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Chapter 4 - Entrance Exam Part 4 - The Unsurpassed Maiden - Chapter 4 by yourghostwriter full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 4 - Entrance Exam Part 4

As soon as the principal accepted the challenge, the Examiner reluctantly waved her hands and the center stage changed its form once more.

Gone were the four tables and the huge cauldron in front of them. Now, there is only one single item placed on the center of the stage. It was a crystal ball which is the same size as a soccer ball. It is placed on top of a table that is covered in a red silk mantle. The crystal ball is black but if you look closely, you will notice that there is a mist-like glow coming out of it.

The Examiner coughs before speaking, "As we are about to start our third entrance exam, I would like to congratulate the 150 students who have managed to reach this part of the exams. As much as we would like to admit all of you in our school, we will only select 100 promising students. However, the 50 students who will not be able to pass the third exam can be admitted to our sister academy and will have privileges such as entering our academy once a month. Good luck to all of you, and may the Sages guide you. I will also demonstrate how to use the mana crystal."

She then goes towards the crystal ball and touches it with her hands. Instantly, the crystal starts emitting a white glow and seconds later, numbers start appearing inside the crystal.


"Wow! I knew Ms. Oh is a really great Mage!"

"29,000?! That's pretty huge!"

"As expected of Ms. Oh. She is indeed a great Mage despite her age."

"To activate the mana crystal, all you have to do is gather all your magic towards your palm and touch the crystal. It will immediately count the number of your mana stored within your magic. You also don't have to be embarrassed if you have low mana points since with the right and proper training inside this academy, you will be able to make it even higher than mine."

The Examiner then steps off the stage as she calls the names of the students starting from the lowest place. One by one, students were able to display their mana points by touching the crystal ball placed on the center of the stage. There were formidable students who were able to have mana greater than 200, and this is quite a lot considering they are still freshmen students and they have yet to learn how to cultivate their mana properly. However, there are also students who have mana points as low as 29 or worse, 10.

The time came when it was the top 6 students' turn. Everyone feels agitated and excited while waiting to see the mana points of the children from the Four Great clans, as well as see how Mi Young deals with the outcome of the challenge she asked the principal.

It was the twin's turn and they went on stage together but they were stopped by the Examiner since they had to show their mana points one by one.

Kwon Jin Young stepped forward and touched the crystal ball, it instantly glowed and showed his mana points.


Jin Young looks happy with his total mana points and he jogs back towards where his brother was standing and it looked like he was asking him for a playful bet. Ji Hyun rolled his eyes at his brother and he went to touch the crystal ball. After emitting a bright glow, the crystal showed everyone his mana points.


Ji Hyun, who was standing beside his brother, laughed at his face which made his brother tackle him. The Examiner thought that they were fighting, but they started laughing together and they both jog back towards where the Earth faction was staying. Everyone shook their heads at the twins' goofiness.

Next was the fiery and strong minded Park Min Ji who, again, winked at Jeon Shi Yun before touching the crystal ball. This time, the crystal ball emitted a soft wind before displaying Min Ji's points.


Immediately, everyone started applauding. Some of Min Ji's fans even hooted and whistled because of her "little" achievement. Mi Young could even hear some of them saying how formidable and powerful Min Ji is despite her age.

Up next was the soft and gentle Shin Shang Min who shyly touched the crystal ball before it again, emitted a bright glow.


Despite her gentle demeanor, Shin Shang Min possesses a strong potential. Mi Young looks up to see Park Min Ji not happy with the results since she's a couple of points behind her "love rival", that's what she started calling Shin Shang Min during the second exam when she saw Shi Yun talking to her.

The murmurs immediately stopped when they saw who was stepping on the stage. Carrying a strong and intimidating aura around him, Jeon Shi Yun respectfully bowed at the crowd, as well as the Examiner and the principal. He even bowed at the crystal ball before he touched it. Right after having contact with the crystal, it immediately emitted a fiery red aura and glow which never happened before.

This, of course, is expected by everyone since he is a son of Jeon's.


Everyone was still shocked even if they knew that the son of the Jeon clan is known to be a strong and talented kid. No one has ever had that high mana points ever since the academy was established. And to have mana points that high, you must be on the Intermediate 1 rank.

