feng let out a sigh. "I'm finally at the boss room."

It had been a rather long trip here.

Lin Feng had continuously grinded within the slowly heating up area for an unknown amount of time. His actions had been incredibly risky, with him running on the edge of death at all times.

He had chosen to just sit on the walls whilst waiting for the temperature to rise. Then, as soon as it did so, he would stay in it as long as he could.

When he reached his limit, Lin Feng would just run out and go back to the [Healing Area].

If he were to put a metaphor to describe what it felt like as he sat there waiting for the temperature to rise though, then it would be a frog being boiled in water.

If you put a frog in boiling water, it would automatically jump out in reflex.

However, if you placed a frog in cold water, then slowly heated till boiling point, the frog wouldn't be able to detect the temperature change and just burn to death.

That was the scenario that Lin Feng found himself in many times.

Just waiting for the temperature to rise was incredibly boring. Even if Lin Feng could detect the slow rise of the temperature, he wasn't able to understand how much harm he had suffered until he was beginning to form burns on his skin.

Ouch, I know.

It seems that he really had to learn the hard way.

Luckily for Lin Feng, his actions paid off eventually. Through continuous grinding for who knows how long, he obtained these passives and boosted them to these levels.

[Heat Resistance Lv. 10]

[Burn Resistance Lv. 10]

Pain Resistance levelled up a few times, but that was a given considering what he had to go through.

The sad thing about this though, was that after the two new skills reached level 10, the skill wouldn't progress no matter how long he stayed there.

It made sense though, seeing how he was actually just chilling in the hottest temperature possible by that then.

Speaking of chilling, he faced an extreme cold too.

Surprising right? It was as if this floor had a theme or something!!!

Unsurprisingly though, Lin Feng decided to do something facing this portion as well.

Can anyone guess what he did?

Here's a hint.

[Cold Resistance Lv. 10]

[Frostbite Resistance Lv. 10]

Similarly, it reached a bottleneck after Lin Feng achieved this level so he decided to go on with the Tutorial.

One thing was very annoying as he did this. A bunch of bored Gods decided that it would be a great idea to constantly spam him with notifications.

He wasn't particularly happy about there being a bunch of Gods watching him, but there was nothing he could do for now.

When he got stronger, he would definitely block these guys out. But for now, he'd just try to scam a bit of resources from them.

[God of Adventure is cheering you on!]

[God of Slowness is amused at your actions.]

Okay, now ignoring these guys. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lin Feng let out a deep breath as he pushed open the giant stone door.

Quietly entering, Lin Feng was met with the sight of a large, circular stone room. To be honest, this room looked rather familiar to him. It looked like one of those rooms where you were supposed to do some sort of super rituals in games.

Lin Feng shook his head as he rid himself of errant thoughts. He needed to be focused at the moment.

Relaxing his muscles, Lin Feng summoned his red spear. His grip on it was not too loose, nor too tense as his concentration peaked.

He was ready!

As if on queue, a hologram suddenly popped up.

[Stay in the room for at least 3 hours]

Oh ho? A test of patience? Too naive!!

The world seemed to want to give Lin Feng a huge middle finger though as the next portion showed up.

[Withstand your most painful times experienced]


— — — —

To be honest, it wasn't as bad as he thought that it would be.

Lin Feng himself was actually rather surprised by the fact that he didn't really have many painful memories.

Yeah there was one where he broke up with his girlfriend, but he was over that shit years ago.

There was one that was slightly challenging for Lin Feng though…

He very nearly cringed to death when he was forced to watch when he tried to talk to someone but got no reply.

Then everything just devolved into an awkward silence with everyone looking at him.

One may call it a stupid thing to be fearful about, but anyone who had faced the same thing as him could testify on how horrible they would feel after something like that happened.

But oh well. The past was the past. Lin Feng kinda wanted to return to his past life, but that wasn't really an option now was it?

[Congratulations for completing stage 2/??? of the Tutorial.]

