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100% The Vampire Prince and His Pet / Chapter 31: Chapter 29: Caught

Chapter 29: Caught - The Vampire Prince and His Pet - Chapter 31 by SweetNat full book limited free

Chapter 31: Chapter 29: Caught

Katerina batted her eyes at him, astounded by the question he just put on her. Was he begging her for forgiveness?

All this time, she was sure that vampires had no remorse and no ideology for having sympathy yet here this Prince was. He studied her face, searching for a response in it but he had no luck. He couldn't read her mind nor could he read her body language most of the time.

It seemed as if she was conflicted with her own emotions, which she was to an extent. Just last night the man had thrown her around like a rag doll over such a simple event. Evidently that Alessandro wasn't as liked by Ezra as she thought even thought she found him to be kind in her time of need.

He was a sadistic creature and Katerina knew that she should keep trying to get away, but the more she was around him the past few days, the more she saw the beginning of his struggles. He needed someone to guide him and pick him up from the shambles that held him down. Could that be Katerina?

The music sounded like it was lowering in volume and so Ezra allowed her to place both feet flat on the ground. His arms were still binding them together and his patience was seeming to run out.

"How can I forgive you?" She respond to him with a question. "You've caused me nothing but pain since my being here."

Ezra furrowed his brows together as he looked at her in shame. He wanted her to grow comfortable here because she had no other place to go. No family to call her own anymore with no home to return to.

"You have to forgive me." He demanded with his tone making her stomach turn over in knots.

She didn't appreciate the way he spoke to her especially if he was looking to receive forgiveness from her.

"What am I to do?" She questioned again. "What am I to do when you hurt me again." She could see the crimson hue of his eyes augment with her words and she slowly stepped back.

Ezra caught her wrist before doing so and he pulled her even closer to him. Their noses just barely touched that forced Katerina to hitch her breath in fear.

His expression was serious, filled with regret but also concern. "I'm..." the words built up in his throat like bubbling vomit.

He didn't want to speak the words he was about to say. It boiled in anger inside of him that he allowed such a human take such control over him. Every move she made, he watched and every time she looked at him, his heart skipped a beat. The utter disbelief she put over him was just shocking.

Whenever he found out that Alessandro had picked her up after running, something snapped. It was as if all of a sudden he realized he didn't want anyone else having her. He wanted to protect her from the cruel things in this world even from him. As the Prince, he was notoriously known for going on a killing spree and doing whatever he deemed fit.

After a moment of silence between them, Katerina was becoming worrisome that she was so tightly in his grasp so she started to squirm but he only tightened it.

With a husky voice, he spoke. "I'm...sorry.." he spewed out the words and she in turn widened her eyes.

The struggle that internally fought inside of him was evident across his face and she tried to understand it. She saw how he struggled with the blood drinking and she saw how flustered he would get when she was missing or around others that wanted to take a bite of her.

Could he change?

Katerina was a kind and caring young lady, and she was pained at the sight of this vampire struggling so hard. She decided to forget what happened and focus on being there for the prince. That was her duty after all right? To be bound together until her last breath even though it sounded like a horrid plan. She knew that she should at least try to bring Ezra from the darkness and into the light.

It was something in his eyes and in his expression that made her believe the apology he said. It seemed to melt her internally with happiness to see that he has acknowledged his misbehavior to the point of needing to be sorry.

"I have watched you." She spoke softly and his expression turned to curiosity.

She continued, "I've seen you have difficulty with being around blood.." her voice trailed off for a moment.

"And I've seen your emotions for when I am hurt or in danger." Her eyes lifted to meet his.

"I cannot forgive you just yet." She stated, "but I cannot turn a blind eye to your suffering either."

Reluctantly, she reached up to touch his lightened face that caused the lighted candles and flowers to brighten and bloom larger. The room channeled most of Ezra's emotions so he knitted his brows together in confusion and pleasure.

"If I am to stay here. I should learn to be your friend." Her eyes didn't break their gaze with his.

All the while, the music picked up in a more lively manner that thumped throughout the castle and radiating around them during this pleasant moment of theirs.

Even with Ezra's unnatural hearing ability, he wasn't paying attention to anything surrounding them when young Astrid stowed herself away behind all the shrubbery.

When she saw Ezra disappear from the ballroom, she had to know where he was going. Perhaps she was going to snatch her moment alone with him finally. She wanted to convince him to allow her another chance at stealing his heart even if their original agreement was just a temporary thing. Her mission was to woo his heart and weasel her way into the Royal Empire since he was the next heir.

When he was out of sight, she had to search on her own of his whereabouts. She noticed a door in the castle she has yet to see despite her many times spent in there. The red door stood out and she was sure that it was strangely magical from the emitting light under the door crack.

When she entered the room, it was beautifully arranged in such a fashion that hypnotized her. She wondered why this place was stationed in the castle, but when she heard echoed whispers she was sure it was Ezra. Happily, she began to walk towards it but her eyes caught another woman with him.

Who does he think he is? Seeing another woman already just after our personal encounters! Her thoughts ran wild with an increase in anger but when she grew closer to the two, she saw that it was the pet and not another woman.

Bewildered at the sight of them, she narrowed her eyes to watch them. She could hear their entire conversation. Ezra..was sorry? How absurd! It was uncommon for a vampire to feel guilt much less a royal bloodline vampire. He should treat everyone like they were under his feet which is what Astrid craved for. She wanted to be queen and absorb all the power that Ezra possessed, but somehow this new pet is in the way of her plans.

Ezra was caressing her cheek, thanking Katerina for such sympathy and care. After everything she had been through, she managed to share compassion with the horrendous vampire.

"Katerina.." he breathed out against her lips. She inhaled the intoxicating smell of him but her lips turned into a smile. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Thank you." He said once more before breaking away from her.

Astrid quickly and silently escaped the room with a switch motion. Things just became complicated and she was furious with the much needed extra work she had to do to win Ezra. To see the prince be so gentle with a useless human confused the lady and persuaded her to find out more about this exotic pet.

After a moment of attempt to calm herself, the intensity of her yellow eyes increased in the darkened hallway as she coyly smiled.

The ideas rotated in her head until she devilishly figured out the only solution to her problem.

With a large fang filled smile, she spoke. "The elders and justice system won't be approving to hear of this."

SweetNat SweetNat

A/N: chapter comments? Put them down below!

Important key notes:

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Please feel free to comment your concerns and ideas for the book and share if you wish.

Thank you for reading!<3

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