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92.3% The witcher : An other story / Chapter 12: Reward

Reward - The witcher : An other story - Chapter 12 by Shin_sekai01 full book limited free

Chapter 12: Reward

Daichi follow Hana, who brought him in front of a wall. She turn toward him but she smile disappear.

" Daichi... Can... Can I trust you ?"

Daichi look at her, He was curious about her words

" Wh-Why are you asking me this ?"

Hana look at Daichi with a cold gaze and a anger face.

" You told me you saw my mother pregnant when she was 16 years old, but my dad said that when he fought with you the evolved, It was when he have 14 years old. So how could you... Saw my mother pregnant ?"

Daichi stare at Hana who have a cold expression, Daichi try to avoid to look her in the eyes. He sigh

" If you want to know... When I killed the evolved, everything was distorted around me like I was drunk... It during approximtely 8 hours. And this few time for you was 14 years, I could saw you all but you couldn't saw me. And it was in this distortion that I saw your mother pregnant..."

Hana look at Daichi with a shocked face. She turn and look down.

" How is you blade ?"

Daichi look at his katana and drew it. He observe it attentively, he see some scratch and part missing on its blade.

" It is messed up "

Hana touch the wall and push a part of it. A secret door opened up, it reveal a stair who goes up and Hana walk in.

"Follow me..."

Daichi stare at her who begin to goes to the dark stair, who goes up and made her disappear. Daichi finally decide to follow her.

He goes up and arrive infront of a door open. He go through it and see a garden. The garden was in square and framed by a corridor made in wood who mesured 1,5 meters. The garden itself was quite large, inside many flowers were planted, a stone path was connected in the shape of a cross centered in the middle, where stood a cherry blossom being surrounded by stone, which could make bench office. The 4 types of flowers who has be planted was the violet, the yellow linen, the roses and the hortensia. Each of them was separated by the stone path and have the form of a square. In the square of Hortensia, stood a fountain in 3 floors. In the square of yellowlinen stood a stone picnic table.

"With my sister we used to play here."

Hana walk in the stone path to the cherry blossoms. Daichi closely follow her and she begin to smile again.

"I remember her, she try to grap me because I stole her barette, my parents was sit down here in the bottom of the tree and look at us with a warmly smile."

Daichi listens to her attentively. Hana sits under the tree and gestures to sit next to her. Daichi sit down and look Hana with her warm smile.

Hana look into the moon with the sakura petals falling. The atmosphere was quite romantic. The darkness obscurities was erased by the white light of the moon.

" I'm really happy that you here, next to me ! The last person who was there was my sister..."

She looks down, Daichi keeps looking at her and looks the moon. Hana's hair hides her sad face and tears in her eyes. Daichi put his right hand on her head and began to reassure her.

" Somethere on earth she waiting you. I'm sure that we will found her one day. So stay you head up and look the sky because you must to grap you dream. If you doesn't saw her die or found her corpse, stay determined, cause only determination can make you dream come true. I saw it with you father."

Daichi look at her, her face was cover of tears, her eyes was narrowed of joy, she was touched and hug Daichi. Hana's head was on his chest, her hands was on his shoulder and her tears rolled in her cheeks. Her eyes was close by her tears, she cried and Daichi hug her back. He look at the sky, the petals falling down and the moon enlightened them. The stars fill the void space and the clouds, the sky.

Some minutes later, Hana stand up infront of Daichi with her back turn toward him. Her hands was timidly balling in her back. Daichi stare at her, he still sit under the tree with his left hand on his left legs.

" Find her..." Said Hana

Daichi wide open his eyes by suprised, his mouth want to talk but nothing can get out.

" I can't follow you Daichi-kun..."

Hana looks down and begin to cry. She turn toward him with her hands thighten on her chest. A lot of tears fallen on the ground.

" I can't follow you ! A lot of work wait me here ! I am the princess of this country ! So I can't follow you ! Everyone are not going to accept it ! So please... Please ! Find her ! For me !"

Daichi sigh and look down. His eyes narrowed by deception.

" I can't..."

Hana look at him, her face was shocked and she can't understand it.

" Wh-what... Wh-why ?"

She look at Daichi who still have his eyes narrowed. She close her eyes by anger, look down and continue to cry but by sadness.


She looks up and saw Daichi close to her. He looking at her. Hana has his mouth fermely close, she continue to cry and her eyes fill with anger looking at him. He hug her fermely.

" Don't said that... I can't search her without you..."

Hana hug him back and close her eyes.

"I know... You want to find her aren't you ? Come with me Hana..."

Hana push back him hardely, she look away to avoid the eyes contact.