[Prizes will be distributed according to performance]

[You have obtained + 1 rank up to all stats]

[You have received Mental Corruption Lv. 1]

At those words, Lin Feng suddenly felt a powerful surge of energy into his body. Calling out his status, he found that all his stats, including Luck, had increased by one rank.

Feels good about that.

Mental Corruption was pretty straightforward. It gave Lin Feng mindrape resistance even if he didn't use his mental power to defend along with being an antidepressant.

Now wasn't that nice. The Tutorial was offering him free treatment for crippling depression.

[Additional rewards are being given according to play record]

[The God of Slowness wishes to gift some of her powers along with an item instead of additional reward. Will you accept?]



Free powers?

Free items?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

[You have received Blink Emblem Lv. Max

Description: God of Slowness, one who loves the enduring and patient, has gifted some of her powers to her possible apostle. If the one gifted with her powers were to turn away from her, she may become greatly displeased.]


10/10 blackmai— description.

Let's ignore that apostle part for now shall we? He didn't want to delve into that rabbit hole just yet…

The Blink Emblem ay?

Looks like this God has been playing a bit too many MOBAs to know this terminology.

Not that Lin Feng was complaining though. This ability could be fucking OP if he used it properly. He just had to test its limits first.

[God of Slowness is amused]

[You have received Ring of Concealment

Description: Hides your presence, cultivation and spirit ring age. Hiding presence only works on anyone thirty ranks higher.]



Okay. It appears as if he just won the lottery. He had just gotten the very item that he needed most at this moment.

With this item now, he wouldn't really need to fear using his strength now would he? It was absolutely perfect for his current circumstances.

Lin Feng immediately equipped the Ring of Concealment on his marriage finger as he adjusted his revealed spirit ring age to a hundred years.

That way, he could at least bullshit that he went out hunting these past few days.

Letting out a content sigh, Lin Feng let out a brief cheer as the world around him disappeared, revealing his bedroom once more.

Lin Feng looked out of the window in his room. Seeing the slowly rising sun from the east, he reckoned that it was dusk at the moment.

'It's time for school…' thought Lin Feng.

He searched for his books to prepare for class. However, for some reason, it seemed to be missing.

Lin Feng spent the next ten minutes searching for his books before he gave up. Tsking, Lin Feng left his room as he went to class to inform the teacher of the reason for his absence for the past few days.

When he opened the door to the classroom though, the noisy classroom turned quiet in an instant.

Every eye in the room was looking at Lin Feng with strange gazes as he walked to his empty seat.

Lin Feng noticed this of course. All he did in response was look back at them, "What? Is there something on my face?"

[Martial Spirit: God Killing Spear (Sealed)]

[Cultivation: Rank 15 Spirit Master]

[Stat Points: 47]

[Strength : Rank 18 Spirit Master (9/15) > Rank 19 Spirit Master (0/15)

Agility : Rank 20 Spirit Master (15/30) > Rank 21 Spirit Grandmaster (0/30)

Endurance: Rank 17 Spirit Master (9/15) > Rank 18 Spirit Master (0/15)

Intelligence: Rank 16 Spirit Master (10/15) > Rank 17 Spirit Master (0/15)

Luck: 7]

[Skills: Concentration Lv. 16 (6%) > Concentration Lv. 18 (6%)

Will Lv. 16 (3%) > Will Lv. 18 (3%)

Observe Lv. 9 (2%)

Pain Resistance Lv. 10 (14%) > Pain Resistance Lv 14 (4%)

Spearmanship Lv. 15 (12%)

Danger Sensing Lv. 10 (43%)

Poison Resistance Lv. 7 (23%) > Poison Resistance Lv. 8 (1%)

Cloud Step Escaping Technique Lv.6 (43%)

Heat Resistance Lv. 10 (0%)

Burn Resistance Lv. 10 (0%)

Cold Resistance Lv. 10 (0%)

Frostbite Resistance Lv. 10 (0%)

Mental Corruption Lv. 1 (0%)

Blink Emblem Lv. Max]

IHaveNthToDo IHaveNthToDo

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All of this gives me the inspiration to write my story.

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