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Chapter 3: Comprehension Increase

Translator: Daoist6fubtiW

Luchang Sheng stopped.

His comprehension was still ongoing.

Luchang Sheng could feel a cool breeze filling his mind.

He couldn't describe the sensation precisely, but he had a vague feeling that his mind had become much clearer.

But that was all.

"Is that it?"

Luchang Sheng frowned slightly. It didn't seem to have a significant effect.

Could it be because the increase in comprehension was too small?

Luchang Sheng shook his head, stopped dwelling on it, and started practicing the Tiger Pounce Hand technique.

Every day, he practiced basic martial arts and the Tiger Pounce Hand technique at night.

Even if he was stuck in the Tiger Pounce Hand technique and couldn't sense the essence of a fierce tiger, he still attempted to practice it every day.

Luchang Sheng immediately assumed the starting posture of the Tiger Pounce Hand, recalling the movements taught by Master Liu.

His entire body crouched slightly, just like a real tiger stalking its prey.


The next moment, Luchang Sheng pounced forward.

This pounce felt incredibly exhilarating, as if he had truly transformed into a fierce tiger.


Luchang Sheng pounced onto the ground, leaving a deep imprint.


Luchang Sheng looked at his hand.

He hadn't even sensed his own Qi and blood, let alone become a martial artist, yet he had left such a deep mark on the ground.

Even the hard ground was like this. If he pounced on a person, it would be terrifying.

"The Essence of the Fierce Tiger... This is the real Essence of the Fierce Tiger!"

"I comprehended the Essence of the Fierce Tiger, and my Tiger Pounce Hand technique improved?"

Luchang Sheng immediately focused on checking his attribute panel.

[Host: Luchang Sheng]

[Comprehension: 99 (Average)]

[Basic Martial Arts: Perfection]

[Tiger Pounce Hand: Minor Achievement]

[Grand River Vitality Technique: Unacquainted]

On the attribute panel, his comprehension had indeed increased to 99, but the evaluation was still "Average."

However, this slight change had allowed his Tiger Pounce Hand technique to break through its bottleneck and achieve a Minor Achievement.

Once he comprehended the Essence of the Fierce Tiger, as long as he continued to practice, reaching the level of Perfection or even Mastery for the Tiger Pounce Hand technique would not be a problem.

Seeing this, Luchang Sheng finally understood the correct way to use the attribute panel.

As long as he perfected martial arts or techniques, his comprehension would increase.

With a higher comprehension, mastering martial arts and techniques would become easier and faster.

With more martial arts perfected, his comprehension would continue to improve.

It was a virtuous cycle.

If he kept it up, how high could his comprehension eventually reach?

Luchang Sheng was filled with excitement.

The regrets of not mastering the Grand River Vitality Technique and not being selected for the guards had disappeared at this moment.

Compared to the attribute panel's effects, what did the guards' selection matter?

Luchang Sheng went back to sleep in his room.

He slept soundly.

Early in the morning, Luchang Sheng woke up as usual.

However, without Master Liu, he couldn't focus on practicing the Grand River Vitality Technique anymore.

He needed to work and do chores.

Luckily, there weren't many tasks in the morning.

Luchang Sheng could still find some time to practice the Grand River Vitality Technique.

He had memorized every movement of the Grand River Vitality Technique so well that he could perform them even with his eyes closed.

In the past, Luchang Sheng had always found these movements awkward.

But this morning, he felt different.

He could vaguely hear the sound of his blood flowing inside his body, like a rushing river.

And those awkward movements were actually designed to promote the rapid circulation of blood within his body.

"I can hear the sound of blood flowing, just like a great river."

"According to Master Liu, I'm close to sensing my Qi and blood."

"I must be close to it. In just another ten days or so, I should be able to sense my Qi and blood!"

Luchang Sheng was filled with excitement.

He could guess that this progress was probably related to the increase in his comprehension last night.

The increase in comprehension was comprehensive. It not only benefited martial skills but also martial arts.

Like Luchang Sheng, there were some other apprentices who were persevering in practicing the Grand River Vitality Technique, despite not being selected for the guards.

But most apprentices were sarcastic about their efforts.

"Hey, look at these apprentices, trying harder than anyone, but what's the use? Without martial talent, no matter how hard they practice, it's useless. With this time, they might as well rest."

"Yeah, even if they work hard, they won't be able to enter the guards. Without entering the guards, there's no nourishing diet, and practicing martial arts has no future."

"Let's see how long they can persist."

Luchang Sheng ignored the sarcastic apprentices.

Some people were just lazy and preferred to slack off rather than putting in effort, yet they ridiculed and mocked those who worked hard.

Time would ultimately reward those who worked hard!

Of course, these apprentices were not really idle.

Apart from doing chores, the apprentices who couldn't practice martial arts spent their time studying.

After all, to become a doctor and diagnose patients, one had to be literate.

If you couldn't even read medical books, how could you be a doctor?

Therefore, every afternoon, there was an hour when Miaoshou Garden arranged for a teacher to give lectures to the apprentices.

Luchang Sheng took his studies seriously.

No matter where or in what circumstances, knowledge was wealth.

Reading and writing were the most basic skills.

Otherwise, even if you were given a martial arts secret manual, you wouldn't be able to understand it.

Given that, every day, Luchang Sheng dedicated himself to reading.

In martial arts, Luchang Sheng had average talent.

But in cultural subjects, he excelled among the apprentices.

After all, he had studied for more than ten years in his previous life.

Even though the characters were different, the principles of learning were the same.

And Luchang Sheng was diligent, which made Teacher Mo very fond of him. Teacher Mo often praised Luchang Sheng and even offered to provide additional guidance.

"Ah, it's a pity you're an apprentice at Miaoshou Garden. Otherwise, with your talent, you might even pass the imperial examinations in the future."

Teacher Mo sighed.

He believed Luchang Sheng had the potential to excel in his studies.

But Luchang Sheng knew his own circumstances.

He had merely relied on the memories of his past life to gain an initial advantage in reading and writing. If he were to attempt the imperial examinations, his chances would be slim.

Moreover, deep down, Luchang Sheng had a greater passion for martial arts.

Progressing step by step in martial arts might be slow, but Luchang Sheng thought of a way.

"If I want to achieve perfection in Tiger Pounce Hand, it will take some time, maybe three to five months."

"Why don't I look for some basic martial techniques that are similar to basic martial arts?"

"Perfecting the simplest martial techniques is easy and takes very little time. More importantly, it can quickly improve my comprehension."

Luchang Sheng's goal was to increase his comprehension.

Once his comprehension improved, practicing martial arts would become easier.

As for basic martial techniques, Luchang Sheng had no trouble finding them.

Miaoshou Garden had plenty of people who knew basic martial techniques.

These were common techniques, and almost every martial artist had practiced a few of them.

Luchang Sheng used some food in exchange and obtained three basic martial techniques: Basic Knife Technique, Basic Sword Technique, and Basic Staff Technique.

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