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Chapter 6: Good

To say that Elena simply got tired of being angry and decided to talk out her feelings and express herself, would be a lie.

But I never thought it would that easy.

Two hours.

That's how long I sat there, waiting.

I was pretty sure she fell asleep long ago, but I knew how stubborn she was, both from my memories and from the show.

So, I gave it a bit more time, before I got up, left the door open, and made myself to my room to finally get some sleep.

I truly needed it.

It wasn't until later that day, when the sun had already set, that I woke. My body feeling so so much better than before, but still not where I would like it to be. Every movement causing pain and forcing me to take it all slow.

Despite that, I still forced myself out of the comfort of my sheets and made my way out to face the world once again.

I had shit to do.

I made my way to Elena's now closed door and took a peek inside to find it empty.

That's good.

Then, I went to my parent's old room and that was empty too.

I focused and listened carefully and could hear some noise downstairs.

It looks like I'm the last to wake up and I'm okay with that.

You try dying once and then remembering dying a second time and tell me how much sleep you'll need.

I walked my ass down the stairs, feeling my annoyance level rising with each step I took. Wondering if this was how the truly old and frail felt when they moved.

It was not a feeling I would want to embrace and gave me thoughts about finding some source of immortality so I would never have to find out.

Arriving downstairs after a grueling journey, I look to see the back of Elena's head as she sits on the couch with her knees to her chest and staring at the TV. In the kitchen, off to the side down the hallway I caught a brief trace of Jenna as she moved about, making something that promised to be inedible and would definitely need to be thrown out.

I'm not one to waste food, but that also depends on what I call food.

Jenna's not food.

I walk up behind Elena and can see the tiredness on her face as I lean to her side a little and catch her by surprise as I wrap my arms around her front and give a slight squeeze that I'm sure hurts me physically, as much as it comforts her emotionally.

"Hey, Jer," she says. Her brow furrowing a little. No doubt wondering what was going on with me, since we've never been the hugging type and based on the past week since their deaths, no part of me should be acting so accepting. "Are you okay?"

"I'm pretty sure neither of us are okay, Elena." I tell her. "But," I continue. "I know, one day, we will be." I finish by giving her another gentle, for her, squeeze.

Then, I straighten my body, ruffle her hair just to annoy her, and make my way to the kitchen to deliver some hard truths.

I arrive to see Jenna moving around frantically as she tries to make shit happen. Only to stop when she sees me enter.

We stare at each other as I give her a look of pity and she gives me a look of confusion at seeing my look. However, that soon changes to anger when she hears my words.

"Your food is trash, Jenna."

I've always found it best to rip off the band-aid when delivering bad news. But I've always been one to give a helping hand to those in need.

"But we can make it better." I give her reassurance as I place a hand on her cheek.

"I'm doing my best!" She yells. Sometimes, people react badly when the truth smacks them in the face. "If you think you can do better, then you do it!"

Ah, Jenna you have no idea who you're talking to.

I've posed as a chef more times than just about any other profession and if the dead told tales, they would sing the praises of my dishes, right before cursing my very existence. And then, they would go back to singing their praises of the best meal of their lives and probably thank me for giving them such a delicious last meal. And to them I say, you're welcome.

I give Jenna a half-smile that screams confidence and place both hands on her shoulders to stop her from storming off to no doubt cry.

"I'd love to cook a meal for you, but today, how about we just order out?" I state, and follow it up with a patented Gai-sensei thumb raise.

Though, it's not as well received as when he does it if the look on her face is any indication.

And with that, she was off, stomping out of the kitchen and to join Elena on the sofa, and probably to rail on their combined annoyance with me.

As I've said, anger is a much better use of one's time.

As is eating burgers, which is exactly what I would order.

Now, I had a plan.

Make my girls angry and distract them from their sadness.

Eat a burger.

Gain some energy.

Buy a gun.

Figure out how to make wooden bullets, because close combat is currently a no-go.

Get some of that vampire blood.

Heal my body with that quick solution.

Use that blood supply to heal my body after every workout to gain strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Buy some new clothes.

Get a haircut.

Meet a witch.

Meet a blondie.

Meet a Zach, or just steal some of his supply without his knowledge, whichever is easier.

Avoid the eyes of the Salvatore boys, if they are currently in town...or shoot them with wooden bullets and use their blood.

Find a way to lace bullets with vervain.

Visit Whitmore and meet Enzo and shoot him, or gain his trust, or take his blood or just take out those Whitmore people, and take Enzo as my own captive to keep his blood on hand.

Get the moonstone.

Get the grimoire in daddy Salvatore's grave.

Screw Vicki at least once? For the Jeremy who died, since he did have feelings for her and those seemed to have carried over. Maybe set the girl on a different path? Gain another ally and a great way to relieve stress since her personality screams submissive in bed.

*Tsk* So many plans and so little time.

Shit officially kicks off in a few months officially and I doubt everything will be ready, but at the very least, I need to make sure Elena chooses family over everything else.

At least that way, at the very least, I won't find myself needing to choose between breaking her heart by killing her boyfriend and his brother or letting them live because they're important to her, since I'm sure if I kill one, I will definitely need to off the other.

Plans and plans.

Decisions and decisions.

However, living freely has never been called easy.


(A/N: Additional chapters are on Check it out and you might like what you find.)

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