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100% To Become a Raven / Chapter 14: Snow Fall

Snow Fall - To Become a Raven - Chapter 14 by MissKMV full book limited free

Chapter 14: Snow Fall

Cedric gently shook Crimson awake and let her know that they had stopped. She gave him a quick smile before standing up and adjusting her jacket and brushing off the invisible dust. She was excited for the holidays not only because she was spending them with Cedric but because for the first time in a long time there was a feeling of peace that flowed through her. Yes of course there was a slight nagging because of her secret but she was still happy. After leaving the train Cedric led Crimson over to where his father said he would meet them. After a few short minutes Amos ran through the wall and quickly greeted the teens.

"You two look quite cozy. Its nice to see you again Crimson."

"You as well Amos, thank you for letting me stay with you for the holidays."

"Of course we always love having you. Especially Cedric over here."

"Fathhhheeer not now. He's exaggerating, I mean I do love having you over but... I... well... Im just going to shut it now."

Crimson gave a small chuckle at Cedrics comment. She honestly loved being around Cedric and his father. They were always so happy no matter what they went through, even after losing his mother last year Cedric kept a smile on his face.

Cedrics mother was a beautiful and kind hearted woman, she would've been a Hufflepuff if she were a witch. Amos married Alicia Diggory back when he was working in the muggle studies area of the ministry. He met her on an assignment to muggle America. They got married in London and had Cedric soon after. A few years ago Alicia was diagnosed with stage one leukemia but beat it. Then last year she relapsed and wasn't so lucky. She loved everyone around her and kept a smile on her face until the very end. Crimson was in the hospital room holding Cedrics hand. That was the first and only time she had seen Cedric cry, she herself almost cried. Alicia had treated her like a daughter. That kindness showed Crimson that blood really didn't matter.

Crimson thought back to her own parents. They had never taught her that blood mattered either but she always assumed growing up around other pureblood children that blood did matter. So when she met Lucas she was thrilled she had a pureblood friend. She thought that she would make her family proud by only being friends with pureblood but then she met Cedric about a year later and she didn't really care. At the same time she never asked Cedric what he was but, when she did find out she was surprised that she wasn't mad or even slightly bothered. She knew that Cedric was a great friend and shed be stupid to let blood get in the way.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Oh, yes, perfect."

Crimson smiled and followed Cedric and his father out of the train station and out to their car. Crimson always enjoyed riding in this muggle contraption. She always found herself falling asleep and she was just amazed at how it played music from a little radio box in the front. Although she didn't know why they just weren't electric, it seemed so much more sensible to charge them like a battery and drive them around instead of paying so much money to fill them with that horrid smelling liquid.

They drove for around roughly thirty minutes until they came over a hill and there on a huge field stood a cottage covered in fresh snow and it vibrated warmth and magic. It felt like home, like a real home not huge and cold like her families mansion. Finally coming to a stop Cedric quickly got out and ran over to Crimsons door and opened it for her.

"Here we are, home sweet home"

Crimson grabbed his hand and walked into the cottage with him. Inside there were succulents and vines growing everywhere. The fire place was lit and there was food ready to eat on the dining table. It looked like it was a roasted turkey and potatoes and more sides. Off in the kitchen she could see a few desserts sitting on the counter, one in particular stood out to her. Raspberry tarts, her favorite, she smile. Amos knew they were her favorites and took his time to make them for her which she was ever grateful for.

"Okay you two, go set your things in your rooms and then come back for supper. Wash your hands, and all that fun stuff yes? Good now go."

Cedric took Crimsons bag and quickly scurried off.

"Hey! I have arms you know."

"Let me have my moment."

Cedric winked at her and left her so, she went off to the kitchen to wash her hands. She looked out the window to see a snow covered field and two owls coming towards the window. She quickly dried off her hands and opened the window for the two birds before they arrived. Once the birds landed on a perch near the door way she took the two letters from their gallons. One was addressed to her and the other addressed to Cedric and they had the ministries seal on them. Great, this was going to probably mess up her holiday entirely. She opened the letter and her face went white.

Ms. Gaunt,

We are pleased that you have figured out your heritage but, something has occurred that we must warn you and the other champions about. We have found signs of the dark lords followers, they are rising again and we fear that their target may be Mr. Potter or even you Ms. Gaunt. We have told the other champions about only Mr. Potter so no need to worry. Please be careful but, enjoy your holiday.


The minister of magic

Cornelius Fudge

Cedric walked over and immediately noticed the ghastly look on Crimsons face.

"Hey whats wrong? What happened?"

Crimson handed Cedric his letter and his face soon went pale.

"Death eaters, but how?"

Before she could answer Amos called them to the table.

"Happy Christmas, now dig in. Wait whats happened?"

"Father we just received letters from the ministry, death eaters are on the rise again."

"Dear Merlin. Are the continuing with the tournament?"

"Yes but only we know, none of the other students know. Father they're after Harry."

"My boy that is no surprise but, we must take extra caution now. Crimson make sure you owl your parents and let them know."

"I will Amos, now lets eat this wonderful feast you've made."

The nagging started to grow inside of her. She knew she was going to have to tell Cedric sooner than she wanted. She decided that the New Years ball would be the night she told him but, for now she enjoyed her favorite foods and good company.

Later that evening Crimson sat in the living room with her book that Hermione had given her earlier that day before they left. It was called Twilight, not her typical pick for a book but, she was still enjoying it. This vampire Edward was kind of odd, not her kind of guy none of the men in this book were actually. Bella seemed like she has no personality except being nervous all the time. The plot line was good it had a very nice flow to it and she couldn't put the book down. She was so into her book she didn't even see Cedric set tea down infant of her and join her on the couch.

"Hey gorgeous, what are you reading?"

"Oh hello, its a book Hermione gave me, kind of odd but I can't put it down. How are you?"

"Very well, I uhm got you something. I know we agreed not to but I had to."

Cedric reached behind him and took a flat box off of the coffee table behind the couch. The dark green velvet box its self was gorgeous and soft to the touch. Cedric opened it to reveal two diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet.

"Oh Ced this is gorgeous. I love it."

Crimson carefully took the earrings out and placed them into her ears while Cedric took out the bracelet.

"May I?"

Crimson nodded and Cedric placed the bracelet around her right wrist.

"One more thing."

Cedric then pulled out a small draw string pouch and emptied it to reveal a blue and yellow charm.

"Its the color of our houses, I had this special made for your birthday but, we weren't friends back when it happened so I thought now was the perfect time to gift it to you."

"Its beautiful Ill cherish it forever. Thank you."

Cedric placed the charm on the bracelet and admired how good the entire set looked. The two sat in a comfortable silence but the tension and pull was evident.

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"I just wanted to say... and I know how soon it is but, its how I feel. I love you, and as more than friends if that wasn't obvious. I just wanted you to know."

"I love you too. I have loved you as more than friends for a long while if that wasn't obvious."

The two chuckled and then locked eyes.

"I really want to kiss you right now if thats okay?"

" Ced you're such a gentleman, of course you can kiss me, no need to ask."

The two closed the space in between and sparks lit while outside the snow began to gently fall. That night was a night the two would remember for the rest of their lives. Their first night together something no one could ruin.


Thank you to all the love and support on this book. I also have a Wattpad if you would like to follow me there. My user is MissKMV and the only story I have up is the one you are reading now but I will be starting a new book soon. Im just getting the ideas and plot line together.

As Always

Love to all and all are loved

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