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2.77% This isn't High School DxD, damn it! / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Not this world!
This isn't High School DxD, damn it! This isn't High School DxD, damn it! original

This isn't High School DxD, damn it!

Author: The_POZ

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Not this world!

Volume 1: Welcome to the game

A/N: Since this is my first fanfic, don't expect ANYTHING! Only then you might enjoy it a little bit. Kindly shut down your brain and just take it all in like the fat little consumer pig that you are.

Just kidding… or am I? (Vsauce music starts playing)

I will be taking a lot of creative liberty and adding/modifying/removing stuff based on my own whims. While I'm playing to follow canon fairly closely, I might add extra scenes and fill in some blanks in between. That being said, this isn't a completely original story. This is more of my own re-imagination of the original story.

Honestly, this is just fan fiction written in my pastime and I don't expect it to be anything awesome, or even good. So, please understand that before you begin reading. Expectations lead to disappointment.

Oh, and finally, the first section of chapter 1 is written in 3rd person POV, but for the rest of the fic MC's POV is 1st person POV and others' is 3rd person. So, do mind it, if you have any reservations against changing POVs.

Anyway, that's all. Have fun reading! :)


Chapter 1: Not this world!


"No, no, no…"

A boy of age 10 roamed on a picturesque hill, surrounded by swaying green grass and a vast and beautiful blue sky. In the distance, there were some trees and some mountains, but beyond that nothing else seemed to be visible.

What was more curious about this place was that the sky was filled with landmasses. Not ordinary landmasses, because they were independently floating. A truly logic-defying phenomenon if it were on Earth. Curiously, the landmass the boy stood on was one such "island." A floating island.

"Damn it… why this world?! I don't even fancy this one!"

Naturally, this wasn't Earth. Though, the boy was, in fact, from Earth—One of them.

"Do I seriously have to live HERE? Out of all the different worlds that I could have been sent to, it had to be THIS one?! FUCK MY LUCK!"

The boy's screams were buried due to a violent gust of wind, something common here, due to the altitude.

"An Otome game… Unbelievable…"

The boy's distraught monologue was interrupted by the appearance of a translucent blue screen.

A staple of Isekai, though it was not something he was he was given by the world or a God.

[Notice: Due to a disparity in the user's choice and his lack of World Points, he has instead been sent to a random world from his memories which were under the said budget.]

[Notice: Please note that the world travel function has been temporarily closed due to the user not possessing the minimum required amount of World Points. To unlock the function, please collect 1 million World Points.]

"Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! You could have told me that when I was making that choice, you shitty Game! I wouldn't have selected High School DxD in that case! How costly was it anyway?'

He sighed.

'Now I'm stuck in THIS world for who knows how long. My hopes and dreams of adventuring into my favorite anime are all lost. All because of…! Fuck!"

The translucent blue screen provided no reply to his curses and accusations, much to the annoyance of the 'boy'.

Groaning in frustration, he couldn't do anything but leak a helpless sigh.

'Why can't I catch a break for once? I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I screwed up! Aaaa!! Damn it, damn it, damn it!'

After a few more minutes of showing his frustration on the green grass and the dirt beneath, he stood up, still annoyed but in more control of himself.

"Fine then. Guess there's no other choice. I'll have to live here for the time being and find a way to gather points to unlock my world travel function again."

Taking a deep breath, he nodded to himself, determination slowly building inside him once again.

'All for my dreams and desires… Yes, I'll do it. I'll make use of this power as much as I want. I'll do everything people can only dream of… and if I have to mess around with this Otome game world for that… then, so be it.'

As if that was a trigger, the 'Game,' or from his perspective, the translucent blue screen popped up with something that the boy was very much familiar with.

'Heh, look at you. You really are enjoying my pain, you shitty Game.'

He retorted.

There was no reply. The boy already expected that; the System was just a tool. But he nevertheless pretended the game heard him and simply chose to ignore it. Because he knew. He knew that the Game, the thing he now possessed by an incredible turn of events and a bizarre fate, was somewhat sentient.

He glanced once again at the screen, looking at it with a slowly building interest and excitement.

[-World Quest-

Title: Gather 1 million World Points to unlock the World Travel Function.

Description: Due to an unfortunate incident, you didn't go to the world you wanted to go to. Instead, you are now stuck in a different world—One you don't quite fancy. You want to leave and there's only one way to escape.

Unlock the World Travel function once again.

Objective: Gather 1 million World Points to unlock the World Travel function. (0/1,000,000)

Rewards: World Travel Function Unlocked and usable once again.

Failure: You are stuck in this world.]


[Yes / No]

'Yes. Not like I have any other choice in the matter if I want to get out of here. Also, damn you for that high amount! It was only 10000 for the first time.'

Accepting the quest, he looked around once again and took a deep breath.

"Haa…The air here is nice. It feels great."

He was once again interrupted by the translucent screen.

[Notice: As your first world bonus, you are offered the memories of the original protagonist "Leon Fou Bartfort." It has all the essential memories of the game and some additional information from his years in this world before you 'took over.']

'This is your recompensating for your mess-up just now, isn't it? Also, stop making it seem like I killed him or something. This world was an AU created by that 'Creation System'.'

He narrowed his eyes at the Game's sudden "benevolence" when it had been only apathetic and disinterested towards whatever he had to say or want before.

As he expected, the Game remained silent.

'Won't talk, huh? Fine, then. Wait till I gain more privileges. I'll remake you into something much better, you shitty Game.'

Sighing once again, he accepted the offer.

