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Chapter 14: Chapter 14

A/N: Here's a quick chappie. Pretty busy today though so it's pretty short. Please do tell me if you find anything bad with this chap though. I'm still testing out writing styles and need criticism to improve! Thanks for reading!

Despite his questions, no words came in return. The rest of the students merely deigned to go back to what they were doing(copying answers).

Lin Feng merely shrugged and gave a "Meh". He would find out sooner or later from Xie Yue. No need to go begging for an answer.

It was at this time that a voice entered his ears. "So you finally arrived… Lin Feng."

Hearing his name being called, Lin Feng turned around to be met with the cold gaze of Teng Zun.

Lin Feng just gave him a wave along with a, "Hello there!"

"Come with me Lin Feng. Let's talk." Teng Zun seemed to be slightly incensed by Lin Feng's sudden lack of respect as he snorted coldly. "The rest of you, go out to the field. I'll be there shortly."

With a sweep of his robes, he turned around before he walked out of the room.

Seeing this, Lin Feng merely let out a sigh as he followed after him.

— — — —

"I'm getting expelled?"

Lin Feng's voice held a hint of surprise as he stood in front of Teng Zun. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He hadn't been expecting this type of reaction to his disappearance at all. Wasn't it just missing a few days of school? The most should be a few demerits and a call to his(imaginary) parents right?

"Hmph, don't you understand that students of the Spirit Hall Academy are supposed to be..."

As Teng Zun continued to blare on with the school rules, Lin Feng kinda just filtered everything but the most important parts out.

Apparently, Xie Yue had asked for Teng Zun to give Lin Feng another chance but it had been denied.

Then Xie Yue, being the absolute madlad that he was, went and got his sister Hu Liena to help him with it.

Teng Zun didn't say it, but Lin Feng knew that he was afraid of getting on the bad side of two potential higher ups in the future.

In any case, Lin Feng was pretty grateful to Xie Yue for helping him out. He would have to give him some thanks later.

However, unlike before, Lin Feng wasn't particularly afraid of being kicked out of the Spirit Hall Academy anymore.

He had saved some cash now and he was certain that it would be enough to get to another city.

With that, he could start doing that gladiator battle thingy to get some money while grinding stats at the same time.

Though that ran quite a bit of risk. He was like… eight at the moment and the corporation doing it probably wouldn't even take him seriously.

'Man… I used to dream about going back to the body of my younger self, but who knew that there were so many shitty things about it…'

"Lin Feng! Are you listening to me?"

Lin Feng was snapped out of the trance he had been in as he heard Teng Zun called out his name.

"Yeah. I've been completely and utterly attentive." Lin Feng said without a hint of change on his expression.

Teng Zun seemed to be very satisfied at this as a smile graced his face. "Good. Unlike those other boys that have done wrong, you're at least repenting. However, I can't give you any special treatment."


"Now let's go to the field. If you want to stay at school, then you'll have to pass a little test first." said Teng Zun.

As the two of them made it to the field, Lin Feng noticed that Xie Yue and Hu Liena had arrived at the field at this time.

He gave them nods of thanks, causing Xie Yue to wave to him and Hu Liena to nod in return.

"Mo Lin! Qin Wu! Lin Dong! Come up!"

At Teng Zun's sudden shout, the named students immediately came out.

The three students hurriedly arrived in front of their teacher before they shouted, "Good morning Teacher!"

Teng Zun didn't react to this as he spoke coldly, "The three of you shall battle with Lin Feng. If he fails to beat any of you, he shall be expelled!"

The moment these words were uttered, the class descended into silence.

Every pair of eyes in the class moved onto the body of Lin Feng who seemed not to be phased in the slightest about this.

The silence was only broken after a few moments when Mo Lin decided to speak up. "Teacher, who shall fight against him first then?"

Teng Zun raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean, 'who shall fight him first?'? He's fighting all of you at the same time."

"WHAT?!" A shout of anger was instantly roared out from Xie Yue as he stared at Teng Zun with anger in his eyes. "Teacher! You're clearly making it difficult for him! Not even my sister can—"

Xie Yue was unable to finish that sentence as he was suddenly cut off by… Lin Feng?

"I'll be fine Xie Yue. Thanks for the concern, but I'll be fine."

As Lin Feng's words entered the ears of the three students he was about to face, sneers appeared on their faces.

However, Lin Feng ignored all of these as he just turned to look at Teng Zun. "Shall we begin the battle?"

Nodding his head, Teng Zun shouted, "Begin!"

When Teng Zun announced the beginning of the match, both sides initially stayed at their positions.

Lin Dong walked in front of his companions as he looked at Lin Feng with disdain. "You think that you can beat all three of us at the same time? Don't you know that the three of us all have spirit rings? To try and beat up with your crappy cultivation is—"

However, Lin Dong wasn't able to finish the sentence as a warm breath tickled his ear.

"You talk too much."

Lin Dong's face was abruptly slammed into the ground as his vision quickly turned dark. He hadn't even realised how he had lost by the time he lost consciousness.

Lin Feng released the head he was pushing down on with his hands as he stared at the other two who were stunned into shock.

Without giving them any time to react, Lin Feng merely smirked before he disappeared from his spot once more.

That seemed to bring Mo Lin and Qin Wu out of their stupors as they hurriedly jumped back with fear in their eyes.

Their martial spirits, being a sword and a wolf respectively, were equipped as a yellow spirit ring glowed behind both of them.


A scream instantly notified Mo Lin that something was wrong. He turned to his teammate, Qin Wu, only to find the figure of Lin Feng standing behind Qin Wu's unmoving body.

As he watched Lin Feng turn to look at him with his piercing blue eyes, he felt every single cell in his body scream at him.

With shivering limbs, Mo Lin mustered up every bit of courage he had as he pierced his sword forwards.

"S-sword Beam!" Mo Lin shouted with a wobbly voice.

Unfortunately, this wobbliness seemed to have an effect with his aim as well since Lin Feng felt the sword beam miss him by quite a large margin.

Just as Lin Feng was about to spring forward to finish the battle though, Mo Lin suddenly shrieked out, "No! Stop! I give up!"

That stopped all of Lin Feng at once. Letting out a sigh, he looked at Mo Lin's trembling figure before he scratched the back of his head.

Why was that guy so scared?

All he did was instantly knock out two of his comrades. No biggie there right?

Lin Feng chose to put that at the back of his mind though since he had better things to think about.

He shifted his gaze onto the stupefied expression of his teacher, Teng Zun. "Hey, aren't you going to announce the results?"

"Ah! L-Lin Feng wins the battle and so, he won't be expelled." His words were short. His mind was still trying to fully compute what he just saw in front of him.

Hearing this, Lin Feng nodded before he walked towards the group where Xie Yue was with a lackadaisical expression.

However, for some reason, almost every student felt as if that same expression was saying something…

It was as if it was saying, "You were weaker than I expected."

Though, if Lin Feng were to know these thoughts, he would really wanna know how these guys would misunderstand him like this from a completely normal look on his face.

— — — —

A/N: Won't put the status here since there aren't any changes in this chapter.

IHaveNthToDo IHaveNthToDo

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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