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55.88% The villain's face slapping counterattack / Chapter 19: Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - The villain's face slapping counterattack - Chapter 19 by tumwills full book limited free

Chapter 19: Chapter 17

Face-Slapping the Original Leaders of the Military Base (Apocalypse)

"But won't you be in danger if he comes back…"

"No one can hurt me while you're here." Ding Zhaoyu held Tang Wanxin in his arms and patted her on the back, coaxing her in a low voice.

Tang Wanxin said with a sigh of relief, "Forget it, I'm just worried about you, but I also believe you can handle it well."

Ding Zhaoyu smiled gently, and Tang Wanxin indulged in his smile and couldn't help kissing him.

The crisis worsened a day after Doomsday. Zhou Xu didn't have a lot of food, and he had Xixi to take care of now as well. The child was sensible, obedient, quiet, and she could even help do some work.

Every time Zhou Xu looked at Xixi, he felt a bit of sadness. But this was the apocalypse. Xixi was afraid and was very clear that if she did not obey, Zhou Xu might abandon her.

Many roads have been blocked. Without maps and navigation, Zhou Xu could only follow the memory of the original master and drive in the general direction.

After a whole month, Zhou Xu found Chaoyang Base. During this period, Zhou Xu taught Xixi how to protect herself, and also taught Xixi various methods of dressing wounds.

At the gate of the base, Zhou Xu breathed a sigh of relief. The plot had finally gotten back on the right track, and he could officially begin his road to revenge.

"This is the population registration form. Please fill it out. After filling it out, someone will take you to have a medical examination. If you pass the physical fitness test, the base will give you a bed." At the entrance to the gate, a girl smiled gently and spoke to Zhou Xu.

After receiving the registration form, Zhou Xu gave her a warm smile. The girl was instantly stunned. Two red spots appeared on her white cheeks.

"Thank you." Zhou Xu said.

"Ah, no, you're welcome." The girl lowered her head in a panic, but Zhou Xu was very satisfied. It seemed that the original owner was really good looking, but it was just that he had not made good use of his body.

"This is a child who came with me. Does she need to fill in her information?"

"Your child?" The girl looked a little confused.

"No, I met her on the road, but I couldn't bear to leave her behind." Zhou Xu filled in his form and answered with a chuckle.

"Oh, that's good. The base has a special place for orphans under the age of ten."

"Can't she follow me?" Zhou Xu put down his pen.

"No, unless you prove you are related."

Zhou Xu tilted his head slightly, looking like he was pondering on the issue, then winked at the girl and laughed, "Beauty, this is my younger sister named Zhou Xixi. Can she join me now?"

The girl was almost blinded by Zhou Xu's wink. She had been blushing, but now her face was bright red. She nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice and said, "Yes, yes, no one checks anyways." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-face-slapping-counterattack_20519910005076005/chapter-17_55458454730498532">;s-face-slapping-counterattack_20519910005076005/chapter-17_55458454730498532</a> for visiting.

With that, the girl handed Zhou Xu another form, this time about kinship.

"Thank you, beautiful." After that, Zhou Xu filled out the form in under one minute and led Xixi to the medical examination office.

There was nothing special about the medical examination office. The people there only checked whether or not someone had an ability. If they had an ability, they would be assigned to a power team and go out on missions. If they had no power, they would be assigned to one of support departments.

After the physical examination, Zhou Xu led Xixi to the base housing resettlement office. The staff member read that Zhou Xu had an ability, and for the sake of the child, they gave him a room all to himself. Otherwise, they would have to share with other people, as that single room was meant for four people. After all, the base housing was too tight, so it would be good for everyone to have a place to sleep.

It really was a narrow road for enemies to meet, because when Zhou Xu got the key and found his room, the door next door opened.

"Hello, I heard the door open, I came out to say hello. I'm Ding Zhaoyu, your neighbor."

Zhou Xu and Xixi were both facing the door, but when they turned around slowly, the smile on Ding Zhaoyu's face dropped. However, Zhou Xu was in a good mood. "Hello, Ding Zhaoyu."

"Who is it, Zhaoyu?" Tang Wanxin also came out after Ding Zhaoyu.

Zhou Xu waved and smiled gently. "Hi, how are you, Tang Wanxin?"

"Zhou Xu!" Tang Wanxin was surprised. Then she pointed to Zhou Xu and said, "Why are you following us?"

"Oh, Xixi and I must have come to Chaoyang Base just for the sake of following you? Tang Wanxin, your thinking is a little bit too much."