'Can't waste precious intel though. I remember very little about this game's storyline and in-depth scenarios from the manga. But I never went past the 10th or so chapter and I barely remember shit. That reminds me, I think they made an anime out of it. Hmm, I wonder how it was. I never got the chance to watch it. Maybe I should have. Meh, who cares now.'

It was time for the boy, formerly known by the name of Ian Sawyer in his original world, to temporarily live the life of the protagonist of the Dating Sim story.

"The World of Otome Games Is Tough for Mobs, the title said, I think. We'll see about that."

A challenging smile grazed his face as he looked at the new playground, his new and fun-filled(?) second life.


[-2 Years Later-]

I opened my eyes to see the new room I was now quite familiar with. I had been living in this plain room for almost 2 years now as the third son of Barcus Fou Bartfort and Luce Fou Bartfort. My temporary 'parents' in this world.

'It's the day.'

Today was the day the story, MY story officially began.

I have been living in this Otome reverse harem game world as an actual mob character for over 2 years, trying to learn everything I can about the finer details of this world.

Honestly, this world is visually amazing. And the theories about the formation of the world and its current situation is fascinating.

But sadly, the information I can access is almost negligible.

So instead, I had to focus on the humans. And in that regard… this world sucks ass with all that women hold all the power BS.

As I got ready for the special day, wearing my most comfortable clothes, I once again muttered the same line I'd heard time and time again from my 'father' and 'brother' Nicks. This world had its absurdities.

"The women hold all the power in this world…"

'And yet the king is a male and sits on the throne and rules the nation.'

"The women hold all the power in this world…"

'And yet males deal with most of the important things related to war anyway.'

"The women hold all the power… and yet… Haa… I swear this world is intentionally trying to make me hate females or something. Damn it all. I need to get out of this hellhole."

I too had experienced this firsthand.

Admittedly, the annoying hag known as my stepmother and the so-called "madam" of this house has been a real pain to deal with. I expected her to be annoying, but my goodness she's a total bitch!

'Fuck this house. Fuck her. I'm leaving. I can't stay here anymore. There's nothing worthwhile here anyway. And…'

I looked at the pouch of coins I had saved (but mostly stolen) from the same bitch hag.

'I'm not even a little sorry for doing this. Screw her… Though, after this, I'll likely be labeled as a runaway AND a thief and will have to deal with that later in case I got found out.'

One day I had had enough of scrapping mere loose change for my planned 'adventure' to find some important items from my memory and decided to instead just steal from the rich hag. To cover it up, I made up a lie that I saw robbers exiting the property.

It was risky, but things worked out in my favor since my father took my side.

That gullible man thought I was a good kid because I listened to everything he and the hag told me to do… Poor guy. It was so I could avoid hearing that bitch's disgusting voice.

'Sorry not sorry for this, Leon's dad. This is for my greater good.'

Once I was ready and the pouch was safely hidden in my Inventory—one of the many nifty features of the Game that I possessed—I was all set to leave.

"Alright, let's get this adventure started."

Unlike the OG Leon, I couldn't tolerate this boring and frustrating life anymore.

'Seriously, how the hell did the guy tolerate the utterly boring farm life and the bickering bitch-hag's demonic screech for so long? How the hell have I tolerated her for 2 whole years, in fact?!'

Her very voice made me feel disgusted from my core and angered me like nothing else. Making me want to smash her face with my fists. And then do it again. And again. And again for good measures. Too bad I was still a weak ass kid, both physically and financially, with no way to survive the aftermath. My useless parents didn't help alleviate the matter, even though they were otherwise good people.

I opened the window and looked down.

'3 floors. Alright, I can make it in this body.'

Other than gathering information and getting acquainted with this world, I had also been working out.

Not that my 12-year-old body had a lot to show, but I was very fit for my age. Exceptionally fit, even.

Taking a deep breath, I jumped, and gravity being the ever-diligent force of nature that it was did its work of pulling me toward the ground.

Just as I was about to hit the ground, I opened my mouth and quietly chanted.

"<Feather Falling>"

A magic circle appeared near my feet as a gust of wind enveloped me, and my acceleration was slowed down to zero, along with my velocity.

With a small 'pomp' sound, I easily landed in the backyard of my family's mansion, my four limbs touching the ground as support.

Standing up, I observed my body and my surroundings for any problems.

'Good, my magic training didn't betray me. Time to see how much progress I have made.'

I ran towards the field where my father's loaned airship was stationed, though calling it an "airship" was a big stretch. It was more of an airboat. A quite pathetic and cheap one at that.

Powering up the engine which made a rather unpleasant and loud sound, I was ready to leave when—

"Leon! What are you doing?!"

As the ship started to float above the ground, I barely heard the said body's father and brother running towards me.

Good, because I had some things to say to them.

"I'm going on an adventure! I can't live my life like this, I'm afraid. I'm sorry, father, brother, but I'm renouncing myself from that hag's family! I'm not her human servant! And I won't listen to her outrageous demands anymore. But I promise to return one day and pay you back for all the trouble you've had because of my actions until now and from now on!"

I spoke easily, but inside I felt a very brief amount of pity for the two. Leon's blood-related family— his father, brother, and mother— were actually quite nice to him and thus, in turn, me.

But I had my plans decided from day 1 of my arrival here. They would have to part ways with their third son because I can't be tied down to a family when I never had one before.

"Goodbye! Please don't waste resources looking for me! You won't be able to find me."

With a final goodbye, I turned my face away, looking towards the front instead.

'Alrighty. Time to start working for the World Quest.'

Perhaps it was cold-hearted of me to leave them with no prior information or warning, and perhaps it was selfish of me to take away their third son from them, but… I had always been a selfish person. Since the beginning. Since the moment I opened my eyes to see the truth about the unfair and bland world, my old world.


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