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The Untamed: Game of Hearts The Untamed: Game of Hearts original

The Untamed: Game of Hearts

Author: Eustoma_Reyna

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Smokin Hot

"You're up next, lady! You just started working here, and you're already showing attitude?! No slacking at work!!!" 

Raine was forced out of her nap by the loud voice of the club's manager. She straightened and stretched her body with a yawn, shaking her head as she retouched her make-up before taking the transparent veil to cover her face. 

When the woman backstage finally gave her the cue, Raine stepped forward. She readied herself for one hell of a performance tonight. Already, she could hear the loud shouts of the men outside anxiously waiting for the main event of the night. Or, more like the main course for them to drool over! 

"Do well!" the woman whispered as she helped her cover her face with the veil.

Raine only rolled her eyes under the veil and walked to the stage.

"Yeah!!! That's more like it!"

The crowd's cheers and whistles resonated in every corner inside the famous strip club of Country V. When the spotlight in the darkroom turned on, the beam of light hit the stage, highlighting an incredibly alluring woman wearing a wedding dress with a veil over her face.

The crowd filled with mostly men felt the thrill and excitement spread throughout their veins.  Those who had never witnessed a stripper wearing a wedding gown perform in that club, especially, felt the impact all the more intensely. Just the red lipstick and her flirtatious smile behind the transparent veil alone were enough to make their blood boil.

The Haven. That was the name of the strip club. Famous both to humans and supernatural creatures disguised as humans alike, the club was trendy and known for its splendid and superb performers. 

The club was very strict when it came to hiring performers. One must meet their criteria in all aspects in order to get hired. Only those who were truly beautiful, sexy from head to toe with perfect dancing skills could even pass the test. They must also have an engaging stage presence. But above all else, they must know how to please people, as VIP customers could approach them for a personal show in one of the club's private rooms.

It was difficult for a normal person to enter The Haven because only members were allowed. They had a strict security team to prevent outsiders from entering. The only exception to that rule was if an existing member vouched for the non-member.

Raine looked at the crowd and began seductively swaying her hips at the tune of the music. Her blonde wig was loosely styled, making her look like she had just gotten out of bed. It was such a sexy and natural look that an overly excited man among the crowd yelled impatiently, "Let me take that damn dress off, you baby!" 

Raine put her index finger on her lips as she whispered, "Shhhh, later, baby."

With a wink she began to strip a layer of her wedding dress, revealing her long legs under the skirt. The act had the desired effect of riling up the crowd.

"Hell yeah!!!"

More cheers filled the room as the crowd ogled at her beauty like she was a delectable dessert they couldn't wait to devour. Raine walked with slow, light steps as she danced provocatively, matching her steps to the beat of the music.

She touched her body as she glided over the stage, gently caressing her hips and thighs as though she was performing for everyone. However, her eyes were fixed on one particular spot. She stared at her target among the crowd, making sure she maintained eye contact with him. Threading her fingers into her hair and flipping it, she then moved her hands along her body as she stripped another layer of the dress, revealing her belly button and perfectly curvy sides.

"Give us more! That's it, baby!" came the shouts from the elite men and those disguised as humans alike. "Wag that nice bouncy butt!!! Oh, take it all off already!" 

'These impatient a*ssholes…' 

Raine inwardly cursed as she continued to move her hips like a pro. Her long eyelashes and plump red lips gave her the expression of a lioness. Her fox-shaped eyes and hazel iris gave off a sharp look and strong aura. The ensemble sparked the interest of her audience even more.

She kept the bewitching smile on her face as she slowly removed one piece of clothing every half a minute or so until the only thing left was her black laced bra and underwear.

She stepped down the stage and slowly walked towards her target. Mr. Devon, who looked smitten, gawked at her without a blink. She could see his undercover bodyguards approaching her to prevent her from getting closer to him. 

A smug smile appeared on her luscious lips when her target made a signal to stop his bodyguards from blocking her.

Some men from the crowd tried to get near her or touch her, but she had ways to prevent them from doing so without offending them or having to break their hands. However, such methods were not needed as of now.

While Raine was busy making her way through the crowd, a man with a pair of deep-hooded eyes never strayed his gaze away from her. He wore a black polo shirt that fit him like a glove. And unlike most men who were drooling over her, he was scowling. He had a gloomy expression which showed that he was not pleased with what he was witnessing.

Raine continuously swayed her hips sensually before removing her veil and twirling it with one hand. Throwing the garment on the face of the man in black who had suddenly caught her attention, a wicked smile curved on Raine's lips as she diverted her steps towards a different direction. Instead of walking towards her target, she walked towards the man in black who was sitting on his chair like royalty with his smoking-hot silver hair.

Eustoma_Reyna Eustoma_Reyna

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