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Chapter 118: Chapter 118— "Feng... I Agree"

He saw that there was a notification, a text on his phone indicating that someone send him a message.

He saw the nicknames of the women, who sent him a message, then he distracted himself by replying to them, after all, the sudden mysteriousness of the system was making him a little uneasy.

Especially when it comes to the matter of Soul! The seals are to be precise!

But, at the moment, even though he has a guess in his mind, he still couldn't prove that it was real!

Maybe... He is wrong...

He wished!

After all... He wasn't exactly prepared for that scene...

Sighing at this, Ye Feng then type on his phone, he did not continue to bother about the matter for the moment.

'Hmm... Yin Mei?' He thought as he saw her name sliding into his message notification.


Yin Mei: Feng... G-Good morning!"

Yin Mei: Good night?

Yin Mei: You... Ignoring me...?

Yin Mei: Hmmp... (Bulging hamster cheeks. Emoji)


Reading this, Ye Feng could not help but imagine Yin Mei's cheeks bulging, as she snorted, especially how she bit him in the arm in the past, it's kinda adorable though...

'I've been ignoring her these past two days, hah... Hmm, but knowing her well...' He then replied to her text, as he simply reasoned and apologize for not reading her text. After that, he did not receive a reply, after all, it was still quite early.

Then, he saw the two best friends texted him, Zhao Peng and Li Kun's girlfriends.

His eyes then beamed, as he read Shen Huiying's reply, and also the same from Yu Meixia.

Yu Mexia only said hello, greetings, and some good morning and good afternoon, whilst deliberately sending him a picture of hers, a beautiful yet cute one, though she was only wearing a big shirt, ad under her mounds, a massive bazooka boinkers, it was eye-catching! Her little tan legs and thighs were purposively seen in the display.

Thick and juicy meat!

Then, Ye Feng naturally replies to the girl, after all, he knows that Zhao Peng his good friend will soon wear a green jade hat on top of his head.

His adorable cute juicy thick girlfriend will soon be rammed by his draconic rod.

After sending his text, he brought back his attention to Li Kun's girlfriend, Shen Huiying!

The Gold-Digger bitch!

Reading her text sent towards him, he couldn't help himself from chuckling a little!


"It seems that one of the fish took the bait, though, it will probably be crowded by two meaty fish." Ye Feng laughed, he was expecting this already, he could not wait for Li Kun's expression, when one day, his girlfriend was stolen and rammed by him!

The past misery that Li Kun caused to him will soon be relieved, after all, it is only natural to pay him back! The same with his other good friends.

After chuckling silently, he then viewed and readied himself to reply to Shen Huiying's massage towards him.


Shen Huiying: Y... Ye Feng... I agree with what you said to me...

Shen Huiying: Reply to me... Just don't tell Mexia about this or anyone.

Shen Huiying: F—Feng?

Shen Huiying: Feng!?




Shen Huiying: You must be busy... Send me a message, if you read this, please. (Teary eyes. Emoji)


Seeing this, Ye Feng has an immediate reply to her.


Ye Feng: Good... You have made up your decision, later, I'll text you after my class is over...

Shen Huiying: O—Okay, Feng... I will wait for your notice...


Ye Feng was amused a little, early in the morning, Shen Huiying seems to be already awakened, as she replied back to him.

'She must be anxious, after all, she thought that the deal is closed, heh.' He snorted inwardly.

Then, suddenly Shen Huiying sent him a message...

But, it was a picture of hers.


Shen Huiying: (Image.jpg)

Shen Huiying: S-See you soon then...


Ye Feng saw the picture, it was Shen Huiying only in her violet bra, her white breast almost popping out from her bra, she has an image of herself taking a selfie while including her breasts, the valley of a papaya!

She has a wrinkled hair, as she was laying on her bed, smiling at the picture quite innocent as it seems.

Ye Feng did bit reply to her after that, as he look at the Draconic ring in his right hand, "..."

'I bought the Ring for only 5,000 system points, but the inheritance suddenly opened, as I received them. But, isn't it too precious...?'


'It's too fishy...'

He has complex eyes, it was so smelly, the fishy scent mystery of the ring.

In the end, he only shakes his head, then look at the woman laying on the bed peacefully.

Before attending that college, he must first take care of this Empress.

Too many happened to ease his mind, he then grabbed his phone and then open the LoveMain platform trying to see if the Online Goddess that he saw in the past is there.










[A/N]: Dammit! Bad news! The Note of the Character info that I made mysteriously vanished!

Only one thought, Yin Mei, Chen Mu, and other's past life, in the timeline where Ye Feng died, their miserable incoming destiny was lost!

Please help me! ToT

Comment on this paragraph, if you know the chapters, I will save them again!

Please, I'm begging you! I'll lick your feet and give ya'll a head!

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