"Well, Tang Wanxin, we'll be neighbors in the future, so we need to be friendly to each other." After that, Zhou Xu squatted down and said to Xixi, "Xixi, say hello to Uncle and Aunt."

"Hello Uncle, Hello Aunt. Aunt, you are so beautiful, you must be under thirty years old right?"

Tang Wanxin's face darkened immediately. "I'm twenty-three this year."

"Oh, so you're actually not thirty, that's good."

Zhou Xu whispered, "Xixi, it's impolite to talk like that."

Xixi looked at Zhou Xu with a puzzled expression and asked, "How is that bad manners?"

"Because it makes it seem like she's very old."

"She's not old, just looks like less than thirty years old."

"Forget it, I can't explain it to you clearly. Let's go in."

"Um, ok, Brother Zhou Xu."

The "uncle" and "aunt" over there were stunned. Why did they feel as if they were as old as their parents?

Closing the door, Zhou Xu tapped Xixi's nose and said, "Great show."

Xixi smiled and said, "I hate both of them."

"I don't like them either."

The house was very simple. It was about twenty square meters, with a washroom, a very small kitchen, and didn't have anything else beyond a table, a few chairs and two single beds.

After the two had eaten something, Zhou Xu began to think about their situation. The most important thing he wanted to do now was to get his father back. Otherwise, his father would be found by Ding Zhaoyu, might or might not be bitten by a zombie, and then killed by Ding Zhaoyu with "good reason".

A few days later, Zhou Xu was called to the ability headquarters. At the headquarters, Zhou Xu was forced to be assigned a team, and the leader of that team was Ding Zhaoyu.

Ha-ha, Zhou Xu smiled coldly. Since it was like this, let's fight then.

Zhou Xu had actually hid his healing power. First, it was because it consumed too much energy. Secondly, he did not want to be a doctor or even a saint. This healing ability was of only one use to him, which was to heal himself.

Before Zhou Xu came, Ding Zhaoyu's team had already went on a mission, and some people were replaced. So new members didn't know that Ding Zhaoyu had left Zhou Xu and Wang Ying before, but Zhou Xu would let them know. After all, the cost of blackening someone was low, and the rate of return was simply too good. Moreover, he wasn't being sinister, he was just telling the truth.

There were ten people in a team, and usually three or four cars were driven together. The types of tasks were also varied, ranging from searching for food to weapons to searching for bricks and cement for construction. The completion time of the task had not been clearly defined. Generally, missions that didn't require much travel had the team go and return on the same day. Each team captain, when going somewhere far away, adjusted to situations accordingly.

Their task this time was relatively simple. They had to go to Lin City's primary wholesale market to look for clothes.

It was still summer, but it was already midsummer. It would be cold after autumn, so the base must be prepared and have more clothes, in case of emergencies.

This time, there were ten people in three cars, one of which was a small truck.

Zhou Xu was sitting in the co-driver's seat of the truck. The driver's name was Song Jun, and he had acne on his face, which made it impossible to see his original appearance.

With his right hand resting on the window, Zhou Xu asked Song Jun, "Who is that man over there?"

Song Jun looked at who Zhou Xu was looking at and laughed, "You don't know him? His name is Xia Qingfeng. He is a newcomer, but his strength practically defies the heavens. As soon as he arrived, he became the head of the Department of Power. Then, he came the deputy captain and then captain of the strongest team. He's too strong. He's not a man in the same world as us."

Zhou Xu looked at the tall and noble figure, and then faintly heard him say, "Is everyone here?" Then Zhou Xu smiled, as he would never mistake that voice. It was the voice of his rescuer, who said "I don't kill anybody."

In that case, Zhou Xu decided to return the favor. He didn't want to owe anyone anything.

"They're going too?"

"Well, the wholesale market is very big. Our two teams will set out together. We are in charge of the women's wear area. They are in charge of the children's and men's wear areas in the south."


Song Jun started the car. Zhou Xu looked at the man who had already got in the car. The man seemed to feel Zhou Xu's gaze and also looked over at him.

Zhou Xu smiled, waved at him, and then said a "hello" with his mouth.

Xia Qingfeng frowned and looked at Zhou Xu. Then he looked away as if he hadn't seen him.

"Boss, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Xia Qingfeng answered. His bronze skin shimmered with a unique luster under the sunlight. His eyebrows were like swords, and his eyes were slightly narrow. If he squinted slightly, it would add the feeling of a criminal to his whole person. His nose was high, his lips were a little thin, and when his face was expressionless, the whole person radiated a cold feeling that strangers don't want to get close to.

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