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This Doctor is Very Dangerous This Doctor is Very Dangerous

This Doctor is Very Dangerous

Author: Holding an inch ruler

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: This Doctor is Very Dangerous!_1

Translator: 549690339

Bei City.

A8 District.

August Bioresearch Institute.

Low, mournful howls like metal scraping against the walls emitted from the dissection operating room!

Causing the guards at the door to shiver uncontrollably, goosebumps covering their bodies!

At this moment.

The brightly lit operating room.

Felt oppressively suffocating!

An operation was underway...

"Hold him down!"

"Push harder!"

"Lock it in place!"

"Increase the anesthetic dose!"

At the side of the operating table, seven or eight people in white lab coats struggled to press a man firmly onto the bed. His face was swollen and fierce, he breathed rapidly, his eyes bulging, revealing a relentless and cruel gaze uncharacteristic of humans!

Then, his eyes turned from white to red, then from red to black!

He emitted a low growl like that of a wild beast.

"Anesthetic, keep increasing the dose!"

"We can't, any more and it exceeds the human limit, he'll definitely die!"

"Is this son of a bitch even human anymore? Listen to me! Increase it!"

Anesthetic dose increased!

Already five times that of an adult's!

If it were an ordinary person, they would've long since died.

Unfortunately, the man on the bed was anything but ordinary.

He was a person invaded by the bizarre!

In an inconspicuous corner behind the group, Xu Changsheng who handed over scalpels saw this unbelievably strange scene, and an odd expression couldn't help but appear on his face.

He could now confirm that this was definitely not Earth!

Just a few minutes ago, he was on Earth, atop medical surgeon.

A few minutes later, he found himself in such an odd world.

According to the original host's memory, this world's level of technological development was far superior to Earth's, albeit in a somewhat abnormal way.

Besides that, there was an entity known as the "bizarre"!

This was the term used by the people of this world for a strange entity comprising energy information.

It could parasitize a living organism, causing irreversible mutations!

Similar to bacteria and viruses, yet far more formidable than viruses!

Just like the pitiable man on the operating table, he was invaded by the bizarre.

The task at hand was to locate the site of invasion and then excise it!

If not removed promptly, unimaginable mutations could occur!

By that time, many would perish at his hands!

One could say that in this highly developed modern society, humanity encountered its natural enemy!

Finally, under the increased dosage of anesthesia, the man fainted.

At that moment, alongside the leading surgeon's voice came,


Xu Changsheng quickly passed the scalpel.

As the man on the table was dissected, an even stranger scene emerged!

"The stomach is normal!"

"The liver is also normal!"

"Prepare to open the chest!"

"Quick, check the heart!" Amidst a tense and trembling voice, the shout arose.

All around began to notice that odd heart.

It was a pitch-black heart, still beating and emitting a faint glow.

The black heart was turning the blood dark, spreading the bizarre darkness throughout the body!

A spectacle such as this had never been encountered by anyone present before!

And for a moment...

Fear began to spread.

Even Zeng Qiang, the lead surgeon who had been through thousands of major and minor operations, had hands that were trembling...

For a moment, everyone was at a loss.

And just then, a line of text suddenly appeared before Xu Changsheng:

"[Bizarre-infested Heart: Invaded by Grade G bizarre causing changes to the circulatory system, tripling heart power!

Task requirement: Collect a sample!

Successful completion will yield: 1. Technological modification: Grade G Hidden Mechanical Arm modification skill and blueprint! 2. Biological modification: Fifty percent enhancement of heart function!]

Xu Changsheng saw the prompt and was briefly stunned!

Is this a system?

However... he couldn't help but ponder.

Obviously, this prompt was visible only to him.

But how was the sample to be collected?

Steal it?

Don't joke around!

He vividly remembered the group of guards ready with loaded guns at the door.

If he acted rashly, it would surely be suicide.

Because this place was a subsidiary area of the August Bio Company, and this operating room was used specifically for dissecting people invaded by the bizarre!

If they could save the person, it was called an operating room.

If not, it was called a dissection room.

And he was just an intern at a hospital under the August Bio Company.

To know that even a heart invaded by the bizarre, though fraught with danger, was still prime material for research.

The August Bio Company could isolate and extract useful compounds from it and then create advanced items suitable for human use!

Thus, Xu Changsheng's life was clearly not as valuable as the bizarre heart in their eyes!

Xu Changsheng wouldn't foolishly risk his life for the sake of completing a task.


There was only one way: observe and wait!

At this time, all the directors and doctors on-site were frowning in deep concern!

Clearly, the bizarre had completely fused with the heart.

The surgeons were at a loss.

"What should we do?"

"It's completely merged now, there's no way to isolate it. We must give up on separation and decisively remove the mutated heart to prevent further mutation!" Zeng Qiang, resolute with a determined face, made a decision!