" My people, the noble, this country. Everyone going to say that my family are disgraceful. It could cause a rebellion against us... This is why I can't..."

Daichi hardely grap her hand and look at her in the eyes. Hana wide opened her mouth and eyes by suprised. Daichi dragged her to the banquet.

" W-wait ! What are you doing !?" Said Hana.

She look at him, who have is eyes narrowed by determination.

They arrive in the banquet. Meanwhile some people talked to Rei.

" You see ! Shogun-sama my son his the most qualify ! To be the husband of your daughter !" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" What are you saying ?! My boy has already taken an army to fight the inuzaki clan !"

"Hoooo... It was you ?"

The man look bahind and saw funaragi inuzaki.

" Yes in fact you boy take your army to fight us... But my boy ! Beat them with his good leadership ! It sure that his going to be the husband of you daughter, after all, they know each other while they was a kid. Isn't it ? Shimura-kun ?"

Rei look all of them but smile and continue to drink.

" You're right inuzaki-dono... But I want her to decide..."

Funaragi look at him with a dark glare.

"Tss... This son of a bitch, I planning all of thus and I force my son to became friends with her only for this oppurtunities" He thought.

" Yeah but she begin to be old so I think she soon maybe choose someone."

Rei dark stare at him and Maki too while she said

" Don't worry I think she have already someone !" She said while smiling.

Everyone(Even Rei) look at her with a disatrous face.

"And who's hi-

Daichi and Hana arrive by run infront of Rei. He look at them with a suprised face and smile.

" What do you want ? Daichi-kun ?"

Daichi was breathless he look at Rei with determination.

" Hana... Hana will come with me..."

Rei look at Daichi his eye was hide by the shadow of his hair. Hana and everybody arpund except Maki was shocked.

" Wha-What are you saying !!!" Yelled Funaragi

Daichi look at him with dark eyes.

" I said she come with me tommorrow on the road."

Funaragi grind his teeth and look at Rei with a innocent face.

" Shogun-sama !!! This man want to take you daughter ! Do something ! Execute him !"

Everyone here stand up and agree with Funaragi. They look at Daichi angrily.

Daichi look at Hana, she was scared and embarras. She come close to Daichi and hugged her head against his back.

" Baka..." she said

Daichi look at them all and use his telepathie

" No ! If he take Hana-sama ! My family can't be in the royal family !"

" I need her to my son !"

" She's for my boy ! Not for you !"

"Know your place trash"

Funaragi smile with satisfaction but have his hand on his mouth.

" Everyone take this man ! And execute him !"


Everyone begin to come close to him and Daichi turn toward them with Hana scared behind him.

"STOP !" Yelled Rei.

He look at them with a glare stare.

""Shogun-sama I know this man is one of you friend but-"

Rei do a sign to tell him to be quiet, he close he's eyes and look at them all.

" Everyone ! Daichi Kasai ! This man is name Daichi Kasai ! And by the wish of surprise my daughter his promised to him ! So everyone who aren't agreed with that ! Are disgraceful by not respect this tradition !"

Everyone being quiet, one kneel and others begin to do the same. Funaragi was the last who are stand up but kneel too. Hana look at Daichi, who look at her too. He stare at her eyes and smile. Hana was suprised and moved. Tears of joy begin to rolled on her cheeks and she sobs. Rei advance and warmly smile at them with tears of joy.

" After 18 years... I have finally give you my rewards !"

Daichi look at him, squeezed his hand and hugged him.

" It really strange for you to do that !" Said Rei

Daichi wisperses at his ears and Rei face became cold.

They stop hugged and look each other with dark look.


Daichi and Hana prepared to go on the road. Rei and maki was here to said them goodbye.

Rei have something under tissu who was long.

"Daichi ! Take this! " He threw the thing.

Daichi grap it and remove the fabric. It was a new katana. Daichi look at Rei do a sign to say goodbye and get on the horse.

Hana get close to them and warmly hugged them. Both of them hug her in return.

" Be careful ! Alright sweetie ?!"

Hana look at them and nodded.

Daichi drew the blade, the white iron reflect his face like a mirror and the sunlight of the sunrise reflect ln it too. He look at them and Hana run to her horse. They begin to go away and Hana do sign to say goodbye.

" So where we go ?" ask Hana

Daichi sheath his weapon a infront of his face and close his eyes. He turn his head toward Hana. She smile at him with her eyes fill of confident.

Daichi look infront.

" I don't know..."

The confidence of Hana turn into dust and she begin to be worried.

" Don't worry Hana... We go where the fate want to us."

Hana smile and nodded.

A new chapter begin the alone witcher have now a comrade !

End of the Arc Introduction

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