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Chapter 127: Chapter 127— Mother Feng Qian's Threat to Spank Susu's Little Butt

"I—It's my mother!"

"Ye Feng... I—"

Feng Susu panicked, after all, what would be her mother's thoughts, when she saw her inside of a grandiose car.

She did not want Ye Feng to be seen as a young rich master who was with her.

She was more worried about him.

She was still in Ye Feng's embrace, as she clutched her hands on his clothes.

Ye Feng patted her back, as he held her chin and made her look at him, "Don't worry, you don't want me to meet your family?"

The shameless bastard saw a milf and become more shameless.

Though, not that too much attractive to her.

Feng Susu looks at Ye Feng with wide eyes, "Y... You mean, you want to meet my family?"

"B—But... Why?"

"L—Lin Rouxi will be infuriated if she knows about this... Y-You go back..."

She was sad, her first kiss was stolen by someone else's man.

She looks aside not meeting his eyes.



They heard a knock again, and Ye Feng sighed, looking at Feng Susu with disappointed and a little sad eyes.




"I... You..."

Feng Susu was kissed again by him, and he released her immediately.

"Your mother is still waiting." he said as the door of the car opened, and the ge whispered something in her ears.




Ye Feng's car roared as it immediately vanished.

Feng Susu was standing outside of her house, looking at the car's departing view.

She grabbed her heart, and she felt sorry as she saw Ye Feng's eyes.

Remembering what he whispered to her made her for some reason smile, 'He... He's not in a relationship or has a crush on Lin Rouxi.'

'Then... The rumors were falls... Who's spreading such a lie...'


Her eyes dimmed a little, as she felt more sorry for Ye Feng, after all, he was rumored to be Lin Rouxi's dog licker.

Which was true in the past days...





Feng Susu was boinked in the forehead, as her mother was the one who woke her up from her daze.

"Susu my dear... I didn't expect you to be inside of that car... You have a lot to say for explaining that young lady."

"Such a not-so-noisy girl but you even hide a secret from your mother, eh? Where is my stick, your little miss but must be eager to be punished, right?"

Standing in front of her, Mother Feng has an angry face, as her eyes squinted on her daughter.

She tapped Feng Susu's butt strongly enough to make her shriek, "Ah! Ouch- Mother..."

Feng Susu was dragged inside of the house, as she explained what happened.

Fortunately, her mother was not such a terror, Feng Susu knows that she cared for her.

Feng Qian whose appearance was a little alike to Feng Susu sighed.

She caressed her daughter's head, as her red eyes look at Susu, "Hmm, he's just your classmate? But why are you blushing...?"

"I... I do not...!"


Feng Qian sighed, 'My daughter finally has a feeling for a man, I thought she'll be a widow for the rest of her life because she's always alone.'

"You like him don't you?"

The sudden question made Feng Susu instantly blush, she remembered the way Ye Feng kissed her.

She became silent.

"Haiy— Next time, don't shoo him away, why don't you welcome him to our house, I just want to see my possible son-in-law."



"You want me to spank your butt?"

Feng Qian smiled scarily raising her hands, and instinctively Feng Susy put a hand on her butt.








Meanwhile, Ye Feng had just now arrived at the Ghost Mansion, and he drove quite faster.

He parked his car inside of the small garage and walks inside of his mansion.

Inside he saw Qin Xing Xue dressed and was sitting on the floor cross-legged, seeing this Ye Feng ignored her without bothering to even glance at her.

As he passed and walked to his room, Qin Xing Xue's eyes opened, and her nose sniff the air.

Her eyes trembled again.

'Different scent of another woman again...'

Meanwhile, on the other side...

"Rongdo, searched for that woman, the Sect Master has said to stop fooling around, one of the elder's son was dead because of your carelessness! Bring her dead! Don't ever come back without her corpse, if you will you will be the one who's going to face death."

Rongdo was gritting his teeth, as he kneel in the man in a robe.

"I understand, elder Ming."









[A/N]: Sorry for the short chapter! Haiys.

A question...

Do you want to add Feng Susu's mom to the harem?


Maybe, Yes?



Personally, I had a thing for old... Milf & Gilf for life. So it's a Yes for me.

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