"Prepare to operate!"


But just as Zeng Qiang was ready, scalpel in hand prepared to proceed,

All of a sudden!

In an instant!


Accompanied by a sudden burst of intense sound, the throbbing black heart suddenly exploded!

Thick crimson blood instantly lost control and gushed out, splattering across the faces of everyone nearby!

It was as if a balloon had suddenly burst.

Everyone let out a cry of shock.

In the ensuing panic, people couldn't help but retreat a few steps, and some even fell to the ground, curling up in corners, afraid to look around.

Almost everyone's face was smeared with blood.

And this blood, when it touched one's face, was sticky, icy, and had a fetid stench, and even...a spreading sense of fear!

Immediately after, all the lights in the operating room began to flicker.




Changing constantly, in a cycle...

At this moment, all the doctors and nurses in the room were scared stiff, huddling in corners, trembling.

Fear spread throughout the operating room.

Everyone felt death so close they could almost touch it!

Just as everyone was on the verge of breaking down.

Suddenly, a huge black shadow appeared out of nowhere in the room, looking incredibly ferocious and terrifying in the dim, cramped operating room!

This was no human!

Nor was it any kind of creature known to humans.


Yet unspeakably ugly!

Even so, people did not dare to make eye contact with it.

It seemed as if its gaze could swallow one whole into hell.

At this moment, all anyone could hear was the sound of their own heartbeats.

"Thump thump thump thump!"

Violent, yet slow.

As if ready to explode any moment, or to stop at any time.

Fear soaked everyone's clothes through.

It made them shut their eyes tightly, not daring to open them!

The entire room was filled with the smell of blood, enough to make someone vomit.

Death seemed to be only a step away!

Xu Changsheng, because he hid in the back, only a little black blood splashed onto his hands, bringing with it traces of a cold aura!

"Ding! You are currently in a Grade G Bizarre-induced Illusion Realm!"

Xu Changsheng was stunned for a moment. Was all this an illusion?

It could even create illusions?

This world is truly fascinating...

Once he knew it was an illusion, Xu Changsheng relaxed and started to observe the giant shadow in the air, his eyes filled with a doctor's unique curiosity!

And at that moment, the shadow in the void, satisfied, looked down upon these foolish humans, relishing everything. To him, souls steeped in fear were exquisitely delicious meals.

They enabled him to continually evolve!

Are you feeling the taste of fear?

Just as he was reveling in his conceit.

Suddenly, he noticed that in an inconspicuous corner beside the operating table, a man was intently staring at him, his eyes filled with an indescribable sentiment!

This human... wasn't afraid?

This made it feel an unprecedented level of derision and challenge!

In an instant, the huge shadow lunged toward the man, bringing a storm of ghastly wind and blood rain, ready to show the terror in full force...

Sharp claws and fangs, fragments of flesh and blood, seemed about to swallow Xu Changsheng whole.


At that moment, Xu Changsheng stared at the giant shadow. Where was the fear on his face?

Even as the monstrous maw engulfed his head.

Still, Xu Changsheng remained unmoved!

The massive shadow wanted to display the utmost horror.

However, Xu Changsheng was not only unafraid but also oddly calm.

He looked on curiously at the scene, pondering deeply.

Time ticked by, second by second.

To the point where the situation became a stalemate...

Gradually, it was the massive shadow that began to feel fear...


It actually felt fear!

Because... from the man's eyes, it seemed to see... a desire to dissect it, slice it, separate its tissues, soak it in formalin... to make it into a specimen for observation...

It began to tremble!

It began to fear, to think of an escape route!

"Ding! Friendly reminder: The bizarre-attached heart (can be excised!)"

Xu Changsheng saw that everyone around him was scared out of their wits.

Was this the chance?

Thus, almost in an instant, Xu Changsheng's hand moved and the blade fell, excising a heart cleanly!

The massive shadow, instead of feeling fear at the sight, actually felt... an indescribable sense of relief after being freed.

This doctor was just too damn terrifying.

Was he a human, or a bizarre?

Immediately after.



The massive shadow disappeared.

Everything in the room returned to normal.

The operating light was still blindingly bright.

The machines beeped continuously.

And on the floor, there were still people huddling in corners, trembling.

"Cough cough!"

Xu Changsheng coughed.

Only then did people open their eyes.

But they found that everything in the room was back to normal.

What about the giant terrifying shadow?

Where had it gone?

And the blood on everyone's face?

It was also gone!

Yet there, in Xu Changsheng's hands, was a black, ferocious, pulsing heart.

"Ding! Collecting specimen... Specimen collection successful, Grade G Bizarre - Illusion has been recorded, reward received: 1. Grade G Hidden Mechanical Arm Skill and Blueprint; 2. Heart function increased by 50%!"

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