There are three rankings on the Mage hierarchy; the Primary, the Intermediate, and the Advance. Each of these rankings also has its own level. For example, if you are a Mage who has mana points of 400 and below, you are in the Primary 1 ranking – which is the lowest of the low. Each ranking goes up if your mana points achieve a breakthrough. These breakthroughs are achieved if you cultivate your magic enough that it will allow you to reach the next level.

Primary 1 Mages have mana below 400, while Primary 2 Mages have 401 to 700. While Primary 3 Mages need to have mana points as low as 701 to 900 before they can reach the next rank which is the Intermediate 1.

Since Jeon Shi Yun has mana points of 987, he belongs to the Intermediate 1 rank.

"As expected from Jeon Shi Yun."

"He is indeed a strong kid."

"Some freshmen students this year are indeed scary."

"Indeed. When I was using that crystal ball I only had mana points of 87."

After the huge ruckus that Jeon Shi Yun caused, everyone held their breaths as they looked at the person walking towards the stage.

Mi Young, who can hear her heart thumping loudly inside her chest, ultimately ignored all the looks and the whispers she was gaining from everyone in the crowd. She looks to her side and sees that principal Choi is looking at her smugly and it irritated the f*cked out of her. Oh how she wanted to punch the man on the face. She then sees Jeon Shi Yun eyeing her seriously, but if you look closely you will see that his eyes reflected concern and pity at the same time.

The young girl shakes her head before she takes a huge breath and she lets her hands touch the crystal ball. Instead of feeling a cold and hard surface, all Mi Young can feel is warmth that is actually pretty amazing to feel. But after a few seconds the crystal began to shake slowly, it then radiated a very bright glow that made everyone almost feel like they were blinded.

After the glow stopped, everyone waited to see the numbers displayed on the crystal.


There was a deafening silence that enveloped the pavilion before principal Choi triumphantly rose from his seat and walked towards the stage.

"Ha! I told you, you're a hoaxed and a cheater! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You've got the lowest mana points accumulated here." The principal bellows as he points an accusing finger towards Mi Young once more. He gives her an angry glare before he starts shouting once more, "As part of our deal, I will have you leave this academy right this instant! I will also send a letter to all of the academies in the entire kingdom to not accept you in case you try their entrance exams because you are a cunning liar!"

Mi Young wanted to cry, when she was about to leave, the Examiner rose from her seat as she began to slowly walk towards the center stage. But instead of looking at Mi Young, she was looking right past her, and her face looked shocked and amazed. Mi Young wants to hide herself due to embarrassment when the Examiner spoke.

"T-The crystal…"

Everyone looked to where she was looking and their eyes widened in shock.

"What about the crystal? Can you not believe how weak this girl is? It's written there!" Principal Choi points at the crystal without looking at it, "A huge 9 that says you are the lowest of all Mages!"

"P-Principal Choi…" The Examiner starts to say but she was cut off by a low baritone voice.

"Principal Choi, I believe you must start packing up your things." Jeon Shi Yun says. There was a hidden smile on his lips as he turned towards the Examiner, "And I believe Miss Oh should file a letter to the school head and all the teachers in the academy to prepare all the needed things in order to anoint the new principal." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yes! The girl should leave—I what? Why should I leave instead of her?" The principal asks in utter shock as he gives Jeon Shi Yun a stern look. "I know you are from a great clan but me and the girl had a bet and we should follow it even if it costs our life!"

"Then you should follow it!" Jeon Shi Yun says.

"The girl has a low mana score! Look at it again!" Principal Choi says as he points at the crystal once more. He was about to retort another insult towards Mi Young when he saw the number that was displayed on it.


"P-Principal Choi, the crystal ball was still loading earlier, that's why it decided to show the number 9 first." Examiner Oh says as she bites her lip while explaining to Principal Choi.

"O-One thousand p-plus?" Principal Choi repeats disbelievingly.

"Yes, Principal Choi." Jeon Shi Yun answers with arrogance. "Or should I call you, Ex-Principal Choi?"

"You know, I kinda like the sound of it." Mi Young says as she looks at poor principal Choi with contentment. "Should I help you pack your things up, Sir?'


yourghostwriter yourghostwriter

Mage Ranking Mana Points:

Primary 1: 0-400

Primary 2: 401-700

Primary 3: 701-900

Intermediate 1: 901-1,500

Intermediate 2: 1,501-2,000

Intermediate 3: 2,001-3,000

Advance 1: 3,001-4,000

Advance 2: 4,001-6,000

Advance 3: 6,001-10,000

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